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Mar 08, 2009
You're right about hotel coffee
by: Nick (The Coffee Detective)

Glenn, hi

Thanks for the comment. And you're right about hotel espresso. I'm often amazed and disappointed by the terrible espresso drinks I get at hotels. They have wonderful, expensive espresso machines and simply don't know how to use them.

Recently I was served a cappuccino that comprised a terrible espresso base, a light milk froth...but no milk. i.e. a bad shot of espresso with a bit of froth on top! It was disgusting.

Mar 08, 2009
Aeropress has saved me too
by: Glenn

I travel a lot for business and always take my Aeropress, a grinder and my beans that I am drinking that week.

Hotel coffee leaves a lot to be desired and sadly most staff cannot use their commercial espresso machines to extract a shot that even comes close to that made with an Aeropress.

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