The best coffee-making gear.

For coffee-making gear, check out our Amazon store.

Amazon is a great place to find just about all the coffee-making gear you could ever want. And at a good price too.

But how do you choose the equipment that’s right for you and your home?

And how can you trust the reviews and recommendations you find on each product page?

Coffee equipment store at Amazon

This is why we created an Amazon store with products we have tried and reviewed.

Over the years we’ve reviewed dozens of coffee makers, coffee grinders, espresso machines and more.

And now we’ve curated that list and put together our own store on Amazon.

As you can see below, we’ve organised everything into its own section or department, just like in a real store.

And as time goes by, we’ll be adding more sections.

Has the Coffee Detective team tried and reviewed everything in our store?

Almost, but not quite.

The majority of the products we recommend have been reviewed by us. In fact, you can do a search on this site and find our reviews.

We’ve included a few products we haven’t tried. We’ve done this to fill gaps in our own hands-on experience. And we’ve included only those products that have overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Scroll down and choose the section that interests you the most right now.

Or browse our entire Amazon store here...

Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Best cold brew coffee makers

Recommended cold brew coffee makers…

Best Drip Coffee Makers

Best drip coffee makers

Recommended drip coffee makers…

Single Serve Coffee Makers

Best single serve coffee makers

Recommended single serve coffee makers…

Best Hands-On Coffee Makers

Best hands-on coffee makers

Recommended hands-on coffee makers…

Best Coffee Grinders

Best coffee grinders

Recommended coffee grinders…

Best Espresso Machines

Best espresso machines

Recommended espresso machines...

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