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by Ann
(New York)



Back in the early 70's, my mom made percolated coffee using a coffee filter disk that was already filled and ready to pop in the percolator. Are these types of pre-measured percolator filter disks still available??

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Ann, hi

Thanks for the interesting question!

I’m not familiar with any pre-filled coffee pods for use in percolators.

If anyone reading this knows more, please share by using the comment function below.

However, Melitta does make a filter that you can fill with your own coffee and then use in a percolator.

You can get them at Amazon: Melitta Percolator Coffee Filters

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Old school coffee pods for percolators
by: Anonymous

My drip coffee maker stopped working so I pulled out my old 80's Farberware percolator. I used the smallest coffee filters and snipped a hole in them to fit over the perk-stem.

Percolated coffee is the absolute best!! It is also hotter than drip coffee. That morning I started looking online for the filled coffee pods that fit over the stem only to find they are no longer in existence. How sad!

It seems to me the current generation who want convenience and precision would really take to these filled measuring, no fuss, just pop in, pop out, and toss away,

Coffee filled filters
by: WandaAnonymous

Maxwell House still has coffee filters with cooffee grounds. The problems is they do not have hole to fit the perculator stem. I would think cutting your own hole would be enough to solve the problem.

I was part of the Team
by: Raul Gordon

I was part of the Team of Designers that developed the Machine at Maxwell House, Hoboken, NJ. We built 4 in a shop in Lima, Ohio. 1 went to San Leandro and the others I believe Jacksonville Florida. We used an old Gainsburger machine to shape the coffee donut and developed a system to wrap paper filter around it. Each wrapped disk with coffee made 4 cups, 2 disks stacked to make 8, etc. Today Maxwell House sells the same concept as Filter Packs, 10 to a container, I just bought some. Very good memories from 1968.

Why, o, why!
by: Anonymous

4 -/2 inch DISC percolator filters are not to be found!! That is the size I need!!

Maxwell House Filter packs
by: Anonymous

I just bought Maxwell House filter packs at Walmart. 10 packs in a canister.

Coffee rings
by: Rodney T

I know exactly what she's talkin about we had them in the early 70s late 60s they were great my mom used to make the best Perk coffee in the world and I use a camping percolator so I sure wish they were available now

filled coffee disk
by: Anonymous

yes, check out your local hotel suppiers

Max Pax Coffee & Filter togerther
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm pretty sure you're talking about Max Pax. I used them for quite a while and they were so convenient, no mess, no coffee grounds spilling or dropping on the counter. I haven't seen them in years and was wondering if there are any types of coffee and filter combination packs out there now for us to use.

Coffee filter disk
by: Robin

I sure am glad I came across this site. Now I know I am not crazy for looking for the filled coffee filters with the hole in the middle made for percolators. I wish someone would bring them back, I want them for camping as well as home. I am sure there is a market for them again.

Perc filter packs
by: Anonymous

Yes they used to be around in the late 70's early 80's that I know of. What set them apart from the prefilled filter packs of today is they had a hole to accommodate the the stem in the middle of the basket. They were great and I also wish someone still made them but I have yet to find them.

coffee packs (pods)
by: Anonymous

I use to use them all the time!! Wish they wud come bak. I love percolated coffee!!

Folger coffee
by: Anonymous

Sams club carried these prefilled coffee disks for several years but no longer have them. Perhaps they are discontinued too bad. I liked them. no mess

Max Pax were invented by Paul Perlman
by: Judith Perlman

Max Pax were invented by my father, Paul Perlman. He manufactured restaurant coffee machines and had developed a machine that would hold coffee wrapped in filter-paper against a spreader-plate with a hole in the center. Hot water, a few degrees short of boiling, would come from the hole and pass through the filter-paper, and the coffee would pressure brew within the filter-paper, getting a good extraction from the pressure but less of the bitter oils that would be released by boiling water.

He was at a friend's home where he saw how messy the clean-up was for a percolator brewer. He quickly thought of adapting the coffee in filter-paper idea. He offered it to General Foods for nothing more than the promise to package coffee in filter-paper for his restaurant coffee machines, which General Foods did.

I have fond memories of coming downstairs, grabbing a bag of coffee out of the freezer, placing it into the basket and the basket into the coffee-machine tied into the water supply on the kitchen counter. Place a clean, empty pot under the basket and hit the button. Start your toast, get your cup ready and there's the full pot! Hmmmnn.

Have a clean vacuum pot ready to hold the extra coffee so it won't be burnt by the time the lazy-birds wake up. 17 minutes on the burner will kill the coffee.

Max Pax Were Great
by: Patrick Pence

In 1970 General Foods Corp introduced Max Pax, the first commercially available "ground coffee filter rings” (aka: coffee disks). The Max Pax filters were named so as to complement General Foods' Maxwell House coffee brand. The Max Pax coffee filter rings were designed for use in percolators, and each ring contained a pre-measured amount of coffee grounds that were sealed in a self-contained paper filter. The sealed rings resembled the shape of a doughnut, and the small hole in the middle of the ring enabled the coffee filter ring to be placed in the metal percolator basket around the protruding convection (percolator) tube.

These small Max pax (disks) were a greta improvement because the amount of coffee contained in the rings was pre-measured; also, the filter paper was strong enough to hold all the coffee grounds within the sealed paper. After use, the coffee filter ring could be easily removed from the basket and discarded. This relieved consumers of the messy task of cleaning out the remaining wet coffee grounds from the percolator basket.

With the introduction of the electric drip coffee maker in the early 1970s, the popularity of percolators plummeted, and so did the market for the self-contained ground coffee filters. In 1976, General Foods discontinued the manufacture of Max Pax, and by the end of the decade, even generic ground coffee filter rings were no longer available on U.S. supermarket shelves.

About five years ago, I was able to purchase a metal can of un-opened Max Pax pre-measured coffee filters, off of Ebay.

New Name
by: Anonymous

Feel I should add for others that the Maxwell House Max-Pak name was discontinued, and was changed to Maxwell House Filter Packs. They can be found on Amazon.

Percolator filters
by: Jeff

I 2nd that Maxwell House comment if I'm not mistaken they were called Max-Pax filters if that is the correct spelling and the taste and aroma was outstanding by a very wide margin to any coffee I have ever tasted.

disc coffee filters
by: CFThomas

I just found 2 unopened packs of Melitta disc filters at my local thrift store. I`ve been looking fot these for years. As to the comment about filled percolator filters, I remember them, too. I believe Maxwell House made them. One filter made 10 cups, a normal perc. size.

Disk Coffee Filters
by: Vincent

Melitta also have round disk filters for percolators for 3.5 inch basket. Very hard to find in stores, Melitta #628354

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