Hugo Breakfast Blend Coffee – Great coffee, with every purchase supporting dog rescues.

Coffee in support of dog rescueOur pup Sherlock, adding his own thumbs up for Hugo Coffee Roasters.

Before we get to the coffee itself, a few words about Hugo Coffee Rosters.

This is a 100% women-owned coffee roaster based in Park City, Utah. 

Their core mission is to support dog-recue groups by contributing a percentage of the revenue from every bag of coffee they sell.

In addition, they roast only organic, fair-trade coffee beans.

By the way, the pup in the photo is our own dog, Sherlock. He’s not a rescue dog, but we’d love him just as much if he was. We probably love him way too much… if that’s possible.

Long story short, we love dogs and are happy to see Hugo Coffee Roasters are doing so much to support dog rescue efforts.

According to their website, they have donated over $75,000 to dog recue centers so far, and have made possible the adoption of 550 dogs.

Good job!

OK… onto the coffee... Their Roll Over Breakfast Blend.

It would be easy for Hugo Coffee Roasters to source and roast second-rate coffee, and say, “Hey, it’s for a good cause!”

But that’s not the case.

This breakfast blend is a really good coffee.

As always, my wife took the lead, as she has an amazing nose for the subtle aromas of a coffee. I test her with each coffee by making sure she tastes the coffee “blind”. 

In other words, I don’t show her the bag, or tell her anything about the coffee before she tries it.

And with this Hugo Breakfast Blend, she totally nailed it.

Just from the aroma alone she identified milk chocolate, caramel, and nuts. But nothing in the way of citrus or bitterness. All confirmed when she actually tasted the coffee.

That’s why she goes first! She’s also super critical of coffees that don’t live up to the promises made by their roasters.

In this case, she truly loved the coffee and immediately poured another cup.

I’ve tasted a lot of coffee myself over the years, and can confirm everything my wife said.

In other words… we love the coffee AND we love the fact that every sale supports a dog in need of rescue.

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