Megaton Coffee… a highly-caffeinated experience, and a pleasant surprise.

Megaton coffee beans

Many thanks to Jimmy Haight of Megaton coffee.

He sent us a bag of his beans several weeks ago.

And we let the bag sit on the shelf for a few days, and then a few more. And then a couple of weeks slipped by.

Why did we wait so long before trying the coffee?

To be honest, it was a bit of a coffee snob thing.

Jimmy doesn’t pitch his coffee as being “gourmet” coffee. He pitches it as “highly-caffeinated”.

In fact, his coffee has twice the caffeine of regular, gourmet coffee.

His biggest fans are athletes who are looking for that extra jolt and burst of energy.

So... when he sent us the coffee, we felt a little cautious about it. And to be honest, I think Jimmy did too!

Long story short… we really like it.

But before I tell you why, let me explain why Jimmy thought we might NOT like it.

Megaton Coffee is a blend of both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

If you’re a coffee snob – and we really try not to be – you buy coffees that are made with 100% Arabica beans.

Arabica coffee beans contain less caffeine that Robusta beans, but offer a far richer range of flavors.

Pretty much any gourmet coffee you buy, whether in a coffee shop or from the shelves of a supermarket, loudly proclaim they are 100% Arabica.

Arabica beans are good. Robusta beans are bad.

Or so the story goes.

But… what about that wonderful espresso or espresso-based drink you had last week?

The narrative is a little different when you’re blending coffees for use with espresso machines.

When making espresso, Robusta beans miraculously become a good choice. Rarely 100% Robusta, but part of a blend.

So really, when asked which beans are better, the honest answer is, “It depends”.

I’m not much of an athlete, but I appreciated the buzz. And the taste.

I didn’t have a cup of Megaton Coffee before setting off on my bike - as the photo above might suggest – but did drink it about 30 minutes before delivering an online webinar.

Yep… I definitely felt the caffeine, and the buzz.

It was a high-energy session!

Backing up to those first couple of sips...

I paused and asked my wife to have a taste and tell me what she thought.

She’s a better taster than me. Great for picking out the subtleties of a fine gourmet coffee.

Honestly, I hadn’t planned on asking her to try this coffee.

But I did, because I really, really liked it.

And she loved it too.

It has a decidedly dark and bold feel, which we like.

But the flavor was by no means flat. Some nuts, and a little dark chocolate. Nice layers of flavor.

Better than a lot of fancy “gourmet” coffees we’ve tried.

It turns out that a coffee blend that includes Robusta beans can be very good indeed.

Jimmy… a couple of tips.

One, promote this to “brain athletes” too. They’ll thank you.

And don’t imagine you’ve compromised on taste just to deliver that double dose of caffeine.

Your coffee tastes great!

You can get Megaton Coffee here…

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