Bag of home roasted beans is inflating

by Susan
(the Ozarks)

One-way air valve on a commercial coffee bag.

One-way air valve on a commercial coffee bag.

A couple days after receiving a bag of home-roasted coffee beans, the bag is inflating. It was in a sealed bag that looked free of air.

Now, it is ballooned up and the beans are wet and there is moisture on the inside of the bag. What do we do?

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Iced coffee
by: Joe Granese

I brew a fresh pot of coffee as needed then place the coffee in a well sealed container in the fridge to cool and then mix with cream and sugar by the cup. It doesn't get watered down when you add ice and taste great e
very time. I really dislike hot coffee and absolutely love iced coffee. Thank you. P.S. I've never had a problem with with taste or freshness.

About that inflating coffee bag.
by: Nick (aka Coffee Detective)

Your bag is inflating because the roaster put the beans in the bag and sealed it before the roasted coffee beans had finished "gassing off".

Look at the photo above and you can see a one-way valve. These are used on most commercial coffee bags. The valve allows the beans to gas off, but doesn't allow air back into the bag. (Air getting into the bag will make the coffee stale. Oxygen is the enemy of fresh coffee!)

The same goes for the moisture.

With your beans, if the bag and the beans have been wet for a few days, I'd probably throw them out. Could be nasty.

And suggest to your friend that he or she needs to wait for the coffee beans to totally cool off before sealing them in bags. Or to buy bags with the one-way seal.

Hope this helps!


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