How to brew a larger pot of coffee.

by Ashley
(New Jersey )

Our Bonavita coffee maker

Our Bonavita coffee maker


I have a Bonavita coffee maker and a Cuisinart conical burr grinder.

Currently I’m using Starbucks Sumatra beans. The problem I’m running into is that I’ve figured out the perfect tasting cup of coffee of for the 4 cup mark.

I use the 6 setting on the grinder for 4 cups and fill the water to 4 and it’s great.

The issue is when I try to make a larger pot. I try different grind settings and I haven’t found any that taste as good. So I’m wondering in general ... as you go up in cups of water do you go more fine or more course for your grind?

Do you always use the same cups of water to #cups on the grinder? Any insight would be helpful as I’m constantly making small pots of coffee!!



Well, that’s an interesting question!

I also use a Bonavita brewer, and a conical burr grinder. Although my grinder is a Breville.

Like you, it took me a while to find the right combination of time grinding, grind fineness, and water quantity. Not easy! But like you, I found the sweet spot for our favorite coffee.

For me, once I’d found the exact right combination for one brand of coffee, I’d find it’s not quite right for another coffee from a different roaster. A pain!

Mind you, I haven’t experienced the problem you’re describing. If I want an extra couple of cups of coffee from the brew, I simply increase the volume of ground coffee proportionate to the increase in water quantity.

I’m not sure what to suggest… except for the usual… to experiment until you get the exact right ratio, and then make a note of it.

I have a notepad on which I have the grinding and brewing settings for all of our favorite coffees!

Sorry I wasn’t able to be more help.


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