Is it safe to keep coffee in the fridge for a few days? If so, for how long?

by Melissa

Left over coffee stored in the fridge.

Left over coffee stored in the fridge.


I live alone, like to make a big pot of coffee at the weekend, keep it in the fridge and then reheat it a cup at a time during the week.

Is this OK? I had a friend come over and she was horrified, saying that keeping coffee for that long is unsafe. Now I’m freaking out a bit.

I have been doing this for years, with no bad effects.

Is keeping the coffee in the fridge for a whole week safe?


Melissa, hi

I think you’re safe.

In the summer I like to drink iced coffee. I make a couple of liters of concentrate at a time and store it in the fridge. Sometimes it sits there for up to two weeks before it is finished.

I have also read about chefs in restaurants who prepare coffee for use in flavoring deserts. They’ll keep it in the fridge for two weeks or more before brewing some more and replacing it.

A few things though...

What I’m talking about applies to black coffee. If you have already added cream and sugar, I think I would dump it at the end of the day.

Second, always store it in the fridge and not on the counter.

Third, make sure to seal the container. I wouldn’t feel nearly as comfortable if the coffee were in the fridge with an open top.

In the photo above you can see how I put some cling film between the lid and the carafe, just to create a good seal against other tastes finding their way into my coffee. (Onion coffee, anyone?)

I’m not a food scientist, but I have a feeling coffee is pretty safe and isn’t a very attractive growth medium for bacteria or molds.

Heck, there have been times when I have sipped from a travel mug in my car a day after I brewed the coffee. I know, that’s pretty gross. But it never made me sick!

I hope this helps to reassure you.


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Why get a smaller pot
by: Anonymous

How many have not realised that you can put less water and bean in the large coffee maker? make a cup in the pot rather then the whole pot you don't use any more water. And if you know how coffee maker coils actually use power you would know the electricity difference would be single cents a month in fact you would save tons more power unplugging your TV after use.

Mason jars great to store coffee
by: Pat

I’m adding to the list of savings — coffee filters. I make A full pot of regular brewed coffee and use it for iced coffee. I store It in two large mason jars with lids & put it in the refrigerator. It lasts me for 3 days then I’m out. I let it cool on the counter but you probably should get it into the fridge as soon as it cools. Sometimes I forget about it & its out for hours. I’m gonna be more mindful of this after reading all the comments.

Fast Pace
by: Anonymous

Fast pace. Fast pace. Fast pace! Busy, busy, busy! Barely no time for sleep and Absolutely no time for coffee making every day. Tired of falling asleep in traffic because I had no time make coffee or waste precious time in line for fresh coffee. This is a great idea. Thank you

by: pistachio

What about the cost of reheating the coffee for the seven days....
not to mention the cost of keeping it in the refrigerator....

however these costs are minimal...

not to mention the minimal savings on the 42 step procedure to save in the first place..

and,, I bet two days out the refrigerated coffee taste has suffered as well....

The REAL Saving(s)
by: Sherry Sharon

Save by Brewing and Storing Coffee

To All:
Brewing one large pot of coffee once a week saves:
A. The coffee maker only uses electricity – once.
B. The coffee warmer – once.
C. Conserve more electricity – turn warmer off right away.
D. Place hot coffee into thermal carafe (w/Lid) for 2nd hot cup.
E. Later, place cooled carafe into fridge.
F. Thermal carafe sturdier & safer than glass pot. (Save potential replacement cost.)
G. Thermal carafe inexpensive & lid keeps fridge "scents" out. (avg. price $8.80 - $24.99)
H. Hot water to clean pot - used once.
I. Hot water to clean carafe - used once.
J. Hot water only used twice vs. daily – save.
K. Water bill reduced – save.
L. Potable water conserved - think Environment.
Thank you,
Sherry Sharon

melissa......... I am wondering......
by: pistachio

do your shoes fit.........

..... have you thought about getting a smaller coffee maker so that you could brew a cup or two each day......

There are quite a few 4 cup drip makers and really,, that is about or not even two mugs....considering the 4 cups is based on 6 lonely oz. per cup......

and,,, I will add,, they are not expensive At All ! ! ! !......


Why Melissa wants to keep her coffee in the fridge
by: Nick


I think Melissa's plan is to make coffee once a week and store it...not get a smaller brewer and make it 7 days a week.


why not just....
by: pistachio

.......get a smaller coffee pot !

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