Different packaging for Dunkin' Donuts Original Coffee?

by Paul
(New Zealand)


Hi! I have lived in Spain and now am in New Zealand and crave my Dunkin' Donuts Original Coffee to brew at home, especially since DD stores in these countries only brew espresso based drinks in their stores.

In the US, of course, you can buy the classic DD coffee in the orange packets in all stores and grocery stores. However, in Spain and in NZ they sell DD coffee in a brown design.

My question... is there a difference in the coffee inside? It’s virtually impossible to get the orange packaged coffee shipped, companies selling it on Amazon won't ship outside of the US, I'm guessing because off licensing issues.

But am I getting the same coffee in the brown packet?




Paul, hi

I don’t have a definitive answer to your question.

However, I suspect that the coffee from the brown packet is unlikely to be the same as your old favorite in the orange packet.

Why do I say that?

Because Dunkin’ is a vast organization.

It has over 12,000 locations located in 36 different countries.

Now imagine trying to make all the coffee in all those locations and countries taste the same. It’s an impossible task.

Besides which, different countries have different tastes and expectations.

For example, sell a dark-roasted coffee from America to an Italian in Rome, and he’s tell you it’s a medium roast, not dark.

Not only is it impossible for Dunkin’ to maintain the exact same taste in every country in the world, it isn’t even a smart idea.

Your best bet is to beg friends and family to stuff their cases with the orange bags each time they come out to visit.

If anyone reading this has actually had the opportunity to compare coffees from the two different packages, please let us know!

Best wishes,


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Orange vs Brown packaging
by: Jeaniene

Orange bag is produced by J.M Smucker, Brown Bag is Dunkin Donuts. Coffee is different. IMO brown bag is superior to orange bag.

orange bag vs graphic brown bag
by: Anonymous

The orange bags (my opinion)are ABSOLUTELY
inferior to the graphic brown ones.
The reason of this "obvious difference" is so the
contents can be easily identified.
I think the one who commented that one brand is sold in supermarkets is true. Some of these bags make there way to the DD Shops.
Most definitely a huge difference.
If you go to lets say a upper middle class DD Shop.They will have the Brown Graphic bag. Very good bean, very little acid. They are "marked" do you understand, for easy identification. Inferior I definitely believe are the orange ones, of course.

Not the same
by: Stib

To my tastes the orange bag coffee sold in supermarkets was a darker roast with lower quality beans than what was sold at the restaurants. The brewed coffee dispensed at the restaurants was made with what I would assume to be the same coffee that was once sold in the brown bags which was a lighter roast and to me better quality. Because of that I never bought their coffee in the supermarkets. Unfortunately, several months ago they changed the color of the bag sold at the restaurants to orange! In all likelihood it is now the same as what is sold at the supermarket. Also, I assume that their brewed coffee is made with this inferior darker roast beans. To me it tastes like they blended a cheaper bean with the old coffee beans. While not as dark as the coffee sold at Charbucks I guess they wanted to sell a darker roast to compete and at the same time save money using cheaper beans. So if you like a darker roast you may be happy with their new blend but I have stopped buying it.

Not sure but...
by: Lori

... the brown package seems to be in all DD stores here in the US by now.

orange bag is made by smuckers
by: Anonymous

The orange bag is sold in grocery stores etc and made by smuckers. The brown bag has a different mfg.

America runs on Dunkin
by: Paul

Ok... so for everyone who has been waiting with bated breath (ok, just me then) I have satisfied my own curiosity and feel confident that the coffee in both the brown and orange packets is 100% the same.

I picked up 3 bags of the brown design packet today (original, French vanilla and Hazelnut) and the best before date was in US format, they are manufactured in the US and there also have the 'America runs on Dunkin' logo, which is not used outside of the US. The ultimate test - do they taste the same? Yes, they do.

Happy to be able to enjoy Dunkin' original at home here in NZ :-)

Thanks, Nick!
by: Paul

Hey Nick,

Thanks for your reply - much appreciated. Yes, of course that makes total sense. My nearest DD store here in Auckland was out of stock at the weekend but have ordered some of the brown packets in for me. I will try them and report back! Otherwise, yes... I will be bringing back as much as I can each time I visit the US :-)


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