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Dec 23, 2011
coffee pulper
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know where to find a small (hand crank?) coffee pulper?

Dec 23, 2011
Cherries or Berries
by: Anonymous

A Coffee 'fruit' is called A Cherry, each containing two flat sided beans except in the case of the Peaberry which is simply a single rounded bean from the excact same bush.
Living on Maui, I hand pick, prosess and raost(in a popcorn popper) wild organ Coffee for just for me and my friemily.

Jul 22, 2010
ripe cherries are red
by: Anonymous

Remember Juan Valdez? The man who said "no bean is picked before its time?" Well, the cherries in the photo show a huge amount of variation, everything from green to red. Immature beans give bitter, acrid tones to the coffee; this is the main reason to select hand-picked coffee from small farms that really care about quality..... I know, I am a coffee farmer in Hawaii.

Sep 10, 2008
by: Anonymous

what is it really? cherries or berries? it didn't show how the pulper works....

Feb 24, 2008
by: Anonymous

sorry...I work alot and really didn't have time to write a proper description..just for the record they are coffee cherries not berries.

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