How to make my own Keurig coffee cups?

by Mike
(Jacksonville, FL)

My K-Cup reusable coffee filter for Keurig brewers.

My K-Cup reusable coffee filter for Keurig brewers.


I have a Keurig B60 coffee maker and buy boxes of K-Cups most of the time. But it can get pretty expensive. Also, there are times when I run out of K-Cups. I have heard there are ways to make your own K-Cups. Is that true?

I would really appreciate any advice you can give.


I have a Keurig B60 and asked myself the same questions when I got it.

You can’t exactly “make your own K-Cups”, but you can come close. There are two ways to go, that I know of.

First, you can get yourself a My K-Cup. It’s a plastic filter holder that replaces the K-Cup holder in your brewer. You simply fill the small filter basket portion with the ground coffee of your choice, and then clean and rinse after use.

It’s not quite as convenient as a K-Cup, but you’ll certainly save some money.

Another way to go is with a small plastic disc called a My-Kap. With the My-Kap you use it as a reusable lid for use on actual used K-Cups. It’s kind of messy. First you get a used K-Cup and cut the foil lid off the top. Then you rinse it, removing the coffee grinds, but without damaging the paper filter inside. When you’re ready to brew, you fill the K-Cup with ground coffee, attach the My-Kap lid and then use it like a regular K-Cup. The used K-Cup filter is good for about five brews, and then you have to cut up another used K-Cup. Very cost effective, but messy and you do need to buy some K-Cups so you can reuse them.

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Use paper filters
by: Kelly Kelly

My filter got holes in it so coffee grinds galore, yuck! I took the holder and put a regular coffee filter and stuffed it inside, opened the middle to make room for my coffee grind, put the lid on right. Bam great cup o coffee, not one grind, clean up so easy, just dump the paper filter out, grinds and all. Good for me, you and the environment. Wish I could show you ap pic but I think you all will get it...crafty!

a good cup of coffee
by: Anonymous

I like to seep coffee all day long.. I use the Contigo mug that keeps the coffee hot all day. To make the coffee ,I use the reusable filter.. I buy Starbuck whole grains from Costco. I have a small coffee grinder and I grind only the coffee I need at this time...I make two cups of coffee and fill the Contigo mug. It tastes perfect , lasts for two months, and costs about $20.

Make your own K-Cups!
by: Anonymous

The true way to do this would be (yes it's only a "would be" idea....right now!)to make your own K-Cups from new materials. new bulk plastic cups with new paper filters inside, new foil lids and your choice of coffee. Basically a small kitchen appliance that would allow you to "assemble" the three components, into one complete assembly, ready for storage for a week or so. Whole beans go into a hopper, cups go into a second hopper and lids go into a third hopper, at the end, out pops perfectly sealed, ready to store filled K-cups. So who's going to be the first to make one? Me, you or Keurig?

Coffee mixture in the reusable cup
by: BillyS9999

My secret to making great coffee in the reusable cup is filling it 1/4 of the way with instant coffee and the other 3/4 with ground coffee (I use Choc full O' Nuts) but you can use anything. The mix without the instant is too weak. This comes out great every time. I've been doing this for years at a fraction of the cost of new Kcups

2.0 KEURIG ~ UOU CAN USE REFILL PODS!!! Hack that works!!!

I found the answer!! Old kcups can be used!!
Ive been searching for a Keurig that I can also use my own coffee too, but due to changes & patents etc. it's become difficult! GUESS WHAT~ IT CAN BE DONE USING ALL BRANDS!!!! YAY MIT hack genius!!

k cup substitute
by: stan

i am still using ez cup devices but there are many others available i use brew rite wrap around coffee filters i tried melittas but theyer a bit to thin you can use two layers but that doubles the cost the wrap around filters cut into 4 equal pieces are so far the most economical type ive found im still trying to wade through chinas market of filters but so far they have been pretty hard to deal with so for clean up and consistancy i use ez cup brew rite and i cut a cover piece from cheap number 4 basket filters

Dump Keurig
by: Anonymous

The more I read the more I'm thankful I haven't gotten on the
whole Keurig thing. First they have contributed to filling our landfills with are millions of these plastic cups that will NEVER decompose. How more people in this day and age doesn't have an issue with this is beyond me.

Everyone needs to wake up and realize that Keurig isn't going to allow you to do things that cut into THEIR profits. That means they will control what you put in THEIR machine. They don't want you to make your own coffee because how will they make any money on it week after week?!

People asking how to make their own coffee in the carafe??? Here's a thought how about you just I don't know but a coffee pot? You can get one for $10 and make whatever you want. Believe it or not you could even make ONE cup.

The best I have found so far
by: Sophie

I use these at home to make my own K-Cups. They work like a charm!

by: Anonymous

very useful to me

New 2.0 Keurig 500 Model
by: Anonymous

I am very disappointed when it comes to making a whole Carafe using the large K-Carafe coffee packs. The machine does not bring enough water for the whole carafe which holds more then 10oz. UGH!!!

Refillable k-cups at BBB
by: Anonymous

They still list them online (the best deal being a 4-pk for $9.99). Many stores have pulled them off the floor because the new Keurig 2.0 can't use them but if you ask they should have them in their stockroom. You should be able to find them at Walmart, a target, Walgreens, and some grocery stores (in the As Seen on Tv section).

Bed Bath and Beyond Cups
by: Anonymous

I have seen several comments regarding fillable k-cups at BB&B but can not find them no matter how I search. Can someone post or send me the link to Appreciate the assistance.

by: Anoscruffynymous

Does anyone have a solution for how to make your own refills for the Keurig 2.0 carafe?

by: Anonymous

50 Pack K-Cups MAKE YOUR OWN!@Esty 10.dollars + shipping . Cups lids and filters 50 per box work like a charm

Ekobrew cups
by: Anonymous

I bought a couple ekobrew cups from Amazon, to use my own coffee in a Keurig B60. Works like a charms and easy to clean/reuse. Grinding fresh beans and filling cup 3/4 full seems to be the way to go.

What landed me on this site is that I want to "customize" my coffee and am looking for recipes.

K-cup CUPS
by: Anonymous

There is a company that sells the cups here in the U.S. They sell the caps, cups, and filters. I use these all the time.
I just wish someone would make a recipe page for other than coffee that is sized to a k-cup. I really like the lemonade one but at about .70 per cup, damn.

diy kcups
by: stan

so far the best way i have found to make kcups is to use the ez cup device i got mine from bed bath and beyond i use the filters called #4 cone filters i cut them in the largest circle i can try for at least 4 and a half inches then separate the two pieces giving you two filters for each one of the cone filters center one on top of the ez cup push it slowly to form the filter down inside the ez cup i use the more normal ruffley #4 coffee filter to cover the top i cut them into pieces to fit you get 5 or 6 of these to use per filter so far this has been the method i think gives the best results

Empty KCups
by: MinnieMama

Just found these on the Bed, Bath & Beyond web site:

..$4.99 for 50..can't beat that!

Another solution for expensive k-cups
by: Anonymous

After cleaning out a k-cup and filling it with your own coffee,you can also put a small piece of aluminum foil over a used k-cup and it works just fine. Its good if you like a specific brand of coffee or you are running low on the k-cups.

buying empty kcup from china
by: Anonymous

On a prior comment someone stated how they did purchase new empty kcups from china in quantities of 2000 to make at home. I would love to find out which company this is. Please post or email me at

Keurig is short sighted
by: Anonymous

There apprears to be no way to make your own blend of coffee for K-cups unless you go through a messy clean up and are willing to settle for used cups (or expensive cups with built-in sceens).

This short-sightedness on the part of Keurig is bound to result in some other standared being developed (other than K-cup). Just wait and see.

On February 12, 2013, when a local Hawaii coffee manufacturer approached Keurig about providing product and/or licensing the use of K-cup, the company said that they ONLY package coffee themselves (through one and only one manufacturer) and do not want any more brands. They said taht licensing the production of K-Cups is "not in [their] business model".

Notice what happened to Sony's beta format for video tapes. The same thing will happen to Keurig's K-cup.

Attention, Keurig CEO: Get a clue! What would happen if Ford built a car that could only accept gasoline from a Ford-owned gas station?

Buying empty kcups
by: Anonymous

First time on this site & I must say, lots of good ideas for re-using the kcups.

As for the person who back on Dec. 15, 2010 asked about buying empty kcups & being told (by the editor, no less) that you can't, let me tell you, NOT TRUE. You CAN. Where? I found them at a Bed, Bath & Beyond store in Salem, NH. Depending on where you live, hope they have the store or one close by. It comes with 50 cups WITH lids attached. They're in a clear box, so you can see what you're buying & that's great. I imagine the price will depend on where you live & the store.

If you can re-use the original kcups, I imagine you can re-use these (only way to know is to try). They're made from the same type of filter paper the original ones are.

Hope this helps. Especially the editor.

by: jim

Why not put a basket filter in your cup and remove it when coffee finishes brewing. amazon has ekobrew refillable k cups that just pop in when filled.

China Machine
by: Anonymous

Curious as to where you purchased these things for making your own K cup. The assembly kit from China. If you could let me know that would be awesome as I am looking to do the same thing.

Email me at

Coffee recipes?
by: Anonymous

Has anyone tried making their own cappuccino recipes with the reusable k cups? Would it work like a prepared cappuccino Kcup (bt Grove Swuare for instance) if I put powdered milk in with a flavored ground coffee into the refillable k cup?

K-Cup Assembly
by: Anonymous

I have purchased and been using the Kcup injector assembly kit from China since march and it works great. It takes about 90 minutes a month to make about 150 Kcups. This includes loading the filters, the plastic housing and the glue seal caps and cleaning the unit when done. This does not including the time it takes to grind the coffee, however you could use pre ground coffee if you find a grind that you like.

If you buy 2000 kcup housing, 2000 filters and 2000 glue lid caps, the cost per Kcup (without the coffee is around 3 cents per Kcup US. For me this is about a one year supply.

The injector, assembly and the holster did set me back $499 so the payback is a bit more than a year for me, but so far except for a jam in the motor due to the glue lid assembly (a bit flimsly) not seating properly during the heat stage every kCup run has been fairly easy.
I solved this buy breaking the assembly into thre runs of 50 even though the holster can hold 200 because I found the glue caps stuck together from the heat of the injector if I ran all 150 at then same time.

Definetly recommend this injector machine if you drink a lot of coffee and have time to make your own.

Press and Seal instead of foil
by: Anonymous

Press and seal sticks to things better than foil. Suggest using that?

Don�t understand

Being the independent BTCH ;-) that I am, the single cup invention was not for me. I did not want to be forced into using the coffee K cups that were sitting on the shelf for who knows how long, not to mention that I might like my coffee brewed at a different ratio. I don�t understand it. If you buy a Cuisinart coffeemaker w/a thermal carafe and brew whatever amount of cups you does not burn the coffee. Of course, although I like Hazelnut coffee etc, I also just buy organic hazelnut creamer or if you are really hooked on it just buy the flavored sugar syrup yourself and add it to the grounds when brewing. That is all it is. Sugar syrup, not actual hazelnuts picked from a tree and roasted w/ the beans for God�s sake. Our fresh roasted beans are organic etc and it bothers me to see all this burnt, stale, toxic fake stuff out on the market. There, I vented. Thanks for reading this.

by: JB

I reuse my kcups & have for 3 yrs. Since you cannot buy empty kcups, you first have to buy the filled ones. Use a kcup the first time, and immediately after you have finished, remove the lid (it comes off clean & easy while its hot). Empty, rinse & let kcups dry. Continue this process until you have used as many as you want to refill. (6 at a time or all of them) I use heavy aluminum foil that I tear off in 3" strips, stack up the strips of foil and with a scissors, cut the foil (while still stacked) in to 3" squares. With a white out marker or marking pen, put a dot or line on the side where the hole is on the bottom. FILL your used kcup WITH the COFFEE of YOUR CHOICE, take one of the aluminum foil squares and press it around the kcup. I usually cut dozens at a time and have even used them over when I am in a hurry. I did buy my Kcup caps ( 5@ $15) and I love them, but I continue to prepare about a dozen kcups at a time in advance, by using & reusing my foil squares. A whole lot faster than it sounds and at unbelievably less cost.
I can refill a dozen or more kcups in the time it would once take me to clean the coffee pot. (and I have the convience of haveing Kcups read all the time)

Plastic not foil
by: Klevurrwon

I reuse each k cup 6 times with this method
I use regular maxwell house for coffee..
after rinsing out my used k cups I simply add 2 table spoons to k cup and cover with a peice of plastic bag cut about 3" in diameter and secured with a rubber band...bam works every time....

Love my Keurig
by: Elisa

I don't need mascara wands or tape or foil to brew a great single cup of coffee. I got the Keurig filter for brewing my own blends because i love to use a pinch of this n that to brew the perfect cup for ME. The filter works great, my coffee is not overly expensive and I don't need to become a craft maker to use the machine. My sister uses a paper coffee filter in the K-Cup Filter Holder and brews her coffee that way and that also works. I just like not having to buy paper filters ^_~ These 2 ways cost the same or maybe even less than using a regular coffee maker because i no longer dump out half the pot because i forgot it was on or burned it. Now it is one cup of mmmmmm at a time.

by: Jim

I reuse the k cups I buy after rinsing them out in cold water and letting them dry. I make my own Aluminum foil tops. I purchased a 2 1/2" diameter hole punch ( used for the stamping Crafts) from Joann Fabrics, or Hobby Lobby) I also use the heavy duty foil found in the stores or at Sams Or BJs. I cut the foil into 3" wide strips. I then put the foil in the hole punch and cut out the circles. They fit perfectly on the used K Cups.

Sucess! Reusing K-cups with Starbucks
by: SarahJ

I enjoy Starbucks Coffee... well at least for now, Starbucks does not have k-cups (however, I'm sure that will change!) So, I recycle my used k-cups and refill them with my fav Starbucks. I too had problems with the top staying on. After a few brainstorm ideas, I came up with one that works well. I take scissors and cut a circle into the top, leaving the outer edges of the original foil still intact. After washing and refilling, I cover the k-cup with new foil and voila! WAAAAAY cheaper too - I get about 45-50 k-cups out of one 12 oz bag of Starbucks Morning Joe

Sealing "K" cups
by: Bob Marchant

A lot pf comment on utilizing used "K" cups. Have been experimenting and agree to the removal of the original top, flushing out the grinds and drying the cup for future use. One problem I have run up against is how to attach the new foil top to the cup. A 2" circular foil label fit well but the center of the label has a glue surface which would mix with the coffee when it brews so these dont work..We need someway of just applying glue to the cup rim. Any suggestions as to a suitable glue?

Love It and Love the Planet too!
by: donniebrasco

I usually am environmentally conscientious, but with this, I can't help myself... so many varieties are available, so each time I have a cup of coffee, I can just enjoy the options of Hazelnut, or French Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, or plain Kona or Donut Shoppe... I bought the "use your own coffee" accessory but I returned it and purchased more K Cups. I have refilled some of the empties for friends who insist on Kona Decaf... it's really easy, just don't over-fill because the coffee expands... and it's easiest to remove the top (from the hole in the middle, working out,) allowing the coffee to dry, and then it spills out more easily. Rinse, dry, and refill... simple. Another use in the works: save grinds, mix with potting soil, cut bottoms off the K cup (but don't cut the filter), refill with potting mix, and start your spring flowers! Also, you can snip a hole in the filter and use for hydroponic planting... We can make this work!

First reaction to a Keurig brewer
by: Anonymous

We got one of these brewers as a gift from my son in law, along with a base to hold k-cups. Since the brewer was unwrapped out on the counter after we got home I assumed we had to keep it, so I did a test run, actually reading and following the instructions. The coffee was ok, but wtf?, it takes 4 minutes to warm the water, uses 1500 watts, same as any other coffee maker, and only makes 1 cup! If you don't mind waste, dread looking at coffee grounds, and only want one cup this thing is great.

k cups
by: Anonymous

how do i go about getting empty cups, so i can fill them up with my own coffee.

Editor's Note: I don't think you can. You buy full K-Cups, use them once, then remove the foil lid and flush out the used coffee.

Works like a charm!
by: Jerry S.

I just tried the foil technique...not doubt, same results as the original...thanks so much!

wash k-cups in dishwasher
by: Anonymous

reuse the k-cups---I rinse out and place them in dishwasher--cleans them completly and doesn't hurt the filter. cover top with heavy duty foil---saves a lot of money--at least until the price of k-cups comes down

Tin foil
by: Anonymous

The tin foil technique works like a charm.

A couple of tips I found to be helpful.

(1) Make sure to firmly press the fresh coffee grounds into the empty k-cup to maximize flavor.

(2) Make sure to ensure that the tin foil (heavy duty works best) is as taught as possible on the top so it doesn't sag. Adds to a better seal IMO.

(3) Hold the handle down while brewing to ensure a better seal.

All you need is aluminium foil
by: Anonymous

We do the same thing. Take off the foil top. Clean out the pod making sure you don't damage the paper filter. Then fill with your own coffee. Cover top with a small piece of aluminium foil. And you have a new K-Cup.

The machine makes a hole in the top and bottom of the K-Cup. So as the other poster said, make sure you put it in so the hole in the bottom lines up so you don't end up with a second hole and you can re-use these several times.

Love my Keurig!
by: Krissy

Hi, we just bought our Keurig yesterday and we love it already. I have a feeling we will use the real kcups for when we have company or just want a special cup. We got the my Kcup in our set so that is nice to be able to use regular grinds as well. I googled making my own and came to this site. The person who had won the year's supply of Kcups had wonderful ideas! Thank you so much. I tried something a tad different though while using your ideas. I had alreay peeled off the top label of one and rinsed it out so after it was dried (too impatient so i used a hair dryer) I added a scoop of coffee and the tinfoil as she (i think) suggested. Mine was thick tinfoil so I just used one layer. I also didn't cover the bottom whole since I was brewing right away. I then placed my fancy kcup in the machine lining up the whole with the whole punching pin. Worked beautifully, and coffee was excellent! I'm usure of what she was using the mascara wands for but perhaps they are unneccesary if you try the way i have suggested. Might just save her a step? Good luck and hope you can save some $$on you kcups as well!

by: ed

why not just buy a black & decker with already a reusable filter. i don't see an advantage to keurig. i agree with previous commenter about tying people up with keurig pods, reusable filters that cost the same a brand new b&d single cup coffee maker. i've researched other reusable filter alternatives for keurig but are costly just the same. what gives? you gotta be nuts! no wonder someone gave me this as a present - they probably have the same dilemma as previous commenter. someone else probably gave them that same coffemaker and regifted it!!

There actually is a way to make your own from scratch
by: Anonymous

Excerpt from Amazon site:

Kcup Perfect Pod Kit Holster and Maker
Product Description
The Perfect Pod Holster allows you to use virtually any pod 55mm and greater in your Keurig coffee Machine. It features a self tamping spring which extracts a beter cup of coffee or tea. Now you can buy less expensive pods and use them in your Keurig machine. With Vinnci's new electric gourmet pod maker you can now enjoy any of your favorite coffee roasts and flavors rather than just the few choices that are available for your brand of pod coffee maker! Your beverage choices will be virtually unlimited as you can blend flavors or vary the strength of your coffee! Makes tea pods as well! No more messy attempts at "do it yourself" pods either. This new machine heat-seals your pod and allows you to make either one pod at a time or several to be ready for future brewing. The Perfect Pod Holster is patent pending and not affilliated with Keurig.

Check out the link: Make Your Own Keurig Kcup Perfect Pod Kit Holster and Maker

Re-Use K Cups
by: Anonymous

I won a contest for free K cups for a year and have been saving the empties in anticipation of when I would have to supply my own. I will never be able to afford K cups for what they cost right now. In fooling with the cups and the best way to reuse them, I have discovered that it is possible to reuse each cup several times.

I bought a bag of very inexpensive disposable mascara brushes. I make a slightly bigger hole in the K-Cup, swish around the mascara brush and dump the coffee. I then run water through and let dry. I now have two boxes of empty K cups ready for use.

I have tried everything from a couple of pieces of tape to wax paper to cover the holes. So far I have found that a couple of small pieces of aluminum foil stacked on top of one another seem to hold up the best and have the best taste.

So I have a large container that I have regular coffee in. I take the K Cup and immerse it in the coffee until the cup is full, I put a couple of small pieces of aluminum foil over the top and pinch it down. It sounds like a lot of work but after practice I can fill a cup and have the foil on it in about 20 seconds. My son uses a plastic spoon to fill his cups but I think that takes too long.

I usually will make 10 to 15 cups at a time that I stack in a couple of small rectangle shaped wicker baskets that hold each cup in place.

I know this may sound like a lot of work but it really isn't when you consider the cost. I buy whatever Italian roast coffee is on sale like Tully's or Java Roast at Albertsons and grind it very close to the espresso grind.

If you want to use each cup more than a couple of times, you will have to make sure you line up the original bottom hole in the K cup in the coffee coffee maker.

So if you love you K cups but can't afford them, this is an alternative.

by: Nick (The Coffee Detective)


90% of me agrees with you completely. 10% of me is so lazy that I just can't resist using the Keurig for the first coffee of the day.

But you're right. The beauty of coffee is that all you need is beans, hot water and a filter of some kind. One time I had no filters and used a cotton handkerchief. Perfect brew. : )


It is Unfortunate.....
by: piatachio

buying a coffee pot isn't enough for a manufacturer / they have to Tie You In and Tie you up with proprietary parts.

Really!, Coffee is a commodity of sorts and to be married to a manufacturer supplier to be able to use is it a travesty of soul but the mainstay of consumerism.

Shick and Gillette will give you a Razor,, just that you have to buy only their blades that fit..

IF I received a Keurig as a gift,, I'd return it,,

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