How can I make low acid coffee?

by Derek B.
(Langdon, North Dakota)


I love coffee, but have a really sensitive stomach. I also get reflux problems when I drink coffee. Is there some way I can make coffee that will reduce the acid? I hope so!


Great question. A lot of people have trouble with the amount of acid in coffee.

I believe there are some coffees that have the acid content reduced. But recently I learned about a cold-brewing method that reduces the amount of acid in any coffee by a huge amount.

This means you don't have to seek out low-acid coffees. You can use any coffee beans and still get a low-acid brew.

The brewer you need to use is called the Toddy Cold Brew System. There is no hot water or "brewing" involved. All you use is cold water and ground coffee.

The low-acid coffee it produces is actually a concentrate. You keep this in the fridge, for up to three weeks, and then add some concentrate to a mug and then top it up with water when you're ready for a cup of coffee.

As far as I know, this is the best solution for low-acid coffee. Toddy claims that their method reduces acid in coffee by 67%.

You can learn more and buy your Toddy brewer at Amazon.

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Dec 02, 2013
Low Acid naturally
by: Anonymous

Our company has spent many years in the Research & Development of a low acid coffee. Our coffees are great tasting and have over 35% less heartburn causing acid than national brands, with a pH of 6.18.

Coffees have been extensively vetted by Hospitals, Medical Schools, Medical Centers, Universities, Doctors, Researchers, Medical Journals. HealthSMART coffees are grown in specially fertilized soils and exceed the USDA handling requirements every step of the way. Our coffees are made using only 100% Arabica or USDA certified organic beans. Our coffees are non-bitter, unadulterated, our process is all natural no additives, preservatives or chemicals are used and it is FDA Approved

Aug 19, 2009
Reduces acid 67%
by: Anonymous

As far as I know, the pH scale is logarithmic. Does a reduction by 67% equate to an increase in pH by more than a 1/10 of a point?

Aug 06, 2009
of course you can make hot coffee
by: Anonymous

You just have to heat up the water you add the concentrate to. If you find the results are slightly cooler than normal you can pre-heat your coffee mug by filling it with warm/hot water for a few minutes before adding the concentrate and water.

May 04, 2009
hot coffee?
by: Anonymous

Can the cold concentrate be heated to make hot coffee?

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