Is there a drip coffee maker with no plastic parts?

Chemex Coffee Maker

Chemex Coffee Maker


Is there a one cup or smaller coffee maker (drip) that does not use any plasic. Also on the pods, does the water come in contact with the plastic pod when brewing? With all the bad press about heating plastic, I would like to eliminate it with preparing coffee. I have a Stainless steel percolator, but prefer the taste of drip.

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Debbie, hi

Questions about plastic in coffee makers are becoming more and more frequent, for exactly the reasons you state. And the bad news is that the more high-tech the coffee maker, the more plastic there seems to be.

I don't think there are any drip coffee makers or single serve coffee makers that are free of plastic water reservoirs, plastic tubing, plastic filter baskets, plastic pod chambers, and so on.

Some French presses are almost completely made from glass and steel, but many still have some plastic parts.

If you are willing to try something different, consider the Chemex coffee maker. I have added a photo above. These are made from glass, with a wood collar and leather tie. No plastic and no aluminum anywhere.

You have to heat the water separately in a kettle, and you need to buy paper filters. Other than that, it's a real low-tech way to make excellent coffee, and totally free of plastic.

Amazon sells a variety of Chemex coffee makers of different sizes.

Another option is to use an electric percolator, like the Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker, which is stainless steel with no plastic parts.(Also pictured above.)

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Jan 13, 2018
Maka (Moka) coffee pot
by: Anonymous

I would not use a Maka(Moka) coffee pot since it is made of aluminum. Prefer glass or stainless steel.

Nov 28, 2010
Stainless Steel Water Reservoir
by: Anonymous

I've been on the hunt also, and found that Bunn automatic drip coffee makers for home have stainless steel water reservoirs. Yay!

Nov 02, 2010
ADDENDUM to Maka Brew Glass drip coffee maker
by: Sammi

A few years ago I finally discovered the coffe maker call MAKA brew.

This coffee maker is a European design and functions similarly to that of an espresson maker. The DIFFERENCE is that this coffee maker is designed to brew for coffee or espresso.
The water is poured in at the bottom, which houses and all stainless steel parts. Water rises to the tops and drsips into glass caraf.

Now, the additonal beauty to this coffee maker is that the exact amount of water you place in the unit is precisley the exact amount that will fill the caraf. Unlike the traditional coffee makers, at least one cup of measured water souddenly disappears. I always wondered where it went.

Originally I had found the coffee maker at a specialty kitchen shop. BUT before using it, I decided to search on line and was able to purchase the exact model and make om Amazon for $40.00 less. Oh yes, and instad of cone filters, this brewer uses pods. Sometime I have problems finding the pods, which really is not a problem since I can use the unbleached paper cones and cut them to the exact pod size. This works great.

This is aq fabulous coffe maker and any coffee we have brewed in the Maka coffee maker has tasted delicious.

Jun 23, 2010
Better is no plastic nor paper parts
by: Anonymous

Which is why an all-glass Cona vac pot is still my favorite brewer

Feb 10, 2010
Bunn Brewer
by: Mike at

If you still want an auto drip coffee maker, the Bunn home drewer has a stainless steel reservoir to heat the water. I dont know about the inside of it by they state that it has no BPA. I use this everyday at home and it is the only drip brewer I would ever use.

See this link:

Feb 19, 2009
A little tip
by: Anonymous

Here's a little tip for keeping your coffee warm with a Chemex: If you don't pour all of the coffee right away place the coffee filter back on after pouring your cup. The filter does a great job keeping the coffee warm.

Jan 02, 2009
How the Chemex coffee maker works.
by: Nick (The Coffee Detective)

The Chemex coffee maker doesn't come apart. It's a single piece of glass with leather wrapped around the center.

You place a filter paper in the top half, then add ground coffee and pour hot water over the coffee. Just like with a regular coffee cone.

Once all the water has dripped through, you remove the filter, grip the Chemex around the leather belt at the center, and pour the coffee into mugs.

Jan 01, 2009
by: Anonymous

More info on chemex would be appreciated. How do you pour from it, how does it comes apart,purpose of wood collar and leather belt.

I agree with DEBBIE. I want a plastic free coffee maker.

Dec 22, 2008
Coffee maker with no plastic parts
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your suggestion of the Chemex. I will check it out. What type of pot do they use at Starbucks? I really like your site and will come back. I'm a real coffee nut

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