Can I reuse my Tassimo T-Discs?

by Doris
(Vulcan, AB)

Tassimo T-Discs

Tassimo T-Discs


I have a Tassimo coffee maker and I love it. I use it to make regular coffee and also cappuccinos, lattes and even tea.

But I don’t much like the high cost and waste! A friend has a Keurig brewer and uses a reusable K-Cup. I have seen it in action. She just refills this filter thing with loose coffee she buys in bags at the store.

Is there something similar for Tassimo brewers? Like a reusable disc, or a way to reuse the discs I buy? I hope so. Please tell me yes!




Doris, hi

I know what you mean about the cost and the waste. Using single-serve coffee makers is a very expensive way to make coffee drinks. And yes, it creates thousands of tons of plastic waste that end up in our landfills.

The My K-Cup reusable filter is really popular among users of the standard Keurig brewers. It’s a great way to cut the cost and pretty much eliminate the waste.

As for Tassimo, well, the news isn’t quite as good. If you do a search for ‘Reusable T-Disc for Tassimo Brewers’ on Amazon, you’ll find a system for sale there. But before you buy, make sure you read the buyer reviews at the end of the page. Pretty much everyone agrees that the system is flawed.

The problem lies in the design of the T-Disc itself. While a K-Cup is easy to empty and fill again, it’s really hard to get the old coffee out of a T-Disc and then refill it.

As one buyer pointed out, during the time it takes to empty and fill a T-Disc you could brew a whole pot of coffee.

In other words, if you try reusing a Tassimo T-disc, you’re pretty much eliminating the convenience of using the system in the first place.

Sorry I didn’t have better news for you! Maybe one of our readers has found a better way to reuse T-Discs. If so, hopefully he or she will use the comment function below to share the good news.

Best wishes,


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hob coffee
by: Adrian

With the UK policy move to induction electric hobs, we'll need to change to a steel coffee percolator (done).

However if you don't watch the percolator like a hawk, it's base will glow red-hot shortly after all the water is in the coffee section.

At this point it becomes dangerous and will eventually will damage/melt the induction hob surface.


Tassimo michine
by: jules

can I use milk instead of water

re-use Tassimo t-discs
by: Toronto

Having your first morning coffee in a snap is great, but very expensive. So what I do, is re-use the disc but I use instant coffee in the cup for my 2nd. There is some residual coffee remaining and the water temp is the same as the fist. I tried the yellow dummy disc, however, the temp was not adequate. The landfills must be taking a beating from all this plastic that can't be recycled.
Enjoy and save on cost as well help save our environment a little.

Yes, there's reusable T-Discs!
by: BilliardM

Reusable TDiscs exist - I've tried them and they work. Best to have several of them so you use them throughout the week and refill them all at once.

Be Strong !
by: pistachio

Throw it away or sell it at a garage sale and get s Stove Top Percolator on Amazon......

That is the total answer.....

Tassimo and even Keurig is a multi million dollar Scam.....

ever have Turkish Coffee.. it is great... they make it in a sauce pot on a kerosene stove.... and it is the greatist.....

don't get sucked in to high tech...... and don't take a mortgage out for a coffee machine.....


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