Why would I ever want to join a coffee club?

by Matt
(Brooklyn, NY)


I don’t get it. I keep coming across new coffee companies that are pitching a subscription-based coffee club.

You've featured some of these on this site too.

They want me to sign up for one or two bags of coffee, once or twice a month.

Sounds like a fun idea... but here’s my big, fat problem with the whole idea.

I don’t use a fixed amount of coffee each week or each month. What if I’m away for a few days? What if I have guests over?

With a subscription I’ll either end up with extra coffee left over, or not enough.

The chances of having the exact right amount of coffee each month is about ZERO!

Next... a lot of these subscription services don’t let you choose just one, favorite coffee to order. Instead, they get to choose what they send you. At least, that’s how it seems to me.

So really... why would I do that? Or am I missing something?



Matt, hi

I used to think the same. Until I realized that maybe a coffee subscription isn’t about being your main source of coffee.

The way I see it, you keep buying your regular coffee from your local supermarket or coffee shop.

What the coffee club does is introduce you to new and different coffees. It’s a way to get a little more adventurous with your coffee drinking.

And maybe you’ll discover a new “favorite” coffee.

For example, maybe you’ve been drinking coffee from Colombia or Kenya, for years. Then your coffee club introduces you to Sumatran coffee... and it blows you away.

So now you’re going to start buying Sumatran beans as your basic, go-to coffee.

Until your club introduces you to something new... once again.

That’s how I see it, anyway.

Best wishes,


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Feb 20, 2017
Discover new stories!
by: Brothers Coffee Company

Love this piece. I'd love to add that coffee subscriptions that offer a rotating selection of roasters allow you to find unique roasters as well! As coffee-lovers, we enjoy new discoveries, as this post says.

Stories are a big part of Brothers Coffee Company. We select a new roaster each month; a roaster that is finding new and unique ways to make the world a better place. We tell our subscribers more about them and what they're doing.

Will we give you the exact amount of coffee that you need every month? No. But we'll introduce you to your new favorite roaster and new favorite coffee, and allow you to vote with your dollars for roasters that are making a difference.

Feb 13, 2017
take a shot.......
by: pistachio

really,,,what is the risk.....

the upside potential is far greater than the possible loss....

give destiny a chance ......

you try new coffees, maybe find something you like and know more what you do not....

really,,, the supermarket does not offer too much these days....there are not a lot of other options....

and surely you can cancel your subscription...

In the quest for GREAT coffee,,,, it's worth the

effort and possible aggravation....!

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