How long will my coffee maker last?

by anon


Our last coffee maker died and we just bought a Mr. Coffee programmable brewer. We love it so far (being able to have coffee made when we come down in the morning), but wonder how long we can expect it to last.

I ask, because we bought it for about $20. It’s new, but the price just seems amazingly low. I guess were we bowled over by the deal when we got it. But now I’m wondering if the low price means it won’t last long.

What can we expect?


It’s tempting to say that you get what you pay for. But that isn’t necessarily the case when buying a coffee maker.

In fact, the cheapest coffee maker of all, the simple filter cone you put over a cup or mug, can last pretty much forever.

Likewise, a French press will last for many years, unless you break it.

As you move up from those really simple coffee makers, the life of a brewer will depend on a couple of complicated it is, and how much you paid for it.

In other words, the more bits and pieces there are in a brewer, the more things can go wrong. The pump might die. The thermostat might stop working. The hinge or clasp on the lid of a filter basket might snap. (Memories here of my much loved Cuisinart grind-and-brew coffee maker. Before sending it to the coffee maker cemetery, I was improvising with duct tape when the clasp broke on the lid.)

If you do buy a fancy coffee maker, whether it is a programmable drip brewer, a grind-and-brew coffee maker, or a single serve coffee machine, you may want to avoid the cheapest models. Cheap models contain cheap parts, which are more likely to fail.

As always with making coffee, you can spend anything between $5 and a couple of hundred dollars, depending on what you have set your heart on. The simpler brewing systems, like the French press or stove top percolator, will probably last the longest.

Also, check out the warranty on your new brewer. It’s probably for one year. If that is the case – being cynical here – you might expect to start having problems soon after its first birthday!

All that said, some brewers do have a reputation for lasting longer. Bunn brewers have a pretty good track record for lasting for several years.

I hope this helps.

BTW – all feedback welcome. So, dear reader, how long has YOUR coffee maker lasted?

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Bunns are Beasts
by: Anonymous

It's 2022 and I'm getting ready to replace my 2nd Bunn. this one only lasted 8 years. My previous one lasted 12 years. proper and regular cleaning keeps them working great. however if you don't want to replace them every 10 years or so then go old school and use a percolator. I also use a 1930's one that is great. saying only a year on a Bunn is just not right.

last longer with filtered water
by: Don P.

I have been using Bunn coggee makers for over 40 years. There seems to be a direct corrilation between water quality and how long the machine last. Mine quit when the tank heater quits. Tanks can be cleaned and heaters may be replaced. I'm using my fourth coffee maker now. So I would guess the Bunn last 10+ years for me.

BUNN GR coffee machine
by: Anonymous

BUNN makes a Beast of a machine its NOT fancy NO bells whistles or chimes ... We moved into RHill in 1993 & due to "looks" (it does look worn/used)BUT it still makes great Coffee.

Should be class action lawsuit
by: Anonymous

The title says it all. They’re really needs to be a class action lawsuit against ALL coffee maker manufacturers. I’m tired of ALWAYS replacing my coffee maker every 1.5 years. It’s almost guaranteed that they will stop working correctly after that timeframe. It’s nonsense. While we’re at it, we can add all manufacturers of ink jet printers too!

Bunn BTX-C
by: Lee

Bought it in 2012 used it at least 300 days each year. Never had a problem until 3 weeks ago, Will only heat to 150 degrees now. coffee too warm for me. so I am going to buy another soon.

20 yr.old bunn
by: Anonymous

I quit using my Bunn in 2008 when I got a new kitchen aid for Christmas.The kitchen aid lasted about 7 or 8 years.I replaced it with a mr coffee about2 years ago.The carafe broke this morning so I pulled the Bunn out of storage since 2008(according to the note I left on it)spent an hour cleaning it.So far itworks perfectly .Mr coffee still works just needs carafe.How long will they last?Your guess is as good as mine.I usually only make one pot a day

Mr Coffee - 2 years max
by: Anonymous

I had a Hamilton Beach coffee maker that was great and lasted but a bit "worn" looking so we eventually replaced it with a Mr Coffee that lasted about 1.5-2 years and against my better judgement I tried another Mr Coffee that was on sale at Costco and again it's about 1.5 - 2 year mark and it has stopped working (just clicks on a beeps as if though it's done without doing anything).

I have a very old Salton 4 cup Espresso maker that still works - it has to be 20+ years old. I am currently using it as my Mr Coffee machine just stopped working (again).

cuisinart and keurig machines last about a year
by: Anonymous

I am on my first Cuisinart S10 machine and I am a terrible person for using spring water bottled instead of distilled water. Guilty as charged.

We also have the hardest water around. So that is no good for any machine. I often have rock filled tea pots after a year or so.

Right now the S10 might go not ready with the top open or ready with the top closed without a cup involved.

I have pushed all the components and eventually I get a not ready light. It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. I used white distilled vinegar to get the scale light out.

My own experience is anything with electronics coming out of China should be avoided like the plague. They are sloppy compared with the older Japanese factory versions of things.

Everything coming out of that country is bad including electronic sensors on automobiles. Your local TV may or may not work after a year or so.

10 years ago they produced faulty capacitors on computer motherboards and the entire thing was trash.

Almost every newer car and truck on the reliability charts have electric problems because the car manufacturers all went to Chinese parts.

IF it is possible, I want electronics from somewhere else. But all of this is just my opinion on what is wrong.

Back to coffee single cup makers. Expect about a year of service before they collapse of bad parts and hard water.

Has anyone put a machine out that keeps the heat unit isolated from direct contact with the water? The older water heaters used natural gas not in direct contact with the water and they lasted up to 10 to 15 years. A similar heater not in contact with the water directly might give you more longevity.

The other thing would be a repairable unit in which the separate parts are cleaned with white vinegar over night then run through a decent dishwasher with power dry.

Then make them easy to reassemble.

Laws are only as good as those we enforce. I am sure that a lot of the problem is manufacturers agreeing to put out machines that fail and all the bad boys are doing this right now.

My solution is to make it cost them more than it is worth.

Bunn coffee marker
by: Anonymous

we still have one that about 30 years old

by: Anonymous

I bought a bunn coffee maker in 2005 and as of Augest 2020 it is still going strong with 0 problems . I have owned 2 buns before this one they lasted around 6 to 7 years guess I got lucky with this last one. The only coffee maker I will buy and I always buy the one with out the frills.

by: Anonymous

I bought a really cheap chefmate years ago and it has lasted for years. About 2 years in the water holes popped loose, but I was able to just fix by pushing it back on tightly and it never came back off.

The only reason I'm looking now is my husband broke the drip part off the filter holder. I live in an area with hard water and this cheap little $20 coffee maker lasted me about 5 years and would have lasted longer had it not been damaged by human hands.

Cooks coffee maker
by: Anonymous

My Cook's coffee maker from J.C.Penney's usually lasts only about 7-9 months even though it comes with a one year warranty. Seems like it should last longer. Are they just cheaply made. I'm getting tired of returning it every several months.

Every coffee maker I have bought dies soon after one year
by: Cheryl

Haven't tried the $200.00 coffee maker yet, and the warranty does not matter. I'm on a Farberware single cup coffee maker now with a two year warranty that is refusing to work right. I bought it July 2018. Every year I go through the same thing. I clean them regularly with vinegar and do everything the manuals tell you to do. They still die. My backup is my trusty 6 cup percolator.

Crappy coffee maker
by: Anonymous

My last coffee maker 10 cups last only 6 months. Most of them
Last 1 year or less....

Mr. Coffee Latte Maker
by: Anonymous

Great machine. Had for 2 years. Hasn't completely died yet, but does not froth as well or heat as well and the frother usually doesn't work at all unless I try it many times. Bought a new one yesterday and tried it today. So much better. My conclusion: They only last 2 years.

Ah, the Cuisinart grind and brew clasp
by: Maureen O.

Funny, this is exactly why I asked this question, my clasp broke this morning. And what did I use to keep it closed? DUCT TAPE!

I've had it for... wow, seven years! So, I think the $125 I spent on it has been well spent, but now I may have to start thinking of replacing it.

I have plenty of duct tape, though, maybe not YET!

the temporal plane
by: pistachio

all plastic coffee makers live on the temporal plane.....who knows when but something will happen and it will be over....the flask will crack, the element will fail,, still an inexpensive pot can last as long or longer than something complex and costly.
If the water is heated to the correct brewing temperature you will get drip coffee and it will be decent....
It the burner underneath is too hot the coffee will not last too long after it is initially brewed so,, if you put four or six pennies on the burner so the pot can rest on them it will decrease the holding temp of the coffee and it will stay better longer....pistachio

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