Our review of the Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe.

Many thanks to the folks at Bripe for sending me their Bripe Coffee Brew pipe.

Actually, they send the entire pack.

You get the carrying case, the pipe and filter screen, a butane torch, the base plate/stand, a thermometer and a tube of ground coffee.


When they’re all in the case, it’s a super-small package.

And that matters a lot if, like me, you like to do a lot of outdoor stuff. 

I like to cycle, kayak, hike and cross-country ski. And when I’m doing those things I don’t like to carry a heavy flask of coffee with me. Besides which, the coffee is never hot or fresh enough for my taste after a couple of hours.

What I’ve always wanted is a way to fire up a quick, fresh brew while I’m away from it all. Something easy to use. Something light and compact enough to carry.

And finally... here it is.

That said, when I first saw the kit, I almost laughed.

It’s kind of crazy... A pipe, butane torch and thermometer. What kind of way is that to make coffee? Where’s the high-tech in that? 

But then I tried it... and I loved it. Check out the video and you’ll see how it works.

The complete Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe kit, with carrying case.The complete Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe kit, with carrying case.

You’re not going to use this at home. But outdoors, when you’re hours away from home, there’s something perfect about it. 

It’s really simple, totally reliable and with a healthy dose of do-it-yourself.

For cycling the case fits easily into my bike’s saddle bags. For everything else it’s small and slim enough to fit in the small backpack I carry.


You can get your own from the Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe website...


NOTE: This product was sent to us free in return for a review. (That said, we always reserve the right NOT to review a free product if we don't like it, or feel you wouldn't like it.)

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