Did Yuban Original Medium Roast Formulation Change Its Flavor?

Yuban Original Medium Roast

Yuban Original Medium Roast

Yuban Company confirmed to me that it changed the formulation to Yuban Original.

The product label says 100% Arabica Premium Beans are still used.

It no longer says Columbian only, and for the old timers, I remember Juan Valdez with his mule hauling Yuban beans to roasting.

So, I ask you bloggers, does Yuban taste better or worse now? Should Yuban have left the formula along?

I am getting a refund on the last 2 44 ounce cans I bought.

I miss the edge on the coffee that I loved about Yuban, and so there is no reason to patronize Yuban anymore. MAYBE the changed taste is by using lesser grade arabica beans.

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There is no flavor anymore its just flat hot water
by: Anonymous

No flavor just flat hot water

Yuban, you changed!
by: Tripp

Yuban was my go to coffee for years. I couldn’t stand any other coffee. But that was then. You can taste the difference. I even kept buying it for a while, hoping it was just a bad harvest, or factory mistake. It wasn’t. I have literally spent hundreds of dollars looking for a replacement coffee. Money that did not and will not go to Yuban.

Yes it tastes chemicalish. 🤨
by: Anonymous

I agree that there is a strange after taste as well, and I don’t recall it having that pzang before. Even at two feet away, the smell or fumes from it, smelled like alcohol….🧐

Yuban coffee foil seals leaking
by: Anonymous

We had a stockpile of about 15 dark roast Yuban coffees and discovered the foil seal was leaking and they were all stale before the sell by Date I called Yubans customer non service, spent an hour on the phone with them. Read them all the codes off the bottom and they ended up sending us a coupon for 2 yubans, so don't buy in yuban without. Taking the plastic top off and making sure the foil seal is down tight with the vacuum..
Not good customer service.

Disappointed 😢
by: Anonymous

I remember that smell of coffee in the morning when my mom used to make it!! She would bring me a cup when I was getting ready for school and we'd share a cup of coffee together!!

It was so good and I wish you would bring back the blend that I remember from the 80's! I'd buy it again!!

Bean change noticed
by: AM Coffee Lover

For the longest time I thought my sniffer was out of wack smelling the Yuban newly opened can. This created me to research if the Yuban company change up the coffee. Now I know it's the beans. YUBAN please return to the original beans and roasting you are about to loose a long time customer.

yup it's not the same
by: Bruce P

I thought I'd try it again, and it does not have that unique flavor I used to enjoy. I'm disappointed.

Not the same
by: Beth

Yuban was my go to for years. Why did they change it. On the look out for a new good rich tasting coffee after I finish off these two huge containers of Yuban I got from Sam's. 😥😥😥

Yuban coffee
by: Jim

Yup, it’s not the same. I used to only drink yuban, but what ever they did to save money ruined the product.

Yuban is just plain horrible
by: Up at 3AM

Used to be great coffee then Kraft added fillers .
The last canister of Yuban Traditional Medium Roast the first pot was drinkable.
Then not drinkable on its own.
Dollar store off brand junk.

If only I had remembered that Kraft ruins every established brand name product.
Philadelphia cream cheese.
Digiorno frozen pizza.
Yuban coffee: all dreadful.

No more Yuban for me.
by: Lori D.

I drank Yuban exclusively for years. I was an avid coffee (only) drinker and I knew something wasn't right the moment they switched. At first I thought I got a stale can of coffee but the next couple of cans I bought were the same. Lousy!

I quit drinking Yuban since then and have never found another coffee that i can say I love. Recently I bought a Nespresso machine and have found a couple of coffees that I like almost as much as Yuban but there will never be another Yuban.So sad.

I enjoyed it
by: Art Willamson

Granted Yuban is not as strong as it used to be BUT its enjoyable and potent (maybe as I did use a more coffee and less water ?) Coffee is a very personal choice when I lived in NYC I needed the extra boost now having a farm in new jerseys horse country Yuban is amazing..... thank you

Yuban turned bad years ago
by: Mossman

Yuban turned bad years ago (about 20 years) so I ask the company what’s up. As there was no mention of "new improved" I was surprised when they told me that they changed the coffee. We’ve been using Costco Kirkland since then and in just 18 months it is now costs 100% more, FJB.

Thought it was just me
by: P. Johnson

I thought it was just me..you know, getting a little older and thought maybe my taste buds weren't doing their job. A few months ago it seemed that my usual coffee was weaker so, little by little I increased the amount of ground coffee until I reached a better strength. Unfortunately this means I'm using over twice the original amount of ground coffee per pot. I've been a Yuban fan for over 20 years, so I know very well what it should taste like. These new measurements I have to use means that my coffee is costing over twice as much as before. I'll be looking elsewhere for my joe.

Coffee used to be great
by: Annie

The new formula is weaker. Doesn’t have the great full bodied flavor anymore. Like everything else in the last couple of years,
our lives have changed
Bring back the original.
My husband is going to buy Don Francisco now.

by: NJGB

Been purchasing the large metal canisters for decades!
Everyone in multi-generation family for YEARS ditto. Scooped into coffee maker.
Now, product "improved " and really sucks! Wont buy.
Another veteran buyer GONE. Take my $ elsewhere.

Yuban coffee
by: Ace

I am shocked how awful Yuban coffee tastes. Used to be premium coffee. I have to
Say I am sorry to have spent to $$.

Awful Taste in Yuban’s New Formulation
by: Mark Fleischman

our family has been purchasing Yuban for a number of years now. It always tasted great, full bodied without any bad aftertaste. Now that’s all changed with this new formulation. I don’t understand why they could not leave a superior product alone. As they say, follow the money. Is that the case here? We are no longer purchasing Yuban.

I HATE Robert Kraft and Warren Buffet for changing Yuban Premium Coffee brand !
by: Ronkbbb

I HATE Robert Kraft and Warren Buffet for for changing the Original Yuban Premium Coffe. Okay, so you want to contribute to the fixing if the fair trade act; Great, do it! But don't change the freaking coffee! Up the price instead! You make higher priced Coffe anyway and it tastes like shit! Why not continue to provide Original Yuban Premium Coffee at a higher price?! Dumbasses imo!

Miss the original, wonderful Yuban
by: Bob

I drank Yuban exclusively from the mid seventies until they went "green". Yuban went from the finest coffee, hands down, that one could purchase in a grocery store, to something unrecognizable outside of being terrible.

It was more expensive, yes. But it was worth it. Yuban is now undrinkable. I never see it in the local groceries any more.

Sucks So Hard
by: Anonymous

Just this past July, our local bargain store stocked up on short-dated (Aug 15, 2021) Yuban "Gold" Original Medium Roast. At $6.88 for a 46 oz can, we figured it was worth a toss. Starting out with the ratio of water-to-coffee we normally use, the result was weak. We then tried the formula printed on the can. It still lacked punch & body, but now had an "off" flavor with an obnoxious aftertaste. We're not coffee experts by any stretch, but this stuff is some of the worst ever. The store still has a buttload on the shelves, so maybe other buyers have come to a similar conclusion.

random blends
by: Frank

Yuban is now of part of Kraft Foods. Kraft foods also supports the Rainforest Alliance. This means they are forced to purchase coffee from a select group of farms deemed organic. So-called organic coffee can also mean mediocre as far as flavor. Currently, purchase 30% organic at a premium price. They must balance that with other low cost suppliers. Results are they have lost their ability to control the flavor blend. Anyhow you have the results, mediocre coffee. It is also reflected in their sales. Fewer stores are reordering their product. Kraft is a huge company will eventually phase out the product as new more profitable products are introduced. Have you noticed how many new creamers are out there to cover the the taste of bad coffee.

The Pathetic taste is insulting to this lost customer
by: Claude

A delicious morning cup of Yuban coffee in the morning was too much to ask for from these people that ruined my morning ritual of a retired man. I was so angry when I began to sip that disgusting brew the other day. At first I thought it was decaf coffee that had been purchased by mistake. Morning coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures and in these ridiculous times of nonsense and chaos it was one respite I looked forward to. I hope kraft foods chokes on their profits.

Not a Change for the Better
by: Russell Brown

I had been an avid drinker of Yuban 100% Colombian coffee for over 20 years. No other brand of Colombian coffee I tried could match it's taste. I honestly don't remember but it has to be about 8 years or so that I bought my last can of Yuban. I paid no attention to the label. The first pot I brewed I knew something was wrong. I never had a bad cup of Yuban ever. was this a bad batch of beans? Did my creamer go sour? Was the water tainted? Something was definitely amiss. Then I discovered the truth. They switched to some California grown bean or something similarly disappointing. I wrote to them of my displeasure. Begged to please go back to 100% Colombian. My comments and concerns went unanswered. Apparently the consumer didn't matter anymore and it was some "big thinkers" policy change. Good luck with that.

I thought at first it was a bad season for coffee beans!
by: Pamela

I have been drinking Yuban for 40 years. a few years ago the taste took a nosedive.

I thought it was just a bad growing season for the beans but no it hasn't improved. I finally got around to checking it out. Sure enough, the beans and formulation have changed.

It seems to always be on sale these days, and they have reduced the per can ounces quite a bit. but with the taste so poor compared to the former great flavor, I am on the hunt for a new brand.

Any suggestions out there

Yuban Coffee
by: Judy

Hello, I remember the Yuban coffee from the 80’s and 90’s it was good coffee. Then I couldn’t fine yuban for awhile. I just bought some more Yuban recently and right away I can tell the taste is different from the earlier Yuban. It does not taste good!

Please bring back the old Yuban or I will not buy any more Yuban coffee 😢

Thank you

Switching to Kirkland Columbian
by: Anonymous

Dec 10, 2020
We loved the old Yuban richness. How they could change to this non-descript formula is inconceivable. We're so disappointed that we're switching to Costco's Kirkland Columbian

Disappointed longtime user.
by: Anonymous

I have been buying and drinking exclusively Yuban coffee since the 1990s. The last 2 44 oz. cans I purchased through Amazon were terrible. I suspected that were imitations. I threw them away.

I then ordered the Yuban GOLD. This was somewhat better, but still not the good Yuban coffee I was used to buying.

I am now looking for a new medium roast coffee to buy. Any suggestions?

Should of left good enough alone
by: Anonymous 65

I have a huge family in California, New Mexico Florida etc. and all my family used Yuban. We are all on the hunt for a new, great tasting coffee since Yuban decided to cut corners. We rather pay more for something we will enjoy than pay less and not enjoy it. I've always said leave good enough alone just charge more. I hope Yuban wises up and goes back to its original taste because there is so much competition out there when it comes to coffee. Especially when its one of the first things that many people drink to start off there day. The sad thing is that once someone finds a coffee that had or is similar to the same taste of the original Yuban the chance of us going back will be slim. Thats business they will not be able to recover. Not sure if there are willing to take risk.

Where is the old taste
by: Ken Halford

Its obvious I looking for a reason my Yuban coffee doesn't taste like it did for so many years. After reading all the complaints I understand the problem.. I will now look for a new brand that has the old Yuban taste..Sorry Yuban but you made the change not me

Yuban tastes like water
by: Sherri Hitt

I recently received two 48oz containers of Yuban Medium Traditional Roast from Sam's Club. I always love opening a new container of coffee to cherish the aroma. This had no aroma and the hot coffee has no flavor.

We usually buy Folgers from our nearby Costco which is delightful. I'm still a member of Sams Club but I ordered the coffee online with some other items. They closed the Scottsdale AZ store and the one across town is an hour away. I hope to exchange or return this bland coffee. I also noticed the Use by date is June 2021.

Interestingly enough, the 2 big Folgers containers from Costco were bought at the end of August 2020. The Best If Used By date was October 2021. Fortunately, I had the empty container sitting here. I know Costco sells Yuban but we always chose the Folgers when there was a sale on it and we never were disappointed.

Why change something good
by: Anonymous

Yuban used to be the coffee that my family,friends and I used. They
should of not changed its taste. I will be in search for a new coffee

Pre 1980 Yuban
by: Sidewas

Plainly speaking, you cannot compare Yuban of post 1980 at anytime to that of the 1969s. Period. The trees (bushes or whatever) were destroyed by frost and fire and are no more. Don’t tell me you tasted great Yuban, Juan Valdez of not, anytime from that period on. You are blogging to be heard. I doubt the scientists, genetic modifiers, etc will never replicate so just waste your time and money thinking you will. If you are under 70 years old, stay off this site - you are fantasizing.

by: Anonymous

Just bought 2 large containers and made the first pot this morning. Thought it was just me until the wife walked in with a look on her face and I just knew. Will not be buying it again!

by: Anonymous

Another displeased consumer, yuban now tastes like Folgers. After 40 years, i Won't buy it anymore.

Tastes terrible
by: Anonymous

New formula is terrible

I am changing brands

I have been drinking Yuban for 10 years

Yuban isn’t the same
by: Anonymous

It’’s so different. No more Yuban for me. Due to the current conditions, I needed coffee. Oh, I’ll get Yuban, It was always great! Not any more. Tastes like coffee left on the burner too long. Pity.

Taste of Yuban
by: Janet

We were big Yuban Coffee drinkers for many, many years because of the great COFFEE TASTE. THEN WE CHANGED TO A KEURIG BREWER.... ALL THE COFFEES TASTE MUCH THE SAME EVEN THE YUBAN. Soooo, I went back to the ground version and the drip pot which I kept; I went so far as to make 10 pots of coffee hoping for that remembered taste, NO SUCH LUCK.

I cannot emphasize enough how disappointed I am in the Yuban and even some other ground brands I tried and they all have changed.
PLEASE, give us back our old flavor YUBAN, in ground and K-cup versions.

What happened to my favorite yuban coffee
by: Nancy

Loved yuban coffee,what has happened to the flavor i need to find a different brand

You an now sucks!
by: Anonymous

When I was in the Navy I dated a gal who’s mother always waited up for us when we came home. Before I would leave to go back to the ship, she always made a pot of turban in her electric percolator pot. That coffee was dammed good and compared to Navy Coffee or Folgers , it was perfect. Now the only way you get turban Columbia’s is for K-Cups or the 44 bag version you buy online. So I way over pay for K-Cups or buy the bags.
Why can’t the grubby, Cheap ass Kraft people keep from ruining a good item by reformulating and making it cheap. I guess I got look for another coffee eventually.
I had bought two big cans of turban original but never again.
Today’s Tubman is just maxwell house repackaged.

Unsatisfied customer coffe lover
by: Anonymous

It’s not worth it to sacrifice quality just to get extra money because you will loose a lot of customers, pls come back to your original coffee. That’s what make you differentt from others otherwise you will be like any "other coffee"
A cup of coffee with somebody is not just a coffee it’s sharing good moments with good taste. Pls think about it.

Costco yuban vs. Grocery store
by: Anonymous

ok so I love yuban and saw it on Costco/instacart so we tried it and immediately I said oh no this batch tastes like it wasnt roasted long enough! Since we aren't going out into stores I could not return it. We had to use double the normal amount and still wasn't that good flavor. Then just now I was about to write the company and ask if they had other complaints when I saw this! All you have experienced this. But I will say I just purchased some from a grocery store and its wonderful so idk. Maybe someone messed up a batch or something 🤔

Another coffee
by: Anonymous

I found another replacement coffee for yuban. It's called Don Francisco, 100 % Columbia supremo. It's in a steel can that locks in flavor like the old yuban cans. And not too harsh like the modern rosters are producing that are trying to mirror Starbucks.

No no no
by: Evelyn

I thought sometime was different I won’t be buying uban any longer because of covid19 trying to buy my old yuban Colin iam cofffee realized the difference Juan veldez please come back and save the best home made coffee

by: Mr C

Kraft processes huge quantities of beans. To make everything taste the same every time its next to impossible with a crop product. Market changes also happen and then there is price. I've tasted excellent and bad coffees within the same branded items. More expensive doesn't mean anything. It goes with saying it all depends.

Folgers is Boss
by: Anonymous

I drank yuban for 40 years and recently upon returning from Peru where coffee is terrible, all I wanted was yuban, I immediately noticed no Juan Valdez. I bypassed Duncan doughnut coffee, McDonald's, Starbucks and the rest, searching for a Colombian brew, and there it was, (FOLGERS COLOMBIAN) I was skeptical because I never liked Folgers, but when I tasted it, all I could think of was Yuban. So granted, it's not yuban, but take it from a very picky coffee drinker, it's well worth trying.

Old yuan coffee
by: Anonymous

I agree with the other comments listed. I thought it was just me, but it is decidedly weaker in taste. Why did you change it! I’ll have to find another brand. It won’t be as satisfying, but maybe it will taste like good coffee!

Thought my taste buds had died!
by: Anonymous

WOW! I thought it was just my old age taste buds that changed the taste of my Yuban. They have ruined years of my family's coffee drinking tradition by changing the Yuban formula. It is no longer aromatic and smooth tasting with a bit of a kick. Just flavorless, dark brown water now. Have to find a new coffee that will satisfy my Yuban spoiled taste buds. Thanks a lot Warren Buffet.

by: Anonymous

Have they completely discontinued making Yuban Coffee?
I have been unable to find it.

by: Anonymous

Why didn't you just leave it alone? No place close to the great taste it used to be. Did you hire the guy that came up with the new coke idea as well?

Yuban reformulated and ruined a good tasting coffee
by: Anonymous

I noticed this around September 2019. I would buy the orinial roast, which was a full bodied, rich, without bitterness. Now it lacks body and taste. I thought it was a bad batch or the region where they got their coffee beans got little rain. I stopped by my car mechanic because he also drinks Yuban. While he was working on my car, I had a cup of Yuban and it tasted really bad. I have tried other brands and some are the same and some are better. But, for me, I will no longer buy Yuban, unless I read the can and it it says, "improved flavor."

Not the Yuban I loved
by: Anonymous

Years ago Yuban was my go-to coffee. It always made a good tasting cup of coffee. Then something changed. The rich flavor I'd grown used to was gone and the coffee tasted like cardboard. Yuban had been sold and the new owner made crap coffee.

Juan Valdez Organic
by: Anonymous

Has anyone tried Juan Valdez Organic? There seems to be price gap depending on where it is bought. For example, Amazon - almost $19, and WalMart - almost $8.

Original (at least 1976) Yuban
by: Sidewash

I’m afraid much of the worlds coffee drinkers have not experienced the delightful flavor Yuban had in mid 1970s. Though not confirmed factually, I think the entire crop must have been destroyed by frost, fire or something which led to a change of bean availability. Yuban has not had that flavor for over 4 decades. If I were to have a bucket list obtaining a 3# can of that mid 70s Yuban coffee available. I have difficulty even finding other aficionados that remember the distinct flavor that coffee brewed. No other roaster has ever duplicated that flavor which is why I believe it was lost to a disaster of some sort. The big named coffee roasters or retail brewers just have no idea what a spell the old coffee could bring to the cup.

Found a replacement!
by: RunesOfGaia

I have been trying a lot of different coffees to replace the Yuban and FINALLY!

Seattle's Best seems to be the best I found so far.

iS Warren Buffet to blame for demise of Yuban?
by: GypsyJymmy

....and Warren is always depicted to be a wealthy Goody 2 Shoes, not overly concerned about profit!
What a phony!!! Goodbye to my favorite Yuban coffee which I enjoyed every morning for 30 years!
Does anyone suggest an acceptable alternative? Kona perhaps?

Yuban sucks
by: Anonymous

Yes, they changed it and it sucks! I was so mad about the change that if they brought it back I wouldn't buy it,

What happened?
by: Dave C

Their coffee now sucks! I've been drinking Yuban for years and loved the flavor. Something changed- It has an awful after taste. I just threw away a full container!

Yuban Taste Change
by: Anonymous

Wow. I thought it was just me until I tried to find any notation on the coffee cans that the bean not only were not 100% arabica but also not Columbian. Taste is way different. Not smooth and robust anymore and also has a smell it never had in years past. I will be searching for something new after about 40 years (crying)!

new Yuban
by: Foster

I order two canisters of YUBAN and it was awful, so disappointed. I sent one can back since I opened the other. The company messed this coffee up for us YUBAN coffee drinkers. Will never buy again.

"I ain't got no body" !
by: Philip Breining

Yuban has been my go to coffee since the 70's. Got it from my parents. I love (LOVED) the flavor for it's FULL BODY with no bitterness. ALL the other coffees will leave you flat here...initial flavor..kind of a blahness...then bitterness. NO NO NO YUBAN or KRAFT. Original Yuban was always.... Initial taste followed by a beautiful full body that could be found no where else and then a pleasant finishing chrispness that just set YUBAN as THE most satisfying coffee beverage BAR NONE ! I refused to purchase the others because they lacked the satisfaction. Y'all just lost another EXTREMELY LOYAL customer.

Poor quality ruins another company
by: Anonymous

Have been drinking yuban since around 1988. A friend took me to Starbucks. I liked their black coffee for about a year until I started getting headaches from too much caffeine. Went back to yuban and found they had ruined it. It's in a cardboard container now that looks like the old can. But it's not vacuum sealed and has no smell or flavor. Just like the other junk coffees, foldgers, Maxwell house etc. I remember opening a fresh can back when they were metal and vacuum sealed. Smelled so good. Now nothing. They ruined a good coffee. How do you make money when you lower quality and all your long time customers leave you? Some people at the top of yuban have lost their way. Maybe they could make the old version and sell it for a higher price?

Yuban Gold Oriiginal from Costco
by: Mike Heim

Imagine placing a napkin in your mouth till it’s wet the suck on it, That’s what the past two cans from Costco tasted like, Just like the paper spit balls I made back in the school cafeteria, Changing to mjb.

Pulled out of San Leandro, cheapened the beans - look what you get!
by: Tim Silva

The corporate geniuses raped this product, company and look what you get.

Traditional or Original
by: Anonymous

I have looked at many Yuban listings on ebay. Many show pic of TRADITIONAL but listing description says ORIGINAL.

One seller said that ORIGINAL has been renamed TRADTIONAL with new packaging.

Does anyone really know ?????

It sucks!
by: Debbie

The last couple of years I have noticed a big change in the flavor of their premium roast but still bought the medium because it was still put in a can but not a tin and I refuse to buy coffe in a plastic container. About three months ago I finally ran out. I tried a few others and am not happy so I stopped drinking it three weeks back! Mc Donald's coffee in the tin can tastes nothing like what they sell in their chain fast food. So I have given up. I refuse to buy Aribian coffee it is nothing like Columbia coffee period!

Yuban degraded totally
by: AnonymousWillie

Ok - so all us original Yuban 100% columbian coffee lovers know when we bought a can of such and it said original same great taste it was a total sham not only not true but not even close to truth. So most of us do not will not buy it any more. Still the question is where is a coffee to be found that is of similar taste and quality?
May the money pigs be happy for destroying a great product for a few more dollars. Hopefully I will not buy anything associated with them.

I KNEW IT !!!!
by: Anonymous

I am very sad about the change in Yuban coffee. I have used it for years and years, but need to find a better tasting coffee..... this is not my beloved coffee any longer! Why must things change, could not wait for my first cup of coffee in the morning....

My Last Post on Where Yuban Beans come from
by: The Truth

I’ve posted ad nauseum what happened to good Yuban Coffee.
1Yes Yuban is no longer 100% Arabica
2.Yes Yuban is buying Beans from Brazil at Pennies a Pound.
3. Yes its true this Company Kraft has a new Sherriff.And this Sheriff is used to drinking Jail Coffee.Folgers,Yellow Brand.Whatever the Govt sends the Jails is what a 85+ yr old Warren Buffet drinks. Or more importantly what he buys! He only cares about one thing.ROI=return on investment.He cannot buy old Colombian Beans fr The Hills of Northern Colombian Sierra Nevada Mountain Range!(google it).
4. Good Beans from Colombia sell for approx $4-6 a Lb wholesale from the Farmers! And that’s the low end of the Coffee World.The only reason Farmers give a Kraft a Discount is Volume! Well the Farms in Colombia cannot turn a profit selling Beans to Kraft at$1.50 a Lb! They lose $$
So they made a Corp Business Decision(not a taste Decision) to buy cheap Brazilian Beans(Brazil produces the most beans in the World)of all kinds!(google it).
5.Move on too good beans.If you don’t want to spend more buy Sams Colombian.Or Costco Whole Bean Colombian and grind it at the warehouse before u exit.Most have grinders.So does Sams Club!
The Truth Strikes again

by: Anonymous

Typical big business - now we got them let’s make a good product bad - cheap - and we will make more. Maybe, but not a penny more from me. I have jumped ship!

Yuban coffee medium roast
by: Marilyn skavlem

I used to love yuban and tell everyone it was better than sex and would pay as high as $13.00 for a 36oz can. Now its horrible. I will not be buying it aain. Will have to mix what i have with another brand so i can drink it.

The Incredible Shrinking can/tub/??
by: Bob Merlin

Has anyone else noticed that the amount is now down to 25 ounces from 29 ounces? It was 33 not that long ago.

I hauled Yuban out of their CA roasting facility.
by: Anonymous

I'm a truck driver and would pick up freight from the Yuban roasting factory in San Leandro, CA for many years. They had a huge sign reading "Yuban roasted here for 50 years" or something like that. Then Warren Buffet came to town ie Kraft and he, according to employees, was breaking up Kraft and selling it to others piecemeal. I think they also produced or warehoused a lot of koolaid there among other Kraft products. They said it was going to be roasted in Florida. They then closed. Fast forward to 2018 and I notice Yuban says they are HQ'd in Chicago and, as a lot of you have noticed, Yuban doesn't taste the same. I've always loved the Dark Roast. It was a happy medium of flavor and $. Now I'm still drinking it but it doesn't say Arabica beans anywhere on it nor Columbian. Someplace on the WEB they said beans now come from Brazil. I'll have to search for another 'Happy Medium'.

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