Can I still get one of the original Keurig brewers, like the B40 Elite?

by Bettie N.
(Cleveland, OH)

Keurig B40 Elite Brewers

Keurig B40 Elite Brewers

Keurig B40 Elite Brewers
Keurig B40 Elite control panel
Keurig B60 Special Edition control panel
Keurig B70 Platinum control panel


I want to get a Keurig brewer, but am feeling nervous because of an awful story told to me by a friend. She bought one of the new Keurig 2.0 brewers, and now she says the K-cups she buys are the supermarket don’t work!

Can I still get one of the original Keurig models?



Betty, hi

I imagine your friend is not alone! I think a lot of people bought a Keurig 2.0 brewer without understanding that it includes a scanning device that makes sure it works ONLY with approved K-Cups. You can recognize these K-Cups because they have a little green dot on the lid.

This is all part of Keurig’s effort to stop people buying K-Cup coffees produced by companies that are not licensed with Keurig.

In addition, you can't use the My K-Cup reusable coffee filter with the Keurig 2.0.

I have written a page about the various Keurig brewing systems here. But if it’s the original models you want, keep reading.

The original Keurig brewers work with any and every type of K-Cup, wherever you buy them, and whoever makes them...and yes, you can still buy these brewers.

There are three main models to choose from: The Keurig B40 Elite, the Keurig B60 Special Edition, and the Keurig B70 Platinum.

BTW - these models are also known as the K40, K60 and K70. Same machine, different model name.

The first photo above shows a stack of B40 Elite brewers on sale at my local Wal-Mart.

All three models work in the same way, and have the same brewing head. The only real differences lie in the bells and whistles. And the B70 has a larger water reservoir.

If you click through the other three photos above, you can see the different buttons and displays that come with each model.

If you can’t find them locally, the links below will take you to pages at, where you can buy these brewers online, with free delivery.

Keurig B40 Elite is the base model, and just offers a couple of different brew sizes.

Keurig B60 Special Edition has a different kind of display, and offers three different brew sizes.

Keurig B70 Platinum model has an updated control panel, offers five different brew sizes and adjustable brew temperature settings.

But as I said, all three have the same brew head and, most important of all, work with any kind of K-Cup from any company...and accept the My K-Cup reusable coffee filter, so you can use any loose coffee you buy from the store.

I hope this answers your question!


Keurig K70 brewer

The original Keurig B70 brewing system, also known as the K70.

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Dec 01, 2016
Try Clean Cup from Urnex
by: Anonymous

If you have an older machine and you're getting smells I'd suggest using a product designed to clean out the system way beyond using vinegar.

Oct 19, 2016
by: Anonymous

My B70 has a moldy smell when I lift off the water container to fill up.
Has anyone else had this problem. I clean it vinegar, but the smell keeps coming back.g

Aug 21, 2016
by: Sheilah

I have a Keurig for sale. Only uses Keurig Kcups. I live in Kenner, LA. Selling cheap. Call 504-338-1139.

Dec 24, 2015
Drip Tray Replacement
by: John D

Looking for a drip tray replacement for the B70. Anyone know where to get one?

Oct 19, 2015
Newer machine only uses Keurig K cups
by: Anonymous

I have one of the new machines and some one said to take a permanent marker and color in the circle that appears on Keurig K Cups and it works and if you do this a couple of times you reprogram the machine to take all K cups

Try it


Oct 06, 2015
yes you can
by: jdlamps

amazon has them

Sep 19, 2015
2.0 kcups compatibility with B40
by: Anonymous

BJs is selling Kcups compatible with 2.0 brewing system. will these kcups also work with my old B40?

Editor's Note: Yes, they will.

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