How to make your own French Vanilla coffee creamer.

Ingredients for French Vanilla coffee creamer.An easy way to make French Vanilla coffee creamer at home.

Even the coffee purists among us enjoy a flavored coffee from time to time.

There are various ways to get that flavor into your cup.

You can buy flavored beans at the store. This is an easy option, but not one I much like because one of the chemicals used to infuse the flavor into the roasted beans is propylene glycol. And, of course, the flavor itself is artificial.

Then you have the choice of making regular coffee and using a store-bought creamer with the flavor of your choice.

Again, easy to do. But I would feel happier if I could actually pronounce the names of half the ingredients on the label.

The third option is to make your own flavored coffee creamer at home, using all natural ingredients.

Yes, it takes a few minutes. But that small effort will make you enough creamer to last a week or two, depending on how many of you are drinking it.

Here is a simple recipe for making a homemade batch of French Vanilla Coffee Creamer.

Ingredients for your French Vanilla Coffee Creamer...

1 cup whole milk

1 cup heavy cream

4 tablespoons maple syrup

1 tablespoon of vanilla extract (Or 1 vanilla bean)

Stir up the milk, cream, maple syrup and vanilla extract in a saucepan over medium heat.

If you are using a real vanilla bean instead of extract, split the bean open, pop out the seeds and stir both the bean and the seeds into the mix.

Don’t bring it to the boil, just warm it up and stir it, until all the ingredients are well mixed. Then turn off the heat, leave it to sit for 30 minutes, and pour it into a glass jar or bottle. Put the lid on and store it in the fridge. Simple.

If you’re using real vanilla, be sure to strain the mix before bottling it.

The first time you do this will be a bit of an experiment. Try it and then next time make adjustments to better suit your taste. 

If it’s too sweet, cut back on the maple syrup.

If it’s not thick enough, use a more cream and less milk.

If you fancy a touch of Mocha, add some cocoa powder.

And so on.


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