Did Yuban Original Medium Roast Formulation Change Its Flavor?

Yuban Original Medium Roast

Yuban Original Medium Roast

Yuban Company confirmed to me that it changed the formulation to Yuban Original.

The product label says 100% Arabica Premium Beans are still used.

It no longer says Columbian only, and for the old timers, I remember Juan Valdez with his mule hauling Yuban beans to roasting.

So, I ask you bloggers, does Yuban taste better or worse now? Should Yuban have left the formula along?

I am getting a refund on the last 2 44 ounce cans I bought.

I miss the edge on the coffee that I loved about Yuban, and so there is no reason to patronize Yuban anymore. MAYBE the changed taste is by using lesser grade arabica beans.

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Sep 07, 2019
Poor quality ruins another company
by: Anonymous

Have been drinking yuban since around 1988. A friend took me to Starbucks. I liked their black coffee for about a year until I started getting headaches from too much caffeine. Went back to yuban and found they had ruined it. It's in a cardboard container now that looks like the old can. But it's not vacuum sealed and has no smell or flavor. Just like the other junk coffees, foldgers, Maxwell house etc. I remember opening a fresh can back when they were metal and vacuum sealed. Smelled so good. Now nothing. They ruined a good coffee. How do you make money when you lower quality and all your long time customers leave you? Some people at the top of yuban have lost their way. Maybe they could make the old version and sell it for a higher price?

Sep 03, 2019
Yuban Gold Oriiginal from Costco
by: Mike Heim

Imagine placing a napkin in your mouth till it’s wet the suck on it, That’s what the past two cans from Costco tasted like, Just like the paper spit balls I made back in the school cafeteria, Changing to mjb.

Aug 30, 2019
Pulled out of San Leandro, cheapened the beans - look what you get!
by: Tim Silva

The corporate geniuses raped this product, company and look what you get.

Aug 22, 2019
Traditional or Original
by: Anonymous

I have looked at many Yuban listings on ebay. Many show pic of TRADITIONAL but listing description says ORIGINAL.

One seller said that ORIGINAL has been renamed TRADTIONAL with new packaging.

Does anyone really know ?????

Jun 03, 2019
It sucks!
by: Debbie

The last couple of years I have noticed a big change in the flavor of their premium roast but still bought the medium because it was still put in a can but not a tin and I refuse to buy coffe in a plastic container. About three months ago I finally ran out. I tried a few others and am not happy so I stopped drinking it three weeks back! Mc Donald's coffee in the tin can tastes nothing like what they sell in their chain fast food. So I have given up. I refuse to buy Aribian coffee it is nothing like Columbia coffee period!

Jun 02, 2019
Yuban degraded totally
by: AnonymousWillie

Ok - so all us original Yuban 100% columbian coffee lovers know when we bought a can of such and it said original same great taste it was a total sham not only not true but not even close to truth. So most of us do not will not buy it any more. Still the question is where is a coffee to be found that is of similar taste and quality?
May the money pigs be happy for destroying a great product for a few more dollars. Hopefully I will not buy anything associated with them.

May 13, 2019
I KNEW IT !!!!
by: Anonymous

I am very sad about the change in Yuban coffee. I have used it for years and years, but need to find a better tasting coffee..... this is not my beloved coffee any longer! Why must things change, could not wait for my first cup of coffee in the morning....

May 13, 2019
My Last Post on Where Yuban Beans come from
by: The Truth

I’ve posted ad nauseum what happened to good Yuban Coffee.
1Yes Yuban is no longer 100% Arabica
2.Yes Yuban is buying Beans from Brazil at Pennies a Pound.
3. Yes its true this Company Kraft has a new Sherriff.And this Sheriff is used to drinking Jail Coffee.Folgers,Yellow Brand.Whatever the Govt sends the Jails is what a 85+ yr old Warren Buffet drinks. Or more importantly what he buys! He only cares about one thing.ROI=return on investment.He cannot buy old Colombian Beans fr The Hills of Northern Colombian Sierra Nevada Mountain Range!(google it).
4. Good Beans from Colombia sell for approx $4-6 a Lb wholesale from the Farmers! And that’s the low end of the Coffee World.The only reason Farmers give a Kraft a Discount is Volume! Well the Farms in Colombia cannot turn a profit selling Beans to Kraft at$1.50 a Lb! They lose $$
So they made a Corp Business Decision(not a taste Decision) to buy cheap Brazilian Beans(Brazil produces the most beans in the World)of all kinds!(google it).
5.Move on too good beans.If you don’t want to spend more buy Sams Colombian.Or Costco Whole Bean Colombian and grind it at the warehouse before u exit.Most have grinders.So does Sams Club!
The Truth Strikes again

May 11, 2019
by: Anonymous

Typical big business - now we got them let’s make a good product bad - cheap - and we will make more. Maybe, but not a penny more from me. I have jumped ship!

Feb 04, 2019
Yuban coffee medium roast
by: Marilyn skavlem

I used to love yuban and tell everyone it was better than sex and would pay as high as $13.00 for a 36oz can. Now its horrible. I will not be buying it aain. Will have to mix what i have with another brand so i can drink it.

Dec 07, 2018
The Incredible Shrinking can/tub/??
by: Bob Merlin

Has anyone else noticed that the amount is now down to 25 ounces from 29 ounces? It was 33 not that long ago.

Nov 24, 2018
I hauled Yuban out of their CA roasting facility.
by: Anonymous

I'm a truck driver and would pick up freight from the Yuban roasting factory in San Leandro, CA for many years. They had a huge sign reading "Yuban roasted here for 50 years" or something like that. Then Warren Buffet came to town ie Kraft and he, according to employees, was breaking up Kraft and selling it to others piecemeal. I think they also produced or warehoused a lot of koolaid there among other Kraft products. They said it was going to be roasted in Florida. They then closed. Fast forward to 2018 and I notice Yuban says they are HQ'd in Chicago and, as a lot of you have noticed, Yuban doesn't taste the same. I've always loved the Dark Roast. It was a happy medium of flavor and $. Now I'm still drinking it but it doesn't say Arabica beans anywhere on it nor Columbian. Someplace on the WEB they said beans now come from Brazil. I'll have to search for another 'Happy Medium'.

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