Grounds in my Coffee - Autodrip

by Christine

Coffee grounds overflowing from a drip brewer.

Coffee grounds overflowing from a drip brewer.


Why recently have there been grounds in my coffee, my coffee maker had been working fine and now I get coffee grounds all over the top (where the water comes out) and in my pot/cup?

I've cleaned it, and it still happens every day. Same amount of coffee.


My guess is that the water level in the filter basket is overflowing a little. Maybe your coffee is ground too fine, or perhaps the water is coming through a little too fast. Either way, if the water level rises above the top of the filter paper, you’ll get a few grinds in your cup, and some sticking to where the water comes out.

Tough to be sure without seeing the brewer. Have you changed the grind of your coffee recently? Or it may be that there is a problem with the flow of water where it comes out and sprays onto the grinds in the filter.

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Pause and serve restricted
by: Anonymous

In my experience the pause and serve valve may not open enough allowing a good flow of coffee while brewing. I have noticed some coffee makers seem to have problems either with the basket not being properly positioned or the carafe doesn't strike the pause and serve valve enough to open it. This is especially true if you are brewing a full pot of coffee and many coffee makers even caution the if you get a serving of coffee mid brew be careful not to remove carafe too long or the basket may overflow. In one case I simply had to remove the pause and serve valve in order to allow a better brew flow. I have noticed that with plastic getting thinner and lighter the carafe tends to push up the entire basket assembly vs just the pause and serve valve especially brewing less coffee which does not add enough weight to basket to keep basket in place. We currently have a cheaper Mr.Coffee and even the lid is so light it cannot put enough pressure on the basket to hold it down.

Add a second filter on top
by: Dave H. - Yuma, AZ

I solved the problem here by adding a second filter on top of the ground coffee. It keeps the floaters down. Now the high tide mark comes about halfway up the lower filter. I may try the Bunn filters on my next Walmart order, but two el cheapo Equate filters are cheaper than one Bunn.

BUNN filters are taller (Walmart sells them)
by: JohninCali

What’s more fun than reading about coffee maker issues back to 2015 while resting from thanksgiving. I am old and I have 6 different makers, different styles etc. I can share with resounding experience some tips. First, too fine grind expands like a sponge when hot water hits it and overflows. Look for medium grind for drip, fine grind for espresso and coarse grind for 24 hour cold brew. Second, size matters with filters. Some have cone bottom some have flat bottom and they are shorter or taller. When I use my shorter filters in my taller funnel it overflows a little with too much coffee/water. Either buy taller filters or use less coffee/water. Making 6 or 8 cups instead of 10 will work with shorter filter. Third, you can McGuiver anything if you’re in a pinch or you are stuck with 10,000 shorter filters. Otherwise, google Bunn filters, they are all taller because the inventor of drip coffee, Mr Bunn designed tall filters with flat bottom. I have used paper & mesh. Both work, more acid & oil with mesh. Mix it up, to each his own. ☕️

Glad I’m doing research…
by: Tammy

From my research I’ve learned that many brands of coffee makers are having the same issues. I’ve had the same issues with my last 3, and based on reviews I won’t "upgrade" in an attempt to fix the issue. I doubt the grind to be the issue, as I use various preground coffees and have the same issues. Some say "clean" your coffeemaker/filter basket. I do that regularly. I’m leaning towards filter being an issue. Has anyone had success by switching filters?

Grounds in coffee, plastic filter
by: Kween Kittay

We have a Mr. Coffee that only has a plastic filter. Since we got this thing all we have had is grounds in the coffee. It’s like they’re coming straight thru the coffee maker and the top of the carafe will have grounds all built up on it. We use regular coffees like Yuban and Starbucks.

Fed up
by: Juanita

Why should we have those grounds at all this problem would not be if coffee machines were manufactured correctily and filters were not made so cheap , I get so upset with these coffee grounds in my coffee as well I hate instant

Wet the Filter
by: Paul

I took the wet-the-filter advice, and it works. Thanks. I just noticed the problem, so I was lucky to find the solution fast.

Coffee filter collapsed
by: Anonymous

D.Saylor try the coffee bullet works every time

No more grounds in my coffee!!
by: D.Saylor

Ive been reading all the comments and it’s very sad the advice that doesn’t work. I know I’ve tried them all. But I finally found out what does. Then I put my filter in the coffee maker basket, I wet my finger tips and wet the filter all the way around the basket. This makes it stick to the basket and it will not move. I have even bought the wrong size filter and it still works. Please try this and see if it works for you!!

No more coffee grounds!!
by: Anonymous

If u wet the coffee filter all the way around the top of the basket
You will have no more grounds in your coffee!!

by: Mike B Anonymous

I have a $20 Mr Coffee autodrip. Went to their web site, they suggested wetting filter before adding coffee grounds. I also cut a circle out of a spare piece of stainless steel screen and placed it on top of the burner beneath the carafe. This lifted the drain port plug to it's most open position. Those two things allowed for a perfectly brewed pot of coffee. The level of the coffee fluid inside the basket/filter only rose to about 1/2 of an inch from the top of the filter. No grounds in the coffee. Best cup of coffee I've ever had spiritually, mindfully and tastefully. I used 2 teaspoons of Folgers French vanilla coffee, along with a dash of cinnamon in my Folgers Gourmet Supreme. Good luck and enjoy.

collapsed filters in Mr Coffee
by: Anonymous

I noticed recently after years and years of owning a Mr. Coffee is that the "cam" that swings the "faucet arm" into the middle of the filter does not swing it all the way. It can be pushed by hand another 3/16 of an inch. So here is what you can do... just remember to hand push the arm all the way and do not just allow the closing of the cover and the built-in "cam" to do it for you, because it does not. Look and analyze your Mr. Coffee based on the above and you will see that I am correct. Another thing that I have discovered is that anytime I had a filter collapse it would be at the "twelve o'clock" side of the circle when looking at it head on. This proves my "swing arm theory" of the fact that the "cam" doesn't swing the "faucet arm" far enough to the center causing the collapse at around the "twelve o'clock" edge of the filter. I came to this conclusion just around the 2nd half of August of 2020 so if another collapse doesn't happen for many many months, it means perhaps my assessment was correct.

cheap simple fix
by: Anonymous

I began to notice that there was coffee on my countertop and grounds in the coffee itself. Have been using the same inexpensive filters and coffee type for many years. So started googling why this was happening. Saw many different reasons ranging from clogging water outlet through different grade of coffee grounds and even shortened filter size on cheaper paper filters. My cure fixed issue still using cheap shorter filters and same coffee (we buy coffee in bulk because we hate to run out and have backstock in our pantry). I took restaurant grade soup to go container (make sure fits snuggly into coffee filter compartment pressing filter against sides and tall enough to give a little extra space to prevent overflow of water into ground coffee), Cut off bottom with knife and then cleaned it up with scissors placed in filter basket before adding coffee then closed lid and hit brew. No more coffee grounds in my pot. Hope this helps and prevents anyone having to buy a different filter or buying a different coffee maker. We replace ours only when the heating element goes out and they no longer brew.

same here
by: dee k

I'm using the same coffee, same filters I always have and never had grounds in my coffee until we bought a new Black and Decker. Now EVERY pot of coffee has grounds in it. I was thinking it the stupid "showerhead" technology. My husband and I both think it's spraying the grounds to the point of shooting them up over the filter. Whatever the issue is I'm pissed to have wasted money on this coffee maker.

Cadpiper: You're a Genius!!
by: Patti

My sisters and I were having the same issue and even tried several different coffee makers. When I Googled the "grounds in my coffee" issue, I came across the perfect solution from Cadpiper! I had mentioned buying "pods" but those can be expensive. And what do you do with all of the filters and coffee we have? Cadpiper's solution? Make your own pod. We placed a filter in the basket. Then with another filter, we added our grounds, folded the four sides in, placed the new "pod" seam side down into the basket, and wa-lah!! Perfect brewing every time and NO grounds in our coffee!! Filters are inexpensive so using 2 for this solution is not going to break the wallet. A thousand thank you's to all of your suggestions!!

Overflow- Again
by: Anonymous

I use off the shelf coffee and filters. The machine is clean - regularly run it through with a vinegar solution and the valve flows freely. What I need are taller filters (not the conical type). Any ideas who makes such a thing?

it’s the filter!
by: Anonymous

i’ve been having the same problem! same coffee maker, same coffee, same amount of coffee grounds and water. NOTHING different except......i’ve noticed the coffee filters are shorter!! WHAT THE HECK?! i can’t find the regular size filter! did all the filter makers get together and collude?? Arrrrgh!! 😡

One fixes the problem forever
by: Anonymous

Coffee filter collapse
by: Anonymous

I found the coffee bullet works great never make my coffee with out it no more filter collapse

Coffee filter collapse
by: Bella

Does anybody have there filter falls over and get grounds in your coffee?

Grounds in my coffee
by: Nancy in Little Rock

I tried the solution that Cadpiper recommended on Feb. 26, 2018. Wow!! It worked great. Problem solved!

No more grounds in coffee
by: Cadpiper

I have a brand new Mr. Coffee and it was overflowing the filter every time. I brew Seattle's Best #5 and it is rather finely ground. I finally came up with a solution. I put in my normal amount of coffee into the paper filter, then fold over 4 sides of the filter into a little package, so to speak, then set that upside down into another paper filter. It works perfectly! My guess is that this technique holds the grounds up off the bottom of the basket slightly, similar to some of the other suggestions I've read.
Happy brewing!

ugh, coffee grounds AGAIN!
by: Anonymous

after much research, i found my problem. the place we order our coffee from sent decaf by mistake. decaf is much finer and flows over the top of the filter. so............i mixed the decaf with the non decaf and voila! no more nasty grounds in my cup! 😊

Filter flop

My Mr. Coffee now and then wets the filter so the edge flops inwards, creating a trough that lets grounds flow into the brew. No way to tell - except be careful how you put the filter into the basket. (Don't re-pour into a fresh filter unless you want to wait around for much weaker coffee!)

Solved The Problem
by: Anonymous

Discovered the problem!!! Never had my grounds run over before. Discovered that thegrinch filters are now made shorter than the old basket filters by about 3/4 inch. Makes a big difference. I guess its to save money......

Filters are problem
by: Anonymous

We have had coffee grinds in our coffee . After investigation, the filter doesn't allow the coffee through. Tried pouring coffee through filter into a mug, some drained through,but finally it just stopped draining. Don't know what kind they were. Will try other kinds of filters.

It's The Drip
by: DrTiaJolie

My wife is a private chef who prides herself in precision everything, even drip coffee...bean selection, type of grind, water it. Mornings were not delightful with coffee mud mess due to filter overflow.

I read all of your thoughtful suggestions and here's our assessment. The short answer is that the center drip holes became fouled from a single overflow episode. That initial malfunction led to all the subsequent ones until we cleared the center drop holes. The drip pattern--which was previoisly placing most of the water on the sides causing the heavy, wet grounds to force the dry, powdery grounds upward into the already-compromised center holes--was restored to normal.

We are back to normal sipping coffee, painting mails and listening to birds instead of being ground controllers.

by: Anonymous

It is your filter size make sure u are using 10-12 cup filter n not $1 fillets they are smaller

Grounds over flowing
by: Anonymous

I tried putting 2large paper clips under the gold filter.
Solved the problem!!

water left in filter basket after brewing..
by: Anonymous

I solved the problem by replacing the basket with a new one... no more water in basket anymore!

My Solutin
by: Anonymous

Do not push the cone filter all the way down into the basket. It should stay a little bit above it. Worked for me.

Water in coffee basket
by: Anonymous

I still have water in the coffee basket after the coffee has been made. How do I fix this. I have a DeLonghi coffee maker...

Coffee overflow solution
by: Anonymous

Hello, I’ve had the same problem, what a mess. There is a solution to contain the coffee overflowing that makes a mess everywhere. This product will not fix your coffee maker, however it will contain the mess. It is manufactured by Justin Case Deck and is available at and for sale on Amazon. Search Amazon for: Coffee Pot Overflow Station Stand. Also search Amazon for Justin Case Deck. Again this product will not fix your coffee maker, however it will contain the mess. It works great for me. Hope this helps, best of wishes.

Wet the filter
by: Skinney001

I have this problem every time my husband makes coffee. I have a cone shaped filter as well but this works on round ones too. Just wet the bottom of the filter before you put it in the basket. This breaks the surface tension of the filter so the water can go through as soon as it touches the filter. Hope this helps.

Chewing less coffee
by: Anonymous

It may seem a little low tech but I put a partially opened large paperclip in the bottom of the basket to lift the filter a bit away from the retractable stopper. The flow of the coffee seems to now be able to keep up with the production. Just an aside though, I am using the standard basket filter with a cone shaped receptacle (not sure if that matters or not).

It is better than dipping tobbaco
by: Chewing my coffee

I too have had many problems with grounds in my coffee. I thought it might have been the cheap filters that I was using, but then again paper is paper. I was using an espresso ground coffee and it is very fine. I will try changing that.

Grounds in your coffee
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem and the reason is the basket that you put the grounds in is not being pushed down enough to open the spring in the basket and then the water overflows in the basket causing grounds to overflow I am looking for a different kind of coffee pot now.

coffee grounds in my coffee
by: Anonymous

Some people suggested taller coffee filters to prevent grings from getting into the pot. Who makes a taller filter? I have this problem every time. It is terrible!!!!

crunchy coffee
by: pissed

I am having the same problem for a couple of months now. I believe the coffee is ground finer or the filters are not as poress .something has changed for sure.

worked for me!
by: Anonymous

I had this problem and tried 3 different coffee makers, used bottled water instead of water from the tap, changed coffee, and nothing solved it. UNTIL, I tried keeping my coffee in the freezer. Voila!, problem solved. I was using Dunkin Donuts coffee and, it seems that sometimes it just foams up too much and causes the overflow. I don't know why freezing the grounds works, but it does and, to me, it did not diminish the flavor, at all.

all things considered
by: pistachio

maybe you need a taller filter cone,,

or it sounds that your getting splashback and overflow,,

sometimes for me the grounds end up pluggin up the outlet where the coffee goes to the carafe,, then,, when you take the carafe out it won't stop dripping through and then a mess.....

maybe a higher end coffee machine, bty, cuisinarts look good but are terrible

or,, simple,, get a perc pot


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