Dark Roast Nicaraguan Coffee – a carbon negative coffee with a rich, smooth flavor.

Tiny Footprint Nicaraguan coffee

First, a big thank you to the folks at Tiny Footprint Coffee for sending us this Nicaraguan dark roast. Thanks!

Before we get to the coffee itself, let me say a few words about the company that roasts and sells it – Tiny Footprint Coffee.

First off, this coffee is certified Fair-Trade, organic and 100% shade-grown.

In other words, the growers are paid a fair wage, the soil isn’t poisoned with chemicals, and the forest is not cut down.

These reasons alone are enough to choose this coffee over many others.

But in addition, and I’m taking this directly from the label on the back of their bags of coffee...

It takes 4 lbs of carbon to make a pound of coffee

So we’ll plant 54 lbs worth of carbon-sucking trees

Which means there’s 50 lbs of good karma in every bag.

The bottom line is that this is carbon-negative coffee. When you buy it, you more than make up for its carbon footprint because of the trees being planted by the Tiny Footprint Coffee company.

All pretty amazing stuff. But let’s check out the coffee itself. Because as much as I want to be a responsible consumer, I also enjoy good coffee.

As always, we ground the coffee beans fresh from the pack, made the coffee black, and let it sit and cool for a few minutes.

Did we like it? Yes we did. In fact, from a personal point of view, it hit the bull’s eye.

While we love trying dozens of different coffees, for our personal, daily use, we like a fairly strong, fairly dark brew, without too much bitterness.

This Nicaraguan dark roast gives us just what we like. It has a strong, dark taste. It has a bittersweet edge, with a touch of dark chocolate. There is a little fruit there, and a hint of nuts as well.

In other words, it’s a strong brew with a broad and interesting taste profile.

But for us, what makes this coffee unique is how it achieves the punch of a strong, dark roast without much in the way of bitterness.

For us, that’s the downside of most dark-roasted coffees. The dark roast brings out too much bitterness.

But this isn’t the case with this roast. It’s more like a double-strength medium roast. The result is outstanding.

As you can tell, we like it, and would certainly recommend that you give it a try.

You can learn more about Nicaraguan dark roast at Tiny Footprint Coffee.

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