Keurig Won't Turn On

by Chris
(Hanover, PA)

Out of nowhere, my Keurig decided not to turn on. No descale light warning or anything. Keurig did send me a replacement but I can't stand to think of just throwing the machine away. Any suggestions at all? Should I get over it and just trash it or is there any hope of fixing it myself?


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Jan 04, 2024
thermostat reset
by: Anonymous

My k supreme plus has turned off twice over the past year. I fixed it by resetting the thermostat which is found inside the unit. Unfortunately, you will have to take the unit apart to access the thermostat. I got tired of doing this and drilled a hole in the side of the unit through which I can access the thermostat and reset it using a long paper clip. You can cover the hole by inserting an automotive body panel clip.

Nov 17, 2023
Two Kuerig 910 FAILED
by: EasyEd

We have purchased TWO of these units over the past two years because each one has failed to turn on after just a few uses! The power button light doesn't come on, even after following the resetting process. Any suggestions on how to diy fix this would be very much appreciated!

Oct 18, 2023
Just happened to me
by: Anonymous

Mine is about 5 months old. It just shut down in the middle of making a pot. Crazy! Guess I’ll call to see about getting a replacement

Sep 02, 2023
How to fix Keurig K910 not powering on.
by: Anonymous

I found a solution on YouTube. There is a video on how to reset a thermal switch inside. Needless to say that taking it apart to get to that thermal switch is major pain in the you know what. I just followed it and it helped. For about 5 minutes. That switch flipped off again and I am going to just short it. We'll see what transpires.

Apr 07, 2023
Keurig won't turn on
by: Anonymous

This is also the second Keurig I own and it won't turn on after only 4 months. It hasn't been in much use and I turned it back on after a couple of months. It made one cup of coffee, and the second day, it won't come on!

Mar 30, 2023
k910 wont tun on
by: Anonymous

My daughter bought me the K910 coffee maker less than a year ago. Just today,when I started to turn the machine on, the descale light went on. It started to make spitting noises, some water came out, then the machine shut off. It happened so fast. I googled and did all the suggestions to restart, NOTHING.
If there are so many similar complaints why aren't you doing something about this issue.
Perhaps Better Business Bureau needs to get involved.

Feb 02, 2023
Won’t turn on
by: Anonymous

This is the second one I’ve owned with same problem in short period of time. Won’t turn on. Did all the trouble shooting still nothing. I will never own another Keurig. Customer Service was useless. DO NOT BUY A KEURIG.

Jan 07, 2023
Defective manufacturing
by: Anonymous

Same problem after 2 months.

Dec 09, 2022
K910 same problem
by: Anonymous

Won't power on 1.3yrs old so its not in warranty. Support offered me 20% off the list price of any Keurig as long as I purchase it from Keurig. Bought a Cuisinart instead.

Dec 16, 2021
Will not turnn on
by: Anonymous

I unplugged it to reset the AUTO. Now it will not turn on. I have tried with a power strip and using another outlet. NOTHING.

Dec 11, 2021
K910 Won't Turn On
by: Incredulous

Less than a year old K910 won't turn on. After pressing brew I noticed the add water light on. I removed the tank to fill it then the machine began to make noise like it was trying to brew anyway. I quickly put the tank back on the machine in hopes of brewing a cup of coffee. Nope. Now no lights. Nothing but a few spitting noises then nothing. I tried resetting the machine by unplugging overnight. Nothing. Tried every conceivable button hold option like descale. Nothing. This nearly $150 machine is now a paperweight.

I called Keurig this morning and surprisingly enough they said it is still under warranty and are shipping a replacement! Had it been ten more days I would have been stuck with an expensive dud. Keurig really needs to work on the design as they are contributing so much waste to the environment. They told me to toss the old one in the trash. Not good. Why can't they recycle? Of course, this goes right along with their K-Cup non-recycle issue as well. We do recycle ours but it takes work to do so. Anyway, this time it worked out but I completely expect the replacement to fail prematurely as well. Here's to hoping it lasts longer than my first two!

Dec 06, 2021
same as above comments
by: Anonymous

surly they can make a better product that lasts longer then this.Why not design a better reset switch that actually WORKS \\\\\\\\\ This is our 2nd one It lasted about the same time as the 1st one.......

Oct 14, 2021
2nd Keurig won't turn on after a few months
by: Anonymous

This is the second new Keurig coffee makers I've bought from Costco (you can't find a model no. on these things...only a serial no. on the bottom)that has failed to turn on (just blank...nothing lights up)after operating fine for only several months. Taking it back AGAIN for replacement. These things are like disposable! Nothing on-line addresses this issue with anything that actually works.

Jun 22, 2020
Want turn on
by: Anonymous

Piece of grap. Wont turn on after 5 months.junk!

Sep 25, 2017
Won't turn on
by: Anonymous

I have had the k250 for 2 years and will not turn on.

Aug 10, 2017
Single cup 2 months old won't come on
by: Stephen

Have had this single machine less than 2 months now won't come on. I stopped using the big machine because of mold in the pump and tubing. Mr coffee starting to look good again

Apr 06, 2017
Same thing
by: larry

Same thing here but on a 3 year old unit. Just got off the phone with keurig. Out of warranty, sorry! We will replace for $143.99. I can buy a new one cheaper than that so will look at other options. To bad because we sure loved that coffee maker.

Dec 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

I'm in Hanover, PA too. Same thing just happened to me.

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