Can coffee cause a heart attack?

by Jeannine
(Milky Way Galaxy)


Can coffee lead to heart attacks in teenagers?


Let me preface this answer by saying I am not a doctor, nor a medical practitioner in any sense.

But based on my reading I have found no connection between coffee drinking and heart attacks.

Teenager can do some pretty crazy things, but I don't think that drinking tons of coffee is going to put them at risk of having a heart attack.

That said, I think anyone of any age who has an existing heart condition or weakness can be vulnerable to the stimulating properties of caffeine.

For most of us, drinking five or six cups of coffee a day isn't going to put anyone at risk. On the contrary, coffee has been shown to protect against heart disease.

We have more information about this on our page about coffee and heart attacks.

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Dec 18, 2020
Same here
by: Chris

Yep. I get the same exact symptoms when I drink coffee as well. I do one or two cups a day, exercise 5 days a week, and am 35 years old. I got checked out by my doctor multiple times who attribute it to anxiety. I get sharp pains in my chest and my left arm (bicep, wrist, and thumb) all feel crampy. I stopped drinking it two weeks ago and the pains went away.

Feb 23, 2018
I think it might cause some problem
by: Anonymous

I'm 24, In good shape and always drinking 8 Oz of coffee everyday but today I had about 12 Oz coffee it's around 260mg caffeine and also had to take a pill that contains 150 mg of caffeine and now I have pain in my left arm and chest pain and will go to hospital to get checked... Please make sure you don't do this to yourself...

Jul 16, 2016
Chest pain from coffee
by: Anonymous

If i drink coffee 1 cup a day for weeks on end with no break I get bad chest pains. Went to the Doc for check and am 100% I healthy exercise everyday.

Dec 21, 2014
Owie pain in chest
by: Anonymous

Same here, sharpness over chest. Never bothered me before. I however used to be a drug user so just assumed I messed up my heart but have had ekgs amd they show nada. So, starting to wonder if the people abroad making our coffee beans are using harsher chems or something of that nature. I seriosuly think somethings happening to the brew:( Which is total bummer cuz Ive always loved my coffee:(

Nov 02, 2010
My heart is tight
by: My heart is tight

Hi everyone, perhaps this may help I recently started working for a coffee company and been on the job 6 months I drink no more than 2 cups every morning on most days. I drink a Dark Roast now tastes better to me and supposed to have less caffeine, Light Roast has the most caffeine. In the past month I've noticed some extreme tightness in my heart and that general area, almost like the feeling of clenching your fist, but my heart feels clenched. When I work from home it is even worse, the minute I have that feeling in my heart I have to get up and run around my house like an idiot to alleviate the pain in my chest. Sometimes the pain is still there even after excercise, I know it feels like part anxiety from the caffeine and I do have a stressful job, so perhaps I should not drink coffee when I am stressed out although that is when I need it most, but that's when lately I've delveloped the problem. I am doing my own diagnosis here but I almost drove myself to the emergency room. I even had my mother rub my back and my chest to help alleviate the mother thought I was on serious drugs, but I am clean clean clean. I am only 31 and have always been considered the most healthy out of everyone I know. I am going to give up coffee for a while because I would rather live than die young and healthy because of stupid coffee! I know that caffeine gives your blood and heart a kick but maybe too much kick for some people and I used to be able to handle it and now I think I am weak to it! What the....

Aug 16, 2010
Regular vs. Instant - Hart Pain
by: Helen

I also went through many tests, including the heart monitor, even had my thyroid checked through tests ..and nothing. One thing I discovered, however, whenever I had my EKG test done after drinking coffee, it was abnormal. I hate living without coffee, decaf also gives me some sort of dull pain. Instant coffee is fine. Coffee suppresses the appetite by narrowing blood vessels and decreasing the flow of blood. It all makes sense in terms of the pain. Since instant coffee and regular contain caffeine maybe there is some other component ( or in increased amount) in the regular coffee that causes the heart ache? Something worth checking and researching.

Oct 04, 2009
Very dangerous topic people ...
by: jasonreeder1

Im 38, and well within the healthy weight range for someone my age and height.
Had 6 cardiac events in one week before going to hospital, sulting in 2 non drug eluting stents being put in my cardiac arteries. Oh yeah did I say I was supposedly 10 minutes away from death according to the people at the emergency department.
And guess what, the pain was negligible, no more than slight "heartburn" and weakish, heavy type sensation in my left arm.
If you have any sort of chest, left arm, or throat/jaw type pain or discomfort go directly to the emergency dep of your local "cardiac center equiped" hospital and make sure they do an ECG AND blood test for elevated Troponin.(which im sure they will)
Reading in a forum some person saying for example "im no doctor, but it dosent sound like a heart problem" is quite frankly, alarming.
If you are worried or nervous about any sort of chest pains, dont troll the forums looking for reassurance, and personally i wouldnt even go to a doctor (the first one i went to said i just had heartburn) ... GO STRAIGHT TO THE EMERGENCY DEPT OF YOUR LOCAL HOSPITAL.

Regards my name above at

Jul 11, 2009
in response to chest pain from coffee drinking.
by: Jade

Pilotaga- I experience the same type of pain, often times after drinking coffee. I drink only about two cups of coffee a day, but I get a sharp pain over my heart afterwards (and sometimes it goes away and then comes back like a jolt of electricity). It makes me nervous, so I saw a doctor who thinks it's not really heart related, but from anxiety. Since coffee (because of the large amount of caffeine) can give you anxiety and make you feel anxious, whether or not you notice it, that can cause chest pain, or a sudden jolt over the heart. Even though I went through a series of tests and was cleared by the doctor, it still makes me nervous. However, not nervous enough to eliminate coffee all together. Hope this helps!

Jun 01, 2009
by: Anonymous

pilotaga, that sounds more like heart burn-- people get sore in their chests from having different foods. Heart attack causes a pain in your arm. I think you are fine and shouldn't worry about heart attack due to these pains.

Mar 16, 2009
by: Pilotaga

I am not sure if it causes Heart Attacks or not but I consume an average six cups of strong coffee daily and of late I have been getting sudden and sharp pain directly over my heart, it happens right after consumption, while I am sleeping and while I am relaxing... whenever I give coffee a break I don't get the pains, so I am really starting to believe the theory. I also notice after consumption I need water because I feel dehydrated and start to take deeper breath. I read these articles in a bid to prove myself wrong but... I am worried. The crazy part about all this is that I used to drink stronger coffee back in the days, but this was instant coffee, I started noticing this problem when I started to drink brewed coffee???? I never actually remembered that until now. I am a switch back to instant coffee for awhile and I will post again.

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