How can I descale my Keurig K-Cup brewer?

by Selena
(Granbury, Texas)

Spanking my Keurig Brewer

Spanking my Keurig Brewer


I have a Keurig B60 coffee maker and the display is telling me to descale the brewer. But it doesn't tell me how! What do I do?


Selena, hi

We have a Keurig B60 ourselves and were stumped when we first saw that message on the brewer.

There are a number of ways to descale a brewer, the least expensive being to run some vinegar through the machine a couple of times, and then run cold water through a few more times to rinse it.

However, simply trying to clear the lines often doesn't work. And as you will see from the many comments below, by far the most reliable way to get your Keurig brewer working again is the "Slap and Burp" method.

Here is how you do it.

First, unplug the brewer and remove both the water reservoir and drip tray.

Next, hold the brewer upside down over the sink and slap the base a few times. And I mean really slap it.

Now put everything back together and try brewing again. Most of the time this works with a couple of good slaps. If not, try it again.

And don't worry, there are no laws against giving your Keurig a good slapping!

Good luck!

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Comments for How can I descale my Keurig K-Cup brewer?

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May 27, 2016
Hard-headed machine
by: Teethdood

I spanked the crap out of its bottom and sides many many times. Good workout really. First few tries were duds. I proceeded to beat the snot -- I mean coffee particles -- out of it. It is now working great. We will see how long before another spanking is needed. Thank you, and good luck to all.

May 24, 2016
You Saved Us!
by: Pretty Awesome!

Worked like a charm. My coworkers and I were about to go postal with no coffee! Thank you for posting this!!

May 23, 2016
Another Happy Whacker
by: Anonymous

Wow, spanking worked for me, too. Wish I'd known about this for the Keurig brewer I got rid of. Thanks everyone for the great advice.

May 20, 2016
Saved me from buying a new machine
by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting this as it worked like a charm and saved me from buying a new machine!

May 19, 2016
2 days- no coffee!!!
by: Anonymous

I was about to go crazy. I descaled with vinegar and kept getting a descale light and then it stopped brewing full cups. I could only get about a tablespoon at a time and then only if I unplugged it and restarted it over and over again. I found this page and did the paper clip clean out and then spanked it hard 4 times and MAGIC-I HAVE COFFEE! Thanks for the help.

May 17, 2016
Be careful: Burp and Burn
by: Anonymous

Well, the Keurig was cranky and resisted the burp, so I went to the Burp and Shake method which released the air block. Ouch, it worked so quickly that I didn't have time to get my hand out of the way. My advice is to keep all body parts away while shaking.

May 15, 2016
I went to Spankin', now I'm thankin
by: Watts

We bought a used Keurig 150 and couldn't get it to do the do. I found your article and thought what the heck, WOW!!!! I spanked it 8 good whacks and put everything back like you said, works like a charm. My wife is finishing the descaling cycle and couldn't be happier, thanks again.

May 15, 2016
Oh my God it works!
by: Anonymous

Works like a charm. This tip is great for users (like myself) who don't use their Keurig on a weekly basis. After 2-4 wacks followed by 1 cycle of water/vinegar, your brewer works perfectly. Your coffee/tea will taste better too! Thanks :-)

Apr 29, 2016
From Spanking to Homicide
by: Amy

I was thrilled with the spanking method and you'd think my Keurig would have been more grateful for the relief that is supposed to follow a good spanking but that's not the case. It works, yes, for a very short period of time and then just days later as the sun begins to peek up over the horizon, I stumble out of bed to find this obstinate creature demanding yet another 6:00am spanking. I've taken a new route, I shake it. I don't pick it up and shake it I just leave it where it is, wrap my hands around its throat and shake it. For impact I throw in a few four letter words. In the end, if it develops Shaken Keurig Syndrome I don't care. I will take it out back with my 12 gauge shotgun and put us both out of our misery ..and I shall live happily ever after with my good old fashioned Bunn.

Apr 28, 2016
by: Ian

Found this site and tried to "smack" my machine. The first few times didn't produce any results. I was pretty bummed, NEED MY COFFEE!

I was about ready to throw in the towel when I thought what the heck and turned to a rubber mallet. 5 or 6 really hard smacks and presto!

Coffee is good ;-)

Apr 24, 2016
It worked!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for the advice and saving my Keurig brewer.

Apr 24, 2016
This really works!
by: Gern

Shockingly this really works. Took three good wacks and sure enough it cleared the blockage. I went ahead and ran a complete cycle (emptying the water vessel) of 50/50 vinegar and water to clear out any other scaly gunk. Then flushed with fresh water.


Apr 16, 2016
OMG!!! Amazing!
by: Anonymous

We were moments away from ordering a new machine when I found this site. My husband smacked the heck out of our Keurig and voila!!!! Don't be timid, let it have it!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Apr 16, 2016
Yep it works. Just do it!
by: Anonymous

It worked!!!!! Yay!!!

Apr 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

Thank you all- third time's the charm!!!!!

Apr 07, 2016
Descale light & won't brew
by: Coffee addict

Replaced the machine at home & I took the older Kuerig down to our lake home. Plugged it in praying it would work (we've been dealing with an old drip coffee maker without a pot & using a wooden spoon to release the brewed goodness to a mug...don't ask why). No Bueno, not only did it not brew, the des cake light came on.

Found this page & proceeded to spank the silly thing. First spanking didn't work. Second spanking & harder drew "what the heck are you doing" looks from my honey. The descale light went off, but still not brewing. Third spanking brought the man out of his easy chair, saying "I really don't know if that's a good idea, there's electronics inside". But he proceeded to pound on the sides. IT WORKED!!! Guess who is taking credit...yeppers, the man who said it wasn't a good idea!

Apr 03, 2016
It works
by: Anonymous

The spanking works!

Apr 02, 2016
Third Time Was The Ticket
by: Anonymous

I was about to give up after the second failed slap and burp, then read the comment about going at it a third time. It worked! I also shook it really hard (what did I have to lose?), which seemed to help a lot as well.

Apr 01, 2016
I hit it like a crack baby that wouldn't stop crying
by: Coffee clutch

That did the trick. Love the interweb

Mar 30, 2016
by: Anonymous

My coffee pot will not brew, it says PRIME and Brew Temp.What do I do to make it work.tal

Mar 29, 2016
Spanking the Keurig, worked!
by: Anonymous

3/29/2016 - I spanked my Keurig K-cup and it worked! When I turned it upside down, water came out and it probably unclogged something when I spanked it 4 times.
I turned it upside down and upright , twice and something worked!
Thank you for the tip!

Mar 29, 2016
Saved my head!
by: Anonymous

Thanks - couldn't even begin to descale. Could have banged my head instead of the machine if I hadn't seen this post. How often do you get a low-tech fix that relieves your frustration AND even works!?!

Mar 27, 2016
What's the Science Here?
by: Steve H

Does anyone know the science behind this spanking / burping method?

What's really going on inside the machine ?

On my B77 I had to replace the Air Pump and a leaking Water Solenoid.. all my tubes are clear, like new, and tightly fitted.

Yet I too have the annoying burping problem !

I'd like to find a permanent cure.. I'm like a few other posters below.. first thing in the morning isn't the best time for me to be messing with the machine.

Steve H

Editor's Note: As far as I can tell, the problem and the cure are related to air bubbles forming in the water pump. The air stops the pump working, and the inversion and slap dislodges it.

Mar 27, 2016
by: JT

Gave it several good whacks and it works again. Thanks for the tip. Feel like trying it on the computer next time....

Mar 26, 2016
Scared the crap out of it!
by: Diane

The first time I tried slapping it, it didn't work. The second time, I whacked that puppy so hard, it wet its pants! Works like a charm now! Guess it knows whose boss now! Thanks for saving my coffee addiction!

Mar 25, 2016
Didn't work :(
by: Debi

Decided to de-scale today & 2 vinegar brews later it wouldn't work at all. Did the slapping..nothing. Now it's broken & the sad part is it wasn't broken until today when I went to clean it. Very unhappy.

Mar 24, 2016
happy man
by: Anonymous

just seen the comment on beating on the bottom so guess what i did I beat it and whoa and behold it worked thk you

Mar 23, 2016
It works!
by: Anonymous

I tried everything when water would just trickle through my machine. So frustrating! Finally found this page! Slap and burp worked on the third time! First two times I was slapping it too softly. Finally, third try and water started pouring out of it. Afterward, worked like new! Thank you!

Mar 22, 2016
by: Anonymous

It works! I just had to slap mine! Lol. The des ale light came on this morning, but it has been acting up for a week so. So just slap it. Will see how it works again in morning, running fine right now. ; )

Mar 22, 2016
Stepped it up a notch!
by: Jimmy Five Fingers

Was not sure if I was slapping it hard enough although my hand stung like hell, so I slapped it with a 12 inch 2 by 4!

Works fine now!

Mar 22, 2016
Saved another keurig.
by: Anonymous

I have a black keurig with the two cup sizes. My brother was tossing it. It was brewing slow vinegar didn't work. I had got mine to work before so I thought I would fix it. Well this was bad, my methods weren't working, also tried dish soap, it's like 4-5yrs old+.

So I followed the method, hitting it hard, and added even more beating to the sides. lol. Set up and brewed 2 cups+ each time. Did this process like 6-7 times to be sure. It was probably good by the 5th I think. lol The water came out really murky a few times.

It's brewing like a champ! Steady stream.

I run it with the rubber seal off no cup during the process. At first it was like 50 seconds to run a small cup through - from the time it starts coming out.. in 4 little streams.

Now it's only 20 seconds and a strong stream, I think it will be good to go.

Mar 20, 2016
by: Anonymous

What in the world. It worked!!! Extremely happy right now!

Mar 19, 2016
Omg, it worked
by: Linda Scott

I beat it, nothing happened, so when my big zesty man came in the kitchen I told him to beat the shit out of it and he works!!!

Mar 18, 2016
Holy S$@?!
by: Anonymous

The slapping, burping, beating or spanking method worked awesome and as someone else said it's great therapy!!! Thanks for this free advice. I'm shocked while I enjoy my coffee!!

Mar 14, 2016
Omg it worked!
by: Anonymous

Slapping it a few times worked!!! I'm so happy. I called Kuerig and they asked a few questions and tried to sell me another one for 135.00. I smacked it a few times plugged it in and walked off, came back and it was ready to brew!!!! Yippee

Mar 12, 2016
it worked
by: Anonymous

another happy customer!

Mar 09, 2016
Compressed Air
by: Michael

I tried the vinegar without success. Tried spanking the bottom still no luck. Used the paper clip to clean the hole(s) but again without success.

Ready to go out and buy something else! Last minute effort I blew it out with a can of compressed air used to clean my computers. Low and behold, it worked a treat and we are back in business!

Mar 02, 2016
Thought I was going to have to buy a new one
by: Anonymous

Vinegar did not help. Searched online and found this article. Did not think spanking would help. But after a couple of spankings I can now brew coffee!

Feb 29, 2016
Worked like a charm!
by: Anonymous

I was in the process of descaling my Keurig. It flowed beautifully on the first round but the second round it completely stopped and acted like it was not able to pull water out of the reservoir. I tried everything and searched the Internet numerous times. I'm so glad I found this site! This morning I did exactly as you suggested and I'm now enjoying a great cup of coffee!

Feb 28, 2016
Paper clip worked for me
by: Anonymous

Got the same error message to descale after it stopped brewing. Small paperclip into the upper and lower water jets (the areas that pierce your K-cup) and the unit worked perfectly.

I'd try this first before slapping your machine anyways, as its a bit more of a finesse than force method.

Feb 28, 2016
Burping the machine
by: Anonymous

I had the add water, red light and medium light blinking on my keurig. I tried everything but couldnt descale it because it would not take on water. I saw the comment about turning it upside down and burping it. I did it once and it started to work and then stopped. Then I did it again and now it works. I will be running a descale just to be safe, now that it can pull in the water.

Feb 27, 2016
It works
by: Anonymous

Wow the spanking worked. HAHA Keurig website had nothing that helped.

Feb 27, 2016
It worked!!
by: Anonymous

I beat it like it owed me money!! I wish I knew this two machines back!!

Feb 27, 2016
Open the dam, dammit
by: Amy

Only downside to slapping the snot out of it is that I it always seems to happen when I first wake up. Add to that my Irish temper and, well, I'm afraid things my go homicidal some day and I'll have to bury the Keurig body. Ssshhhh!

Feb 22, 2016
Almost bought a replacement!
by: Anonymous

This works. I also blew air and sucked into the rubber piece coming out into the reservoir tank. That might be an easier method so i'll try that next time to see if that does the trick. Otherwise, spare the rod, drink no coffee.

Feb 21, 2016
Slap method works
by: Von

My keurig was barely putting out water so I tried descaling it. After running vinegar and water through it would not even put out one drop. I was very frustrated and googled the problem and came across the slap method article. I thought it was crazy but had nothing to lose. Well my keurig now works again! Thank you for the article

Feb 16, 2016
The only kind I'm good at
by: Kat

Ahh yes. Good old percussive maintenance. ;)

Feb 15, 2016
Keurig rep said it was dead and time to get a new one for $135
by: Anonymous

I had called Keurig and they walked me through gleaning the needles ...when that didn't work and I had said after 2 minutes of green light power on, Keurig rep said it was dead and nothing could be done ...they give me a deal on a new one =$136 ...I said no thanks off the phone and last ditch effort turned it upside down and "spanked" it a few times--it worked !!! Thank you !!! Amazing !!!!

Feb 15, 2016
by: Amy

Just the act of beating the crap out of it is good therapy. The fact that it makes it work is like having someone else foot the therapy bill. Win/Win

Feb 14, 2016
by: christa

I just happened upon your post trying to find why my damn new Cusinart wouldn't do anything but tell me to descale after having made only one cup of coffee.

Beat the crap out of the bottom, and OMG--it's working for the first time in months!


Feb 11, 2016
Kinky Keurig
by: Amy

Responded well to BDSM tactics. "Beats" pouring vinegar through it every week.

Feb 09, 2016
That actually worked
by: Anonymous

I just bought a Keurig today and it would not work for the life of me. Did this and it worked. Strange!

Feb 05, 2016
Can't believe this worked!!
by: Anonymous

I was seriously going to throw my keurig away today after desalination it 20 times with no luck...then I cane across this post! So simple....who needs technology! Thank you for sharing :))

Feb 01, 2016
Spank it Like ya Mean It!
by: Rob Dylan

to descale, or not to descale, THAT is the question.

Thank you internet, and thank you Coffee Detective

Spanking worked!!!!

Jan 30, 2016
Corporal punishment works
by: Anonymous

My parents Keurig stopped working after their move. I tried to brew a few cups, but nothing came out. Tried cleaning it but that didn't work - tried the paperclip to unclog anything, but nothing. Then I came to this article... wow. It worked! I guess you have to put your Keurig in line once in while :)

Jan 28, 2016
Great tip
by: Anonymous

I was in the process of descaling my Keurig. I do it twice a year. On the second round, the descale button came on but no water came out. Spank spank and now I can complete my cleaning!

Jan 28, 2016
The Dynamic Disturbance Technique
by: Joe Crilly

The Dynamic Disturbance Technique "invert and give it a good swat" really works great ! Our unit was plagued by water bypassing back into the tank . I tried de-scaling with vinegar before and it did not fix the bypass problem . After trying this technique and running a tank of vinegar and then a tank of water through the unit , it works like new !

Jan 28, 2016
Spank me, shake me!
by: Debbie

My Keurig at work would not brew after I had turned it off for about a month (had other options for coffee). Then I decided to descale it and start using it again..... and it would not brew a cup of anything! So I took off the water container and the drip base and turned it upside down, slapped it a bit and gave it a few hard shakes. Must have put quite a scare in it because now it's brewing away!!! Thanks for the tips.

Jan 26, 2016
Vue brew button not responding
by: Anonymous

Has anyone ever had a problem with the brew light on the Veu? Mine flashes indicating that it is ready to brew the coffee however, when you press the brew button it does not work. It just keeps flashing.

Jan 25, 2016
Oh No!
by: Anonymous

I spanked it alright! Now it's totally dead! At least I could use it before I dis this.

Jan 23, 2016
Who/What doesn't like a good spanking??
by: Coffee's Back

After the vinegar method last week not working, I found this article through a Google search and just laughed. When I looked up replacing this unit on Amazon, $400 when I bought it new for $80? I'd rather not drop that much.

So I went into the kitchen, pulled the reservoir, flipped it over and spanked the hell out of it!

Now it works! Sweet!

Jan 23, 2016
Good ole spanking worked
by: Anonymous

Try descaling instructions repeatedly to no avail. Ran into this article and voila - all my Keurig needed was a good ole spanking ! Thanks for the tip.

Jan 21, 2016
it worked!
by: Becky

Same problem, same result! Thank you Selena for posting this and thereby saving the world as you're letting us all get our morning cup of Joe and therefore making functional human beings!

Jan 20, 2016
Vue brew button
by: Anonymous

My Vue brew button is not working. It flashes when ready but does not respond when pressed. The rest of the machine function are working fine. The panel still operates all functions just fine. Cup size, strength, etc. just no response on the brew button. Please help!

Jan 18, 2016
Piece of Junk!
by: Anonymous

I've had my Keurig a little over 2 years; a retirement gift so I could have coffee and read the paper. After a couple of weeks I went back to my old standby--Nescafe Instant--strong and wakes me up. Didn't think much of it but I hadn't made 25 K-cups in it but it's past the warranty so I'm stuck with a gift that cost over $100 and it won't work...bought new filters, spanked it, cleaned it with vinegar, all to still no coffee. Over the holidays I visited my sister in AZ and she has a Keurig that you add water one cup at the time and I so enjoyed it I decided to use it again. Still no coffee coming out or water...I have a "Mirror" brand percolator, circa 1950-something. It still works after 60 years so I'm going back to it! Just because your old enough to be retired doesn't mean you should be! Made a great potful the other day--the whole house had the aroma of fresh perked coffee!! What a morning!

Jan 17, 2016
back in business
by: Anonymous

Just ran 1/2 gallon of vinegar thru with no luck. Flip and slap. Flowing fast and dull cups again! Thanks

Jan 17, 2016
Thank You so much. My machine works again
by: Mark

I descaled my machine with vinegar just as Keurig suggests and it worked for a few days and then once again I got the dreaded de-scale message:). I tried the slap method and its working fine, much better than it did when I descaled the machine. The stream of water is better and I am now writing this to say THANK YOU.
This is the first time I have taken the time to write anything like this on a website. Once again thank you.

Jan 17, 2016
Spank Me Please!
by: Pecas Joe

My Keurig was misbehaving. It was asking to be spanked and boy did it get. Thanks for the advice.

Jan 16, 2016
Like a charm...
by: Anonymous

Having my first "full" cup in a long while! Thanks for the great tip!

Jan 16, 2016
It worked for me too....thanks everyone !
by: Anonymous

Our Keurig was clooged up this morning and spent hours cycling vinegar through with no luck Came across this post...did 2 sets of slaps (unplugged and trays off) and also blew into the white hose on top and the next cycle it worked !

Jan 16, 2016
Can't believe it worked!
by: Anonymous

Following other online advice on using vinegar to clean my Keurig, my coffee maker quit working. It was making all the right sounds but no water was coming out into the cup. I was very distraught! I really didn't want to spend a bunch on a new maker. I very skeptically tried this because my only other option was the trash can. It worked! Don't know why it works. Maybe this dislodges some sediment that settles into the mechanism while descaling with vinegar. Give it a try before you throw away your machine! Thanks a million!

Jan 15, 2016
I love a good spanking
by: Angie

This article saved my life.. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I was at the end of my rope until spanking my keurig saved Thank you so so muvh. Nothing else worked, I had to hit it a few times but it worked. Whew...I can breathe again.

Jan 15, 2016
still trying
by: Anonymous

quit working completely. Descaling it now. Have whacked it 4-6 time and it pulls water into reservoir but will not come out fast. Just barely drips. I've worked on spike with paper clip. It's better but still no cup of coffe.😕 Any suggestions?

Jan 14, 2016
by: Sandy the keurig spanker

Thanks for saving me like 200 bucks!! I'll be the first to admit that I treat my keurig terribly! I make at least 4 cups a day for years on end and haven't cleaned it....ever!! So when it stopped working this morning I wasn't completely shocked but really sad! A quick google search brought this up and your great advice saved the day! I plan to start spanking all of my appliances now when they give me trouble!

Jan 13, 2016
Crazy! But it works!!!
by: Anonymous

My Keurig was 4 years old and I thought "what the heck", let me spank the sucker before throwing it away. There was no way to descale, because it wouldn't pump water.
The first spanking got the Keurig to pump a slight amount of water and the second spanking got it working again.
Go figure ...

Jan 10, 2016
It worked!
by: SueRobTX

I'm not a coffee addict so when my Keurig stopped working I was annoyed, but not frantic. When the rescale message came on, I had no clue how to proceed. Since we have only filtered water in the house, I was sceptical about mineral buildup as the reason for the problem.

I turned to the web and fortunately found your blog. Figured there was ne harm in trying your slap and burp method, and, be darned--it worked!

In addition to some coffee grinds that came out, there was a tiny piece of plastic that came out-- not sure where it came from. However I put everything back together, flushed the Machine with plain water a couple of times, and she's working like a charm.


Jan 10, 2016
Really works!
by: Dale

I couldn't believe that this would work but it really did!

Jan 09, 2016
by: Tom

Cannot believe it, but it worked! My Keurig was not even dripping water through it. I Unplugged it, took off tray and reservior, then SMACKED IT a couple times upside down. We now have coffee again!!! Thanks!

Jan 06, 2016
Really works!
by: Anonymous

Unbelievable, I tried it and it worked!! I am so glad I read your article.

Jan 06, 2016
by: Angela

I have NEVER left a comment on a site, but have to now. I had 1 cup of coffee this morning and then I got the descale message. I watched the Cuisinart video, but my brewer wouldn't even pump water so how was I going to get vinegar into the system to descale it? I slapped and burped a few times, but the same problem, but the descale Msg was gone. (Progress!). Then I blew through the small white hose at the top, with some effort, until I had all of the water soaked up from the bottom, removed the carbon filter and just placed the holder in. (I removed the entire thing at the beginning.) It finally ran a hot water cycle, I got my 2nd cup of coffee, and I am descaling now. Still sounds funny, and slow, but maybe the 4 hr vinegar bath will help. Thank you all who left comments that convinced a skeptic like me to try. I love my SS 700 so much, this is my second one, and I have bought a spare. It is in the closet waiting for me if this one ever quits completely.

Jan 06, 2016
Back in business!
by: Anonymous

Worked great! I thought my Keurig was toast. I even called customer service and they weren't able to offer a solution and my coffee maker was out of warranty. Thanks so much!

Jan 04, 2016
Burping my Keurig
by: Anonymous

It worked here too! Thank you

Jan 04, 2016
It Works!!!
by: Anonymous

So happy that we came across this site! Had de-scaled our Keurig Platinum B70 Quiet Series three times in one week and it still came up to "de-scale". Were ready to throw away and then I thought I'd try to reword in Google one more time to see if something would come up different to try. Well, when I saw this, I couldn't believe what I was reading from so MANY people. So I talked my husband into trying it (he totally couldn't believe it either). First time he "spanked" it, it didn't help and even the ounce selections disappeared. I said, "Let's try this again and bang it a little more aggressively", so he did and WOW did it ever work!! He still can't believe it's working. We figured what did we have to lose since we were going to throw away anyway! We LOVE our Keurig and will buy again. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! Hopefully this will help someone else to save their Keurig.

Dec 31, 2015
It worked! Thank you.
by: Anonymous


Dec 31, 2015
I spanked it and it does really work.
by: Nan

Had my Keurig for about 5 yrs. Had to descale a few times (be sure to take out filter) but that's it, until today. Kept shutting off when I tried to use. Saw this and laughed but thought, what's the harm. Be sure to do over sink as a little water will come out when you turn upside down. One good spank and plug it in and it worked. Thank goodness as live in rural area with no businesses nearby and panicked when I thought No Coffee this AM. Thank you for saving my day!!

Dec 30, 2015
We spanked, It liked it!!!!
by: Drake

It Truly worked!!!!! Hubby and I looked at each other after "spanking" the Keuring and turned it on and it Brewed like new!!!! Quick fix to a possible expensive problem!!!!

Dec 30, 2015
It Works
by: Karin

This is the second time I had to SPANK my Keurig and it sounds rediculous but it works. The first time my machine would not work I thought I would cry, looked up all that could be wrong. When I did everything and then tried this as a last resort and it worked I laughed but was so happy. For being made of such sensitive parts this is a crazy method to fix it but saves you money from having to buy another one. Thank you to the one that discovered this fix!

Dec 29, 2015
More than spanking
by: Anonymous

Our Keurig K50 would not brew period. It would spit out hot water back into the water reservoir.
Numerous attempts were made to descale, hoping the vinegar water would unclog the machine. Nope! nothing helped. I finally got upset and beat the bottom with my fist. Nothing happened. Repeated this twice more. Nothing. Finally my husband did the same and blew air into the overflow tube (as hard as he could) and FINALLY the water started to flow. We've been "descaling" numerous times to ensure the "clog" is gone. What a job! but better than throwing it away and spending more money for a new one; it pays to be aggressive in this case. Nothing broke!!

Dec 28, 2015
Descale no info
by: Troy in Minneapolis

Wow. Thank you thank you thank you

Dec 27, 2015
by: Hunting for Joe

I was about to set this on fire after it quit working and read up on line and bamm it worked , now if we could do this to Congress

Dec 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

Worked!!! Now I have coffee

Dec 20, 2015
It works people!!
by: Anonymous

Thank you!!! Nothing else has worked. Gave it 2 good snacks and good as new. Whoever thought of this is a genius!

Dec 19, 2015
It worked!!!
by: Nadine

Have been descaling for weeks. Every week a jug of vinegar. Today we were ready to toss it. Googled. Found the paper clip in the three holes by the needle trick. Tried that. A bit better. Then found the advice to spank. Nothing to lose so...slap, slap, slap! Viola! It worked. Brewed a full cup of coffee and fast. Yay!!!

Dec 19, 2015
Happy Mama
by: Anonymous

I thought my Keurig was dead...I was ready to run for the hills, this mama needs her coffee. Tried everything and nothing worked, saw this and decided to give it a was a Christmas miracle!! Worked like a charm. Thank you!!

Dec 14, 2015
Like a dream
by: Anonymous

Yep works like a charm! Had to smack it around two different times but after that second time it straightened right up and spat out coffee like a brand new machine. I'm just curious who was the first person to figure this out and how did they stumble upon it?

Dec 13, 2015
Many thanks!
by: Sheryl

It worked! I was doubtful at first but decided to try it and am pleased with the results. The instructions in the the Keurig booklet are so hard to follow. Thanks again!

Dec 12, 2015
Another Satisfied Spanker
by: Char

I've always refused to spank because all it teaches is violence as a solution...

As far as my K45 is concerned, I am a convert. I will spank it hard and as often as necessary to keep it brewing as if brand new again.

It was amazing the amount of extremely fine grounds which came out with the first cup! I won't retire my mini bottle brushes, but I'll add a spanking to my regimen. :)

Dec 09, 2015
Oh My Coffee!
by: Anonymous

It worked! WOW, just WOW!!! My Keurig hasn't made a full cup of coffee for months, and yesterday it stopped working all together. I stumbled across this bit of advice and...what do you know it worked wonders!! Thanks!


Dec 06, 2015
Broke no laws
by: Anonymous

Spanked the heck out of the machine. (I think my wife thought I was enjoying it a little too much). I am blown away. Works great. Thank you...

Dec 06, 2015
water runs
by: Anonymous

my pump starts pumping water as soon as i turn on the power and won't stop till the tank is dry

Dec 05, 2015
by: Anonymous

Yep... just tried it and a good spanking made that coffee kid work just fine. Unbelievable.

Dec 04, 2015
Thanks !
by: Anonymous

Tried the spanking method and it now works perfectly again. Thanks for the tip !

Nov 28, 2015
So sad :(
by: Emily C.

I am so sad the spanking method hasn't worked for us. The K was working great this morning but I had started to see build up so decided to do the vinegar thing, it took one cup then the "descale" light came on and now it won't work, tried spanking, nothing. We let it sit for hours and tried to spank again and finally a cup came out then stopped again. This mama of 4 needs her cup of joe. :( I am going to keep working on it through out the day, but so far no good.

Nov 28, 2015
Yay! thought I was buying a new one!
by: Tami

Thank you so much! I did everything I read about. No luck! Turned it upside down 3 good whacks and Shazam! Worked like a charm!

Nov 28, 2015
Did everything :(
by: Anonymous

I ran vinegar thru it this morning half way thru it stopped working :( I've turned it upside down & slapped it many many times & now nothing works :( idk what else to do ! The display is not working anymore & it won't do anything ! Can anyone help ?

Nov 28, 2015
by: Theresia

It really worked, was very skeptical. But I am wondering how long this will last, until we have to descale again. Just saw that this machine is made in China. Would prefer one made elsewhere.
But the slapping did indeed work. THANK YOU

Nov 28, 2015
The BEST cup ever!!
by: G.S.

OMGosh! First, I never add a comment or answer a survey, but I HAVE to this time. I spanked and shook my Kuerig and after several tries..BTW, the shaking seemed to make the difference...IT worked like new! I have been drinking brewed coffee from my regular pot for two weeks and it just isnt't as good. Now I am having the best cup of French Roast, ever! Thank you for the post!
Merry Christmas!!!

Nov 27, 2015
Wifey said google it!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Sure enough I did a Google search and found this. When I started beating the bottom of the Keurig she thought I lost it. Well, just like everyone else I'm back in business enjoying my hot coffee !!

Nov 26, 2015
Can't believe it was that easy!
by: Anonymous

Seriously...they really should put this method in the owners manual! My little Keurig has served me faithfully for at least 6 years and I admit I've been a horrible owner....I had no idea what descaling was until today and I live in Arizona the land of hard water....and it stopped brewing. I was so upset at the thought of shelling out another $200 for a new one and looked thru dozens of suggestions and stumbled across this one. Thank you thank you thank you for posting this! You saved my Keurig and my Thanksgiving ! :)

Nov 25, 2015
Can't believe this actually works but it does
by: Anonymous

My Keurig has seen some rough usage as I travel with it all the time. It was starting to sound like a turbo-prop airplane. I tried vinegar and it actually got worse.

Two hard smacks on the bottom and it is back to new.

Thank you!

Nov 24, 2015
was fed up till......
by: Anonymous

I tried the descaling too and got nothing. After seeing the "burp and slap" method I said what do I have to lose I tried it and now I am enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee. Thanks so much.

Nov 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

I read this problem solving technique and just had a chuckle. Since I had already tried the paper clip trick, which usually does work by the way, I needed a new idea. Three strong "spanks" and we are good to go! Hilarious!

Nov 23, 2015
To Spank...or not To Spank...
by: 3 year old Keurig K75 Platinum

Descaling with vinegar always works..until today. Thank you for the tip! I turned that brewer upside down over the sink and gave it a few good whacks and a shake for good measure! Immediately, a full cup was brewed! Haven't had the brewer brew a full cup in one try for a while! WooHoo!

Nov 22, 2015
by: Mary

I just finished descaling my brewer with vinegar and it still wouldn't brew right. Followed your directions for spanking and now it works great! Thanks for the advice!

Nov 22, 2015
burp & slap
by: Anonymous

I have to say I was a little liery about the burp & slap tip but surprisingly enough it worked. LOL

Nov 21, 2015
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I was at my wits end, two small children, no coffee...I spanked my Keurig, and it worked!! I'm a happy mama!! So happy I found you!!

Nov 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

So mine wouldn't work after descaling. I tried everything. Paper clip every angle I could and still nothing. A few good spanks and she went right back at brewing!! I am going to give it a good spanking every now and then. Only word of advice, after I spanked mine I turned it right side up and a bunch of very hot water spilled out all over me. So just be sure to hold it over the sink!! Thanks for this tip! You saved my mornings and my kids the torture of me not having my morning coffee.

Nov 19, 2015
Worked but scared the dog
by: Anonymous

My brewer was no longer working. Descaling wouldn't work as nothing was flowing. So I found this post, laughed and tried it. It worked like a charm! Only problem is the dog thought I was angry and ran away to hide. I would never spank the dog like I spanked the Keurig!

Nov 17, 2015
Spanking the Keurig
by: Anonymous

How bizarro! Like other readers, I had a problem with my Keurig not brewing as well. I was about to replace it with another type of brewing system. I purchased the official de-scaling formula at $11.00 a pop! Sure that worked...for a few weeks, then it would clog again. Vinegar didn't really help unless I kept re-rinsing with vinegar (6 cycles + water rinsing cycles). One thing that helped was only using a Zero water pitcher for Keurig reservoir water. Despite this, my brewer still clogs and stops.

Spanking the keurig does the trick every time. In fact, I think my Keurig actually enjoys it...yeah, I'm going to replace it.

Nov 16, 2015
Spanking ca be a good thing
by: Barbara

Thank-you, thank-you. My new 2.0 wouldn't make a full cup. After descaling twice and doing the paper clip trip still nothing. Read your suggestion and it worked first try!ip

Nov 15, 2015
by: Anonymous

I thought whoever had posted that was full of it! But it really works! I turned mine upside down and smacked it to hard times and it works. Thank you

Nov 15, 2015
by: Kayla's Mom

My daughter was deployed for 9 months and upon coming home her Keurig wouldn't brew. She was all set to go buy a new one but I love to tinker with things so I told her I'd give it a try. At first, I tried the paperclip trick....nothing. Then I saw this and thought, really?!?!? I figured what the heck, can't hurt. First try, it didn't work. But I tried again and voila, it was brewing again! THANK YOU!!!!

Nov 13, 2015
It really worked....
by: Anonymous

I never thought of spanking a coffee pot, but after cleaning it and wanting coffee I'm willing to try anything. So, I followed the direction as stated and here comes my coffee. Thank you to whoever started this post.

Nov 12, 2015
Don't throw it away!
by: Anonymous

If your Keurig machine came from Bed, Bath and Beyond and it stops working properly for any reason they will take it back and give you a new happened to me and they had no problem exchanging it for a new one. I even down-graded mine and got store credit for the difference in price!

Nov 11, 2015
A 1000 thank-you's
by: Jane

It's amazing to think that a good spanking can make a Keurig smarten up!! Now if I could only do that with my kids - ha! Just kidding!
Thanks for the help - worked like a dream :)

Nov 11, 2015
I give up
by: Sue

It worked several months ago but after several rounds of slapping I give up. I think I'll go back to a regular coffee pot.

Nov 10, 2015
Don't give works
by: Mummtimes4

After two heavy rounds of slapping, spanking and shaking I was about to give up. And then I thought what the heck I may as well give it another go. So I turned it over again, gave it several hefty smacks and shook it vigorously. Finally it worked!

Nov 10, 2015
Did the trick!
by: Anonymous

We had decided to throw it out after we bought another coffee machine! I decided to just see what I can do as a last resort, I came across this site! Few bad boy smacks and now its ready to be sold!

Nov 08, 2015
Thanks…worked like a charm!
by: Lara

Thanks so much for sharing this info! I thought I was going to have to throw my Cuisinart Keurig Coffeemaker out since it was out of warranty. I spanked it three times, and all worked fine after!

Inspired me to write a blog post about it linking to your article:

Editor's Note: Glad it worked for you, and thanks for the mention!

Nov 07, 2015
totally works with a little extra shake!
by: Anonymous

totally worked! I had to shake it too, but after a few attempts of hard hitting and shaking out my aggravation, I will have a good cup of coffee :-)
Thank you!!!!

Nov 07, 2015
a spank and a shake- it worked!
by: Anonymous

I hit it several times as hard as I could, but it finally worked when I shook it pretty hard too. Thank you so much! We <3 our coffee so much - can't wait to tell our friends :-)

Nov 07, 2015
WOW, it worked!!
by: J Honeck

Holy cow! I spent all morning running vinegar through my keurig and it still wasn't working...Tried this and BOOM! Like magic! So happy! Thanks for the tip!!

Nov 07, 2015
Working so far
by: Texmom

We tried everything and were about to order a new unit on QVC, but had not tried the spanking yet. Just tried it, and got two normal, full cups. Seems to have worked so far:)

Nov 05, 2015
Finally Something that works!
by: Lamont

I have been battling my clogged Keurig for about 6 months. I poured the descaling solution in and let it set all night (when there wasn't any instant success). I finally came across a suggestion to try the "BURPING" trick, and it worked!! Thanks for your insight and your tips!!

Nov 03, 2015
Nailed it!
by: Anonymous

Thank you! Easy fix! I certainly didn't want to replace this machine just yet. I keep it clean and maintain filters. It took me two tries to hit it enough but it totally worked. I wrapped my hand in a towel the second try. Just finishing up with running vinegar through! Whew!

Nov 02, 2015
Broke My Keurig
by: B-Rad

My Keurig was not brewing any coffee today, and I tried your method (Took everything out, the water reservoir, K-Kup and the catcher below the cup) and turned over the machine, then water came out from where the buttons are and now it wont even turn on :(

Nov 01, 2015
by: Anonymous

Our machine just completely quit working this morning. After messing with it, we got it to say "descale" but it uwouldn't run long enough to do it. I found this page, spanked it 4 hard swats, and voila! Ran the vinegar and water through and we are saved. Thank you so much!

Nov 01, 2015
Saved $150.00
by: Gazzy

For the past two days my morning savior have let me down. It's telling me it needed to be de scaled. Tried following direction, no results still only about 2 ounces of water.

Asked Siri for help. This was the top favorite site. After reading the reviews I figured I was going to Costco to spend $150.00 for a new maker anyway I had nothing to lose. Followed your directions. Happy to say I'm enjoying a fresh brewed cup of coffee and I write this review.

Si I saved $150.00 to spend on something else.

Oct 31, 2015
by: Anonymous


Oct 31, 2015
by: Anonymous

We tried so many tips and this worked on the first try. Thanks so much :)

Oct 29, 2015
It works!!!
by: TQ802

We had no vinegar and the brewer wouldn't push water through. We did exactly what you said, gave the machine three to four good spankings and voila, it works again!!! Thank you!

Oct 28, 2015
It works!
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend & I tried a few different options before this smacking method (unplugging it, cleaning w/paper clip, etc). He was skeptical of the smacking method, but I had high hopes! It 100% worked!

Oct 28, 2015
Slapping the keurig cup really works
by: Anonymous

I was very frustrated after receiving my coffee maker and having an triple out some water but not work. I have never commented online before but I need to say this silly suggestion actually worked. Thank you for letting me have a very nice hot cup of k-brew tea tonight

Oct 27, 2015
Success with a high heel boot
by: Cbsassy

After several rounds of hitting the Keurig with my hand to no avail, I used the heal of my boot. Success!

Oct 26, 2015
Didn't work
by: Anonymous

Been slapping and spanking my kereig and it still doesn't work. First two times it brewed two cups and after that stopped. It won't even suck up the water any more. Really bummed out. Looks like I won't be getting any coffee today. :(

Oct 23, 2015
by: Dirtyred

Worked like a charm. Thank you. I wonder what the company has to say about this "method?"

Oct 21, 2015
It worked.
by: Anonymous

This trick did the trick. Does anyone know why this works? I', curious to find out why smacking it works (other than knowing that these babies are alive with souls :)).

Oct 19, 2015
by: Susan

It actually worked. My husband tried to de-scale the thing for two days with no luck. Then I found this article. He said not to do it but I thought "what the heck, it's dead anyways" and it worked. Thank you very much!

Oct 18, 2015
by: Scott

Alright, so like the hundreds of others who have posted, our Keurig that was non operational for nearly 4 months has been revived. Thanks to your punishment method, about 8 hard whacks with my hand seemed to have gotten the point across. I'm starting to wonder if Keurig machines have souls and like little children, they too feel like they can just sit there and not do what they're told until WHAM, a few good smacks on the behind makes them change their mind.

I will say, always make sure to remove your K-Cup after each use and run a small cup of pure water through to flush the line of any grounds that may have been sucked back in through the needle. When mine freed up, the cup was full of hot steamy vinegar scented water full of coffee an tea grounds.

Like the hundreds of other people, thank you immensely! What is your address and your favorite K-Cup brand?

Editor's Note: Scott, hi! Thanks for the kind thought. But I'm just happy to help. : ))

Oct 16, 2015
Gave it a Whack!
by: Anonymous

Gave that puppy a whack and it's working as good as new! Who would have thought??? Thanks for the help!

Oct 16, 2015
The morning is saved
by: Anonymous

Wow this actually worked. I took off from work I just needed a hot cup of coffee and then it wouldn't fill. Then descale light came on...the problem was even bigger, I couldn't even do the descale because it wouldn't run long enough. So of course I googled for solutions..and I thought what's the harm to try. Thanks so much It worked! I truly needed my hot coffee this morning and you save the day!

Oct 13, 2015
by: Little General

My son asked me to look at his
Keurig - it hadn't worked in months - and had been relegated to the garage. I brought it home and tried to descale with vinegar, but the machine wouldn't put out more than about 1 tablespoon of liquid.
Read this blog and lots of the comments and figured I didn't have anything to I 'spanked' that bad boy with a rubber mallet 8 or 10 times....and voilá works!

Oct 12, 2015
by: Heather

OMG! I was going to buy a new one but the spank saved me! Thanks!

Oct 12, 2015
Can't believe it
by: Anonymous

I cannot believe this worked. Seriously. I laughed so hard my stomach ached haha. I figured I didn't have anything to lose - my Cuisinart Kuerig Brewer was seemingly dead anyway. Over the course of three days, I'd taken it apart and blew out the hose, used the Kuerig descaling solution, etc. and it would not brew more than a spurt or two. Spanked it hard 4-5 times. Immediately started working like new. Unbelievable. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Oct 09, 2015
Thank You!
by: Anonymous

It worked, much to the skepticism of my husband. Thank you!

Oct 08, 2015
Wow magic fix
by: Anonymous

I was skeptical at first, but it worked and did magic!

Before it kinda stopped working, I asked for 10oz, it gave me 2.... And with a little slapping, for maybe 30-60 seconds, it worked magic, and my machine is back to normal!!!!!


Oct 07, 2015
4 AM Keurig Trauma / Drama
by: IMB

Not a fan of violence, but at 4 AM, I'm willing try just about anything. Slammed, and I do mean, SLAMMED, the bottom of my dysfunctional Keurig with a heavy duty tenderizer mallet. It's working ... for now. But really, folks, for the investment we're all making in Keurig, why should we have to go to these extremes for a simple cup of coffee?

Oct 05, 2015
by: Dante

I don't need to repeat the works. Make a fist and hit the bottom of the brewer with the base of your fist (at your pinkie finger). One thing not mentioned is what happened to me. A lot of water leaked out initially and for some reason it seemed to temporarily disable the ready sensor with the result being that you couldn't see or select a cup size unless you slammed down the handle. And even then it didn't always display.the situation seems to be improving steadily as the entire unit dries.

Oct 04, 2015
You saved the day
by: Anonymous

Thank you oh so much!! You just saved my best friend KEURIG & my family,lolol

Oct 04, 2015
by: Anonymous

I saw your article just right before I was going to call their customer services! WORKED!!! Thank you so much!!

Oct 03, 2015
I would never have thought of this!
by: Anonymous

Thank you soooooooo much! I was ready to throw out my Kuerig. It's been a love - hate relationship as I had problems with it 13 months after I got it, right after the warranty expired.

I've descaled 5 times and used the paper clip, which got it working for 2 weeks. However, the spanking has given it a new life.

Oct 01, 2015
i couldn't believe it.
by: bart

Who ever wrote the Spanking my Keurig Brewer i want to thank you very much. I tried the vinegar, the keurig cleaner and nothing would keep the machine working more than one time. I seen the spanking thing and thought what do i have to lose. I unplugged it smacked it on the bottom and you do smack it not a tap. The first time didn't do much but the second time i did it everything started working like new. Thank you for letting me know about this.

Sep 28, 2015
whip it good
by: Steve f

AMAZING ! After more then one "spanking" including one with a 1 x 4 piece of wood it started slowly working and after a few more "spanking" belive it or not it is working again !! This machine has set idle for at least a year,it has been replaced, now I have an extra machine that seems to be working just fine after a good vinegar cleaning too of course

Sep 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thank you! Amazing. What an easy fix!

Sep 25, 2015
im late to work but it worked
by: Anonymous

Woohoo :)

Sep 23, 2015
by: Anonymous

...I'm shocked. I've been trying to get this darn machine to run something for 3 days... And mom said violence was never the answer! about 10 firm slaps (I worried at one point if i was hitting TOO hard) The vinegar and water went through the system no problem! Crude but effective!

Sep 22, 2015
It worked!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much! It worked!

Sep 20, 2015
Yes, this works!
by: Sqrly_Grl

Tears of elation!
Proper caffeination!
Give the Keurig a spank?
I thought this was a prank!
It works, it works, it works!
Now my family can all quit being jerks!

But seriously, thank you! This worked. I really had to beat on it though. Like other posters have mentioned, using my hand just wasn't hard enough. I had to use something (I used the metal sugar canister) to really give it a good banging! My mouth DROPPED OPEN when my Keurig poured it magical brown, life-giving nectar.

Sep 19, 2015
It worked
by: Pat

I had cleaned it up with vinegar 2 times, but was getting irregular amounts of coffee. Spanking it seems to have worked. Thanks so much. I am sure the next step would have been a new Kuerig!

Sep 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

Should I just write you a check for the amount of a new Keurig? I was ready to head to the store tonight to buy a new one after it stopped working while I was descaling it. Tomorrow morning I'll pop a couple of Advil for my sore hand and wrist and down them with my steaming cup of coffee :)

Sep 16, 2015
It Worked!
by: Anonymous

I cannot believe this worked. I was devastated when my Keurig read "Prime" and wouldn't function at all. The site showed a video that involved using descaling situation. What a hassle I evaded. Thank you!

Sep 16, 2015
by: pwilli

Amazing. Just freaking amazing!!! Had to do it about 5 times, the last one I really whacked it good. Its almost midnight so I can't make coffee but I have several cups of steaming hot water!! Thank you so much.,😁😁😁

Sep 15, 2015
Single cup Keurgi not brewing
by: Anonymous

Hey...spank it!!!! Omg it totally worked!!!!! My single cup would not brew - lights came on, etc but it wasn't making that slight "heating up" noise. Gave it good several slaps...thank God I have coffee!!!!

Sep 14, 2015
Got our coffee "fix" , thank you...
by: Anonymous

My father-in-law brought his "broken" Keurig over for my husband to take a look at. He didn't know what to make of the descale message. They'd run the vinegar and water flushes through and were getting just a partial cup. After looking for our own Keurig instruction manual and not being able to find it, I googled and found your solution right away. My husband spanked it nice & hard (trying not to insert "oooh, baby" here) and IT WORKED! Dad left with a Keurig that seemed to be brewing a tall mugful again! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

Sep 14, 2015
Worked for me
by: Anonymous

Like many others, I didn't really think it would work, but it did! Thank you!!!

Sep 14, 2015
by: Anonymous

My screen was blank, no buttons would light it up. Power was OK at wall, nothing worked. Was about to start shopping but contrary to my normal 64 year old ideas, I did spank and IT WORKED.

Sep 12, 2015
Thanks for the fix!!!
by: Anonymous

After de-scaling 3 times - found your post and tried spanking my Keurig a dozen times or so. It worked!!!! Ran a test cup into a clear measuring cup and the water came out a brownish color. Took about 8 cups to flush the system to remove the brownish color. Thanks - you save my Keurig from a trip to the recyclers.

Sep 10, 2015
by: Anonymous

Finally!!!!! Our brewer would not push anything through when a Kcup was in. Without a kcup, water would flow fine. We had done everything we knew to fix the problem....paper clip, vinegar, scrub, drain. Nothing worked until Slap and Burp! Thank you so much for the tip!

Sep 07, 2015
The Burp And Slap Is An Angel
by: Anonymous

After 2 days without coffee I saw this and decided to try the "burp and slap". It totally worked and now brews like it did when I first got it....and I didn't even have to hit that hard. Amazing!!

Sep 06, 2015
Opposed to Spanking
by: Anonymous

Well, I was opposed to spanking. NO LONGER - as far as my Keurig is concerned anyway. I was getting maybe 1/3 a cup of coffee and that would bbe it. I whacked it on it's bottom a few times and produced some gunk that looked like old coffee grounds. Turned it over and really slapped it and then measured the amount of water I put in and what came out. The water was a little dirty so I repeated this 2x more and the water was clean and it measured out perfectly. I am enjoying my first cup of coffee in a week. I got my Keurig at a tag sale for $20.00 and was all set to go out and buy one. Thank you so very much. I live on a fixed income so saving money on unnecessary purchases is always a happy occasion.

Sep 05, 2015
by: dstasz

It worked!! Thank you!

Sep 05, 2015
It really does work.
by: MJ

I was a skeptic, like everyone else, but a few good whacks and it's working again (after a vinegar and paper clip cleanup didn't work!).

Sep 05, 2015
*Ahem* "Modified" Slap and Burp Method
by: Caffeinated at Last!

This morning I made the mistake of trying to descale my 3-year-old Keurig with vinegar. Mid-way through it gave up the ghost and would blink and blink and never brew despite paper clip, etc. Found this site and did the slap and burp about six times. Each time it would give a little gasp and then give up after brewing a few drops. By then I had developed a bruise on my palm, but by god I was going to make it WORK. I had nothing to lose, because the other option was buying a new one. I'm a small woman with limited slap power, so I put on a tennis shoe and headed into the back yard and ... I kicked it. As hard as I could. I would have loved to be my neighbors for just a moment, watching the crazy lady next door kick her coffee maker down the sidewalk. Did it about five times. And know what? I am not even kidding, it worked. Started brewing immediately and working like a charm now. And I have a great tip to offer others at the end of their rope! Hahaha.

Sep 01, 2015
by: Anonymous

Someone was really desperate or understands the operation of this thing far better than I. Thanks.

Aug 31, 2015
Thank You!
by: Jennifer the coffe lover

It worked!!!! Thank you for sharing the fix!!

Aug 30, 2015
Got coffee
by: Anonymous

Excellent fix. Now I finally have a full cup of coffee! Who would of guess. Thank you Detective!!

Aug 26, 2015
by: Allison

I haven't used my Keurig in weeks because I cant get it to brew. And now it works thanks to this! Slapped it a few times (Made my hand nice and red) and now its brewing! Thanks so much!

Aug 24, 2015
Crazy fix
by: Grandma

I was just cleaning mine out with vinegar when it stopped running the vinegar through. So I tried spanking it. Had to do it a few times. it would start working then stop again, so beat on it some more. it is now working great. I am a happy Grandma. Thanks for the tip, who ever discovered it.

Aug 23, 2015
Holy Sh**!! It works!
by: Rico Ruiz

I have tried everything EXCEPT this ridiculous solution of "slapping and burping". After 6 or 7 years of using the B40 flawlessly, I came to terms with the fact that it was broken and needs to be replaced. I decided to try the slap and burp and I'm amused and shocked! I've brewed 6 cups today and it seems to be working like the first time I used it. Thanks for the tip!

Aug 23, 2015
by: Cheryl

thank you for the burp your keurig advice! I'm back to brewing!!!

Aug 21, 2015
Great Advice
by: Capt Lance

The Spanking worked like a charm.... Thank you!

Aug 16, 2015
Like...WOW !
by: The Martins

I love my husband and tho I don't drink coffee myself, I enjoy getting him a cup...however, I was starting to despise standing there for over 8 minutes to get a cup.....I descaled and everything I knew to do. ....then I came across your site ! Reminded me of growing up and slapping the television sometimes.
I just got my hubby a fresh cup in under 15 seconds !
Thank you SOOOO MUCH !

Aug 15, 2015
Shouldn't work but does
by: Anonymous

turned my keurig upside down gave it a dozen or so hard slaps, it burped up some water when it turned back on then brewed a full cup for the first time in a week. Descaling message also went away.

Aug 13, 2015
Not a Joke; This really works!
by: Michelle B.

First the boss says "the coffee maker is only brewing a half cup." Then the machine was reading descale. I had no idea what to do so my google search led me here and I'm so glad it did. I cleaned the components. Gave it a few good slaps. Plugged it back in and voila...brewing like a champ.

Aug 11, 2015
it worked like magic
by: Anonymous

Saw the flashing sign descale, use the trick, hit it on the bottom, it works now.

Aug 10, 2015
Saved Mom from a duplicate purchase!
by: Lottie & Dee (Sisters Savers)

My sister and I wanted to save my mother from buying yet ANOTHER coffee maker that she wouldn't take care of. Needless to say her Keurig was displaying all the normal "failing" symptom and in true parental fashion she dropped it off for my sister to fix. She and I scoured the web for the right answers because the paperclips and cleaning didn't work. Low and behold I stumbled upon the Detective! Thank you Detective and everyone below with you help and encouraging comments.

Aug 08, 2015
by: Anonymous

Was in a panic as it was 0600 when the machine wouldn't brew. It took a few good whacks (I did in the back yard to avoid waking the family). Enjoying a hot cup of coffee as I write this. Thank you.

Aug 07, 2015
Yes, it works
by: Anonymous

Did the above procedure about a year ago and still brewing as good as ever. Thanks. 😀😀

Aug 06, 2015
by: Michael B

We've been having problems with our Keurig brewing half cups or less and taking several minutes for one cup. Running vinegar through it didn't seem to help. I found this site, spanked it a dozen or so times. It now works like new! Thank you!

Aug 05, 2015
Really...spank it?
by: Anonymous

There is nothing worse than getting up in the morning and finding your Keurig isn't working! What a way to start your day! Since this is about the 4th brewer we've owned, I know all the usual tricks, paperclip, vinegar, etc. and honestly just thought I would go buy another one. Got on the internet to see what was on sale when I ran across this blog. Sat here reading and couldn't believe that spanking my brewer would do the trick. But then, what did I have to lose by following what everyone else had done? Off to the kitchen I went, turned my brewer over and gave it a few whacks. Turned it on and could hear that it was trying to pull in the water like it normally does. Got a few trickles of water in the cup. Hmmm...let's try a bit more harder spank and see what happens. Gave it a good pounding and turned it on and it sounded almost normal and produced about half a cup of water. Well, alrighty then, let me just beat the crap out of it now and see if that does the job. Well, like a charm, my brewer started right up and produced a fast, full cup of hot water! Made my coffee and am sitting here feeling so smart and thrifty. Thank you very much for the bit of knowledge you provided and saving my wallet and sanity.

Aug 04, 2015
I had doubts, you had a solution.
by: Daniel H

I have an Office Pro, it sat for two months when I went home from school for summer. Came back and it was not brewing (despite it reading that it was).

Tried your method; gave it 8-10 wallops on the bottom and sides, turned it back over, and on its next brew, it dispensed about 3x the amount of hot water, overflowing my cup and bathing my floor in hot pumped glory.

I wasn't confident in this solution, but it worked. Thanks a lot!

Aug 03, 2015
Yes; it worked!
by: Anonymous

Another happy caffeine addict skeptic! Worked the first time. Thanks!

Aug 02, 2015
Spanking Method
by: Judy

I was as skeptical as many of the other posters, but decided to try it anyway. Low and behold, so far, IT WORKED! Brewed several cups of clear water, one after the other. Thank you for your suggestion!!

Jul 28, 2015
Amazing tip
by: Monet Amazing

Keurig read DESCALE and would do nothing but hum. Of course I only had about cup of vinegar left in my gallon bottle (because I use it so often to clean bird baths, water fountains etc.) so I poured it in and added water. No go. Cleaned all the parts with toothbrush and paperclip, but still nothing would work. Found this site out of desperation (any coffee drinker knows that feeling)and wasn't surprised to find the next best de-scaler is lemon juice. Only had a squeeze container lemon, so combined it with water in reservoir that was set aside. Then tried the resuscitation method of "spanking" the unplugged, upturned machine over sink about 10 times. Plugged back in, returned the reservoir to machine and turned on: Voila, it now read BREWING and is "de-scaling" with a diluted combination of lemon juice and water. But, the definite trick was the "spanking"! Absoulutely amazing.

Jul 28, 2015
Drinking Hot Coffee Now!
by: Anonymous

I had a colony of ants take up residence in my machine 3 years ago and I have had occasional problems ever since. It would always eventually work and I just figured the ants did something to the controls during their stay. Found your page this AM and decided WTF I'll give the slap a try. I had to get medieval on it but now I'm a happy caffeine ed camper. It works!

Jul 27, 2015
Spanking Works!!
by: Mary An

Was skeptical about spanking, but it would not work so I thought why not. That did the trick!! Thanks Kuerig!!!

Jul 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

I really didn't think this woould work. My Keurig would make a funny sound but not pour out coffee. After 6 hard slaps, it works like a charm :)

Jul 27, 2015
Still not work for me
by: Anonymous

Tried everything still don't work, something like there was a water inside of it

Jul 26, 2015
spank you Keurig
by: Janet

tried everything....vinegar, cleaning, sticking a pin in the brewing thing, unplugging for while....then I read this and turned it over and spanked the heck out of it in frustration.....worked like a charm!!!! Thanks!

Jul 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

I can't believe it but it worked!

Jul 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

I was about 10 minutes from going to buy a new one, then I spanked that naughty child. I seriously cannot believe that this worked. I never post on forums like this, but I seriously owe you a big thanks.

Jul 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thanks worked great! I tapped it before then read this and I slammed it on the counter like 6 times and now it runs like new!

Jul 21, 2015
I was desperate
by: Anonymous

Amazing trick, worked on second try. I was skeptical but desperate so gave it a try. Thanks

Jul 21, 2015
Thank You
by: Anonymous

Thank you thank you it worked, my machine wanted me to De Scale but would not run so I tried it and it worked!!! No more a skeptic

Jul 16, 2015
Who would have thought?
by: Michelle

My Mini Keurig is only 7 months old, so I was pretty ticked off this morning when I went to make my cup o' joe, and it wasn't working. I tried the paper clip, descale, & emptying the hot water tank methods..nothing worked! Luckily, came across this site, after a few "weak whacks", i tried again. No results. Finally out of frustration, I turned the thing upside and gave it about 10 strong, angry smacks, and I have a FULL cup of coffee! Thanks!

Jul 14, 2015
by: Anonymous

YeP that worked thanks !!!!

Jul 11, 2015
Another happy spanker!
by: Anonymous

Yet another skeptic for whom spanking worked like a charm! My Keurig wouldn't brew at all and then the descale message came on, but you can't descale if the thing won't run.

So I googled, and found this. How could ALL these commenters be wrong? So I unplugged my Keurig, gave it a good spanking (about 10-12 hard hits on the bottom) and it worked first time after I plugged it back in. I bet this is a secret Keurig would rather you didn't know! ;)

Jul 07, 2015
Spanking Worked!
by: Tom

My power went out this morning very abruptly, even waking me up. When it came back on, my Keurig had the little wait sign in the lower right corner of the display. It's been on all day, even though I've unplugged it for a long period of time.

Out of desperation, I found this site and followed the instructions religiously. I've been a life-long computer person, hardware and software. This spanking process, advocated here, seems to violate all that I know. Anyway, it worked! Now the thing is back in pre-heating mode and will probably come back to life.

I would never have thought it. Good job to those who discovered the spanking process.

Jul 07, 2015
Would never have believed it!
by: TV

Add me to the list of "slappers". After descaling, paper clip etc. still getting half a cup if that, so what I did after slapping in on the bottom and getting no results, I lifted if up off the counter about 5 inches and slammed the bottom down 3 or 4 times really hard, I mean really hard, thinking I had nothing to lose since it wasn't working anyways-lo and behold put water in it, hit the button and voila-IT NOW WORKS! Don't fall for the Keurig's customer service rep. that you have to buy a new one at a 20% discount!!!!!!

Jul 06, 2015
by: Anonymous

This seems to be the trick- it seems a valve wouldn't prime and I guess this does it. I used to shake the machine to get it going but it wasn't always successful. I descale regularly but sometimes the machine seems to forget who it is and stop anyway. His seems to be the charm, albeit awkward!

Jul 06, 2015
It works!
by: Dontdieonme

This works!!!! Nothing was helping my poor keurig and all the lights were flashing angrily at me but this method put all that to rest and it's back to normal!

Jul 04, 2015
by: ashtu

This is a corollary to the well-known mechanics' maxim of "If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer!"
And it worked great! Thank you!

(My Keurig does not thank you. It wants to press charges for coffee abuse.)

Jul 03, 2015
Spank Method
by: Steve

Like many commentators I had tried everything to resolve the flow problem on my Keurig. The vinegar and paper clips were not helping. After reading this information I tried the spanking method and it did not work the first time. I decided to give it one more try with a little more force and it worked. Thank you so much😎

Jul 01, 2015
SImply amazing!
by: Anonymous

my family laughed at me......but my coffee pot works! Thanks!

Jun 30, 2015
Thank You! Thank You!!!
by: FrustratedCoffeeGirl

I was really sceptic about this, but first time, tap, tap, tap.....argh.....NOTHING..... Tried again a lil more bang bang bang.....argh....still nothing....out with the old wood meat tenderizer with a folded towel....rap rap rap..... Squirt squirt....argh!!!! Unplugged for the I lost count...flipped that baby over again, beat that thing, wow, what a way to get rid of frustration.....gazinga....finally.... Thank You for your I need a coffee break!!!!!!!

Jun 29, 2015
It Works!
by: lisac

descale instructions still left an inch of water in my cup; "spanked" the bottom of the Keurig, and presto, have a full cup of vinegar!

Jun 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

This worked! I am on my second Keurig and this one stopped working too. I smacked the bottom 10 times and she started right up!!! Thank you for the tip!!

Jun 22, 2015
The Spanking Method
by: Anonymous

I had cleaned the needles, descaled, and was still only getting partial cups.

Out of frustration and desperation I put it over the sink and gave it a good beating!

Low and behold it is working normally.

Add my two cents to the spank it crowd!


Jun 21, 2015
Not usually violent but...
by: Anonymous

I don't drink coffee but my husband does. He said the Keurig wasn't working.

I googled and your site suggested spanking.

My husband thought I was crazy when I told him I was going to spank it.

When I plugged it back in and it worked he started laughing. Now he is laughing with a cup of coffee in his hand!

Jun 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

I just bought a new one. I thought my old now broke, and just before I was going to throw it in the trash, I just thought I would check online, and found this information. I tried it, still thinking it won't work, but it works! Now what am I going to to do with this new one….

Jun 20, 2015
Don't ignore this advice! It works
by: Molly

Thank you , thank you, thank you!!

Jun 18, 2015
by: Anonymous

Omg I am so happy!! Shocked but happy!! We tried all the other ideas online. I was about to toss it when I came across your info! Hubs turned it over and gave it about 15 smacks. I gave it five or ten more for good measure ;) To my complete happiness when I plugged her in, she worked!! Thank you stranger from the internet, you ROCK!!! ♤♤♤

Jun 18, 2015
Another Magical Repair!!
by: Frank NJ

I solved this problem early on with a couple good bangs on top. This last episode I was unable to get the machine to brew. I found your article on the Slap & Burp technique, gave it the old Marine Corps try and it now works better then ever. Thanks for your help.

Jun 18, 2015
Can this be true?!
by: Tera

My Keurig K 79 platinum Brewer has been on the decline for months! It was taking four or five Bruce cycles just to get a decent cup of coffee! I had The scaled multiple times, dismantled the internal components to try to clear out the lines, you name it I tried it! I never would've thought flipping the thing over and giving it a good whack would be the solution!

I must say after following these instructions, my machine made a horrible noise after plugging it back in and starting a brew cycle! I thought I had put the final nail in the coffin so to speak. Not a big deal I had already been pricing new machines, however, after sitting for just a few minutes my machine is working beautifully again! And just in time for dessert!

Jun 18, 2015
All Burped Up and Ready to Go!
by: Stacy L

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! My husband unplugged our Keurig K-Cup brewer because it was filling up coffee up half way. He noticed the "descale" light illuminated~I went online to find out what the descale button meant and I ran across this.

I read the reviews and we gave it a shot! All I can say is, "thank you for saving me a $150 because I was all ready to go buy another coffee maker and not a Keurig!

All is well!

Jun 16, 2015
Keurig Abuse
by: DAndrew

Thank God for your slapping suggestion for a Keurig misbehaving. I was skeptical at first since I spent a lot of trying to clear the needle. Then I tried to run a solution through but the damn machine wouldn't cooperate. So, I turned it upside down and slapped the crap out of it. Put everything back together and filled it with water! IT WORKED on the very first attempt. I didn't even have to use harsh expletives! So, Keurig misbehaving? Slap it!

Jun 15, 2015
Thankful for this tip!!
by: Anonymous

I can't believe this actually worked. My Keurig hasn't worked for days. No water was being drawn into the reservoir and I had no idea what to do.
Came across the site and figured what the heck, may as well.
10 good smacks on the bottom and it started working again right away!

Jun 13, 2015
A quick beautiful fix!
by: Anonymous

Thanks! Few good slaps and brewing like new.

Jun 13, 2015
Use the rubber mallet!
by: Anonymous

Had this problem a few times, I used the rubber mallet and now it works great! The key is to hit it hard, my wife complained that I wasn't hitting hard enough, then she told me hit hard like Fifty Shades of Grey hard!!

Coffee is on!

Jun 05, 2015
Spanking worked
by: Paula

Wow!!! Who knew that slapping a Keurig could be so effective!!! Finally, I have a cup of coffee and it actually ran through the whole brewing process! Thanks for sharing!!

Jun 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem. And I was really angry. I followed the instructions (I slapped it 20 times) and now I enjoying a great (decaffeinated) cup of coffee. You guys rock!!!!

Jun 01, 2015
by: Jamie

I did not get a descale message. Mine just stopped producing water/coffee. Annoyed at prospect of buying a new Keurig, I figured I may as well try spanking it (as my daughters laughed at me). Boom! (Or rather, slap!) it works! Thank you so much!

May 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

Worked for me. Was getting nothing. Even the pump wasn't working. Just 3-4 spanks and now it works fine. Thanks.

May 28, 2015
Thank you!!!
by: Jessica

I was about to buy a new one until I came across your site. This method worked like a charm!!

May 26, 2015
Burping it worked brilliantly!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for having shared the results of your experimentation, success.
It worked for me with results better than I had anticipated. I'm enjoying a fresh cuppa right now.

May 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

Like several others, I was skeptical. But because I was also desperate, I tried your suggestion. And now I'm happily descaling. THANKS!

May 20, 2015
Burping my Keurig ..
by: dr george pollard

Hi ... this method worked perfectly. I left the machine up-side-down in the sink, for a while, whacking it's bottom every time I went buy. Now, my coffee tastes better than before. Thanks so much. dgp

May 16, 2015
It really works
by: Anonymous

Amazing!!! It works!

May 16, 2015
I can't believe it worked
by: Rhonda

Last night I had guests over to the house ... all wanted coffee ... all of a sudden the Cusinart for Keurig did not pump at all.

I tried everything. I was ready to get rid of the machine and get a new one.

I can across this site and I said ... NO WAY ... this is crazy ... SLAP AND BURP ... but I unplugged the machine and I did have to slap it a good 30 times ... and low and behold I can't believe the machine works.

This is just crazy ... but thank you so much. I am now in the process of de-scaling. Hope I don't screw it up ...

May 05, 2015
awesome tip
by: Anonymous

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

May 01, 2015
It actually Worked!!
by: Mike G

I was ready to buy a new Keurig but this really worked. I'm glad I tried it.

Apr 25, 2015
Its WORKS, wow)))
by: Peter

Thank you, the best solution.

Apr 25, 2015
It worked!
by: Bob

Thanks for the guidance, my machine works fine now.

Apr 19, 2015
I can't. Believe this worked!
by: Anonymous

I'm amazed that it worked. I was so pissed that I thought my machine broke.

Apr 19, 2015
Shut the front door!!
by: Stacy

I smacked that sucker and it's working like a champ!

Apr 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

Not only genius, kinda enjoyable. :)

Apr 11, 2015
It worked!
by: gr8smile

Had to use a rubber mallet and give it several good thwacks!

Apr 05, 2015
Spanked it good
by: Anonymous

It actually worked, yea! Thanks!

Apr 02, 2015
Burping the 2.0
by: Anonymous

Thank you thank you!
My 3 week old Keurig is brewing again!!

Mar 31, 2015
by: Dominique

Wow...worked perfectly on the first try!!!! I'm so happy! Thank you!

Mar 28, 2015
I can have my coffee today!!

Thank you for this tip. the only thing that I did not try!! You saved me from having to replace!

Mar 21, 2015
totally worked!
by: Kerrie

thank you!

Mar 20, 2015
It worked!
by: Dana

It took four spankings to loosen some sediment, and now it works beautifully.

Mar 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thank you

Feb 26, 2015
Give it that pimp hand
by: Mike B

Slap it like you mean it. It really works!!!

Feb 25, 2015
Slapping worked!
by: James

Thanks for the tip!

Feb 22, 2015
by: Anonymous


Jan 25, 2015
It really worked!!
by: Anonymous

Just tried it. My husband turned it upside down and banged and it freakin works.

Jan 19, 2015
It work
by: Cheryl

Thank you for help me with this problem. It work very well.

Jan 06, 2015
Universe has a sense of humor
by: Mittens

It worked, I'm thrilled. Try it guys! :D

Jan 06, 2015
Beating Your Coffeemaker?
by: K-Offee

The Book? 50 Shades of K.

Dec 18, 2014
it worked
by: Dave

OMG This worked, Thank you so much!!!

Oct 27, 2014
by: Bobbie

I did the slap on the back an it work perfectly

Oct 18, 2014
by: Sarge

I spanked that bad boy, and the second cup came put perfectly. I can't believe this worked, but it did! I was going to throw it out.

Oct 02, 2014
by: Anonymous

It works...saved me from buying a new on....thank you.

Sep 09, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thank you for being a great coffee detective! This trick worked like a charm! Whew! You saved the day!

Sep 07, 2014
by: Anonymous

I cleaned mine and it still was not brewing. Then I read your instructions, I gave it a few good shakes and some slaps on the "bottom", and now it works great! Thanks

Aug 24, 2014
Who's yer Daddy
by: Kauphy Lover

Spank that bottom, IT WORKS! Maybe some fetish engineers at Keurig.

Aug 21, 2014
Worked for Me!
by: xoxos701

It worked!! still not brewing a full cup so I am going to try the vinegar rinse and also clean out the lines with a paperclip!

Jul 08, 2014
I spanked my Keurig.
by: Anonymous

And now it works like a charm!

Jul 06, 2014
Spanking worked
by: Anonymous

Our's quit this morning, saw this and guess what? It started working again. My husband & I had a good laugh!!! Thanks for sharing.

Jun 29, 2014
It works!
by: Anonymous

Amazing!!! After descaling for 36+ hours over and over I tried this as a last resort! It works beautifully! Thank you so much!

May 31, 2014
Embarrassed to spank
by: KNO

On LAST resort, I figured I would try spanking as suggested. As I turned over my brewer, I literally looked over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching, mumbled "I can't believe I'm doing this" (as if your site were a prank,) then spanked my brewer. It worked!!!! Crazy.

May 23, 2014
Burped it...enjoying coffee again
by: Anonymous

I was commenting to a co-worker my tale of woe on how my Keurig up and died on me before even one cup of the life-sustaining elixir sprang forth. She giddily explained how to burp it and lo and behold, I am once again gleefully slurping up the black liquid gold as though others lives depend on it.

Apr 15, 2014
Crazy but Ture
by: JFB

As everybody else, my Keurig refused to brew. The display said it was ready to brew, but when I pushed the Brew Button...........Nothing. I read the previous comments, and said what the hell, unplugged the unit, tipped it over the sink, gave it about five open handed whacks on the bottom, plugged it in and good as new. UNBELEIVABLE!! Thanks to the person who discovered this little secret.

Apr 13, 2014
YES! yay for spanking
by: Anonymous

It worked like a charm - and that is after I tried every, and I mean EVERY think that Keurig recommended. THANKS SO MUCH!!! Now off to the porch for my morning cuppa.

Mar 15, 2014
It works!!
by: Anonymous

I feel like I am beating a dead horse (or an unconscious Keurig) at this point after reading all these posts, but i have to say it works!!! Turned my unit upside down SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP.. Presto! Im drinking my coffee now :)

Mar 13, 2014
Keurig not brewing
by: Anonymous

Thank you Jesus, it works, I was about ready to throw in the towel, but I kept praying and asking God to help me, I shouted, this has saved me $$$. Thank you and may God bless you.

Mar 11, 2014
It worked
by: Anonymous

It just needed a little burping and gurgled a bit and then worked perfectly. Thanks for the advice. :)

Mar 08, 2014
Last Straw, It Worked
by: Anonymous

Have spent 2 days playing with the unit. Vinegar and paper clip the whole thing. Laughing all the way as I spanked the unit. It is now working as if it was new. LOL

Mar 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

Like most of you, I tried all the other things to get it to work. I found this site and was amazed by everyone's comments that spanking the bad Keurigs bottom really worked. So I tried it. Gave it about 8 good swats, put it back together and wow....the water flowed out like it was brand new!

Mar 01, 2014
by: Anonymous

Dying laughing but better yet I'M DRINKING MY COFFEE NOW!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!

Feb 24, 2014
Saved my life!
by: Anonymous

My Keurig stopped brewing this morning... it would hum like it was going to brew, but then stop. Tried power on/off, unplug, etc., but it just wouldn't work.

I found this site, turned it over and smacked it on the bottom and sides...

When I plugged it back in, it immediately started working perfectly!!! THANK YOU :-)))))

Feb 22, 2014
by: Anonymous

For the last 6 months I've put up with unplugging and plugging back in just to make a cup of coffee on my Keurig. And I read here to turn it upside down and slap it a couple of times on the worked! Unbelievable. Thank you for this information!

Feb 19, 2014
IT works!
by: Anonymous

Having the exact same problem as everyone else. Descale showed, used vinegar, still the water wouldnt flow. This morning, cleaned needle with toothbrush AND burped it, banged it about 10 times very hard and so far i have 3 full cups of coffee! I WAS skeptical!! not sure if it will continue to work but OMG!!! Amazing! Try it!

Feb 10, 2014
Give it The Fonz
by: Holly

Just like Fonzi turning on the juke box, this worked like a charm.

We spent a half hour cleaning bits and pieces and pulling stuff apart. I decided to google what else we could try since it sounded like the pump quit. I ran across the slap n burp method and laughed out loud. But of course I tried it and it brewed fine on the next cup!

Feb 05, 2014
Burp N' Slap
by: SFW

I spent a good hour trying to clear the line and cleaning the reservoir screen to no avail. I then found your Burp N' Slap repair suggestion. Tried it and all I can say is "Wow". Perfect. Bend, Oregon. It would be helpful if Kuerig would post a response as to what your recommended fix is doing.

Feb 01, 2014
by: Anonymous

Finally, after a lot of other tries. Who would of thought spanking would do it.Great

Jan 29, 2014
Just beat it!
by: TJ

Wow! Who would have thought! I did have to abuse it several times to get its attention and give me a full cup of coffee. Thank you all so much for your comments, it has saved my coffee maker from the recycle bin.

Jan 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

As a college student I am on a pretty strict budget. When my Keurig wouldn't work two days age, I almost broke down in tears. In the month that I have had it since it was gifted to me for Christmas, I have come to rely on it alarmingly so.
After doing some research and finding out that I, in fact, do not own vinegar, I found this method.
In the span of seconds, I went from a somewhat responsible college student, to an angry person filled with rage, to a four year old on Christmas morning.
I dedicate this delicious hot chocolate to you, friend ! :)

Jan 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

Ummm....who knew? Try it, it works! This is my 3rd Keurig since 2008- wish I would have known this sooner!

Jan 06, 2014
by: Marie

I beat the devil out of it and IT WORKED!! I was just about to make a trip to the trash can to dump it but I guess I'll be keeping it now!! Thanks for the tip!!!

Jan 05, 2014
spank, spanking and spanked
by: matt in ny

Kudos to whoever came up with this one!!!!
I had my machine and used it for six months. Then it was put in storage for a year and a half. Pulled it out recentley and tried to use it with the same results as everyone else here. Spanked it several shots and nothing. Spanked it a second time adding shots to the brewer side and still nothing. Gave it one more attempt before a trip to the dumpster. Really beat the s@#$ out of it and works beautifully now!

Jan 04, 2014
Good spanking worked
by: Anonymous

My husband was so upset when ours stopped working this morning so I decided to read up on it came across this and it totally worked! Thanks!

Jan 03, 2014
Bad Keurig!
by: Anonymous

Ok, so I got quite a chuckle over hitting the keurig, but it was worth a try. I didn't unplug it and turn it upside down, just smacked it a few times on the brew side and voila! It started brewing and de scaling! Crazy, but it does work!

Jan 02, 2014
It worked
by: Coffee lover

Spanking the Keurig works. I didn't have anything to loose as the next step was the trash. Working wonderfully now.

Jan 01, 2014
by: Anonymous

It really worked lol : )

Dec 23, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thought we were going to have to buy a new one right before everyone came for Christmas morning and son of a gun spanking worked!!

Dec 08, 2013
Spank IT!
by: Susan

My brewer said de-scale as well, and I read this and told my daughter no to laugh at me as I spanked my brewer over the sink and yes people....YES...IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!

Oct 12, 2013
It works
by: Steve

Yup spanking works. Thank You!!

Apr 03, 2013
It really does work!
by: Anonymous

I was ready to throw my Keurig out until I read these posts about burping. I just burped it and it works! Try it when all else fails!

Mar 27, 2013
Spank Spank Sounds stupid but yes it works!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

This has worked for me 2 times. I think when you turn it over and slap it the air comes out. Anyway it works mine kept flashing brew in red and then light would go off and it would do nothing till I spanked it. I have a keurig mini and alot of them from what i read do this just slap it.

Feb 23, 2013
Believe in Spanking the Keirig!
by: Jfox0423

Imagine waking up to you Keirig being a bit fussy and not willing to brew! Read these posts and tried this and now I'm enjoying my regular cup of coffee! It really works. Unplug, remove water reservoir, turn upside down and give a good spank. What a simple fix!

Feb 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have to admit I thought you were all crazy but I take it back completely. We tried absolutely every other suggestion we read. Finally I thought "Oh what the heck - uruned it over the sink and whapped it a few times, then a few more for good measure. Good grief it works perfectly. I wonder who first came up with this idea. Keurig should give them a medal.

Jan 09, 2013
Whits End
by: Anonymous

So I read the comments...and after everything else failed, I turn the thing upside down and beat the pulp out of it. I plug it in and nothing! Think I may have broke it for good. Oh Yeah, forgot to turn it on....and tadah it works!! The spanking method is the bomb!

Jan 03, 2013
The fine art of Keurig spanking...
by: Michael

...well, well, well. We were like so many others in the threads below, ready to trash it or try to return it. At this stage we had nothing to lose. I opened a big can of *ss-whoop on it as directed. It's working fine now. Truly, truly bizarre...

Oct 04, 2012
Slap happy!
by: Doug

I can't believe this worked! I was 10 seconds away from throwing it in the trash and came across this site. Took it over to the stink and spanked that bottom like no tomorrow. WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 10, 2012
by: Bob D

Awesome... worked like a charm. Burped the machine and working better than ever. Thanks for the tip! Saved mom $100!!!

Jun 07, 2012
Are you kidding me? WORKED
by: WyoMom

I have been back and forth all day, but like many comments above, if you can't get the vinegar in, how is it to descale. SMACK IT upside down. The third time was the charm. My husband will never believe it. THANK YOU!!!!

May 30, 2012
by: Craymond55

All other attepmts to fix did not work = this method did!


May 19, 2012
It works!
by: Anonymous

Unplug, tip, whack, shake a bit, and we are back in business!

May 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the advice! I got my frustration out and fixed my Keurig!

Apr 24, 2012
Cant believe this worked!
by: Deri

I good spanking and a slap for good measure and e coffee started pouring .

Thanks all

Jan 24, 2012
Descaling -spanking
by: Anonymous

I thought I was going to kill my husband when I saw him "spanking" our Keurig, but it worked when nothing else would!

Jan 05, 2012
by: BCR

Ok I thought you were all full of it but I was having coffee withdrawls so I tried the old shake and burp. It actually worked after one try. Full cup!!!! Your my hero!!!!!

Dec 28, 2011
Slap that Keurig!
by: Maha


Dec 18, 2011
by: Bryan

I was skeptical about the spanking but Itried it and it worked like a charm.

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