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Feb 29, 2012
Fresh ginger water with coffee
by: Áirenn

I have just recently started boiling water and adding freshly chopped ginger to make a simple natural infusion. However the idea came to me to use that ginger water to make a cup of coffee. I had no idea how the two tastes would mix. I added a coffee creamer powder and voila! Surprisingly very tasty! That's why I Googled to see if other people were doing this.

Jan 19, 2010
it is common here
by: terREItory

i live in Semarang,central Java of Indonesia, and here in Indonesia adding coffee with ginger is something common just like pouring milk and honey in to it.

Oct 29, 2009
yes coffee with ginger
by: Anonymous

At times regular coffee would give me heartburn, so I decided to add some powdered ginger to it. I am now able to drink the coffee and I really like the spicy taste too.

Aug 21, 2009
coffee pic
by: Cindy

the ginger on the package looks like a little dog hehehe.

Editor's Note: That's what we figured. Maybe we are missing something that only the locals understand!

Jul 19, 2009
Ginger in their coffee?
by: Ellen

Hi Nick,
I'm not sure why they show the ginger in their ad poster, but I don't think Pret, the company advertising, does put ginger in their coffees. However, although I haven't been to the many Pret shops in the UK, I have been to all of them in NYC.

I think they mean well and offer organic, rainforest alliance coffee, etc., their coffee to my taste is always over roasted. It's not as bad as that other famous chain that seems determined to burn all of their coffee beans, but this company only seems to offer darker roasts, perhaps not exactly burnt, but pretty close to it.

I've noticed that a number of the "gourmet" type chains in NYC do the same. Have they not heard that some of us prefer a milder or medium roast, maybe what they call a City Roast, especially for breakfast? I think they somehow believe the darker roasts are more "gourmet" than the lighter roasts.


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