Keurig B60 leaking with My K-Cup

by Katyshu
(Liverpool, NY)

Our Keurig B60 came with 6o cups of coffee as well as a My K Cup. We found that the machine brewed the K cups perfectly but the gray My K Cup leaked all over the counter. A tip from this site suggested a rubber band around the top of the My K Cup and all leaking stopped.

I emailed Keurig about the problem and they said to try a coarser grind of coffee and to clean out the basket after every cup of coffee brewed. Not much help there. They then sent an email thanking me for my email and for telling them how " highly" I thought of the brewer. Obviously, no one there reads the emails. Don't look to Keurig for help.

The machine does brew very good coffee so I guess it was worth the cost.

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Jun 13, 2015
The link to the easy "fix" for leaking k-Cups
by: Anonymous

Paste this in your browser:

Jan 11, 2015
Ebay has an easy cure for leaking k-cups
by: Anonymous

Do an ebay search "New Part for Keurig" and you will see a $2 part that works great on most coffee machines.

Feb 13, 2013
A new part for Keurig stops leaking k-Cups
by: Giants Fan Man

I found it on ebay for $3. It slides in the cup compartment and stays there. It fixed my leaky Ekobrew reusable K Cups and it works fine with regular K-Cups without having to take it out. Put "New Part For Keurig" in the ebay search window.

Mar 05, 2011
Fixes worked like a charm!
by: Bean There, Done That

The 'Rubber Band' fix recommended by Woofer01 worked like a charm for me when using My K-cup with my Keurig single cup brewer. Also used "the second fix to improve coffee taste" for putting a modified discard K-cup in the My K-Cup before adding the screen filter. Again, worked very well.

Thanks for the great suggestions. These have no doubt saved me a lot of grief and really improved the quality of my My K-cup coffee brew!

Feb 10, 2011
Leaking K-Cup fix
by: Woofer01

This issue has drawn a lot of attention on the internet.
Keurig's response is to open the receiver assembly and carefully reach up in side the top half and feel for the top piercing needle. There is a rubber gasket on this needle. Carefully pull it down slightly and use the My K-cup as adevertized.
Other's have suggested slicing wine corks with a razor blade to make a cork gasket, faucet washers, o-rings and various other fixes to seal the top on the My K-Cup against this rubber gasket.

My feeling is the best solution is to raise the My K-Cup up slightly in the holder by using a simple rubber hair elastic. You can by a package of these in yourt local K-Mart or Target for a dollar.
Just slap one around the My K-Cup and drop into the holder and you will see that the My K-cup sits slightly higher in the assembly. It now contacts the upper rubber gasket and works perfectly.

The second fix to improve coffee taste is the take a discard K-cup (has the hole in the bottom), cup off the plactic flange, remove the old coffee and paper filter, rub off all the glue on the inside of the K cup that is used to hold the paper filter in place(is this glue made of safe compounds?).

Now drop the K-cup shell inside the My K-Cup, install the wire screen, fill with coffee and try it. The K-cup shell slows down the water flow and allows the coffee to mix better like a regular k-cup.
Let us know how this works for you!

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