Can you help me identify this antique coffee maker?

by Sam White


I am looking for a particular sort of antique type coffee maker. This way to brew is accomplished with a two piece maker. One glass pot on bottom for water with another pot with a stem fixed with a rubber stopper.

You boil the water up the stem into second pot with coffee and filter, you then take the combo off the stove set on the counter.

The bottom will cool quicker creating a thermal inversion which vacuums the coffee back into bottom pot. I need to know what this kind of brewing is called and where to find the brewer please.


What you are describing is a vacuum coffee maker. Yes, they have been around for a long time. You can still buy them, either as a stove-top brewer or to plug into a wall socket.

To learn more about these brewers, and for a link to a store that sells them, visit our vacuum coffee maker page.

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Dec 24, 2011
searching antique coffee makers
by: giulio

hello i am a collectionist very interested in buying antique coffee makers,please send photos at my mail .
Thank you in advance Giulio

Dec 12, 2011
Victorian balance syphon?
by: Christine

I have a very old balance syphon, Victorian era I believe but could be older. Porcelain base and two urns (one pink and gold and one white with gold), glass bulb with syphon and glass burner. I have pictures I can send. Would love to know value as I plan to sell it but cannot find a picture of it anywhere on the web.

Oct 29, 2011
odette antique coffee vacuum maker
by: melanie

Hello there
I found an antique coffee maker at my parents, make odette. In silver and glass perfect condition.
Are you interested in buying? I could send you a picture!
Best regards,
Please answer to my email

Jan 26, 2011
universal antique coffee pot
by: Chuc k

I have an antique coffee pot made by universal.It seems to be sterling silver with patton dates ranging from 1894 to 1919 on the filter.Patton dates on the pot are 1912.Also the names Landers,Clark--New Britain,Conn.printed on the pot.Serial number is E9618 It stands on 3 legs with handles on the side and the spout on the bottom.Could anybody provive me with information on this coffee pot?

Dec 05, 2010
OLD railroad dining car coffee brewer
by: Capt. Rhan

I have a very old coffee brewer that was used in the old dining cars, ships and hotels. It is made by Barth Son. I can send pictures to help ID it. Thanks for any help you may have.
The Captain

Aug 23, 2010
Can you tell me about Miller Maid Coffee Pots
by: Anonymous

I have an old heavy aluminum coffee pot that is marked Miller Maid Cookware from KC Mo. Can you tell me anything about it?? My parents used this in the 20's and 30's I think

Made in KC

Jul 14, 2010
I have many Aluminum Coffee makers to sell
by: william

I have hundreds of antique aluminum Coffee makers , perculators, and teapots to sell.. if intrested contact me at

May 24, 2010
Coffee Pot Collector
by: Michael Weeber

I have been collecting aluminum coffee pots for at least 20 years and would like to know some other collectors. I am now starting to collect the copper tin coated pots. I have at least 50 aluminum pots in my collection. Love to go to Antique shops and flea markets to look for more pots to add to the collection. E-mail me at

Nov 05, 2009
antique coffee maker
by: Barbara

I am looking for a coffee maker to replace the antique one that my dad's small (I don't know...4-6 cups), all metal, in 2 parts. you put the coffee in the top part...boil water separately and manually pour it over the coffee and it seeps down into the second (bottom)part...
I am pretty sure that is how it works...he will turn 80 this month and I would like to replace is very beat up :) probably was used over a campfire. Thank you very much.

Jan 21, 2009
antique coffee pot
by: gladys herr

I am looking to buy [if possible] a cord for a ge type l48, volts 110, amp 4 1--pat. oct 20/1908--june 28/1910 also pat. june 18/1912 please respond asp---thank you

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