Dying your hair with coffee

by Lia
(Austin, TX)

Dye your hair with coffee

Dye your hair with coffee


I have heard of people dying their hair with triple strength coffee and want to make my light brown hair darker but keep it natural. I have thick curly hair that goes down to my middle back. How much prepared coffee would I need to dye it and what would the coffee:water ratio be for triple strength? Would this actually work and how intense would the color change be?


I can’t say I know much about this, but after receiving your question I did a little research. It seems that plenty of people do use coffee to dye their hair in a natural way.

From what I can find out, you’ll want to make about three jugs of coffee, let them cool and then pour them into a basin or sink. You then wet your hair repeatedly with the coffee. As for the intensity of the result, you’ll have to experiment and find out!

I don’t think you need to worry too much about the exact proportion of three to one, so just add about three times the amount of ground coffee compared to when you make coffee for drinking. If your filter won’t take that amount, then fill the filter as normal, but run just one third of the normal amount of water through each brew cycle.

If it works out well, please come back here and let us know!

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Permanent or not
by: Anonymous

How long will it last? Will it be permanent?

Coffee and Hair
by: Anonymous

I've started using coffee to color my hair and this is how I do it. I take three cups of coffee, put it in a 6 qt pot, add water, fill about 3/4 way in the pot, bring to boil, then reduce heat and simmer, reduce liquid about 1 inch, turn off stove and let cool. Strain, I use bounty paper towel in a strainer over a pot. I like to put it back on the heat and reduce to give me at least 2 cups of liquid. After using and collecting the liquid in a basin, I pour it into a bottle and store in the fridge. I use it everyday, so it lasts me about 1 week. I have shoulder length hair with some grey. Have fun!

Question for Gloria
by: Anonymous

How do you wash your hair using baking soda?
Are we mixing water and soda, or just dry soda sprinkled throughout the hair; like a dry shampoo?????

Henna and Coffee
by: Anonymous

I thought I would let you know, for a few years now I've been covering my greys with henna and coffee. I do not like the orange clownish look pure henna offers so I've had to temper it to my brown. I used to mix walnuts with the henna, and that worked well, but coffee is much easier.

All I do is pour the henna powder in an empty container (usually an empty yogurt container) and then brew a cup of coffee. I add the coffee straight to the henna powder and mix until it's consistant and not lumpy. I let it sit overnight, so the coffee cools, and then I put it all over my hair the next day, let it sit for about 5 hours (yes a pain) and then rinse out. It always comes out a consistent chestnut and covers the greys perfectly and forever!

I only have trouble if I don't make enough coffee and I don't get the henna/coffee mix onto the grey hair specifically, which is usually rare.

Next step
by: Dan

Hello all. I hear what the process is but after letting your hair sit for 30 minutes do you then wash your hair?

Coffee as hair dye
by: Gloria

I use coffee as a gentle hair dye on my grey hair. I save the coffee, in the fridge, that my husband doesn't drink for 7 days. Then I wash my hair using baking soda, rinse well with plain water.

I have a large pot in the bathtub. Wearing no clothes on the upper part of my body, I get on my knees and lean over the pot. Then I rinse my hair until all the coffee has been used, about 10 to 15 minutes. Then I dry my hair, plaster the hair with a conditioning mask, cover my head with a plastice shower cap, cover the shower cap with a knit cap and let everthing work for 30 minutes.

My gray hair is a very light blond. My husband, who is allergic to perfume, loves the coffee smell that stays in my hair for about 5 days.

Nice website, good valuable information
by: Syed

We also use coffee in making our all natural Lustrous Henna® hair colors.

You need a strong coffee concentrate
by: Anonymous

If you're serious about this, use the Toddy to brew a strong coffee concentrate. See it on Amazon http://cli.gs/UJSTys

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