Our review of the DG Organic Colombian drip coffee packs.

Pour over drip coffee packsDrip coffee pour-over packs for easy single-serve coffee.

Update: DG Organic Café were kind enough to send me some of their new Haitian drip coffee packs. It's not often we get to try Haitian coffee, and we really liked it! Find it here...

First, a thank you to the folks at DG Organic Café for sending us some of their coffees.

From what I can tell from their website, this isn’t a big company.

Nevertheless, I’m glad they got in touch and sent us some of their coffees. Not just because of the coffees themselves, but also in the way they are packaged.

Each bag contains seven 10oz sachets or packs of coffee. Each sachet looks much like a tea bag. But with a key difference. The sachet also has a cunning piece of paper engineering attached.

First you open the sealed package in which the sachet of coffee is kept fresh. Then you tear off the top of the sachet itself. 

And then...you pull out the cardboard on each side and use it to rest the whole thing on the lip of your coffee mug. Just like in the pictures you see on this page.

Then you boil some water, let it cool just a little, and pour it slowly into the top of the opened cachet.

In other words, this is one-cup pour-over coffee making.

Single-serve drip coffee.Pour-over drip coffee, one cup at a time.

The one we tried is a Colombian coffee. Very nice too. Would this coffee and the process match a top-end Colombian coffee hand-poured with my Chemex brewer? Hard to say. But even if not, the quality came pretty close.

Besides which, I would have to practice a bit more to get the best out of this system. Even on my first try, the coffee was very nice, with a smooth, sweet flavor that fills the mouth very evenly.

They also offer organic Ethiopian and Peruvian coffees in the same packaging format.

This is single-serve coffee-making without any of the expensive machinery, or the waste associated with K-Cups, T-Discs and the like.

Would I use this as my everyday coffee-making method? Probably not. My drip brewer does the heavy coffee-lifting for me each day.

But one thing is for sure. Next time I find myself traveling on business, going on vacation, or visiting a friend who makes horrible coffee, I’ll be taking some of these sachets with me.

Or, as a friend just mentioned to me, you can take these to work when your office coffee sucks.

This is a great way to travel with a light-weight coffee kit. All you need at the other end is a kettle.

You can learn more and order their coffees through the DGO Café website.

NOTE: This product was sent to us free in return for a review. (That said, we always reserve the right NOT to review a free product if we don't like it, or feel you wouldn't like it.)

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