Have you tried Community Coffee from New Orleans?

New Orleans Blend Coffee and Chicory Ground

New Orleans Blend Coffee and Chicory Ground


Have you tried the blends from Community Coffee in New Orleans? My friend who brokers yachts out of Annapolis gave me some made with chicory. Really smooth. Normally I can only drink a few cups of black before I get the jitters. Lower caffeine but great taste.

Bill Tedesco
Warren, MI


Bill, hi

No, I haven’t. But I would love to try some. Maybe they would like to send us some and we’ll try it and write a review!

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It's tradition
by: LouisianaLady

Being a Louisiana native, Community was the only coffee my parents, grandparents,great-grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles would bye. It Was typically the first coffee we had, unless someone is from the New Orleans area, there you have CDM, and other local roasters. It's a part of our culture. Most of the time, the norm was dark roast. Thankfully, times changed, bringing about never blends, such as a blonde roast, morning blend, café blend, the fall seasonal Pumpkin Praline (prah-lean) Coffee & Chicory, and many more.

by: Boeingirl

If you like Community Coffee, you might also enjoy French Market brand coffee with chicory.
My father was turned on to this coffee by his older brother, and has been drinking this for 40 years now. The man is naturally high-strung and energetic so he doesn't need a lot of caffeine anyway. I gradually started drinking coffee on a regular basis in my 30's. I tried various brands, but was never impressed with any of them. My morning cup(s) was a necessary evil, a means to an end: I just wanted caffeine. When he came to visit, he brought a can of French Market with him because he didn't want to drink my crap. I tried his, and sure enough, it was a whole lot better. So he left a can of his French Market with me, thus starting my affair. Fortunately, I was able to purchase French Market relatively easy. Then we got orders to the frozen tundra of North Dakota. There was no French Market anywhere for hundreds of miles. I had to switch back to crap-coffee. Then one day, I came home from work to find a box from Louisiana on my porch underneath a foot of snow. I didn't know anyone in LA, so I had no idea what it could be. I opened it up to find six beautiful shiny red cans of French Market coffee. My Dad had braved the internet (he's old) to order me that most wonderful gift!

Been drinking for 50 years
by: RametinDallas

One would think I would get tired of drinking the same coffee for fifty years but they would be wrong. I've tried many other coffees in many places and they just don't have that rich flavor that I have become accustomed to. I drink Community New Orleans Blend Coffee and Chicory every morning at home. I make it double strength and cut it with scalded milk with a scant teaspoon of sugar. Because it is part chicory, it isn't bitter and doesn't have as much caffeine as double strength regular coffee. It is very rich and creamy and has spoiled me for any other coffee. I order it in 10 one pound bundles from Amazon every six months. I grew up in the New Orleans area and drinking cafe olait in the French Quarter was always a treat. This coffee reminds me of home.

Coffee & Chicory Essence
by: Luig

Gedday guys. Just sitting down da beach, Newie (Newport Beach - Sydney Australia) enjoying an early morning caffeine fix with a childhood favourite "Bushells Coffee & Chicory Essence", rich dark strong and sweet comes in a little bottle, same label for umpteen years. The oldies would never let us billy lids (that's Aussie rhyming slang by the way for Kids) have - heaven forbid@ - chocolate but Coffee was Honkey Dorey. Go figure eh@. Love your site. It's 330mg caffeine per 100ml, 620mg of sodium (salt), and like I said way sweet, excellent lazy man's iced coffee, @ 77g por la same 100ml!. Bye for now. Must head down south next time state side for some Community Blend you jokes mentioned. Sounds GREAT. LUIG

Community Coffee is GOOD!
by: She-brews (D.C.)

My first experience with Community Coffee from Louisianna was surprisingly enjoyable. My Division Director is from Louisianna. We had a training there in 2007 where she introduced me and my immediate supervisor to Community Coffee....the best coffee around...(I think so anyway). I get her to bring me some whenever she returns home to visit.

Editor's Note: Community Coffee was kind enough to send us some samples of their coffee to review. Read our first review, of their Community Coffee House Blend.

Community Coffee at Ruby Tuesday's
by: Anonymous

Just had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's restaurant and commented to the waitress how good the coffee was. She came back out in a few minutes to show me what they use. It was Community Coffee! I had never heard of it. They are serving the dark roast. The restaurant is in West Columbia, SC.
Good stuff!

Have I ever tried it? Heck yeah! and I love it!
by: She-brews

My Division Manager is from Louisiana and in 2007 my immediate Supervisor, my Division Manager and I attended a workshop. She was our tour guide and the first place she took us to was a wonderful cafe that served the smoothest blend of Coffee I have ever tasted! You can order it over the internet too.

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