Montauk Sunrise coffee from Hamptons Lane is a bright, clean blend. Perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast.

Montauk Sunrise breakfast coffee from Hamptons Lane

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First, a big thank-you to Hamptons Lane for sending us this coffee to try.

But before we get to the coffee, I want to say a little about Hamptons Lane, because this isn’t your regular online coffee store.

Yes, you can buy coffees there from various different roasters. But their focus is on helping you “find your taste”.

They have a quiz you can take to determine your own, personal preferences when it comes to coffee, and they also offer curated collections of coffee you can buy. All this leads to you creating your own box of four different coffees, chosen by you according to your personal taste profile.

On top of that, you can even create your own blend from the different beans and roasts available through their roasters.

This is certainly a different approach, and I like the whole sense of self-discovery that comes with being able to choose and curate your own coffees.

Now for the review.

They sent us their Montauk Sunrise blend which, as far as I can tell, is a blend of African coffees.

Usually we grind the coffee just before brewing. But in this case, the coffee was already ground. Thankfully, it was in an airtight bag, so hopefully very little flavor was lost.

We then brewed it in a press pot, let it cool for a couple of minutes and began our tasting.

This is a medium roast coffee, so we were prepared for a fairly light, and hopefully smooth taste.

It delivered on both counts, and surprised us with its subtle acidity. This is a bright, clean coffee with an acidity that holds the tongue, with a dry touch of citrus.

It’s not overly bitter or overly sweet. It delivers its taste with a light touch. Nor is this a big, bold, mouth-filling coffee. It really is quite light and smooth.

As a breakfast blend we’d choose it for a relaxed, weekend breakfast, and go for something a little bolder and harder-hitting for those troublesome Monday mornings.

This is a light, nuanced coffee and we liked it a lot.

You can find this coffee and many others at the Hamptons Lane website.

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