Did Yuban Original Medium Roast Formulation Change Its Flavor?

Yuban Original Medium Roast

Yuban Original Medium Roast

Yuban Company confirmed to me that it changed the formulation to Yuban Original.

The product label says 100% Arabica Premium Beans are still used.

It no longer says Columbian only, and for the old timers, I remember Juan Valdez with his mule hauling Yuban beans to roasting.

So, I ask you bloggers, does Yuban taste better or worse now? Should Yuban have left the formula along?

I am getting a refund on the last 2 44 ounce cans I bought.

I miss the edge on the coffee that I loved about Yuban, and so there is no reason to patronize Yuban anymore. MAYBE the changed taste is by using lesser grade arabica beans.

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Mar 25, 2018
Can this even qualify as coffee anymore!
by: Anonymous

Coffee is life! It is my morning ritual to get going. I feel as though I've been duped by Yuban. Tgis stuff smells and tastes nothing like before. Sadly, I was enticed by the larger can for the same low price and it tasted meh! I used to love waking up to the small of my traditional roast Yuban, then tasting that first sip. This stuff does nothing for the coffee lover in me, might as well drink boring old water. I will be retiring this and I NEVER return food. I don't like being duped. Nothing on the can says new or would indicate a change in formula. I have a feeling Yuban lost many customers. Ughh...I really loved Yuban before. :(

Mar 01, 2018
WOW ... Sad Day!
by: Rio

WOW ... Sad Day! Thought I was going crazy... Not my imagination. So on to the last test quest. I have been drinking Uban for 40 yrs... Way to go corporate America. Very disappointing. I could go on but why bother. Just read the rest of these comments they will sum it up for you...

Feb 24, 2018
Old Yuban Taste for Cheap
by: THe Truth

Well let me be 100% honest! If your looking for something that tastes like Yuban of Yester-Year for say $8-10 a Can It's not out their!
Coffee from Colombia is all Hand Picked.The cost too pay the workers is cheap but once you pay all the Downstream it takes to get Coffee to Market the Farmers would go broke fast! Already they can't keep pickers in Narino and other Coffee regions from Picking Coca Leaves for ten times the pay!
Keep in mind most Coffee pickers in Colombia make $3 a day!

I've given so many recommendations if you scroll down and read my posts! Here another one that taste as close to Yuban as your gonna find!

http://bit.ly/2FusQD6 (Old School Colombian)sure it's $15! That's as cheap as it gets for something that will remind you of Yuban Colombian! Treat yourself! Life is too short not too enjoy your Coffee!

Once Again,
The Truth!

Feb 12, 2018
Gald I'm no the only one
by: Howudoing

What happened? Corporate greed?
I'm wondering how they could sell this stuff, it doesn't even taste like coffee.
I had to return my last can. I made one pot and tried drinking it a few times, just couldn't drink it. My spouse agreed. Will not be buying again.

Now I'm just looking for something like Yuban used to be.

All I want is some smooth drinkable coffee for a reasonable price. Can anyone recommend something similar in price and quality to what Yuban used to be?

Feb 10, 2018
Bad coffee
by: Susan

I am still searching after a year or so for a coffee that is as good as the "Old Yuban".I am currently drinking "wide awake",which is similar.The new Yuban is not even close in quality or flavor Very disappointed.. Has anyone found anything more

Feb 06, 2018
Will be changing
by: Teri

In my opinion I will no longer by yuban they not only change flavor but it gives me an upset stomach. Disappointed .

Feb 05, 2018
Change in Yuban
by: Anonymous

The change in the flavor of the "NEW" Yuban coffee is drastic...It is horrible! I have been a customer of Yuban for over 45 years and my family knows that if they serve me anything else, they will be cut out of the Will! I have had store brands that taste better than this swill that Yuban is slipping past it's customers.

Feb 03, 2018
Doesn't taste much like coffee anymore
by: Anonymous

I've been a fan of Yuban ever since I discovered it years ago. I often had friends comment on how good my coffee was when I served them Yuban.

The last couple of cans I bought were definitely not nearly as good as usual, but still had the essence of coffee.

I bought a new can yesterday and it is so bad I will be returning it. It's the Yuban traditional.

To me, it doesn't event taste like coffee. It tastes like a mixture of wood shavings and alfalfa.

Going to be trying out other brands again.

Feb 01, 2018
The Current Yuban is What?
by: The Truth

NOT GOOD! It literally will make your stomach hurt if u drink more than one cup!
St Paul cannot be in ST Paul since they know their Coffee up their! Paradise Roasters in Ramsey is an example!
They have a Colombian which Scored 93 on CR! Thats a high Score! One again though it's $16+ for 12oz!


Anyone who buys Yuban now it just wasting money or not a real Coffee Lover! With the exception for their Office Colombian which is still drinkable!


Jan 30, 2018
I Remember When It Was Great
by: St. Paul

The current Yuban is good . . . anyone who tries it for the first time will probably like it. But you will be disappointed if you remember how great it was "back in the day".

I can remember when it was a premium coffee and hard-to-find in our rural mid-west town . . . . it was a special treat to buy some when traveling and bring it home.

Like every smaller company that's bought out by a big one, they cheapen the product to boost the bottom line. And it shows: the stores where we now live stocked Yuban 5 years ago . . but fewer-and-fewer buying it....the shelf space kept shrinking . . . and now it's completely gone.

No Loss: we much prefer Costco's Kirkland or Sam's Club Premium - closest we can find to the old Yuban, 100% Columbian, and $9 for 3 lb can.

Jan 29, 2018
by: Sylvia

Seriously, crushed. My mom and all my aunts and uncles drank it, then my cousins. I moved from California to Missouri 10 years ago and over the last few years I noticed they started using plastic containers and on the lable it no longer says "roasted in California". I am limited to the grocery stores around here, in fact there are only three with in 45 miles. Aldi's - they carry off name products, no Yuban. Walmart did, but stopped a year ago. And County Market stopped last week. I ordered via Amazon, but I too have noticed such a decrease in flavor. I'm trying out other brands of coffee. sad they sold out

Jan 24, 2018
by: Anonymous

I started brewing Yuban at work. EVERYONE has said "Wow, did we switcvh coffee brands? This coffee is amazing!" So, I would have to say, whatever they did to it, is AWESOME!

Jan 22, 2018
by: Mike D.

Bring back Juan Valdez! I used to buy Yuban religiously, it was a good low priced Columbian blend. Then noticed a few years ago it started to taste like ass! Quit buying it.
I hope the company realizes the mistake and corrects it!

Jan 22, 2018
Good old Colombian 100%
by: The Truth

OK folks these aren't the best you can buy but unless your willing to pay $18-22 for 12oz of Beans or Grounds this is as good as your gonna find if you want that old Yuban Flavor!
1.http://bit.ly/2Bk3p3o $13.50 12oz

2.http://bit.ly/2DyLomX $13.40 Organic Colombian $13.40 12 oz

3.http://bit.ly/2mYWx6d Dark Roast Colombian $16

4.http://bit.ly/2n0PBFT For u Decaf Lovers $14.25 for 12 oz!

OK their U go! Happy drinking

The Truth

Jan 22, 2018
When Yuban Changed and Why
by: The Truth

They stopped using 100% Colombian over 10 yrs ago.(as pictured on the old can) used to have the guy with the Burro! Thats the official Colombian Coffee Growers assoc!
Yuban/Kraft decided they could get much cheaper beans from Brazil mainly and mix in a tiny bit of Arabica! So they its bascially 70-80% robusta http://bit.ly/2DVn5NT and 20-30% Arabica with zero Colombian in their Yuban Gold and all the other Yubans except they do sell for offices a True Colombian but you will have to buy their silly packs which kinda make it not Practible! http://bit.ly/2DuPFIR
See my next post. I'm gonna give you some places to buy real Colombian that will taste like old Yuban!
The Truth!

Jan 22, 2018
same change and spit holds for STEWARTS.
by: riley

same dissaionting find of CHICAGO brand Stewarts. used it for decades. now its just good for tie-dying t shirts. (check it out). it says arab. beans but they are over dry. over roasted. burnt. horrible. so so betrayed. i am buying petes now, without a flinch. m riley.
elgin. il.

Jan 20, 2018
I want my Yuban back!
by: Ken

I loved the rich, nutty flavor of Yuban for years, but suddenly the flavor changed to the flat metalic taste of the worst coffees on the market.
Unfortunately we will have to go to another brand.
So sad! I threw my last can in the trash, it tasted so horrible!

Sign me, Betrayed

Jan 15, 2018
Lost customer
by: Anonymous

Yuban changed several years ago. I Quit buying it. I Get the generic store brand columbian coffee. Some are ok. Some aren’t. Havent really found anything that matches the old Yuban.

Jan 15, 2018
Yuban is changed
by: Susan

We have noticed the change too. My husband said to quit paying the extra if it's no better. But which coffee would we switch to? I thought I read recently that Maxwell House bought out Yuban. Does anyone know it that is true?

Jan 10, 2018
When did this happen?
by: JeepGuyFLA

I've been drinking Yuban for years and yes, I have noticed something very different. Can't pin down exactly how long it's been "off" but it is definitely not right. Flavor is way off and it often gives me an upset stomach now.
Does anyone know when the formula was changed?

Jan 08, 2018
R. I. P. Yuban
by: Anonymous

So, it isn't my imagination. Yuban is no longer a good coffee. It's barely up to coffee-shop standards. Mediocre. Its formerly fine flavor is now history. We go back a long time, Yuban and I. Now it is over. Corporate greed has killed what was once the best coffee on the supermarket shelf.

Jan 08, 2018
Bummed Out
by: Just Me

For price Kirkland brand is a nice coffee. I will renew my membership if only for good coffee at a good price. See ya Yuban

Jan 08, 2018
Bummed Out
by: Just Me

I'm here clearly because my last 3 Yuban purchases did not come close to satisfying. And Yuban has been one of my 2 favorite non-specialty coffees for decades. Am I a former consumer? Very possibly. DARK WAS WEAK! Pacific Coast Blend slightly stronger but not what I am looking for. I have an unopened traditional roast which I will try and decide.
Thinking that they are now just competing with cheep and generic selections. Was always willing to pay more. Something that stayed good and consistent to change is never smart. It will prove to be too late if they try and backpaddle. Will take years to acquire dedicated

Jan 07, 2018
sad from New Jersey
by: Marian

I was introduced to Yuban some 50 years ago by my mother-in-law. Then ahe used to make it in the glass decantur on top of the stove. It was like dessert and you would sit back and relax with the aroma and taste .I had only two stores by me that sold Yuban coffee and every two weeks I would search out one of them and pick up a couple cans. Recently one of the supermarket closed and I now have to go further to get it. So I went the other day and thank God I only picked up two cans. At first I thought it was me and then I said maybe the coffee pot. So I cleaned the pot, which is only a month old by the way, and it still tasted like moldy. So I thought maybe it is the pot. So I took my old pot out since coffee was always good in it but the pot would not turn off so for safety reasons I bought the new one. So made a pot of coffee in the old pot and same thing, coffee is horrible I will be trying one of the others recommended. But I have to say it is sad. Like the closings of the Sears stores that have been around forever.

Jan 06, 2018
Yuban change in taste
by: Anonymous

I drank Yuban for over 15 years. Since they started using the plastic containers, instead of the cardboard ones, the coffee had a very heavy chemical taste. I experimented, bought a small can, non plastic, it tastes like the original. They need to STOP with the plastic.

Jan 03, 2018
I feel sad for Juan's donkey
by: Yuban Ibanyunow

Disappointed to say the least. This new can I have here tastes worse than 7-11 coffee. In fact, it tastes about like day old stale 7-11 coffee. Immediately noticed a lack of the usual aroma the first pot I made out of the new can, 1.05 Kg, "Bonus size! 46 more servings, New Look! Same Deep Flavor" Ha! Something is deep and it isn't the flavor.

My first thought was it must be counterfeit.

Jan 01, 2018
Headaches and not feeling right
by: Rick

I bought a 44oz can of Yuban Gold from Costco. It was a pretty good deal, but I've been noticing every morning after drinking my coffee I just don't feel right in my head kind of woozy and sometimes headache. I wonder if there's a filler, pesticides, or GMO that's effecting me? I drink coffee every day and haven't had any problems until I bought this coffee. Anyone else?

Dec 29, 2017
Not good anymore
by: Susan

I drank Yuban for 35 years and yes it has sure changed . I see that it comes from a plant in Chicago now and has apparently changed hands. The quality of the coffee is so bad that I can no longer drink it. I am still searching for something comparable to the true,original Yuban.

Dec 25, 2017
by: Nani

I've drank Yuban coffee for over 35 years!
The aroma and taste has changed! Back in the 70's the flavor was comparable to Kona coffee beans. Actually better. Not anymore... :(

Dec 04, 2017
by: The Truth

I'm not sure this will make the Board but Sheesh, go get your Teeth Cleaned or Stop Smoking Cigs! If u think the Yuban sold today still taste good you have ruined your Taste Buds!

Oh and my Coffee Brewer is Spotless! I clean it aft every use!

The TRuth,

PS I don't mean to be offensive but your the first and most likely the last person on the planet who thinks Kraft's Yuban Coffee Taste Good!(It's undrinkable)

Nov 28, 2017
No More Yuban. Peet's Major Dickanson Now
by: Anonymous

I loved Yuban !00% Columbian and everyone that I gave it to loved it and I had many converts.
Peet's Major Dickanson is the best I have found. Green Mountain Samatran Reserve and Laughing Man Columbian Hulu are right up there with the Major Dickanson. I keep all three in my K-Cup holder.

Nov 28, 2017
by: Lusus

So... wait, you people have been complaining for FIVE YEARS? It still tastes like coffee, and still tastes good. Perhaps you should clean your systems from the brewer down to your mug and try it again? Or not drink so much coffee? Perhaps decaf.


Nov 18, 2017
What happened to my Yuban?
by: Coffeedinker

This tastes awful! I was hoping that it was a fluke, but it seems that this Yuban tastes as crappy as modern Maxwell House. I'm not paying for the name on the can, I actually really just enjoyable good cup of Joe. Here's a marketing lesson for Kraft. Vons had both on sale a couple of years ago. In every store, Yuban was sold out, and Maxwell House was still on the shelves. So what did the geniuses at Kraft do? Instead of improving the taste of Maxwell House, they decided to ruin Yuban. Ok, I will just have to pay a little more for better quality coffee. Adios, Muchachos!

Nov 16, 2017
Some Real Colombian Coffees
by: The Truth

To all Yuban Colombian Drinkers now that we've established it's long gone, and all Kraft cares about is Volume and not quality, here's a couple suggestions of Real Colombians priced Fairly.Oh and their all Tasty!

1.http://bit.ly/2AOnsH9 (Single Origin/Estate)Best for the price range

2.http://bit.ly/2ATL1zb (Competition Blend but all 100% Colombian from the same region Tolima)

3.http://bit.ly/2z8fPPz (Another Blend of 100% Colombian from Huila)

In this price range these are as good as it gets! If you loved the Yuban Colombian we used to get one of these will make you happy! Yes theirs better Colombian Coffees out their of 100% Single Estate, some of which cost as much as $69 for 12oz.IMO Totally ridiculous and not that much better that the above Trio for 13.99-16.00 Dollars!
Happy Drinking,

The Truth

Nov 08, 2017
Costco yuban (Cal roast)
by: PJ

The last of the Yuban in the 44 oz. can that said on the label "roasted in California" available at Costco was my favorite, by far. Cannot find it anywhere, now. The Yuban in the plastic container or the "cans" with the new design is so bad I threw out some near the end; could not finish it.

My substitute for the real Yuban is Pete's House Blend, deep roast - ground in 12 oz. bags.

Nov 05, 2017
Yuban and Stomach Aches
by: The Truth

I'm re-posting this article from the Washington Post. Your getting a Stomach Ache from the fillers.And the reason it doesn't smell like Coffee is it's only gotta have 35% Whole bean Arabica! Once again Kraft is putting things like corn, barley,twigs u name it, as long as it's legal and won't kill u they can get away with it.
It's kinda like Hamburger. U can buy 90% beef, 80 beef% etc.. What do you think they do to raise the Fat content? The add Chunks of Pure Animal Fat, and regrind the Beef three times.How do I know? I worked in a Butcher shop when I was a 16 yr old and did it myself!(Following the Stores rules)!Same with Milk.U take the Fat and Mix it with the Zero Fat!(Read the Labels)!See link


The Truth

Nov 04, 2017
Not the same...
by: Lib Gypsy

I have been a Yuban coffee drinker for the last eight or so years. Always had a full rich flavor. But lately, from plastic can to plastic can, it tastes different. This last "can" I bought, has a strong weird smell and tastes, "fake". I will not be buying it anymore. Sad to see this this brand go downhill like so many other things...Kirkland coffee from Costco will probably be my brand now. Shame on Yuban.

Nov 02, 2017
Coffee pudding
by: Wanda

Does Yuban coffee make an instant
pudding mix or did they ever?

Nov 01, 2017
IYuban Gold
by: Jane THompson

Yes it did change its flavor. it not rich and robust. It taste Ordinary; however the Yuban Gold at Costco taste better than Yuban Gold at Amazon. I'm so disappointed!

Oct 28, 2017
Good news
by: Susieq

I noticed I immediately when Yuban changed and switched to Costco brabd Colombian but lately even Costco brand is causingmajor stomach distress so I bought a can of Sam's brand Colombian, it's decent but I'll keep looking, been drinking coffee 50+ years

Oct 26, 2017
It tastes like blah
by: Stephanie

Wow! After all my detective work Im glad I got to the heart of the matter. Since I had discovered Yuban Gold a few years ago it had been my only coffee. Now, can't get it anywhere and the last two cans I had snagged a few months ago didn't taste right. I thought it was just me at first then I thought, no, it smells wrong and I'm getting headaches more from it and the taste is awful. At the suggestion of someone on this forum, Im directly writing to Kraft to complain of this atrocity. I am also in the hunt for a wonderful coffee that a humble normal working class household can afford.

Oct 21, 2017
Inconsistent for the past two years and flavor and taste
by: Anonymous

Seems like every time we buy a can yuban the taste is different in every can of coffee is never consistent and flavor the only one that we find that we like now is yuban gold which is very hard to find a sometimes at Cosco Now we switch to McDonald’s coffee

Oct 14, 2017
by: Connie

I have loved Yuban for years! It is poo poo now!
I want and need someone to make coffee taste like coffee again please!

Oct 02, 2017
Ban on Yuban at my house
by: Anonymous

I used to buy only Yuban colo. coffee. The taste was outstanding. Then, sort of quietly, and I'm sure due to the almighty dollar, the flavor was gone. I'm still trying to find a good coffee. However, when Yuban quit being good coffee, I quit buying Yuban!!

Sep 07, 2017
So if not Yuban...
by: Then What?

I've noticed the change but refuse to pay the high dollar price of Starbucks. And I don't want to grind the beans myself.... Now what?
Seattles Best-NO
Folgers-HELL NO

Sep 06, 2017
by: Anonymous

Why ruin a good thing YOU BOZOS??

Sep 04, 2017
I second the above comments
by: Jeff


I love Columbian coffee, and Yuban was always my go-to. I went away from drinking coffee for a few years, am back to it, and looking for my Yuban, I bought the new stuff.

NOTHING like it used to be. It certainly doesn't have that characteristic Columbian aroma or flavor.

The new Yuban is dead to me.

Nice to know I'm not alone in mourning the death of an excellent old brand. Why can't we have anything good anymore at a reasonable price? I guess the Kraft managers could answer that one. I suggest it has something to do with their bank accounts.

Aug 27, 2017
If is not broken
by: Anonymous

If is not broken do not fix it. I liked the old formula of Yuban. But I will not buy it anymore.

Aug 19, 2017
Looking for Yuban? Why?
by: The Truth

Are you kidding? Haven't you read all the comments on this Board? Their Coffee is available at Sams Clubs/Walmart's. But why would U even want it? I'm telling you it's 100% undrinkable,and when you open the Plastic Container it doesn't even smell anything like Coffee!The word is since their buying beans from Brazil their getting a lot of fillers in the coffee. Below is link to Wapo Health and Science that explains whats going on! Also if you look at my earlier( The Truth) Posts you will see I told CD that Kraft was buying nearly all their beans currently from Brazil.


The Truth!

Aug 18, 2017
by: Anonymous

We don't have Yuban in the Green Bay area. I contacted Kraft and they could not tell me who sells it in this area. Unbelievable. I use to be in the food industry and for a company as large as Kraft to not be able to know who their actual distributors are says something about how the company is run on the coffee side.

Everyone should send their comments directly to Kraft so that can actually read what is happening out in the marketplace.

Aug 02, 2017
They're all lousy
by: Robert F. Mitschke

I'd be quiet happy to continue paying $7.00 for 12 oz. of yuban at wally's but nobody has it. I'm trying other brands, and they are all lousy. It's as bad as when Nescafe bought Hills Brothers and ruined it with cheap crap. Now some putz business degree joker is telling Yuban/ Maxwell House ..."we can maximize profits by..." Well, if you lose all you customers, let's see how much profit there is. O yes, then the genius MBA will say "Sell the Brand and the Company and make a profit." And no, I don't do Keriug..I do 2 pots a day, A 12 oz. can every 5 days...till now.

Jul 31, 2017
by: Stromboli

For all you "Ban Yuban" ers out there. I am with you.
Yes I asked them what they put in their coffee besides coffee beans. No on wanted to admit that their coffee is adulterated.
POTATO is in their coffee! A licensed physician had it tested due to patient allergic reactions.
Do you read it on their label anywhere?

Jul 27, 2017
Well enough alone
by: Anonymous

Seriously, what genius at krap, err..I mean kraft, said to himself/herself, "Gee, this coffee tastes great, let's ruin it so that it tastes awful?"

Really? And I suppose they thought they would make more money by turning gold into straw.

Personally, I would like a little time together with the person who made that decision, and council them from wall to wall on why they should leave things that work alone.

Jul 24, 2017
Juan, where are you?
by: bro bear

I opened a new can this morning and brewed a small batch. It smelled like chemicals and tasted like battery acid. Rather than assail my tender stomach I poured the batch and brewed another then poured it out too.

Jul 05, 2017
Yuban not the same coffee
by: Anonymous

Just purchased a cannister of Yuban original coffee yesterday. This morning I made a pot of what I thought was coffee...what is this??? Can you buy coffee that tastes like coffee anymore?? I made the switch to Yuban after reading it's reviews. Doesn't smell like coffee,doesn't taste like coffee!! I've given up on grocery store "coffee"...throwing it in the trash!! This is not coffee !!

Jul 02, 2017
Here it is!
by: The Truth

Yuban Lovers, I'm afraid for $7-8 bucks your never gonna find that old Yuban Colombian Taste! If you really want to buy the same beans Yuban used to buy yrs ago, the only Vendor Selling it is Higher Grounds Coffee! Its called Fondo Paez and it's actually priced decently at $12 for 12oz, $41 for 3Lbs, and $65 for 5Lbs! It may sound like a high price, but for this type of Coffee Bean(Non Store Bought) that's what it costs! I'll leave a link.Cheaper Store Alternatives are Gevalia Colombian and Eight O'clock Colombian. But remember those Coffees are not fresh! Nothing on a Grocery Shelf is gonna be Fresh Colombian Coffee!Here's the old Yuban Colombian Source!Higher Ground Roasts to order!Lastly theirs other Colombian Coffees that are better but the price goes way up!(as much as $21 for only 12oz of Specialty Grade Colombian)!


The Truth

Jul 02, 2017
Not my YUBAN
by: Anonymous

My New Jersey supermarket stopped carrying Yuban... I relocated to South Carolina and found it I noticed the package changed and label information...but I bought it to try.
BIG MISTAKE!!!! Taste NOTHING like MY Yuban.
NASTY to back on the original Yuban 100% Columbia!
Maybe Maxwell House should take it back....

Jun 30, 2017
by: Anonymous

I have been shocked by the decline of Yuban. First you change the flavor/blend then you try to screw us with smaller containers for much more money! I'm a long time Yuban drinker (50 years)and I"m not happy. I will be looking elsewhere for my coffee.

Jun 17, 2017
The seals on the containers
by: Meg

It seems that the seals on the"cans" is so poor that every can I pick up is compromised and when air gets in the coffee loses flavor.
I have used this brand for nearly 45 years and the company reduced the amount of coffee and kept going up on the price and now the product is compromised by cheap careless packaging. I am now in search for my new favorite brand.

Jun 15, 2017
Allergic to Yuban
by: Delores in California

I bought 2 cans of Yuban Pacific Coast Blend coffee for $2.99 each (a real bargain). I'm now on the 2nd can, but after drinking one or 2 cups my sinuses get very plugged up & I get very dizzy. I don't know what's really in it but I seem to be allergic to this brand. A discount store probably got it for a good reason!!

Jun 15, 2017
by: The Truth

Just a few facts off.The San Leandro Plant that Roasted Yuban and Maxwell House,Gevalia etal was a "Kraft Plant"!(See Link) They closed and threw 130 people out of work in 2015!

What Kraft did is start buying very cheap beans mostly from Brazil and stopped buying good beans from Colombia! That's when they started using the Plastic Containers vs The Steel Containers. Also as u may have noticed they made the plastic containers smaller, to raise their profits! What happened in the end is they screwed themselves on the Yuban which went from being a very good Colombian Coffee to a Disgusting Very low Grade Coffee which is undrinkable! And who got the short stick? Customers and Employees! Great Job Kraft!

The Truth!

Jun 11, 2017
It's over
by: Anonymous

It doesn't smell or taste the same as it did. Won't be buying it anymore.

Jun 02, 2017
Yuban Changes
by: Anonymous

If you look at the writing on the can carefully, you will noticed that it's not even the same company as before! It appears it was sold to Kraft sometime back and it no longer has the famous "Roasted in California" slogan on it and the the logo has been completely changed. The "Yuban Company" was originally based in San Leandro, California. Now it's based in Chicago. Plus, it says Yuban is over 100 years old, when long time drinkers of the stuff know it only goes back to 1950! Clearly, this is not an actual Yuban product and this is not the Yuban company of old.

As Johnny Carson use to say..."Read those labels folks! Read those Labels!!!"

May 30, 2017
Anniverary !
by: Anonymous


This Yuban Lament is carrying on to a five year anniversary....

Yuban is History....

It's over.....

Yuban all agonizing over this for far too long....

May 25, 2017
The new blend sucks
by: Anonymous

The new blend sucks

May 23, 2017
by: Anonymous

it doesn't taste like coffee at all. go back to the original taste or I will have to find a new brandr

May 21, 2017
What Happened??
by: Anonymous

I have loved Yuban since the 80's. It was my brand of choice always. It recently started tasting rather unpleasant. This was consistent through about 3 31 oz containers. At first I thought something was wrong with my coffee maker so I cleaned it thoroughly. Didn't help. I finally bought another brand of Hazlenut coffee to blend in and mask the unpleasant flavor so I could finish the last container of Yuban I had. Doesn't help. I will have to find another kind of coffee now. I miss my old Yuban!!

May 14, 2017
giving up
by: Anonymous

Have given up ! Yuban is inconsistent, smells stale right from opening the can. Buying something else.

May 13, 2017
Old Yuban at the office only?
by: Anonymous

OK here is something sort of strange. Yuban seems to still sell both 100% Columbian and 100% Arabica coffee - but it is all either single cup or office packs. Some the package says 100% Columbian, some the package says 100% Arabica, and some the package says 100% Arabica and the description says 100% Columbian. This is consistent across many office supply stores and grocery stores, including Walmart. Example, Classic Coffee GEN86307 Yuban Filter Pack Coffee.

May 12, 2017
Needs to be recalled!
by: Anonymous

Very disappointed. I opened a new container to get that first smell of the aroma. Smelt like dirt. Taste like dirt and upset my stomach. Returning it today!

Needs a recall!

May 06, 2017
Yuban smells bad, too
by: Anonymous

Gosh, I thought it was my coffee maker but now I see the other comments on the bad smell. LOL ! Smells acid, with the steam rising makes your eye lashes curl.

May 06, 2017
Yuban coffee tastes weak
by: Anonymous

I've been drinking Yuban since he late 1980's. Its gotten to the point where I don't even smell or taste the coffee anymore. Even when I would first open a brand new package I used to get a strong aroma of rich coffee, not anymore. I know this is about medium roast; the same applies to the dark roast. This morning all I could taste was the half and half I used. For the first time in years I bought another brand by making a quick stop at Sprouts where I never shop, just to pick up some real coffee grounds.

May 02, 2017
No better than Folgers
by: Brett Getter

It was great, now it sucks. It's as simple as that. Will never buy Yuban again!!! So pissed!!!

Apr 29, 2017
Quit Yuban 6 Years Ago
by: Lori

We drank Yuban coffee forever. Then all of a sudden it didn't taste the same. It always tasted stale and upset my stomach whereas before it was smooth and not acidy. At first I attributed it to the new can with the foil top, thinking it didn't seal well and became stale. Upon further inspection I noticed it no longer said 100% Columbian. Haven't drank it since but really miss it and long for it. The only coffee I have found that sort of resembles Yuban is Gevalia 100% Columbian. It's very hard to find though, and is a bit pricey. Honestly, I haven't enjoyed coffee since Yuban let me down

Apr 25, 2017
I noticed......
by: Anonymous

It took me a while but I noticed Yuban hasn't tasted the same as it used to. So I thought I would search it and found these comments, guess I'll try another brand of "columbian" coffee.

Apr 24, 2017
Another Former Yuban Fan Disappointed
by: Anonymous

My wife and I have been drinking Yuban coffee since the 80's but now we are searching for a replacement because Yuban has lost its flavor. Remember what happened to Coke a Cola when they switched their product to New Coke. If I had stock in the company that makes Yuban Coffee now, I would sell before the company bites the dust. Tastes terrible.

Apr 24, 2017
What is Yuban adding as a filler to their coffee?
by: Anonymous

Well, it wasn't broke so they just had to "fix it" Yuban isn't the only company down grading the quality of their product. Now Yuban is bad tasting and upsets my stomach to drink. I think they're including additives of some kind. I'm switching to coffee beans and grinding my own coffee. I'm taking my 3 full,unopened cans of Yuban to Food Share.

Apr 22, 2017
Not the same anymore
by: Anonymous

My father in law got me started on Yuban back in 1990 and looked forward to having a great cup of coffee every day. It smelled so good while it brewed and enjoyed every cup. Now, the last couple times I bought it, the aroma isn't there and the flavor is awful. The packaging keeps changing, getting smaller and higher priced and less taste.

This is the last can I will be buying yuban. Time to go back to foldgers or try starbucks. If im going to pay a higher price, I want my money's worth.

Apr 19, 2017
Here the Story!
by: The Truth

Ok Folks, U want the real story? GO to this link and it will tell you Yuban only uses 30% quality Beans. The rest 70% is very low quality Robusta(Look it up) mostly fr Brazil! Thats right, Yuban is no longer fr Colombia! When your mixing 70% crap with 30% Rainforest Alliance Beans, what do you think it's gonna taste like? Also Yuban is made on the same Roast line as Maxwell House! Did anyone here ever like or drink Maxwell House? If you want that old great Cup of Colombian Yuban your gonna have to pay more! Like double at least!


Mar 27, 2017
Dark roast
by: Jean

Î always enjoyed my morning cup of Yuban dark roast but no more. I will be searching for a new coffee. Very disappointing.

Mar 26, 2017
It's Not Only Classic Rost
by: Jack BLetcher

Yes. But it wasn't just the one style. I drink dark roast, and it doesn't taste right either. I noticed the change in the coffee came with the change in the can. Apparently, Juan Valdez and his mule took off with it. It's not as good, but still better than anything else out there. I know, because I tried to quit Yuban for something else. After trying several brands, I discovered there is no replacement.

Mar 24, 2017
I think I'll stop drinking coffee
by: Susan

I'm living with friends between trips to South America. They use Yuban that they purchase at Sam's Club. It is horrible! If I have to adulterate my pure black coffee with cream and sugar to cover the taste, I'll quit drinking coffee - at least until I'm back in Colombia or Costa Rica where I can buy Juan Valdez.

Mar 20, 2017
No longer special
by: Brett Getter

I found it hard to find Yuban at publix. When I finally found it.

This morning I had to ask if the coffee was Folgers...totally blows....Yuban is shit now....damnit!!!! WTF!!!!!

Why would you mess with someone's coffee asshats?!?!

Mar 16, 2017
yuban plan
by: yubanabanaban

True it's not as good as it once was but still better than any other coffee in its price range

Mar 13, 2017
Found the old yuban formulation!!!
by: Devin Spooner

I get yuban gold at Costco. So far they always have it. I found it at are business center near are home.

Mar 13, 2017
Yuban taste like plastic!
by: Devin Spooner

Just bought yuban in a plastic container and this morning I brewed my first cup and it taste like plastic. I also noticed that on the container it doesn't say "yuban Gold".

Mar 12, 2017
by: Anonymous

How can you call something original when it's been changed? IT'S ORIGINAL, BUT DIFFERENT

Mar 12, 2017
by: Anonymous

How can you call something original when it's been changed?

Mar 08, 2017
Yuban no longer Yuban
by: Anonymous

Has been very expensive and hard to find. Was love at first sip 20+ years ago but over the years my stomach pain from the acid was too much so switched to a milder Colombian. Now I tried it again and it tastes bitter and stale no flavor and not as strong. it was sealed properly and the date on it was good until next year. I am using the same method and type of coffee maker, even tried in my new Ninja brew machine which is known to be one of the best brewing devices and taste is just as bad as in my Bunn. I will not buy any more. I found Hills Donut shop to be the closest to the original flavor and acidity. For routine coffee using another brand Colombian. Even the local brand from Sheboygan tastes better than this overpriced crap.

Mar 05, 2017
I think we've been had folks
by: Anonymous

I looked around and found that Yuban changed their coffee in 2011. Then I found this blurb:

This Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee is operated by Kraft, which owns the Maxwell House Coffee Company. Kraft’s parent company is the Altria Group, the corporation formerly known as Philip Morris.

Yuban’s 100% premium Arabica coffee comes from the "lush areas of South America," says employee Anita. "We don’t comment on bean blends as it is proprietary."

Yuban’s partnership with the Rainforest Alliance "guarantees that at least 30 percent of all coffee beans that go into Yuban coffee are officially certified by the Rainforest Alliance, making Yuban the largest supporter of Rainforest Alliance sustainable coffee beans in the world." The company prides itself on being a supporter of sustainable agriculture and development. However, as Anita says, "the country of origin of the coffee is not as important as quality of coffee."

The Rainforest Alliance coffee only makes up less than two percent of Kraft’s coffee bean purchases, and the 30 percent minimum certified beans means that in order to keep prices low, the other two-thirds of Yuban’s coffee must contain non-certified beans. While the certification includes fair labor practices, it does not constitute fair trade and does not set a minimum price paid to farmers. Kraft has yet to purchase fair trade coffee.

Mar 04, 2017
Thanks for this Blog
by: Wes

I went on line this morning to find a place that we could buy Yuban coffee. We have loved this coffee for 10 years and never bought anything else, unless Yuban was not available. It is hard to find at times.
Now, after see all these posts, we will also look for another coffee to purchase. What a SHAME....this coffee was unlike any other.

Mar 02, 2017
I think the changed yuban is awful
by: Anonymous

I have been a Yuban coffee drinker for 30 years and now have to find a new favorite. The new yuban is nothing like the previous version and is bad coffee. Too bad the makers thought changing it to junk was a good idea.

Mar 01, 2017
Yuban now tastes like "colored water"
by: Anonymous

My husband and I opened our usual can of Yuban Medium Roast coffee. I thought I had made a mistake with the number of scoops I usually use. Nope. Tried again. Next time I put in another big scoop.......it was still watery and tasteless, or should I say a nasty taste. We have been drinking Yuban for 15-plus years. We will be looking for a different brand now.

Mar 01, 2017
Really disappointed in old friend
by: A and C

My wife and i have been drinking, recommending and swearing by yuban for years. No more. Does not taste good anymore.

Feb 22, 2017
Looking for something else
by: Anonymous

I've been drinking Yuban for almost 40 years, it's going bye-bye now. Now to find another brand with Yuban's old rich flavor. Yuban, fire you're bean counters, they are only good at ruining long-standing businesses.

Feb 18, 2017
juan valdez is shamed!
by: Anonymous

I came to this site as I was investigating if Yuban has changed its recipe. I too was a longtime fan of this moderately priced but delicious coffee.
Now it taste lake crap! Its as bitter as any generic bean you'd find in a backwoods bodega!
Also, they lost the rainforest crunch frog, I noticed, along with the 100% Columbian label.

Feb 13, 2017
Left in Horror
by: DMC

I bought my first can of Yuban after learning it was a good coffee, but the smell it gave off well brewing was kind of funky. I thought it was the tap water so I started using bottled filtered water and the smell got worse, I stepped outside for a minute and when I walked back in I thought I had stepped in dog poop but it was the coffee!

Feb 11, 2017
yuban changed
by: Anonymous

so after 27 years of drinking Yuban I quit I don't like the new blend it tastes like dirt

Feb 07, 2017
Wife and I agree
by: Anonymous

My wife and I have been drinking Yuban for over 10 years and in the last 6 months or so it seems to have changed and in my opinion is no different than Folgers. Not as smooth and has the weak "Folgersy" aftertaste.

Feb 06, 2017
Bring back the old original!
by: Anonymous

100% Columbian is what we want. The new coffee is terrible!

Feb 06, 2017
Make Yuban Great Again
by: Anonymous

Yuban has moved its operations from California, the land of Fruits & Nuts to Chicago, the home of the Obamas. The new coffee is terrible. Make Yuban Great again and bring back the 100% Columbian blend.

Feb 04, 2017
An ex-Yuban user.
by: Anonymous

I recently purchased a large {30% extra} Yuban. I've always used this brand. But, with this new can of Yuban, I developed a facial rash. It took a long time to locate the cause of the allergy, but the rash disappeared when I stopped the Yuban. I've had coffee for breakfast for 50 years, with no allergy---I just couldn't imagine a sudden allergy to something I loved, for so long. So I tried it once more, after 3 days--the rash was back, with a vengeance. So long Yuban!

Jan 29, 2017
Greenhorn Executives Often Change What Isn't Broke
by: Anonymous

Don't know if a Greenhorn is the problem but this is some really bad news. We've been drinking (and serving guests) the Yuban Organic, and for years, our guests have raved over our coffee but no more!!!

I hope someone with some sense steps in to right this wrong, this error, this dumb-ass move? Until they do C'est la vie, Yuban!

One VERY unhappy customer

Jan 23, 2017
by: Anonymous

My husband drinks decaf coffee and I drink regular but after trying Yuban decaf I was sold. When family came over and drank the coffee they marveled at how good the coffee tasted and were surprised it was decaf. They converted to Yuban also. We hadn't had Yuban for quite a while so I was very excited when 3-12oz cans were delivered to me. First thing I noticed was the coffee did not have that great smell while brewing,then the taste was ugh! What happened?? I quickly got on line to see if maybe I ordered the wrong one when I accidentally came across this blog. I am very disappointed. I will give the two unopened cans to charity. Thank goodness I decided not to buy a case. Will have to search for a replacement decaf coffee. Why mess with a good thing? Shows they care more about their profits than their customers.

Jan 20, 2017
Yuban is a traitor to coffee drinkers
by: Anonymous

Thank God for this blog because I thought my taste buds had crashed....I've used Yuban for decades....now it taste like mop water.

Walmart in my town quit carrying Yuban suddenly...I thought they were just out of stock. Finally found some at another store and it is awful. Now I know why.

I belong to Sam's not Kosco so some of the other suggestions on this blog don't work for me....I boycott Target for letting men in women's restrooms and dress rooms...so I don't shop there either.

Don't know what to try now. I also have Cafe Dumond mailed to me and usually put one scoop of that to one scoop of Yuban...it was always perfect. Now I don't know what to pair it with. Any Suggestions?

Jan 19, 2017
Why change something that was really good?
by: S. Womack

Have drank exclusively Yuban for years. Everyone that tasted it asked what coffee is it and switched to Yuban. Now the tasted has changed and it is not the same. Besides that cannot find Yuban on any Walmart, Target, or local grocery stores shelves. So what happened???? Kraft needs to look at this blog and learn. I too am looking for a different brand.

Jan 18, 2017
by: Mary

I too have been so disappointed. It is not the same. I can't even figure out what to do now. The starbucks at Costco seems charcoal tasting. I like the Seattle's best in the blue package but haven't seen it since last fall. What to buy now.

Jan 17, 2017

In the past few months I have been unable to find YUBAN in any of our grocery stores anymore including, HyVee and Walmart. They have both dropped the brand so that is not a good sign either. I have been a faithful YUBAN consumer for years and always got great compliments on my coffee and everyone asking what brand I buy. I am now using Seattle #3 brand and it is a great substitute for YUBAN. I find it at Walmart.

Jan 10, 2017
NOT a change for the better.
by: Anonymous

I had to switch brands due to the change in flavor too. What a shame and a great disappointment :( That WAS the greatest coffee in the world,why change it ?? Everyone I know is switching and searching for a new favorite.

Jan 07, 2017
No! No! No!
by: Anonymous

I HATE the 100% Arabica. Where is my delicious Columbian Yuban?!?!

Jan 01, 2017
Time to switch coffee brands?
by: S, willis

I am not sure what happened, and at first thought it was just me... But Yuban coffee must have changed where they get their coffee beans or they have changed their process, because it no longer has that rich taste anymore. Not to mention that the cost of coffee has gone sky high. What's up YUBAN ? Maybe it's time to switch to another brand?

Dec 20, 2016
You call this coffee???
by: Anonymous

I too have been a Yuban drinker for decades. I should have known when they came out with the "new look" that there'd be a corresponding new taste. Such a shame. Yuban was always a cut above the rest. Now, it's like drinking Maxwell House Master Blend (another Kraft product). I used to know when my better half was making coffee for the next morning. Now, I can't even tell when she opens a new can of Yuban, and I quit smoking 11 weeks ago after 45 years! Also, Yuban was showing up on sale for $5 a big "can* a few months ago, a lot less than prior months. So I too am switching to Folgers Columbian. Way to go, Kraft!!!

Dec 11, 2016
by: AnonMArieymous

I have been buying Yuban for more than 30 years (drinking it longer) and I am so disappointed with the new flavor! I used to brag to everyone about the flavor and not needing to buy "special" coffee beans. This canister will be my last one :(

Dec 08, 2016
Yuban is still better than most
by: Anonymous

Yuban is still my first choice for coffee. But I do miss the original Columbian flavor

Nov 30, 2016
Yuban has changed...
by: vallone

WOW..., really not the same. After twenty years, I have bought my last Yuban coffee. Back to Folgers Columbian I guess.

Nov 23, 2016
Yuban has gone bad
by: Randy

Until a few weeks ago, the canisters said "Roasted in California" and they made a great cup of coffee. The new package holds a giant disappointment. Very sad. Am going to try the Costco Colombian blend after we finish the two 'old style' yubans I stocked up on during the label change.
Yuban has lost another devoted customer.

Nov 20, 2016
What the heck
by: Jill Millard

Several months ago I bought a container of coffee like I always do and...YUCK. Should have learned my lesson. Bought another and...YUCK. I'm done with Yuban....tastes like the itch...

Nov 05, 2016
Try These Replacements
by: Anonymous

I am still angry with Yuban for fixing what wasn't broken. I drank it for years until they ruined it. Costco's Kirkland 100% Colombian replaced it. Just tried Walmart's 100% Colombian and it is very good as well. I was surprised! I understand they can't keep it on the shelves for this reason.

Nov 05, 2016
New Yuban - has flavor of paper
by: Tonya

It is not the same. Reminds me of the off brands you get at the dollar store. I will not buy it again.

Nov 04, 2016
Change in taste of Yuban original medium roast
by: Anonymous

There is a change in the taste of the original medium roast Yuban coffee, and not for the better for me.

I got my new order in, noticed it did not taste good. It now says "traditional" instead of "original" medium roast. Don't know why you would make this change. The "original" medium roast was the best coffee I had ever had.

I am reading the comments to you, and I see I am not the only one by far who noticed the change for the worse in Yuban.

I will be returning my order and begin looking for another coffee. Oh, well.

Nov 02, 2016
Yuban coffee
by: Gayl Evans

Why did you people change Yuban? I've bean drinking this coffee for years and it has changed to awful!!

The reason I changed to start with was because I didn't like the other brands. So now what!

I am one unhappy person!

Oct 26, 2016
its bitter and dusty now, yuck
by: Anonymous

Please bring back the good old .

Oct 24, 2016
All percolated coffee's
by: Anonymous

Not only Yuban ! Used to use Maxwell house medium . I've tried Dunken donuts , eight o'clock , pete's they all taste burnt.
What's a coffee drinker to do?

Oct 23, 2016
Yuban gone bad
by: Susan

I found this site by google search. I was searching to see if anyone else had noticed that Yuban coffee had changed.I am so disappointed that I have to look now for a new brand of coffee after all of these years of loving my Yuban :( Why does every company change what all ready works??? Cheaper for them I suppose :(

Oct 21, 2016
by: W R

I KNEW something was wrong. Just not the same. WHY WHY???????

Oct 17, 2016
So bummed!!
by: Barb H.

Yuban has always been my favorite coffee, now it's soooo flavorless! I thought it was my coffee maker going bad, so I brewed on another two different machine's. Ugh. It's the coffee. Wal-Mart and Target don't even carry it anymore. My mornings are not starting off good!!!

Oct 16, 2016
Costco's Kirkland Replaced Yuban for Me
by: Anonymous

I agree. You can't get a good cup from Yuban anymore since they changed from 100% Colombian beans to cheap ones. Costco's Kirkland coffee tastes the same as old Yuban did. Target has a good housebrand substitute (Market Pantry) with the 100% Colombians beans, too. I drank Yuban for years and years until they ruined it. Kirkland replaced it.

Oct 11, 2016
weak and almost flavorless
by: Anonymous

I have been having to use almost twice as much coffee when brewing trying to get a desired taste out of it to no avail. I am so disappointed. I know years and years ago when I first started using Yuban it was so rich with a wonderful flavor and then it seems like 10 years ago it started getting worse and worse. Now this last can I bought will be my last, I can not get a good cup of coffee out of it. I heard Kirkland coffee from Costco tastes like Yuban did years ago, so going to give that a try.

Sep 24, 2016
Don't mess with my coffee!
by: MG Hall

OMG... Now they are messing with my coffee!!! Not good! Why don't you just slap a Maxwell House or Folgers label on the Yuban can. Idiots! Who is running the show there at Yuban now? Whoever it is, they aren't cuttin' it.

Sep 23, 2016
Why would you ruin a great coffee?
by: Anonymous

The old original Yuban was all I drank, then I noticed it was tasting funny, so I did some research and found this site. I had thought my taste buds were just off, nope, they took a great product and ruined it, now it's fubar.

In what twisted form of logic, could you justify taking a product loved my millions for decades, and turning it into muddy gutter water?

Well I hope whoever made that call got fired, because I no longer buy it, I buy western family 100% Columbian now.

I am so tired of idiots trying to "fix" things that aren't broke.

Sep 21, 2016
by: Anonymous

I don't like the taste and I'm changing coffees -

Sep 18, 2016
Yuban is back baby
by: Anonymous

Haven't bought yuban in about a year because of the change in taste. Decided to try it again cause I missed it so much. And it no longer tasted bitter like it did before. It's not as bold and rich as the original but still very good. I'm back on the yuban plan man.

Sep 17, 2016
Disappointed with yuban
by: Anonymous

For years have been a loyal yuban coffee drinker. we've tried all of yuban variations here available to us here in my hometown and they suck.They should have never changed there formulation or whatever they did to the old versions. So much for the Grown in California we see on the can. We don't buy yuban anymore and are still searching for a coffee that is comparable to the old yuban

Sep 09, 2016
Please bring back the origanal formula!!
by: Anonymous

" Pacific Coast"," Traditional ,"Original" , "Original Gold"....... I thought i was continuously grabbing the wrong blend at the grocery store as the labels writing is small and worded quite similar, now after reading all your comments below i have to face the reality that the formula did change and not for the better!! i have only drank Yuban as a coffee drinker and thought it must have been an off day or a bad batch or even i grabbed the wrong blend at the grocery store and this is not the case!! PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL YUBAN COFFEE WE ALL LOVE!!

Aug 27, 2016
instant Yuban lost it's flavor, too
by: Anna Dresdon

Yuban instant was the best. Have loved it for years. But somewhere in the last year it has become undrinkable. Used to have that great rich coffee aroma when you opened a new jar and now, nothing.

So disappointed. Won't be buying Yuban any more.

Aug 25, 2016
Walmart, Target no longer carrying Yuban
by: Anonymous

Yuban coffees have disappeared of the shelves of local Walmart and Target. I'm wondering why.

Aug 25, 2016
Yuban replacement
by: Ranger

If you're looking for a Yuban replacement, I suggest you give the Walmart house brand Columbian a try. Reasonably priced, and I've been using it for two years after tiring of the downhill grade Yuban. But yes, i miss my old Columbian Yuban.....what could have possessed the company to change it?

Aug 19, 2016
Different Tastes
by: David H.

My boss bought "regular roast" at my job and I really liked it. So I got it in the store although it's called "traditional" roast.

The one I bought tastes different, almost like burned beans and has a bitter edge to it. So I'm wondering why there's a difference.

Aug 14, 2016
Still drinking Yuban
by: RoadrageinWY

As I stated last year, I discovered Yuban Pacific Coast blend which happens to be a pretty good coffee! When it goes on sale, I load up on it. No commercial coffee is as good, of course, as something like Guatemala Antigua, which is my personal favorite...but the Pacific Coast blend far outstrips most others on the shelf. I'm not paying exorbitant prices for 12 oz packages of "gourmet" coffees at the supermarket. If all else fails, I guess we can all just turn it into "Irish Coffee" - the booze will make any coffee taste okay. And after a couple, whothehell cares? lol

Aug 13, 2016
Very bad taste.
by: Brad

I've been drinking yuban for over 40 years and now I've wondered why it tastes terrible,reading everyone's comments I realize why, has anyone found a good replacement for yuban?

Aug 03, 2016
My Yuban has gone to pot and it's not in coffee pot any longer.
by: AnonymousBarbara

We are a 4 pot a day family. I am so sick. This coffee has lost us. Even our family deer camp people had loved and always asked for the brand. Not any more. I HATE change. I even ordered 2 large cans of the Yuban Gold. Will not order that again. It was just as bad, but a finer ground and a lot more of bad coffee to try to get down . I'm trying Costco brand.

Aug 01, 2016
Yuban is terrible anymore
by: Anonymous

Did Yuban change their coffee?? I have drank Yuban for decades, and the last few have made me change brands.. It is awful

Jul 17, 2016
Yuban Change Equals Losing One Longtime Customer!
by: Anonymous

The new Yuban formula taste is HORRIBLE! I too used to like the "edge" & full flavor of the original Yuba which, has now been replaced by lesser quality, more bitter beans! RETURNED mine & had to say goodbye to a longtime friend!!

Jun 29, 2016
Alternative brands
by: Just Plain Joe

If you can get it, two very good alternatives to Yuban are Food Club Colombian ( good Colombian taste with hint of cherry, much like original Yuban); and Chock Full O Nuts, also a tasty alternative.

Jun 29, 2016
Seriously Nestle's?
by: Just Plain Joe

Was unable to buy my usual Colombian coffee at store, so bought a can of Yubans. I remembered Yuban as being a very good premium coffee, but the first sip of this foul brew had me going back to the kitchen to look at the can. Sure enough, no more 100% Columbian Coffee, instead it said 100% coffee. I was relieved, as you might imagine, that it didn't contain roasted sawdust and toenail clippings. Definitely in top 10 worst tasting coffee , like a really nasty Robusta. So I'm sure some wunderkind executive is crowing about his accomplishment, and looking to profit from liquidation of once profitable company. Onward Titanic!

Jun 07, 2016
Yuban/Kraft foods
by: Andrew

Yes the newer blend is cheaper and is no longer a good cup of coffee...a real decline in quality. They trick us consumers with words like rain-forest or ground in California. Fail.
Per Kraft Foods(Yuban)on newer blend: 'The difference now is that the beans for Yuban coffee will be sourced from various countries in Central and South America, including Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Peru.

May 31, 2016
Went rapidly downhill years ago
by: Anonymous

I actually worked for Kraft Foods who owns Yuban, as well as Maxwell House. In the late 90s, Yuban was the best deal going in supermarket coffee as it was 100% Columbian. I drank it for years, until about 3 or 4 years ago, when I noticed a drastic change in the flavor. Finally had to stop drinking it. Still have a few unopened cans sitting on the shelf in the basement.

May 28, 2016
YUBAN was locked up and sealed in my mind as being the 'best of the best' . . .
by: Anonymous

Now, sadly I must find another brand and reprogram myself. I tend to be a terrible shopper. Once I find something I like I just keep buying and never trying other brands.

This last can of YUBAN has wiped out 40 some years of trusted brand connection.

This is not some mistake. This is a planned switch to low quality and low cost at the price of the brand.

Brand equity doesn't last forever. Once a company plays with their success formula for only their profit, this is the beginning of the end for the brand.

While we will continue to see YUBAN being sold, their market share will dwindle and go the way of the pet rock sooner than later.

We had many good years together YUBAN. Now we must part ways. Goodbye old friend - I already miss you.

May 26, 2016
Taste change
by: Jerome

I have enjoyed Yuban for several years. About every six months or so I open a can of Yuban & that wonderful aroma is not there. I go ahead & brew a pot and that great taste is not there.
What happened?

May 25, 2016
Yuban ... Was great tasting coffee but the new formula is awful
by: G

Been drinking yuban for a long time then this morning opened s new cannister and poured the first cup out it tasted awful. Like burnt beans or worst even my wife complained how bad it tasted. Went back to the store got another medium traditional roast 31oz can same bad taste as the other one I guess some one thought change was needed. Guess I will have to go back to folgers.

May 21, 2016
I don't like the change!!
by: Kay

I happened upon this blog by accident and after reading all the posts I now know I'm not crazy!! I thought my taste buds had gone bad!!! Seriously! I thought it was ME but I'm glad you shed the light on the change. I've been drinking Yuban for 30 years. Couldn't handle the oily Folgers or the very bitter maxwell house. Yuck.
There is a brand of coffee that is excellent but I've only found it online and it's expensive.....Douwe Egbert.
I think I'll have to go online and order some.
Thanks for the info guys!!

May 14, 2016
looking for new brand
by: Anonymous

Used to say 100% Columbian beans on the jar of instant coffee, then it was 100% Arabica beans, now it says nothing and tastes like sewer water. I'm looking for another brand.

May 04, 2016
by: Anonymous

I tell you what. After being a consistent Folgers drinker for years I have found Yuban a great change. It has a fuller body flavor which gives me a better tasting "black" cup of coffee than Folgers along with not having that "tinny" flavor that fancy Swedish or other fancy coffees have.. I dont know know (or care) if they switched beans or not. All I know is its better than Folgers.

Long time Folgers drinker

Apr 02, 2016
by: Anonymous

I really like the yuban from the plastic canisters. its not as acidic on my teeth! it's still strong though. very strong!!! I would like to sit here and appreciate the savory flavor of your product all night long.

Mar 28, 2016
Yuban or not Yuban
by: Anonymous

I like many others have enjoyed Yuban for many years. When ever it was on sale I bought up to 10 cans, to make sure I never ran out.

I've noticed the change in Yuban for about a year now but was unaware of why it changed so drastically. Until I checked into this web site and read the reviews. I was right when I told everyone Yuban is making cheaper coffee. I can now buy better coffee by getting the cheaper Wal Mart brand.

I have a surplus (from my last stocking up of Yuban) of 4 cans. It takes twice the scoops of Yuban to even get any coffee flavor at all, and it is awful. I will give it to a homeless kitchen.

I am going to start buying the cheap Wal Mart brand my daughter's buy now , They also were avid Yuban drinkers but have stopped buying it.
Yuban you had better wake up and go back to the old wonderful, unbeatable blend before you loose all your coffee business. This is my goodbye to Yuban coffee until you change back (if you do).

Mar 25, 2016
Tastes like cheap Robusta beans now, probably spelling the demise of the Yuban brand if not corrected soon.
by: Tyson

I, too, had been a loyal, longtime fan of Yuban for decades, but sometime in the past year or two, they quite obviously cheapened the blend. Now it clearly smells and tastes of the harsh and bitter Robusta beans used in most mainstream mass-market brands, exactly the sort of thing I'd formerly bought Yuban specifically to avoid. Mondelez Int'l (current owner of Yuban) is squandering their brand equity in Yuban, taking this formerly premium brand downmarket to compete directly with (or even undercut!) Folgers and, bizarrely, their own Maxwell House brand.

Once upon a time, for many decades, Yuban was a consistently reliable choice for reasonably-priced 100% Colombian Arabica pre-ground beans, generally fresher and better quality than most store-brand Colombian varieties and only slightly more expensive than those and mass-market Robusta blends, but well worth the nominal price premium. A few years ago, they dropped the 100% Colombian statement but remained a 100% Arabica blend and added Rainforest Alliance certification, but to my nose and palate the quality, flavor and aroma did not suffer for it. Most recently, the Arabica and Rainforest Alliance mentions vanished from the label, and any semblance of Yuban's former signature quality vanished along with them, as I have to conclude after trying the current blend three times over the past year or so (just to make sure I didn't get a bad batch).

I will not be buying Yuban again, unless and until the package label once again prominently states that 100% Arabica beans are contained within. As they stand today, I doubt anyone will be buying Yuban out of justified brand loyalty anymore but, rather, only because it happened to be on sale that week, which will probably spell the ultimate demise of the brand in due course. Such a shame to see a once-proud brand signifying a meaningful distinction being squandered so recklessly.

Mar 17, 2016
Bring back old formula
by: Anonymous

Yuban has lost their great flavor...perhaps it is the change from 'Columbian'. We are looking for a better morning JOE...after many years with Yuban.

Mar 08, 2016
In response to anyone who reacted to my view on tasty 7 dollar Yuban
by: Anonymous

In response to any one who reacted to my view on tasty 7 dollar Yuban.I agree that it is not as good as it once was.I ran out of everything and my local grocery store had Maxwell House on sale so I tried the Colombian version and made me ill right away.

Yuban is tastier(in my opinion) than the other 7 dollar coffee and it does not make me sick-it used to be Rain Forrest certified -I no longer see that label on the can, so i suppose that this might be part of this disappointing flavor change.

As of now I only drink organic fair trade-I just bought 4 cans and it cost me 12.50 more than staying w/crappy coffee.I guess I was in denial about Yuban (LMAO)

Mar 07, 2016
by: The Truth

Well since your ANON,I can only say to the last poster, obviously "your" not reading the posts here.Most of these posts are previous Yuban Drinkers and Former Fans of Yuban. Who are so disappointed in the quality of this Brand of Coffee. They have found a place to post common complaints!
So far your the "Only" one posting the fact that you drink and Like their Medium Roast! $7.00! Who cares about paying $7 if the Coffee Tastes terrible?
I guess u! BTW I really like Trader Joes as a Store, for certain foods. Their Coffee isn't very good quality! They buy very old Beans at very low prices.Have you noticed all their Coffee packaging is in the same cans? I can't tell one from the other! I will say they have "The Best" Organic Eggs on the planet! As well as many other fine foods!

Keep buying it!(Yuban) That's your wasted $$ not ours!

The Truth!

Mar 05, 2016
Are most of these threads from yuban's competitors?
by: Anonymous

Looks like yuban's competitors are leaving a lot of posts.I love the medium blend-I also buy all of Trader joe's coffees.Yuban- as far as I am concerned, is quite tasty-for about 7 bucks a can.

Feb 27, 2016
Yuban will not go away! Mccafe(Big Mac)
by: The Truth

Mccafe is McDonald's Coffee and it's super Inexpensive(Cheap)I just hope they don't have 19 diff ingredients in it,like their French Fries do!.Now for the Yuban Haters(anyone who drinks it).Unfortunately Kraft owns the naming rights to Yuban, and it's so well known that even if they put "Dirt" in their cans (well it's almost dirt now) They won't stop selling it! Look at Bottom Rung Store Shelved Coffees like MJB,Folgers,chock full o'nuts,Maxwell House. They all taste TERRIBLE! I realize not everyone wants to pay $14-20 bucks for 12oz of Specialty Coffee.But you would think their was one Company who would put quality over Profit!
In today's Coffee world you usually get what you pay for! If you really love your coffee like I do your gonna have to spend a little more now to get it!

The Truth

Feb 21, 2016
Yuban has gone very bad just recently
by: Anonymous

I have been buying Yuban from Costco for many years. Until recently, perhaps October or November of 2015, Yuban was acceptable, good enough. Now, as of about January/February 2016, it is conclusive. Yuban coffee has become very, very bad.

Yesterday, I threw out one mostly unused big can of Yuban and opened another. I hoped that the bad smell and bad taste was limited to just that one can. Nope. This new can of Yuban is just as bad as the last. I have yet another unopened can, and I can now see that I have wasted about $30 on Yuban. Yuban is now much worse than most/all bottom-of-the-line grocery store coffees. Yuban is the very worst.

Several of my family members refuse to drink Yuban coffee and we are all throwing it out, even full, unopened cans. No-one wants Yuban coffee; no-one will accept it. We have been trying to give it to each other and we are all now just throwing it out.

How to explain this change in Yuban?

Yuban was better than most/all grocery store coffees for many years. Could it be that the Yuban brand name is in the process of being exterminated by its owners? Perhaps the Yuban brand name is being "asset stripped" before being killed off.

Regardless, the Yuban brand name is unlikely to continue. No-one wants it, not even for free. Yuban is now truly very bad coffee, pretty much the worst.

As we long-term Yuban buyers discover how truly bad Yuban has become, and as we all come to accept that Yuban will be bad forever, well, what can the owners of the Yuban brand name expect?

Feb 19, 2016
go back to the Columbian coffee
by: Anonymous

I only noticed that this is not the original Yuban coffee that I have been taking for over 20 years. Considering that I am from Canada and I have to cross the border to get my Yuban coffee only to find out that it is not the same Columbian coffee. I will be shifting to McCafe after I finish the remaining Yuban coffee stock I have. McCafe' medium roast dark coffee is a very good substitute for my taste

Feb 14, 2016
by: Anonymous

Listen up yuban, go back to the old GOOD coffee or lose 2 more LONG time customers!!!!!

Feb 13, 2016
Yuban taste change
by: R. Francis

Sorry, I love you an...at 69, I have bought only your product for the last thirty five years.
The new mix is weak and it's sad
I will not change brand just move to dark roast, until you change it

Feb 03, 2016
Tastes Different
by: Anonymous

After drinking Yuban for 28 years and loving it, I've bought my last can. The Taste has changed and has an after taste, much like cheaper blends. I felt like Helen Keller on April Fools day. Someone had moved the furniture. Moved to Kirkland and Maxwell House Colombian blend. Not the same as the "old" Yuban but close.

Jan 27, 2016
Lack of taste in many brand-name coffees
by: Anonymous

Haven't bought Yuban of late but I'm having trouble finding ANY coffee that has the richness I'm accustomed to. Couldn't help but wonder if much of the arabica and/or Columbian beans are being utilized for the dozens of boutique coffees that are now on the shelves and lesser quality beans used for brand-name coffees.

Jan 27, 2016
by: Anonymous

was excited to see our store provide Yuban in bigger container at least until I made a pot! sorry folks THIS IS NOT THE SAME OR EVEN CLOSE COFFEE I GOT ON THIS SITE TO SEE IF MAXWELL HAD BOUGHT THE COMPANY, was really shocked to see so many people that feel the same as me, the sad thing is we would all have paid more to keep our regular Yuban . well back to folgers YUBAN I AM GOING TO REALLY MISS YOU

Jan 21, 2016
Youban Dark Roast Flavor Change
by: Anonymous

I thought I was going crazy till I read this post. After going through my older containers of coffee (I buy like 4 containers at a time). Those were great tasting btw... I opened up a NEW container of Dark Roast a few days ago. I knew instantly something had changed after I made a pot of coffee...

Had I not opened the container myself I'd have sworn someone had swapped the coffee for a cheaper brand. I had also noticed this change on different machines both at home and at work using either bottled or filtered water. At work I had thought someone missed a scoop.

What happened? I've always been able to make PERFECT coffee at home, for parties, etc. Folks would ask what I used as they loved the great taste.

Sad to say... now I need to look for a different brand.

Jan 20, 2016
Dark Roast Flavor Changed Too
by: Anonymous

What a disappointment! I thought I was going crazy thinking that I must have not added enough coffee or that my creamer was bad. Nope! I even added an extra scoop of coffee.

Youban dark roast has been my all time favorite for years! Now... I need to find another.

Jan 14, 2016
yu banned !
by: Anonymous

just read the posts of all my fellow FORMER yuban lovers ... what disappoints even more is the deceptive labeling over the past few years...

the yellow 'original' band was the GOOD 100% columbian we loved. then in the past several years my store shelves have seen the yellow 'original' band but the word 'gold' cleverly added way below along with '100% aribica' in small print. then there's the tan 'traditional' band - they started us out with a taste close to our beloved columbian, but soon snuck in the tiny print 'medium' and 'roast' on either side of 'traditional' on the tan band.

... so, to me, they purposely confused everyone into buying the crappy new yuban. DOUBLE shame on them; they not only ruined our coffee, they've broken our trust in Kraft products.

Jan 07, 2016
12 Oz Packs?!
by: The Truth

So you expect us to buy a case of Office packed Yuban to get their Colombian? No Thanks! BTW the Last couple of Posts who claim that Yuban is still OK, must not have bought some lately! Theirs absolutely no way you can convince anyone Yuban Traditional or The Original Medium Roast By Kraft Foods Roasted in San Leandro Ca is drinkable!It's disgusting 80% Robusta! Read this Article by clicking on the below link! This pertains to Yuban!


Jan 06, 2016
it's still here
by: javagirl

Hi all, you can still get Yuban 100% Columbian arabica bean coffee. It's available through office coffee service websites. The item is GEN 86307. These are 12 cup filter packs for coffee makers i breakrooms and restaurants. Don't give up hope!

Jan 06, 2016
try a different coffee maker
by: tundra king

Hey- Yuban is fine. Been making it in a 30year old Farberware electric percolator. Just Heaven!!!

Jan 06, 2016
Yuban, still good, but ...
by: Buzzer

Yuban is still a good cup for the money, but try Kirkland 100% Columbian, for a good Columbian cup.

Jan 05, 2016
Somthing's Different
by: Nanci

I had Yuban coffee (medium roast) while visiting my son & daughter-in-law in Colorado awhile back. Could not find it in any of our supermarkets until shortly before Christmas. I was so excited since this is the first it has been on our shelves. It does not taste like what I originally drank. We have a very good, and fairly new coffee maker so I wondered what I was doing differently. When I mentioned this to my daughter-in-law, she said "I think they changed something, it isn't the same." So much for switching from the brand we drank for 20+ years!! I am really disappointed. I really thought Yuban was as good as I have gotten at some coffee houses.

Dec 30, 2015
Yuban tastes bad
by: FarSideMan

Walmart no longer stocks Yuban Traditional except in the small cans, and there are usually only 1-2 cans on the shelf. I just opened my last 37.2-ounce cardboard can, and it tastes just as bad as the coffee in my last can. No wonder Walmart doesn't stock it, and my Brookshire's store doesn't stock it, either. It's really nasty, and nothing like the 100% Columbian I drank from 1980-2003.

I use a Keurig Mini-10 brewer now, and the best K-Cup coffee I've had in the past few months is Eight O'Clock Columbian Peaks, followed by Walmart's Great Value 100% Columbian (getting hard to find anymore).

Dec 20, 2015
by: The Truth

If you wanna see what People like Juan really did and does.I'm sending you to Cafe Imports and a Short Video showing how the best Colombian Coffee is Picked and processed! This Farm Bella Vista took 1st place in last years "Cup of Excellence".And looking at how they run their farm you can tell why they won! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!


The Truth!

Dec 19, 2015
Juan Valdez' donkey
by: pistachio

I heard that the donkey in Shrek is a great grandson to Juan's.

Dec 17, 2015
by: Anonymous

Of course I drink Yuban! Yes, yes in tribute to"THE GREAT" Juan Valdez, MY SUPER-HERO! Juan had the most beautiful donkey.

Dec 16, 2015
Very disappointed!!!
by: Anonymous

I have drank Yuban Columbian for many, many years mostly because it didn't bother my stomach, but was also delicious. Since the change in formula, that is no longer the case. The taste is not even close to the other flavor. I like my coffee strong with creamer and stevia. It used to be the perfect coffee for me. Now I am searching for a replacement. Very sad.

Dec 14, 2015
What Disappointment
by: Anonymous

After 45 years of enjoying Yuban Columbian coffee, and suddenly being unhappy with the taste, I noticed it no longer says "Columbian Coffee" on the can and Googled Yuban to find an explanation. I see I'm not the only Yuban fan disappointed with the taste -- It's now bitter and not the good coffee I looked forward to every morning and I won't be buying any more. Gourmet "burnt" tasting grinds aren't for me and always loved the mellow Yuban blend but the search is on.... too bad.

Dec 10, 2015
Yes Yuban Is Not the Same Quality
by: The Truth

As you can read by all the posts it's very simple.Yuban is using a very cheap Robusta Blended with a small amount of Arabica.The Arabica isn't even Colombian in source.Yuban is buying bulk amounts of Beans from mainly Brazil.Brazil is the worlds largest coffee producer,and has some massive farms. Many that are all machine Picked! All good Colombian and Latin American Coffee Beans that taste like the old Yuban is picked by hand! The good news is if you don't mind spending the Money Yubans old source for beans in Colombia yrs back is Fondo Paez.Just do a google Search for their Coffee and you will find it's still for sale.Here's a place selling a LB for $12.95(Not a bad price for that quality)!U can also read about some of Fondo Paez's challenges and bizness model!


Dec 07, 2015
by: Mrs Coffee Addict

I just purchased three cans of Yuban and had to take all three back. The aroma of the coffee upon opening was flat. I thought it tasted like decaf when I drank it. But now, after reading these posts I realize it was the change in beans.
I will have to get my "coffee fix" from another brand.
Thank-you for your comments and suggestions on other brands to try.

S Cali coffee drinker (_)^

Dec 05, 2015
by: Anonymous

25-30 years ago I was introduced to Yuban Decaf while eating at a Big Boy. It was the first Decaf I had tasted that actually tasted like coffee. Then I also started using the Regular Yuban. Lately both have gotten worse....and worse. I cleaned the heck out of my coffee maker thinking there may be mold to cause the coffee to taste so bad. Changed coffee makers. Tried skipping the coffee maker and used a filter over a cup while pouring hot water through the grinds. Thought my sense of taste was defunct, but everything else tastes just fine. OK Folks, I'm with you. Yuban just "ain't" anywhere near what it use to be! Decaf, Regular, all the different blends are terrible! It doesn't have the slightest hint of even being COFFEE!!! There are other food items I have discontinued because the quality became so poor after the Companies sold out to...Companies that are more interested in $$$ than Quality. So Sad!

Dec 04, 2015
Enjoyed it for over a decade.
by: Anonymous

I noticed before I stopped buying it that it had lost its robustness. It was bland. Come to find out, the reason was because the beans had been downgraded...no longer 100% Columbian. I actually felt angry, because I loved Yuban. The good news is Costco's in-house brand, Kirkland, offers a perfect replacement! It is 100% Columbian, and tastes the same as the old Yuban, rich and robust. Give it a try! (Note: I cannot speak for the decaf...haven't tried it.)

Dec 03, 2015
Yuban has been goinh down hill for years now!
by: 40 years with Yuban-No more

I have been drinking Yuban since 1975. Turned many family and friends on to Yuban for years. I have noticed for about the last 10 years it has been changing, but I hung in there! Now it has gotten to the point I can't even drink it anymore! What a shame. They obviously are purchasing cheaper coffee beans, but the price still reflects quality. Too bad!

Nov 14, 2015
Mr Kraft is out of his Mind
by: Anonymous

We bought Yuban for 46 yrs, not anymore. The price kept rising and the taste went down to the lesser costing coffees. So as I said in the title Mr Kraft is out of his mind. By the way his team is a boat load of cheaters. Just like his selling the Brand Yuban with "his taste of bad cheap coffee". Sad so very sad...

Nov 13, 2015
OMG....I almost purchased....
by: Anonymous

....a case from Amazon without even knowing and JUST HAPPENED to see this blog....how sad!

I know from all the posts and rants that people LOVE their coffee....it IS the new oil commodity.

Aw, but let remenince.... I'm 67 and when I was 16 I can remember my dad getting his Yuban and his Chemex coffee apparatus ready to make his morning coffee. This was back when you had to fold the huge round filters to fit the cone.

The AROMA was heavenly.

I guess my tastebuds have changed some but I'm still a coffee whore. I LOVE MY COFFEE! To find out that Juan is dead almost leaves me as sad as my own dads passing. Boooooo hoooooo

Nov 09, 2015
Yuban sucks will not buy it any more
by: Anonymous

After buying Yuban for over 20 years will not buy it again.

Nov 08, 2015
Yuban Not Changing!
by: The Truth

Sorry Laura,
Yuban/Kraft Foods will never go back to buying Beans from Colombia at least not in their "Yuban" Original Brand.They are now just like many other very inferior Mass Market Produced Coffees, ie Folgers,Maxwell House,Hill Bros etc... U have two choices if you want 100% Colombian and want that rich Satisfying Cup.That is pay a lot more for your Coffee and Order "Specialty Brands" Range $12-$19 for 12oz-16oz! I found Piping Rock who sells a decent 100% Colombian very similar to the old Yuban for $8.99 a Pound! Like I said there are much better Colombian Coffee beans available,but not below 10 Bucks! Give it a try, I'm sure you won't be disappointed! If you do want to spend a little more the best Colombian Coffee for the Price is from Willoughby's. U can get a Specialty Roast Huila Colombian for $12.99 a LB.Believe me that is a fair price for this quality of Beans! See 2nd Link!

Thx, The Truth!



Nov 06, 2015
After 50 years of Yuban...
by: Anonymous

I got my mother to try Maxwell House Columbian .She likes it much better than the "new " Yuban

Nov 04, 2015
Really upset
by: Laura

I only starting drinking Yuban a few years ago. My oldest brother introduced me to it and I was sold. Had such a nice roasted coffee taste. I am utterly disappointed about this change in formula. Not even sure how I will possibly find a better tasting coffee. I pray they change back to the original formula. Maybe if enough complaints are made,the Yuban company will do something.

Nov 01, 2015
What The Hell Happened To My Coffee???
by: Dee

I am beyond disappointed with this change in Yuban! I've been a Yuban customer for over 15 years & absolutely loved that full, rich-bodied flavor. However, after my most recent purchase, I'm sorry to say no more. I actually felt sick after drinking less than a half cup of whatever it is this new stuff is supposed to be... It no longer is a good cup of coffee by ANY MEANS! At first,I thought it was me or maybe I was getting sick, but after going online I see the news is even worse!! Yes,in today's world, unfortunately, $$$ is at the root of pretty much everything & Kraft is just another shining example of that! Lessen the quality, lessen the cost & raised the price!! I've had a long love affair with Yuban, but now I'll be searching for a new coffee brand & buying elsewhere! Congratulations Kraft, You really F***-Up a good thing!!!

Oct 29, 2015
30 years of brand loyality
by: Jim

Its new coke all over again, corporate thinking at its best. This new crap smells bad and taste like old tennis shoes, it totally sucks! With all their different flavor variations they couldn't keep the leader? How wonderfully corporate of Kraft.

Less for more, oh well, I am sure there a few other Kraft products we can move away from in light of this betrayal. Of course there will be no impact but at least I will feel better.

Damn It!

Oct 27, 2015
Yuban Pac Coast Blend
by: Paula

I expect that Yuban will discontinue the Pac Coast blend before long, because we LIKE it. Every time I find a tolerable coffee (Max South Pac. Blend, for instance) the company drops it. I agree, it isn't in the same class as custom blends, but I buy a couple of cases of it every few months whenever I can get it for about 6 bucks a can. It's pretty good. I remember when Folgers was even a good cuppa. WAY back. No wonder all the coffee flavorings are doing a booming business - people coat their taste buds with that stuff and who knows how bad the coffee really is??? Short of finding a good roaster with fresh beans and having a pocketful of money to pay for it, really GOOD coffee is hard to come by. 100% Columbian, which I buy if I'm out of my choice, isn't even always that good. ACK

Oct 25, 2015
WOW Amazing
by: The Truth

Your def an anomaly! Your the First Post in Many yrs to say u like the Current Yuban! Wow, I don't know what your used to drinking, maybe Sanka Instant,but theirs no way you can convince anyone on this planet, that the current Yuban, that comes in Plastic Containers tastes even remotely good! It doesn't even smell like Coffee when you open the Container.See the Link below. Its a few yrs old but tells whats going on in the Mass Produced Coffee World.Talks about Yubans parent Kraft! The Beans they buy are Rock Bottom "Robusta".A very inferior to "Arabica" Varietal of Bean.

Oct 23, 2015
I don't get it
by: steve

I never drank the old formula of Yuban coffee so I couldn't tell you the difference, I can tell you that I love the way this Yuban tastes. Not to strong, not to weak. I think for the money it's the best on the market. I would never change brands.

Oct 22, 2015
last 2 cans are aweful
by: Kitty

I used to love yuban coffee. but lately its tasted like dirty sock water and stunk the minute I pealed open the can. I cleaned coffee pot several times , and changed water filter on water system too. But I cant even stand the smell of the coffee itself. I am not Prego, I do not smoke, so I will be calling the company and complaining!

Oct 21, 2015
U would Complain also!
by: The Truth

Most people would pay a couple bucks more to get a decent cup of Coffee! It doesn't do any good for the Company(Kraft) if they can't get repeat buyers! Isn't that the goal for any retail food product? Why do you think the Coupon Game is so popular? Repeat Bizness! Well no one who still has their taste buds would ever buy Yuban in it's current quality.It's simply not drinkable! To the last poster "Anon" have you tried Yuban recently? Or are you just bored and giving a general opinion of Human Nature?

The Truth!

Oct 14, 2015
How Long?
by: Anonymous

Come on. I look at these posts and it is the same complaint for 3 years now like they just changed it yesterday. Look at all companies in this country. They have to save where they can in order to have competitive pricing. How many people will shop at discount places that treat their employees like dirt in order to save 2 cents on a can of beans. Americans want the most for as cheap as possible, yet want high wages and complain about how much someone else makes. I think you all just want something to complain about. And NO, I do not work for Kraft foods.

Oct 10, 2015
it's different, not good!
by: Anonymous

I've tried it the last couple cans, but it's not the same, it taste like wood or something.
I will never buy it again unless I hear that they've changed back to the original formula.
I've been drinking Yuban since I was a kid, I'm 60 now. I think Yuban tried changing their formula years ago I quit drinking it then for quite a few years. Why mess up a good thing, if you have to cut cost raise the price a little,
I'll buy it if it's the original formual.

Oct 05, 2015
by: Anonymous

Juan Valdez was a perfectionist and knew everything about the company. It took him a lot of time to fill up a bag of beans.

Because of this, after 50 years of dedicated service, Juan was terminated and escorted to the door by security personnel. He now lives on welfare in Miami. Sorry folks, but it is what it is...

Oct 03, 2015
This explains a lot
by: Anonymous

I thought Yuban smelled and tasted different (not nearly as good). Now I know I'm not alone. This is what happens when executroids (the mindless, soulless creatures that inhabit corner offices in high rise office buildings) are allowed to run our world. In trying to grub a few more pennies of profit for the bottom line they destroy the product.

Oct 02, 2015
Yuan's flavor
by: Kay

I'v been drinking yuan sence the age of 20, I'm now 57.
Urban used to have a rich smokey, kinda sweetness to it. I looked forward to my morning coffee! It now is bitter and so unsatisfactory.
This is a big deal to those of us who wake up thinking about the savory cup of Yunan...But it does not exist anymore. Please go back to the old way of roasting ( preparing) it

Oct 02, 2015
worse than ever
by: Steve H

I have drank Yuban since the 70's and it was one of my favorites and the best ever. My parents use to drink it all the time.
I never thought it would turn out so awful, that it would taste like a standard store brand of coffee!

Sep 11, 2015
The change of Yuban
by: Anonymous

I definitely think so. The absence of the "Columbian" label is proof in my mind. My Grandfather drank Yuban. So I had early exposure back in the late '60s. I was my "go to" coffee. That smooth, fullness of flavor beat out any other canned coffee. That flavor and smoothness stayed even when made strong, drip or percolated at morning camp site. A lost beautiful aroma. This change has happened over the last couple years I think. I thought maybe I got a bad can or 2 and didn't want to admit that the coffee had gone down hill. I'm done with Yuban for now.

Sep 08, 2015
Kraft owns yuban
by: Anonymous

Kraft foods owns yuban and Maxwell House and they taste the same. Kraft looks at the bottom line not what is good. Velveeta need I say more yuk.

Aug 22, 2015
Yuban gold
by: Anonymous

Yuban gold is not too bad. The other stuff they sell tastes like Maxwell house. yuk

Aug 22, 2015
yuban gone forever
by: drew

gotta say goodbye to Yuban. taste just like Maxwell house now. yuck! anything to do with kraft is just low rent. period.

Aug 04, 2015
Exciting News for Old School Yuban Lovers!
by: TheTruth

Ok Folks I can officially report back I found a Colombian that's reasonably priced that tastes as close to the old Colombian Yuban as you gonna find!
I just finished my First bag and Already ordered another.Good news is you can buy it Whole Bean or Ground, and it's only $8.99 a pound! Your not gonna get anything that tastes like this real 100% Colombian for cheaper! I was surprised since I pay twice that or more for only 12oz for other good Colombians! No offense to the Last Poster but "seattle's best" only sells blends of crappy stuff! They have no 100% Colombian Coffee! They cater to places Like Burger King! Below is link to the Coffee I was talking about above! Any other feedback would be great!(And no I don't work for them or anyone)I'm happily retired :-)


Aug 04, 2015
Yes, it tastes a lot different
by: Net Net

I use to love Yuban, only kind I would buy, now it tastes old, like Maxwell House (yuck or Folgers) always hated what they taste like..seems they are not buying quality coffee beans anymore..makes me sick sometimes. yucky, going to Seattle Best now.

Jul 12, 2015
We're still fairly happy with Yuban Pacific Coast Blend
by: Anonymous

I just bought 12 more cans of Yuban Pacific Coast Blend (my grocery manager friend in another town alerts me when he's putting it on sale and I order two cases or so). I find it about the best that's out there (I do NOT buy Starbucks or any of the premium coffees in the stores - it's like russian roulette. This is fine until I get to a coffee roaster and treat myself to my first love - Guatemala Antigua.

Jul 11, 2015
Off-Topic (My Bad)
by: Anonymous

We didn't pick up Medium Roast Original but Dark Roast. (A large plastic).
The smell was un-coffee-like, strong, bad, asking myself "Is this bad beans (moldy, soured, rotted) that have been re-roasted? Is this rotten? What is with this?
After all that, I must say, that the store brand purchased previously (a Columbian) was much superior!!!
Meanwhile, may I add, that Yuban used to have a Rainforest Alliance symbol on it. Rainforest Alliance will not answer my questions about Yuban. However, I actually called Yuban and said, "Why don't you have the Rainforest Alliance symbol on your plastic?" She said, it is still Rainforest Alliance (30%) however, they do not put it on the container. I find this hard to believe.
Anyway, old habits die hard and we now have a huge plastic of this stuff. Maybe I will take it back, wish me luck.

Jun 09, 2015
by: The Truth

If anyone reads this blog they must see the pattern of people telling you YUBAN isn't any good Any-More!
We all know it was good back in the day.Now it's not even as good as (Don't slam me fans) Folgers YUCK! As a matter of fact if the CEO doesn't see the reviews, he's blind! Their current buyers should be fired! Theirs tons of good Coffee Beans Available in Central and South America for low prices(see link).Not 25 cents a pound but Low 1-3 dollar range! Eventually Yuban sales will decline so much that Mondelez International will be forced to change beans!

The Truth!


Jun 07, 2015
Prices up - Quality down.
by: Anonymous

I just bought a plastic of Yuban and right when I opened it I knew there was a problem, smelt like wood shavings. I looked to see if it was out of date had a year left.
Made a cup and could not drink it. YUK went back.

Apr 03, 2015
New Colombian Source
by: The Truth

Hi Folks,
I have passed along some places where I buy my Specialty Colombian Beans.I just found a new source.I order supplements from PipingRock.Com. They just teamed up with a new Coffee Line "Arturo Rudolfo".They have a bag of Colombian Coffee either Ground or Whole Bean on Sale for $5.99 a Pound! I haven't tried it yet,so I can't vouch for the taste.It does have good reviews so far.If anyone wants a real Colombian for a Budget Price, give this a look.Until I can try some I welcome any feedback from anyone who does try it! BTW They only charge $3.99 Flat Fee for shipping.I can vouch for their Supplements,Vitamins, Herbs etc..All good prices and good quality! Happy Drinking! "The Truth"


Mar 23, 2015
Yuban- It's in the Smell!
by: The Truth

Hey Y'all.Do you remember how good Freshly Ground Coffee Smells? Now go buy a Plastic Container of Yuban.Open it and smell it!
You won't smell anything that resembles Coffee! It's revolting! I'd rather pay more.And I look forward to waking up and drinking "REAL COFFEE"every day!

If you order Real Coffee from one of the Specialty Roasters, you can smell the Coffee, before you even open the package it came in! It's still less to buy good beans, grind them at home, and make a pot, then paying for a Latte at Starbucks every Day! I like http://www.gocoffeego.com/ Pick your favorite Coffee Country, you will find it on their web site! Shipping is flat $4.95 for 2 Coffees! Super Reliable-Super Fast.Works for me anyway!

And Thats "The Truth"!

Mar 20, 2015
feel yucky
by: Anonymous

I decided to try Yuban because my normal coffee is really expensive where I go to school now. I can't drink much of it because it makes me feel sick, and then it's hard to study feeling like that. So I decided to just pay more and go with my regular coffee, a very good decision. :)

Mar 15, 2015
I have just ordered a couple cases of that Yuban Pacific Coast Blend
by: Anonymous

Hi, all. Since I'm pretty sure that Yuban Pac. Coast Blend will not last very long, I did ask my grocery guy (who is a sweetheart for putting up with me and my coffee fixation) to get me two cases when it goes on sale $6.99/can the 18th. We were pleased with the taste of it (though it can't hold a candle to some of the really GOOD old coffees back when a coffee company made a couple styles and that was it. Is it competition for shelf space that makes these guys create all these different kinds of crap coffee? Such a mistake. Not that they care. I think maybe I'll call my old roaster company (if they are still in business) and see what they are now getting for Guatemala Antigua. Probably something like $20 a pound by now! lol

Mar 14, 2015
no more
by: Anonymous

it is not anything like the kind with Juan on the side, I quit buying it.

Mar 10, 2015
Kraft Ruins Foods
by: Trix

I have been a Yuban drinker for 30 years & it's lost all it's flavor since they changed it & went to the plastic containers with the built-in handle that robs us of that much more coffee!
Who thought that up?
It's weakened & flat & has lost the rich aroma that was once it's trade mark... (that and the orange woman drinking it!)
I always paid more for Yuban weather it was on sale or not because shit coffee can go against one's stomach & make you bilious. Also expect headaches!
Using more of it doesn't help, either.
I boil it & always had.
They ruined something good & now offer these off-the-wall variations no one wanted (because they didn't previously exist).
It also makes it that much harder & confusing to get the original. The stores try to unload the crap variations & no one knows the difference between traditional & original.
How Dare You tamper with the original Yuletide Blend by cheapening it! The f***wits at Kraft had better stick to the awful Mac & cheese parody or post WW2 margarine spreads they know best!!!!

Mar 05, 2015
The quest for decent coffee!
by: Anonymous

I LOVE Guaremala Antigua, but haven't bought for a long time, because it's now very expensive from a roaster. I found Maxwell House South Pacific Blend several years ago, and it was GOOD. Then all of a sudden, I couldn't get it from Walmart anymore. I even ordered it from a Lowe's in NC a couple times. Then the coffee started tasting different, and the labeling was different..so when I found I couldn't obtain it last fall from my local store, I wasn't that disappointed. I started to grab my old standby, Yuban - knowing it was decent Colombian. Surprise. No more 100% Colombian! I happened to see a medium roast Pacific Coast Blend can of Yuban 3 months ago, and bought it to try. It's very nice! I've arranged to buy a couple cases from a store in another town, whose grocery guy is a huge help. He lets me know when it'll go on sale and orders extra for me. Bless him. Now, being a pessimist, I'm sure that Kraft will screw around with the formulation of THIS coffee as well and soon I won't have it to enjoy anymore. I am such a fanatic that I was writing letters to Kraft early on, saying how much I liked the South Pac. Blend - - and within months, that was changed. I should just keep my mouth shut! With the rotten luck we seem to have with anything we happen to like, I expect that this will either disappear or be changed and so I can only hope to keep a few cans ahead so my good coffee experience will last a little longer. Sounds as if I am not the only coffee lover out there. Know what I think is encouraging this lack of interest on the part of coffee vendors? The fact that people buy crap coffee and load it up with all the flavored liquids available. If you have a good coffee it's sacrilege to put anything into it! But look at how sales of the flavors have gone up in correlation to the decrease in quality of coffee!

Feb 28, 2015
Looking for a new coffee
by: Anonymous

Wow , i,m so sad i have been looking for Yuban in the stores but i could never find it now its every place but tastes like crap. Hopefully Kraft will change it back before it loses all the long time consumers.

Feb 09, 2015
No Colombians?
by: The Truth

Well in this case your wrong.Their are many Colombians that not only taste as good as the old Yuban but even better at http://www.gocoffeego.com/
The only caveat is their not gonna be $7-9 dollars for 2 lbs! I will give you this link and tell you right now you could order the Villa Loyola from PT's Coffee or the Nilson Lopez from Kuma Coffe both excellent Colombians if your willing to spend the money.Doma has the Fondo Paez Colombian for about $15 an lb.Expensive yes, but once again your not gonna find specialty coffees for cheap anymore!

Just check out the above site and do a advanced search for Colombia and you will find about 15 diff vareties. All 100% real Colombian Specialty Coffees!

The only mass produced decent Colombian is Walmarts Great Value Colombian. Order online for $8.48. http://ow.ly/JqdLh

Feb 06, 2015
its a shame.
by: Anonymous

After finding out that kraft changed this coffee.I went on a quest to find something as good 30 brands later nothing even came close.so I gave away almost all the ones ive tried.even with requests from people who were yuban fans.there is no coffee out there as good as the old yuban!

Feb 02, 2015
by: Lynn

I recently ran out of the numerous (15) cans of Yuban I bought when it was $2 off. Purchased 2 new cans. I have thought for the last couple weeks that there was something wrong with my tastebuds ... my coffee tasted terrible. I looked at the can this morning and noticed it doesn't say "roasted in CA" anymore and doesnt refer to the kind of coffee it is. I got on here and searced and found this. I am glad to know I am not NUTS or SICK ... its the coffee not me. So weak ... no taste ... very sad ... have drank it for many many years ... no more .. returning my unopen can today and in search of something new.

Feb 01, 2015
Yuban is Yubad!
by: The Truth

Not only have they changed the formula but the packaging has gotten smaller and smaller.Kraft could care less about quality in this particular brand.Good Coffee from Colombian cost more than Kraft would ever pay!Remember Yuban is in every Grocery Store,every Retail Store,Pharmacies etc..
Brazil mass produces very average Robusta.Colombia only grows Arabica.If Yuban were to go back to it's original formula a 2+lb plastic container would be Double the avg $7.95 price! Kraft/Yuban will never mass produce "Original Colombian Yuban" ever again.They have an Arabica for Businesses,but even that is no where the quality of the past!


Jan 31, 2015
Kraft also did it to Maxwell House Colombian Supreme
by: Anonymous

We use to be faithfull customers of Maxwell House Colombian , I was searching for other Colombian Coffees to try when I discovered this website and thought about giving Yuban a try , sounds like not a good idea , 8 o clock Colombian use to be close but sorry to say , it's not even the same , tried Folgers and was disappointed , sounds like Yuban Colombian and Maxwell House Colombian were about the same , just a different Brand , sounds like we are all on the same page when it comes to this , Kraft has ruined the taste of two great products.I appreciate some of help others have added in their comments as to where to buy Good Colombian Coffee, it greatly appreciated ! Here is to all us who miss a great cup of Colombian , Hopefully Kraft will get the message and bring back the taste of two great coffees !!

Jan 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have been a loyal Yuban coffee drinker for many years. I noticed the last two cans tasted different. I am a big fan of Colombian coffee and when I purchased a can a few months back, I noticed the can looked different and it did not show as "Colombian" anymore. I always buy the large can. I noticed the taste is a lot weaker. I have a small 4 cup coffee maker and used to put 3 scoops of ground coffee and the taste was always perfect. Now even after using 4 scoops, it seems VERY weak. If they don't change it back to the way it was, I will find another brand. You know what they say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"????

Jan 27, 2015
by: Brian George

I'm enjoying a nice cup of MJB Columbian right now.... Still comes in a metal can too.

Jan 26, 2015
Not As Bold & Rich
by: Anonymous

I am a newby but not that new at drinking Yuban and I even notice the difference just since mid 2014. It was a lot richer and just opening the container it smelled so wonderfully delicious and grand but as you all say it is not so much any more. I did not realize Kraft was the owner and they packaged all these other brands. Gevalia French Roast is next in line for flavor I guess but I too loved the deep dark rich flavor of Yuban. Guess we have to say goodbye to Juan and hello to the donkey that changed it.
Heart Broke In AR

Jan 19, 2015
traditional yuban flavor
by: Anonymous

There is a difference in the present day Yuban. Todays Yuban is not as good. there I something coffee.missing and I think it's the lack of Colombian beans. I am going to start using other brands and see which I might prefer.

Dec 28, 2014
Kraft foods now Mondelez brands.
by: The Truth

Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods) — Coffee brands include Yuban, Maxwell House, General Foods International Coffee, Gevalia, Kenco, Maxim, Tassimo, Nabob, and Sanka. Kraft Foods is making an effort to use more Rainforest Alliance certified coffee in some of their brands, mostly in Europe, but it still makes up only a small percentage of their total coffee. In the U.S., make sure to examine the Rainforest Alliance seal on the package — it will tell you how much certified coffee is in the package, and it is often only 30%

As posted earlier.Big Coffee has gone Wall Street.Not Main Street.Mondelez symbol is MDLZ.Also when 7 out of every 10 beans are very low grade "Robusta" u get YUBAN.It's now about as good as instant Coffee.Like their Sanka!

Dec 26, 2014
Flavor altered
by: Anonymous

Not since the first time I had a cup of Yuban coffee at a neighbor's has a first time sip ruminated on my tastebuds. fort of all as you brought the cup up to your mouth the aroma circled your mask and the labor was instantaneous. I describe it as a "nutty" taste. And whether you drank it by itself black or added milk creamer sugar sweetener it's taste WAS so distinct that it filtered through. So incredibly satisfying to start the day like that. I now drink Maxwell House Medium roast and it's alight, but nothing like the original Yuban that came delivered by Juan Valdez!

Dec 24, 2014
by: Anonymous

We've been happy Yuban customers for about 8 years now, but NO MORE. The last two containers have been mysteriously disgusting, and now I know why! Thank you for providing me with confirmation that it's not just me! And to the Yuban company, or, more accurately, Kraft company, you just kissed our business a permanent goodbye; even if you go back to providing a quality product, I'll NEVER buy it again, because I refuse to knowingly give my money to companies WHO ARE PROVEN A-HOLES. Issue #1= I hadn't realized Yuban was a Kraft product, you clearly try to downplay the relationship, which I feel is dishonest and slimy. Issue #2= I HAD noticed that the containers have been SHRINKING while the price was CLIMBING (F YOU with a SHARP, LONG, SWORD!!!). And Issue #3= This is CLEARLY NOT the same product, the last two containers have been absolute CRAP; UNdrinkable. I'm now putting the remainder where it belongs, IN THE GARBAGE, and am going out to spend my money on a coffee made by someone else, and I'll CERTAINLY be checking the label's fine print to make sure it's not another company that's been secretly gobbled up by shitty Kraft.

Dec 20, 2014
I want my Colombian coffee back
by: Anonymous

Yuan Makers are idiots.

Remember Coca Cola? Bring Yuban Classic back.

I threw that crap out!!!!

Dec 17, 2014
Yuban Gold or Traditional
by: The Truth

The difference is theirs no difference.It's just a marketing thing.Some vendors like the name to be one thing, other vendors like another.When you open that "plastic" can of Yuban all you need to do is smell it to know this isn't 100% Arabica.No matter what Kraft sez.They are buying very cheap "less than a dollar a pound" beans from mostly Brazil.Actually the best place to find great Coffees is GoCoffeeGo.com They carry most of the top roasters in the US.Granted your not gonna get a LB of good Colombian for $8.00! It doesn't exist! If you scroll down to one of my earlier post I told you that "Fondo Paez" is where Yuban used to purchase most of their 100% Colombian back in the day! It's a very good Colombian!

Kickapoo Coffee also sells the Premium Fondo Paez Organic. Once again it's not cheap, but you get what you pay for when it comes to Specialty Coffees!


Dec 17, 2014
Alternative to Yuban
by: Navy Gal

I, too, used to love Yuban. While in the military, I brewed it every morning to start my day. It has changed... Can't drink it anymore. Now I order from CoffeeBeanDirect.com I order the Columbian Supremo City Roast. It is very good!!! You can order whole bean or grind for drip makers. I also ordered from Higher Ground, (from a link above) from Fondo Paez, Columbian brand. I haven't tried that one yet. Anyway, this is the ONLY way to get good coffee anymore. Also, there is CoffeeCSA.org where you can order, but I didn't find anything from Columbia on their site. I did order some coffee from Peru, but hubby and I don't like it. Hope this helps. Good luck to all.

Dec 15, 2014
Yuban Gold or Traditional?
by: Anonymous

OK. I just read all the comments on Yuban coffee and I am a little confused!!
Exactly can anyone tell me what the difference is between Medium ORIGNAL Roast Yuban GOLD and the TRADITIONAL Yuban before I open the can!!

Dec 04, 2014
Coffee Review
by: The Truth

A great place to find good coffees is http://www.coffeereview.com

Granted their is Colombian Coffees that are so good, they are like comparing a $100 bottle of Vintage Wine to a 2 Buck Chuck from TJ's! Yuban scored 73.Enano-93(Link Below)
The below link is the best Colombian I've ever tasted.Yes it's super pricey.But,once you tried this quality of coffee,it's worth the $40 for 2lbs!I've posted other coffees that are cheaper in price like the old Yuban.Like I said in earlier posts, if Yuban was to buy 100% Colombian, each plastic 2+ lb would be in excess of $25.00! The big Coffee market has gone Wall Street! Give yourself an early X-mas present and order some Enano! I welcome comments for anyone who tries it! The Truth!


Dec 02, 2014
by: D. Williams

As a teenager, Yuban was the first cup of coffee that I drank. My father had been drinking it since the early 60's. I drank it for well over 35 years myself. The confusion first started at the grocery store when "Traditional", "Original" and all of these other names were showing up on the cans. Then one morning my wife and I started talking about how the coffee just had not seemed the same in the past month. We thought that it was the water or our taste buds. Costco was only selling the "Traditional". So we went to another store and bought "Original". Original what? This was just as terrible. I went into the garage and grabbed an old metal Yuban can (now holding nails) and there it was, the Juan Valdez certification and 100 percent Columbian. No "Original" or "Traditional", just "YUBAN".
I have yet to find a Yuban replacement. The Smart and Final brand with Juan on the can will have to do for now. I had just ponied up for a new industrial Bunn coffee brewer too. Life will never be the same.

Nov 25, 2014
MJB Columbian
by: Brian George

Try MJB Columbian.. Great coffee...

Nov 25, 2014
Horrible coffee
by: Don

Opened a new container of Traditional Yuban (whatever that is) today and immediately noticed there was no "fresh" coffee aroma. Brewed up a pot as usual, and it was absolutely horrid. The acidic, plastic, taste was so bad it turned my stomach. It even has a plastic smell sitting in the cup. Guess I had been lucky with the containers I purchased up to now, but had noticed it definitely was not as good lately. The customer service person knew nothing, of course, but at least a replacement coupon is enroute.

Nov 19, 2014
What has happened to Yuban coffee?
by: Anonymous

Whatever Yuban did to their coffee has resulted in a just plain awful cup of coffee. Looking at other reviews here, others are of the same opinion. I think Yuban has put themselves out of business.

Nov 19, 2014
what happened to their RA certification
by: redheadedchat

Would/could this have something to do with the change in the Rainforest Alliance qualifications? It was one of the main reasons I purchased Yuban but about a year ago the certification disappeared from the label. Evidently the rules for certification changed and in order to get the certification, more certified beans had to be used. Yuban had only 30%, which was ok. I haven't been able to find any info on whether Kraft was now following the new rules or whether they abandoned RA all together. I'm beginning to believe the latter. Either way, I suspect it would affected the taste.

Nov 19, 2014
by: Antie Em

Yes, I concur---the Yuban flavor has changed as I've noticed bitter almost "chemical" aroma when I open the traditional roast....am switching to Organic coffees---more expensive but as a coffee snob--worth it.

Nov 18, 2014
I see it is not just me
by: Anonymous

Had been my favorite for over 3 decades. Just have not enjoyed the flavor as much over the last 2 or 3 years. I thought it used to say "100% Columbian" on the can but note now that it reads "California roasted". Very disappointing. Google led me to this web site. Had not discussed this with my wife, but now she says she noticed the change as well. The search for a replacement starts tomorrow.

Nov 18, 2014
100% Colombian, like old Yuban
by: The Truth

Is still out their and available to the public.You just have to pay a lot more to get it!I'm not big in the promotion bizness and can only make people aware of where to buy the good old Yuban type Coffee.Anyone recognize this Picture(See above) of the Old Yuban Colombian? There's no way Kraft will spend $4-5 per lb to buy this Coffee anymore.Then Yuban would have to be $15-16 a can to meet their profit margin requirements.The cheapest good old style Yuban type Coffee is the Brown And Gold Colombian, and it is available at Walmart online and at some stores!It's $7.48 for 12oz! Thats as cheap as it's gonna get for a real 100% Colombian!

Editor's Note: Thanks for submitting the great photo of the Yuban coffee can. I have taken the liberty of adding it to the top of the page. I hope you don't mind! : )

Nov 17, 2014
I thought you people were crazy!
by: Anonymous

I loved yuban, but you are right. Something has changed. IT SUCKS NOW. Can't even describe the difference. On the market for a better coffee! Let me know what you pick. . . . I didn't notice till we got one of those big square plastic containers.

Nov 17, 2014
I agree!
by: Tina

Yes, it's the "gotta get everything for cheap" mentality that has really affected quality in the US. I agree, Buttle Tuttle!

Nov 17, 2014
We're All in This Together
by: Buttle/Tuttle

Okay....the story is too long to relate....but, I was at the opening of the #2 WalMart store in Harrison AR in 1974. I live here, I have watched them for 40 years.
They are the devil, and they are the devilish driving force behind the manipulation of the Yuban brand and quality. I too drank Yuban for decades.
All I can say is that just like tomatoes and potatoes are grown to suit McDonalds ...... quality and price are tailored to suit the largest seller in the USA....WalMart.
Think back on how Yuban changed.
Here, there was a sale. I bought 10 cans of the old Yuban with a $2. off sticker on each can.WOW, I bought 10 more with the coupons.Good, delicious Yuban.

Then it disappeared for 6 months.....WHERE is my Yuban....GONE. Talk to store manager....no longer carried. Major change in store brand, Sam's Choice coffee. The 100% Arabica labels disappeared. Cans got smaller. Coffee was lower quality.

Out comes the sword....OUCH....YUBAN IS BACK...big, bright, oversize cans with lots of pretty colors and a tapestry of confusing terms. You gotta' love, " Roasted in California". And the huge can...
No Juan, No 100% Columbian, AND NO 100% ARABICA.
I know robusta when I taste it.

Low quality....low prices....and we have lower and lower expectations. Why can't they just raise the price. They have Kraft, and other vendors captive to their demands. If a vendor doesn't toe the line, they stop carrying their product for 6 months...YES SIR, NO SIR, RIGHT AWAY SIR. I have watched this with dozens and dozens of products.
Sam Walton based his marketing on High Quality, at the lowest price. The current WalMart hierarchy is concerned with price only.
Sorry....this was too long. I miss my Yuban. I miss the smell when the opener hit the can....when the water hit the coffee.I miss being able to go to the local grocery and getting some semblance of quality. WalMart dominates retail....and is the driving force in this decline.

Nov 17, 2014
by: Anonymous

YUCK....YUCK.....YUCK..... How much deterioration in the quality of life will we stand for ??? Horrible, horrible taste....thin....watery...AND, the "sick to my stomach" is real. We drink several pots of coffee a day....Everyone is sick to their stomachs. It is a sure sign of cheap, bulk, filler beans.
Good Bye Yuban ....

Nov 09, 2014
Bring it back, Yuban!!!!
by: Wanda

Wouldn't Yuban want to protect their brand? For the same reason we were Yubanites, we all were able to detect an inferior product. I think (hope) they find this site. Like McDonald's (which I don't eat but watch the marketing campaigns) they just might realize too late that they've diluted the quality of the product just a little bit too far. The tipping point. Would we spend a little more to go back to an excellent coffee? I would!!!

Nov 06, 2014
by: Brian

I'm liking the MJB Colombian blended with Folgers Black Silk... 50/50 does the trick..

Nov 05, 2014
Yuban taste change
by: Lynn Wolf

I think it is a change for the worse. I thought I was just getting "burnt out" on the same coffee I drank for years and years so Im glad to know it is not just me. The size of the can (plastic now) seems to keep shrinking by ounces too. I've been buying MJB varieties now. Disapointed with Yuban.

Nov 02, 2014
by: Anonymous

I will say the MJB Colombian is very good too..

Nov 02, 2014
Love the Colombian
by: Anonymous

Yes, I also noticed the change right away. My husband and I drank Yuban for some 20 years because of the strong Colombian coffee that they produced. Nothing on the market is even close, but we switched to Folgers Colombian for the time being. I hope Yuban gets back to selling their Colombian soon.

Nov 01, 2014
Yuck worse than colored water
by: Marcy

Yuban was enjoyed by my family for many years, didn't read the label when I purchased the last 2 44 oz containers from Costco, will be taking back.... No claims to be Columbian rather sourced from lush areas around the world. Wonder what kind of filler they added too. No coffee bean could be this weak. Never again.. It looked like weak tea & tasted even worse. How do they get away with this ?

Oct 31, 2014
Fondo Paez
by: The Truth

U can still buy what used to be the "Original" 100% Colombian Yuban Beans, from The below link.Yuban used to buy most of it's beans from Fondo Paez.A huge Coffee Farmer in Colombia.You gotta pay a little more.But at least your getting 100% Colombian.


Btw, Their are better Colombian Coffees than Fondo, but it's gonna cost you even more!

The Truth!

Oct 31, 2014
YUBAN Has Changed-For the worst!
by: The Truth

Ever Since they stopped buying beans Exclusively from Colombia(When Kraft Bought them) the quality has deteriorated at least 70%.What happened is the Coffee Market is regulated in Colombia, whereby farmers cannot get Govt Subsidies unless they grow a cheaper variety of Typica.Prices went up, and Kraft went to places like Brazil to buy cheaper quality beans!See the link


Oct 29, 2014
by: Dar

Yuban doesnt taste good anymore. I want Juan Valdez back.

Oct 29, 2014
by: Dar

I wish there was somewhere i could buy the original Yuban from Jyan Valdez, even if it cost more. Yuban is not the same. I have written to Kraft and got no response. Very disapointed.

Oct 29, 2014
by: Bill G.

I cant find any of the K-cups any more what happened to them?

Oct 25, 2014
Not the same at all
by: Doris

I , too, noticed the difference in taste and aroma. I now drink Gevalia , which I love. Also, there is another brand I tried recently called Lavazza. I have had the Classico flavor and it's really good. This brand of coffee is actually Italian. I don't know the kind of beans they use but they do have a website if you care to look it up.

Oct 20, 2014
by: JavaChic

I have also noticed that I am not getting the edge or flavor with the Yuban coffee.

After having nausea several mornings straight, I simply googled... and found this sight.

I won't be purchasing it anymore.

Oct 10, 2014
Still using 100% Arabica Beans
by: natalie

I got this from their website - wanted to share :)

Why won't Yuban be made with 100 percent Colombian beans anymore?


Our product development team worked diligently to ensure that Yuban Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee has the same great taste as original Yuban coffee. In fact, Yuban Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee will continue to be made with 100 percent Arabica beans - the highest quality coffee beans available, sourced from some of the finest beans grown in Central and South America. The difference now is that the beans for Yuban coffee will be sourced from various countries in Central and South America, including Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Peru.

Oct 10, 2014
What did you all change to?
by: natalie

I LOVE Yuban - it's getting a little pricey and If you guys have noticed a change in flavor I would love to know what you switched to? I can't drink Maxwell house or Folgers...or most coffees out there. They either taste too nutty or woody. What are you drinking now? If you loved Yuban I know I'm in good hands :)

Oct 10, 2014
Another good coffee..
by: Brian

I just bought a can of MJB Columbian a few days ago and it is real tasty..Try it.

Oct 10, 2014
I thought it was just me!!!
by: Tina

Holy cow, I used to LOVE Yuban. I noticed it has lost a lot of flavor. What used to be almost chocolatey is just... not. I am glad to see there are others in the same position of hating it. I had bought 4 big cans of it at Costco, and finally I'm done. Now, onto something else. I use a Filtron cold steep method, and I will miss you, former Yuban. The search is on.

Sep 26, 2014
yuban not the same
by: Anonymous

I thought something was different. Thank I sure will miss the old flavor and especially the aroma.....

Sep 24, 2014
I want my Columbian Coffee back
by: Anonymous

I have drank Yuban forever but ever since you changed it I just go from Brand to Brand.

Want my Yuban back and if that means you have to raise prices then do it I find it hard to believe that Yuban is willing to put their name on something so awfull.

Sep 13, 2014
Well there you go...
by: Anonymous

Nice that you can still enjoy Yuban coffee... Personally, the taste has gone south for me. I jumped ship to Folgers Black Silk.

Sep 12, 2014
yuban is great!
by: Anonymous

I think yuban tastes better than it ever has

Sep 11, 2014
Bye bye Yuban
by: Anonymous

I have drank Yuban for 20+ years. No more. The new aroma is nauseating and the taste is anemic. I drink coffee black, no additives, and have always made it extra strong. Time for a new brand.

Sep 02, 2014
yuban making me sick to my stomach
by: Anonymous

i couldn't figure out why i was feeling so nauseated every morning. finally figured out it is my yuban coffee. i have been drinking it for years but after i opened my last can i started feeling very ill after having my morning coffee.
so irritating! goodbye yuban.

Sep 01, 2014
What the!!!
by: Anonymous

I always thought it was me! I used to love Yuban but now it is absolutely awful. K cups are even worse. So glad I found this page. Bye bye Yuban

Aug 25, 2014
Now it make sense
by: Anonymous

Whoa...I thought it was my taste buds. I have been with Yuban for over 20 years. Noticed it tasting different so played with things from water to filters, etc. but it's the "new and improved" COFFEE itself. Wish it wasn't so but- Goodbye Yuban.

Aug 22, 2014
by: Bronx Mike

Kraft saves a few pennies and destroys a premium brand.
How does that make sense?

Aug 21, 2014
Yuban coffee is terrible now
by: Anonymous

I drank only Yuban Columbian coffee for many years and suddenly the coffee was terrible to the point I wasn't drinking coffee thinking something was wrong with my taste buds. I finally found the problem, not Columbian coffee beans. I am buying Folgers Columbian now not as good but much better than the now Yuban!!!! Very upset!!!

Aug 04, 2014
No more Yuban for me!
by: Quiet Crow

I have been drinking Yuban organic roast coffee for the past five years--loved it. I live in a rural area so I would buy 5 cans at a time when I was in the city. Two weeks ago the coffee tasted horrible--so sour. I use a french press and tried different water, different amounts of coffee, different kettl, open a new can--nothing worked. Now I see these other comments and realize IT'S THE COFFEE! I truly doubt Kraft (or whoever owns Yuban at this point) cares whether or not they lose me as a customer. I would be willing to pay more for Yuban coffee in order to have the same taste and quality I've come to love (and guess what-- I will be paying more, only NOT to Yuban/Kraft because their coffee now tastes terrible).

Jul 21, 2014
Please change it back
by: Big Coffee Drinker

I also wondered what was up with the coffee. I finally find something I love and you change it. WHY we all ask. Why change something that was perfect? I have found the original gold coffee at Costco. I am hoping the will continue to have it. Otherwise I too will have to try and find something else. Do the people that make these choices really think we are all stupid and won't notice or do they not drink coffee? Come on Yuban change it back for us and the sake of your company!

Jul 14, 2014
So it's not my declining taste bud count
by: Win

I was off my Juan Valdez flavor for a few months. That bitter flavor hit me when I got a new can. Here I though it was my taste bud count going from 240 at age thirty to 88 at age seventy. What a relief to know that it's only the loss of true Columbian beans. Happy trails, Juan....

Jul 06, 2014
Why Yuban, why?
by: Anonymous

I've been drinking Yuban for years and a while back noticed it tasted different. I changed the amount of grinds, and even the type of water. It still tasted like, well, weak urine. So I googled it and found this page. My suspicions were right. They no longer advertise Colombian coffee. So I just bought a can of Don Francisco 100% Columbian and will see how that tastes. Sorry Yuban- after all these years you lost me.

Jul 06, 2014
The old New Coke, Classic Coke trick...
by: Anonymous

So after Kraft screws up the Yuban formula, They come back out with "Classic" Yuban and say they were "Just kidding" with the new garbage coffee...
Let us see....

Jul 02, 2014
From Best to Worst
by: Ban New Yuban

I'm another old timer that has been drinking Yuban since the 70's. I could always spot the great and distinctive taste. When I would go out to eat there seemed to be only two types of coffee - generic piss and Yuban. Now there is only one.

I noticed the change like others did. I had an old can in my "emergency kit" that was about five years old. I did a side-by-side with 5 year old Real Yuban and fresh New Crap. Even somewhat stale it was still much better then the new stuff.

Hope someone discovers a few palettes of the old stuff lost in a warehouse - even if it is 10 years old. I'll bet it is still better then the new stuff. It would probably bring about $200 a can on EBay!

Jun 28, 2014
blech. it's awful.
by: Nancy

My 90 year-old mother has been telling me for several weeks that her always favored, forever used Yuban Medium Roast Coffee had changed. I chalked it up to her age and to the fact that she can't really taste many things these days.

This morning, she asked me to try it. I am a French press, gourmet blend coffee drinker but I decided I would taste it for her. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. What absolutely horrible coffee!! There is NO coffee flavor whatsoever...just as she's been saying.

I'm glad that I was able to come to this site and see that others feel the same way. My mother will now know she's not crazy (haha) and that the company has changed their beans.

My mom will certainly be looking for a new coffee...Folgers or Hills Bros., anyone?

Jun 25, 2014
really pissed
by: Anonymous

go back to old formula, packing bottle, and label

Jun 24, 2014
The whole yuban experience
by: Paul

The change in taste is only a part of it. the label with the dark theme, coffee plants, and the overall feel is what I am so angry about losing. I and all my family and friends have been advised to stop buying this new stuff. does someone from Yuban actually read this blog?

Jun 24, 2014
Bye Bye Yuban
by: Anonymous

Every morning we woke up to Yuban.. For years. Lately my husband thought I switched coffee. It is horrid. I tried different water and different coffee makers I was so sure Yuban would not change.I was so wrong.. They changed, no longer says 100% Arabica beans.. No longer the Yuban we have known for years. Kraft must have sold out to a bean company genetically modified. We are sad...Actually put the unopened cans in Goodwill..

Jun 16, 2014
Pulling the switch...
by: Anonymous

As mentioned previously; Folgers has two blends that are real good. Gourmet blend and my fave, Black Silk... Take the Silk for a test drive.. ;)

Jun 15, 2014
No longer drinking Yunan
by: Anonymous

I noticed about 6 months ago that the taste of Yuban wasn't exactly the same as that delicious brew I've
been savoring every morning for at least 30 years.

I kept on making it less strong because it's new after taste left me feeling sick. If the original came back I'd be the first in line to go "home." For now I'm trying various coffees and have not quite found the magic Yuban brew.

Jun 14, 2014
New Yuban is CRAP
by: bking

I have been drinking yuban since I was a kid in the late 60's. I noticed a change it the taste when Kraft Foods bought them a few years ago. I bought 4 cans about two weeks ago and the taste is so acidic I thought that my coffee maker was dirty, so I cleaned it. NOPE new crappy formula from Kraft, don't try calling the 800# on the can they "haven't changed anything" YEAH right.They wanted to know the batch code and said they would look into it. I guess that Kraft doesn't care about customer loyalty. I am done with Kraft Foods.

Jun 11, 2014
Yuban Coffee
by: Janet Blair

I have ONLY drunk Yuban Traditional or Original Roast Coffee exclusively since I tried it for the first time in 1984/85. I do not like the taste of Yuban Gold, it does not taste the same. I don't know what you have done differently to your coffee but I am very disappointed. I ordered Traditional Yuban on Amazon sold by Stellar Depot and they sent me Yuban Gold. I hate Yuban Gold. I might as well get Folgers at the grocery store instead of going to the trouble of getting it on line (which I have to do since no one in Ohio sells Yuban). I want to send it back and get my money back as I will not drink it. My e- mail address is: greeneyedblond47@gmail.com. Please respond.

Jun 04, 2014
Yuban no wayno
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only one who noticed this years ago! Colombian beans are the best! They messed it up.

Jun 01, 2014
Good bye to Yuban after decades
by: Anonymous

I've been a faithful Yuban user for decades. It never ceases to amaze me that big business really believes that saving themselves a little money gets them rave reviews from consumers. This coffee now is right up there with MJB and Folgers, disgusting. I have found a 100% Columbian Coffee distributed through ShopSmart grocery stores under the Essentials brand. If you remember the old Yuban this stuff is the bomb. Try it, and it's worlds cheeper when it's on sale (average $6.00 a can), and I don't need to drive 30 miles (I live pretty rural)to get Yuban on sale or just plain less expensive. If the Yuban company is listening, you've really screwed this one up right along with your faithful consumers.

May 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

I just found out that Yuban changed their formula. I hear also that Yuban is not 100% Columbian caffe. I thought I just couldn't make coffee right anymore. Yuban regular no longer states it is made with 100% Columbian beans.
I'm going to which to another brand. Why did Yuban mess with a winner?!

May 18, 2014
Bad move by Kraft
by: Anonymous

Maybe Kraft is trying to bankrupt this brand for a tax write off?

May 15, 2014
Yuban is still good
by: vic

Okay, I don't get it. I left a comment several months ago saying that I still like Yuban. I see nothing but negative comments about it. I serve coffee for guests and everybody tells me how good it is. I don't know why all the negative comments. Yuban is still good and I don't taste or smell any difference in the past 10 years.

May 14, 2014
Bye bye Yuban......
by: Anonymous


I'm convinced. The Folgers Gourmet roast and Black Silk scared the old Yuban right out of my percolator....
As I had said before, the Yuban is local to me so I wanted to be loyal to the brand, but taste is the bottom line and the Folger's has it beat in spades! I urge you folks that are disappointed in the Yuban blends to try the Folgers.

I do Not work for Folgers either.... Just good coffee.

May 03, 2014
Love it either way
by: Mitzi

I've drank this stuff since 1984 when 7-11 used it in their coffee makers, not sure if they still do or not. Honestly-I hadn't even noticed a difference-when did they change it?? I have the can with the black lid (supposedly the new blend). I can't stand to drink any other kind of coffee because it tastes so bitter to me. I'm really surprised I didn't notice they'd changed it but it's still my favorite either way.

Apr 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

I loved the old original flavor. I am sick and tired of companies changing things on the sly. No more Yuban for me. I will try and find something that comes as close as possible.

Apr 16, 2014
Why did Yuban ditch loyal customers? Was it greed?
by: Bette Stieglitz

I loved Yuban and raved that it was by a percentage grown sustainably. Consequently asked our department to purchase Yuban for our use at work and for our customers.

I then noticed that the coffee had lost its flavor and aroma. I then looked again at the container
and noticed that there was no mention of the being
sustainably grown.

Upon this internet search, my worst fears have been
confirmed and Yuban will no longer be served by me or by my employer to customers.

Apr 12, 2014
by: frank e

I have going crazy thinking there is something wrong with the milk the coffee macine the water. No its the coffee..No I can smell all is not right when the coffee gets used a few times I now can smell the coffee in the can and its just not right. I have to change to another brand I cant drink it..Goodbye yuban traditional...im done

Apr 12, 2014
Dark Silk Folgers
by: Rue

Hey ! thanks for the tip on Black Silk Folgers. I tried it and indeed it is good. So now I have found 2 coffees that works, both Folgers products.
I notice the price of Yuban here in Southern California has dropped dramatically ! Seems they can't give it away. lol

Mar 23, 2014
Folgers dark...
by: Anonymous

Hi Rue,

I'll have to try the Colombian dark roast. I know the "Black Silk" rocks....

Mar 16, 2014
by: Rue

So after buying and trying dozens of different brands this past 3 months ...finally have ended up with using Folgers Colombian dark roast and it has the caffeine I need and the taste is not too bad.
Yuban should never have changed their process...

Mar 07, 2014
I'm heartsick
by: mazie1956

One of life's greatest small pleasures for me has now dried up. I loved that mellow richness that almost tasted like caramel with a little half and half added. I have been on the hunt for a substitute for over a year now and haven't quite gotten there yet. Kraft screwed up bigtime! Oh well, I probably drank too much coffee anyway.

Feb 22, 2014
From the best coffee ever to the worst
by: Anonymous

I did not know they changed how the coffee was made, however I just could not take the smell of the coffee when brewing and the taste was not good at all I knew something was wrong I thought it was the plastic container, cause we were buying in the smaller package. so went back to the store and got the smaller package coffee not in plastic same bad taste asked my wife to find us another brand of coffee I just can not even get past the smell of it brewing. what is Yuban thinking they thought no one would notice. They have lost this coffee drinker. this new stuff is just plain nasty.

Feb 15, 2014
Dark roast weakness...
by: Brian

Was a big fan of Yubans dark/French roast coffee for many years. I then began to notice a lack of that extra roasting in the coffee. I picked up a can of Folgers 'Black Silk" and WOW... there was the flavor I was searching for! The Yuban factory is right down the street from me in San Leandro; had thought about crashing their facility and griping about the change.Just to let the Yuban folks know, that i'm perfectly willing to switch over to Folgers if you don't put this right.

Feb 09, 2014
Yuban change in test
by: Rue

I noticed the change in taste and there certainly is much less caffeine in the Original Medium ....I have a headache by noon time from less caffeine than I'm use to.

Too bad they had to go to cheaper beans and who knows what else they're putting in there now.

I'm going to another brand and to whole beans in hopes of finding good coffee again

Jan 19, 2014
Changing a good thing.
by: Anonymous

Who would have made a corporate decision to change a formula that has been for years. Sounds like the guy that made the changes at Scotty's Hardware and JC Penneys is now working for Yuban. What a shame.

Jan 19, 2014
Pick another coffee
by: Cynthia

I heard that Yuban was purchased by Folgers or Maxwell House a few years back?? Not sure but those are the two coffee's that taste the worst to me.
I have been able to drink Starbucks and eight o'clock but not as enjoyable as the old Yuban.

Jan 18, 2014
The new formulated Traditional
by: Anonymous

I was buying 2 cases of coffee at a time from Amazon and one shipment said Original on the can ..... the next box of two cases said Traditional. There is a distinct difference. The traditional is absolutely HORRID tasting. I will now need to start exploring new brands of coffee. So mad at myself for having so many cans on hand of a horrid coffee. I can't seem to TRUST any company to make their product the same. Always cutting back for a dollar. Well, they lost this long time coffee drinker.

Jan 17, 2014
A sad day
by: sharona

I have never cared for Starbucks coffee, I have always consumed Yuban. It was always exactly what I expected every time. Well, till lately. My husband stockedpiled me with 1 pound (or not quite a pount) cans recently..and I was thrilled. Then I noticed it had a black lid. So opened my first can, Hm, coffee is flat, just not right, maybe it's my taste buds??? made excuses left and right. Nope 3 cans later..it still flat! SO disappointed. I should take back all the ones he did buy and find another brand..any suggestions?

Jan 14, 2014
Yuban Yuban Yuban AD NAUSEAM 1.
by: pistachio

....here is a list of the most popular US coffee brands.

Any comments on whats good and what is not !

Maxwell House
Chock Full O'Nuts
Seattle's Best
Eight O'Clock
Green Mountain Roasters
Dunkin Donuts
Peet's Coffee & Tea


Jan 13, 2014
Junk coffee
by: Anonymous

They have changed its junk compared to what it used to be, i see thats why the stores have it on sale; they are trying to get rid of it. so am I;

Jan 05, 2014
by: Cynthia

Waking up every morning, having a cup in the evening with desert. Smelling the wonderful smell as I opened the can. Brewing a pot as it filled the house with the rich, smooth smell of the best coffee I have ever had. I bragged about it. NO MORE! My kids and friends have for years purchased Yuban for my birthday, and Christmas. I horded it. This last Christmas I received 8 large tubs from a friend. As I was so excited when I opened the box I immediately opened one of the tubs to find it had the worst smell, it stunk. I thought it had to be the plastic container it was stored in. I brewed a pot and much to my surprise it was the worst coffee I had ever had. The acid was so bad that I could taste it in the first sip. The next morning I tried again thinking I had messed up my measurements. I normally drink a pot in the mornings and close to one in the evenings. It has been a little over a week and I have no desire to make coffee, Yuban. I have returned all the unopened coffee to my friend so he can return it to the store. I am sad to lose something I enjoyed for so many years. It was one thing I looked forward to each day. The comments that I have read about the formulation not changing is bullshit. I am assuming that they think we are idiots. How sad..........

Dec 30, 2013
Missing Yuban
by: Jeff in MS

My Aunt introduced me to Yuban over 45 years ago. She also introduced our family to Farberware's 2-4 cup percolator. Seems like Yuban did a commercial using a Farberware. Anyway, the percolators remain in the kitchens of many of my family members but my Aunt and her beloved Yuban are deceased. I hope the company will resurrect Yuban...as it should be. In the meantime, I agree with the comment about Eight O'clock Columbian. It's good and if you can get Red Diamond from Alabama it's good too. I like the result I get from blending a large can of Red Diamond and the small bag of 8 o'clock Columbian. Happy Coffee Hunting to you fellow conisieurs !!!

Nov 29, 2013
Yuban still makes some good coffee
by: Vic

It looks like I'm in the minority here but I still love Yuban traditional roast premium coffee that I buy from Walmart because they always have it. I used to buy Yuban from Costco when they have it but it's called Premium Gold and I don't like it nearly as much. I thought it was my imagination a couple of years ago when I noticed I didn't like the coffee from Costo as well. I thought that that Yuban was just...Yuban, but I've learned that there's a big difference. Even on sale at a really good price at Costco I don't buy that anymore. I still get a good price on the traditional roast premium coffee at Walmart and buy several cans at a time. I've never found coffee that I like more.

Nov 17, 2013
by: Anonymous


Nov 04, 2013
Yuban dishwater
by: Ron

Yuban canned coffee is definetly bad. Not made with ultra cheap beans. Tastes Terrible. Kraft foods obvislly has some young college kid who don't drink coffee in charge. All for quantity not quality. They killed a good thing. Never buy yuban again.

Oct 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

The Yuban that was 100% Colombian tasted 100% better than the Arabica that we have now. I would buy it even if i had to pay more, but can't find it anywhere.

Sep 23, 2013
Yuban Original Blend
by: Anonymous

Yes, I thought I was going crazy when I couldn't find the 'original blend' in any store anywhere. So I bought the pacific blend...YUK and then the traditional blend...YUK. I even called Kraft who now owns Yuban and they said oh no we haven't changed a thing...the coffee that you bought must have been left where it was HUMID....well....I don't live in a place where it is ever HUMID. Needless to say they gave me the run run run around and I will not be buying Yuban coffee again, which makes me sick because I really counted on that cup of Yuban 'original' every morning.

Sep 11, 2013
by: Faith Bates

OH MY... it has changed. I am so crazy particular with my coffee flavor... just plain coffee with small amount of half/half. I don't care for sweetener's or flavors but now I need them to hide the terrible flavor. It used to make the house smell sooooo great...now it's just horrible.
I am sad. It now has the smell - when you go to someone else's house and you smell coffee brewing and you think to yourself...THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO BREW OR CHOOSE COFFEE....lol .. it's that bad.

Aug 28, 2013
Dish Water
by: Anonymous

Yes, I know they did since last year 2012 it tasted good the way it has been for years, but when I moved to another state last year in the summer or after couldn't find original and I kept saying the traditional is not original, the stores like wal-mart kept saying the traditional is original and I said no it's not. Something was amiss with this so I finally found out today that you all just change the formulation on good coffee, you'll be sorry when customer's start to leave this brand and go with something else like I just did today I was getting to the point I could not stand it anymore so I switched to another brand, I ask someone today what he thought of the coffee I knew I didn't like it and he said it tasted like dish water, not really a flavor and weak in taste. I have better results using instant than your coffee to wake up in the mornings but I will just stop for now before the blood starts to boil. Anything to make a profit with less product and to change to a weaker flavor that taste like crap.

Aug 17, 2013
Yuban is now awful....
by: Jeffrey D

I grabbed the coffee off the shelf at Publix and took it home only to discover that it tasted just like Folger's Special Roast - whatever that is...It is simply awful now. And to make matters worse, there is no Rainforest Alliance certification anywhere on the can. I will NOT be buying Yuban again!

Aug 02, 2013
Consumer of good brand American foods.
by: barbara Leighton

My belief is this, FILLERS are used to dilute the wonderful smell and taste of Yuban coffee. I no longer drink it, even when they lower the price less than Folgers.

My 2nd observation is this, its being made in CHINA?, just as so many of our brand names are now, we have been shot down again? Why does it only say distributed by small town USA, why doesn't it say "made in USA", anymore?

There are so many out there good Brand names that have lost us long time consumers...I just wrote to Mrs Butterworth syrup and told them they needed to change their Ad from Thick & Rich to Thin & Runny...

One more thing to say: I don't like the fact a country that HATES America, have the Ability to POISON us! LOOK what made in China DOG FOOD did...

Jul 25, 2013
Suggested Alternatives to Yuban
by: Susan

Like many posting here, I used Yuban for 40 years and knew they had ruined it with the recent change. Try Mount Hagen organic instant coffee. It is quite good and the closest I can find to the old Yuban. It does cost a couple dollars more for the jar, but it is organic, and the glass jar is far preferable to all of the plastic containers most instant coffees come in these days.

Two other brands I've used which are also quite acceptable are Trader Joe's and Medaglia d’Oro Espresso Coffee from Italy. On Amazon, Douwe Egberts Pure Indulgence Instant Coffee (Dutch) and Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee from Germany both received top comments/ratings from people.

Jul 19, 2013
I mourn the old Yuban too
by: Black Blood

The Yuban Traditional was my staple for over 10yrs. I have tried ALL the coffees, and it was my prize. Now all I find is what they call Original, and there is Definitely a difference in taste and edge. Arabica is typically ok for those who like strong, and there's a lot out there who do it well. But nothing compared to Yuban's Columbian. I Totally agree, I want the donkey rider not the camel rider on this brands coffee! I've had to switch brands, and now am going through another round of where is my "prize" coffee found? But, these days it's a Lot more expensive. I can Only assume Yuban left it's ways of better barganing for farmers in Columbia because of their constant internal conflict, Or someone else took over the company and decided to take it to a different level. But... I assure you , you are Not the only one mourning the loss... and Anyone who knows what it is like to find that "go to" home brew, will empathize. Continually.

May 26, 2013
enough is Too much......
by: pistachio

I think this site should be renamed---->

---->Lets Bitch about Yuban.com

Can A n y o n e think of a new topic or some findings about a good replacement!!

I think it is not Over A Year that this is going on and on and on and .........guess!....... onnnnnnnn!!!!

Has anyone written to Yuban for a response??

For me,, Yuban was a good coffee - nothing more....so,, I am not going to pursue that.....

Folgers coffee has also changed and the taste is gone.....

Maxwell house also changed some time back and lost their better flavor... good to the last drop!....

I have found that the Latin / Spanish coffees that come in brick packs and another - Cafe Bustelo that also come in cans are generally Very Good and do not have the high price tags of the ''gourmet shelf''.......to name another Caribe and there are many others... but you may have to find to the sides of the typical canned coffees.

The latin coffees are quite robust the only problem I have found is the the grind is much more fine than typical American coffee...

What I do to get ahead of that problem is mix in a scoop or two of the typical coarser ground coffee to sort of stabilize the mix.....

ok,,,, that is my two cents......

let me just say that COFFEE is one of the greatest pleasures of my life....

to wit...... if there is No coffee in the afterlife / I Ain't Goin!....... LoL!

May 25, 2013
Bitter Yuban
by: Anonymous

I have used Yuban coffee for over 40 years. They used to sell it in 48oz cans. It now comes in 29oz cans. The good rich flavor is gone and it tastes bitter and the smell is no longer enjoyable. I wonder if they let some of their donkeys loose in the fields to relieve themselves on the plants. That is how bad it tastes. Let me know if we ever get the good Yuban back. Until then I will be finding a new brand of coffee.

May 21, 2013
Yuban tastes like Folgers now
by: Anonymous

I found this comment site because I thought maybe I wasn't going crazy and they really DID change Yuban instant. I've been drinking it for at least a decade, I never liked the other kinds of instants at all but I did like Yuban. But I noticed a couple of months ago that a new jar I had bought tasted to me just like Folgers! a brand I never liked. I agree with the comment that it now tastes like vending machine coffee from a bus station, pretty funny. So, at least now I know the change IS real, and I won't be buying it any more.

May 18, 2013
knew something was different
by: Anonymous

i knew something was different.It used to fill up my house with it's beautiful aroma and the taste was captivATING.i NOTICED A CHANGE A WHILE BACK IN THE TASTE!SHAME ON YOU YUban!

May 08, 2013
tree of woe !
by: pistachio

wow!..... all this lamenting about Yuban,,,

ok,,,,,, it's Over...... no more Yuban,,,,, Pan Am is out of business and we near the apocalypse......

has anyone found a good switch to coffee now that YUBAN IS HISTORY and Juan Valdez is passed on????

come on people....

for instance / Eight O'clock Columbian is really very good and worth a try..... I do not think you will be disappointed.......


May 08, 2013
Yuban Coffee bean swap sucks!
by: Anonymous

Yuban coffee is no longer the smooth non bitter coffee it once was. I'd like to know when the change occurred. This new version is horrible! I just sent an email to Kraft Foods asking for a refund. I want Juan Valdez back!

Apr 28, 2013
still lousy after another year!
by: former yuban fan

I posted over a year ago....but...thought I would give the "new packaging" plastic canister a try....Guess what...Yuban is still LOUSY....LOUSY...The only coffee I found, though still not like Yuban once was...is Folgers Dark Roast...I am thinking of giving up coffee for good....I had a Boss once, who did not drink coffeee....and used to call it "black water"....well I finally agree with him....Yuban tastes like black water that sat incardboard too long......I am going to try the interesting teas....and I have never been a tea drinker.....you can still get a very good cup of coffeee at McDonalds....but that does not help me when I am at home in the morning...until I start seeing many good revues, I am through (again!) with Yuban...money down the drain!!

Apr 28, 2013
barbara.........?? scoops ??
by: Anonymous

what size scoops are you talking about.......


Apr 25, 2013
coffee beans
by: Anonymous

I understand that currently the leading producers of coffee are Brazil and Vietnam. They are grown in massive commercial plantations and ground coffee may include filler additives, particularly the coffee from Vietnam. The best coffee is currently produced in Guatamala and some of the other central american countries. Does anyone have any additional information on the processing of the more inexpensive coffees?

Apr 23, 2013
YES it tastes like FOLGERS
by: barbara Leighton

Yes! Yes Yes! I've used Dark Roast Yuban,for the last 20 yrs. The dark roast was so full of FILLERS now, in the last 6 months; that it taste like Folgers. I love a dark roast coffee. I would put in 1 1/2 scoops for 6 1/2 cups...It was strong, but I always had my first pot this way.

When I make a pot of coffee recently last 2 months, since Fred Meyers SOLD out their Stock of Yuban, it is WEAK...and this new PURCHASE is FULL of FILLERS!...Now I have to use 1/2 scoops for 4 1/2 cups, and even at that it is not Yuban!

I am now looking for a NEW Coffee that is what it is!

Apr 14, 2013
What happened??
by: why?

I wondered what the difference in Original and Traditional Yuban was. Several years ago there was a demonstration at the local mall put on by Yuban. I think it was when they brought out whole beans for purchase. The demonstration coffee was the very best cup of coffee I have ever had. Seriously the best!I can still remember how it tasted. Yuban has not even come close to that flavor since they obviously changed the whole bean thing and the taste went away. Just bought a can of Traditional. I'll try it .

Apr 14, 2013
missing my coffee!
by: Traci

I am on the hunt for a new coffee!Someone said they were pleasantly surprised with Folgers Black Silk...any more suggestions?

Apr 09, 2013
what the?
by: Anonymous

So glad to have found this site. I thought I was going curazy!
They did change the formula. After all these years I thought I had something that would stick around but get in line YuGone. My marriage is over by job caput and now you. Farewell!

Apr 07, 2013
missing my coffee!
by: Traci

Please bring back Original!!!Nothing compares!

Apr 06, 2013
Why ...
by: Anonymous

... did yuban change a great tasting coffee? Do the founders of Yuban plan on a come back?

Anyone know where the Orignal can be found and still be bought?

Mar 23, 2013
ok,, enough already.........
by: pistachio

come onnnnnnn,,,,, I think we have Exhausted this Yuban gone with the wind issue....

how about some of you talking about some other coffee on the market that you have searched to replace Yuban.......

I have found that a point in time a few years back many of my regular Supermarket brands started to have a cardboard taste [ really!.. the coffee smelled and tasted the way wet card board smells]

Let's find something else good / maybe we can all help each other.....


Mar 18, 2013
cheap cheap cheap
by: dale

yuban original coffee drinker for the last 18 years,bought the traditional,could no longer locate the original,they have changed there bean,the coffee is weak,cheap tasting water down coffee i have ever had.gas station coffee taste better than this,someone should be fired over this,they have lost anotehr loyal customer

Mar 10, 2013
Please Bring The Original Yuban Back
by: Leslie

The new blend is horrible and whoever made the decision to adopt it should be fired. Yuban is losing thousands of loyal customers!

Mar 01, 2013
Yuban can't trick old timers
by: Michael

I've been drinking Yuban Columbian for 20+ years and now it's. . . . just like some other cheap coffee.
I'm on the search for a new coffee for the next 20 years. Shame on you Kraft!

Mar 01, 2013
I might as well buy Folgers (yuk)
by: Emily

Yuban now smells and tastes like the lowest grade coffee.Its unique smell and taste are gone.I won't be buying it anymore.

Feb 24, 2013
Just as bad as the other commercial brands now
by: David Dawson

I was accusing my wife of buying some cheap coffee. She said, "No, it's Yuban!" It not only tastes bad now, it doesn't even smell good in the can. Why they would jack up the best coffee is beyond me. Guess I'll be finding something else to brew.

Feb 12, 2013
Different and most undesirable taste.
by: Anonymous

I was asking my wife if she was changing the mix of Yuban she was putting in the coffee maker. I just did not taste like the old Columbia coffee I remember. Well I guess we need to find a new Columbia coffee. My search is on.

Jan 14, 2013
Bad coffee
by: Anonymous

Been drinking Yuban for 40 years or so. Just recently when they dropped the ingredients to "pure coffee" marked the end of that.

Jan 11, 2013
Yuban instant
by: Anonymous

I've been making Ice coffee with yuban instant for many years and returned the last three jars! They have changed something and it's yukban now

Dec 17, 2012
Same old taste
by: Rich

Used to drink Yuban when I lived in L.A. 36 years ago. Suddenly it shows up on the shelf in Big Lots store here in OH. Bought a can and tried it. Found it to be better than Folger's arosta bean coffee I had been buying. But someone taped over the 100% arabica on the Yuban label with a 100% pure coffee mini tape label. I guess that was because the original label read colombian as the country of origin.

Dec 12, 2012
Terrible Coffee
by: Bob

I have been drinking Yuban for over 20 years. I instantly knew when they changed their coffee and I will not purchase it any longer - horrible tasting with no columbian kick to it at all.

Dec 07, 2012
by: Janet

Yuban WAS the best. It now is inferior in all aspects!!! I buy organic fabulous coffee. Worth the cost.

Mar 02, 2012
I agree!!
by: Anonymous

Yuban used to be my favorite store bought coffee but now it tastes like old, nasty church coffee!! It's the worst and I am really disappointed!

Feb 09, 2012
Yuban Doesn't Tast Like Yuban Anymore
by: Anonymous

I brewed a pot of Yuban and for the first time, it tasted bitter. I compared the two cans I had purchased and one said it was roasted in California. You have ruined the distinct taste of Yuban Coffee. I think you made a very big mistake and you should go back to the original recipe.

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