How can you have great coffee brewed in your kitchen all day long?

by Lisa Banks
(Gainesville, Florida)


I work at home, and I like to have a cup of coffee at intervals throughout the day. However, since it's recommended to drink brewed coffee right away, how are you supposed to make do without making a new brew every time?

I have a 12 cup machine and I don't think I can make just one cup at a time. Furthermore, I don't want to have to make it each time. But everyone is right, it doesn't taste that good after it's been sitting there a while, even if it's turned off and has to be reheated in the microwave.

What do you recommend? Is there a way I can brew a few cups in the morning and just go back to it throughout the day? What about a stainless steel carafe? Would that help?



Lisa, hi

I also work at home and face the same problem.

If you have a few people wanting coffee at the same time, like at breakfast, then a regular drip brewer is fine. But not for folks like us who want a fresh coffee from time to time during the day.

Getting a brewer with a thermal carafe is one approach, and I used to have one of those.

But for us all-day coffee drinkers nothing beats the convenience of a single serve coffee maker.

I have a Keurig B60 Special Edition. Each time I want some coffee, I simply put a K-Cup in the brewer and make a fresh cup.

Using the Keurig is a little more expensive per cup that using a drip brewer, but the price difference narrows when you consider the amount of stale or unused coffee you pour down the sink with a drip brewer.

Take a look at the Keurig B60 Special Edition and see what you think.

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Keep Coffee Hot all day
by: Heather

Get an air pump pot, like the kind that you sometimes see at conferances where you pump the top and the coffee pours out. I have one and it actually holds more than an entire pot. Once the coffee is done brewing I move it over to the "primed" air pot (I put REALLY hot water in it while the coffee is brewing so get it hot inside). You can then have hot coffee all day. The one I bought I got at a speciality coffee shop, but I've seen them at Target and Walmart, usually for about $20-$30. I think Thermos makes the best ones and I've actually gotten hot coffee the next morning out of it, that still tastes nice and fresh.

keeping the coffee hot
by: Cheryl

When I am working in my studio or out in the Bush at my cabin, I put my freshly brewed coffee into a very good thermos and it stays hot for at least 8 hours (even longer). The flavor is still good and I find I waste less coffee by not making fresh pots of coffee throughout the day.

there is no way
by: pistachio

fresh coffee is a very short lived creation.

Just like bread, an art form that has to be made each day.

Perhaps a smaller 4 cup drip pot would let you brew fresh batches throughout the day.

The only way I have been able to maintain a "fresh coffee" flavor from a batch of coffee is to remove it from the heat immediately add sugar now [because it is hot], let it cool, bottle it, and refrigerate it for Iced coffee later.

The taste remains, and Iced coffee with a little half and half is fine with me!


What if you don't want to buy special equipment?
by: Lisa

Thanks for recommending the single cup maker, Nick. I can certainly understand the benefits and I have been hearing about them for a while. I may even get one down the road...

However, I have a great coffee maker and am enrolled in Gevalia's delivery service, so I am not really interested in changing the equipment or coffee I have stocked up at the moment. Plus, there are times when the nanny or my husband will also have some if I make it, and it takes away from their ability to "just pour a cup if they want it" since it's already there. Plus, if there are others around, that means hauling out the other coffee maker or brewing cup after cup for each person.

Sigh... I'll probably just have to break down and get a single-cup system. I was afraid you would say this :) I was hoping you'd provide some tips on keeping brewed coffee fresh longer... if such a thing is actually possible.

Anyway, is there a way to try out the K-cup coffee? I REALLY like the coffees I'm getting through Gevalia now, and it took some experimenting to find which ones I liked.

By the way, I'm reading your New Path to Riches book. That's how I came here. Always appreciate your writing and ideas!

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