Our review of Crown Town Colombian coffee from No Coast Coffee Roasters.

Bags of coffee from No Coast Coffee Roasters

First off, many thanks to Max Bellmann, owner and founder of No Coast Coffee Roasters.

Thank you for the bags of coffee!

From what I can tell, No Coast is a fairly young company. Just three coffees on offer so far.

And I can’t help thinking there’s an inside joke wrapped around the business name, No Coast Coffee Roasters.

Most of North America’s fancy, high-profile coffee roasters can be found on the east or west coasts. New York City, San Francisco, Seattle... and so on.

No Coast Coffee Roasters is based in Kansas… a long way from any coast.

In addition to a sense of humor, Max is clearly very passionate about great coffee.

And he gets extra brownie points in my mind, because he has a strong affection for his roasting machine, a Loring S15 Falcon air roaster.

I get that. I appreciate a fine piece of machinery myself.

Medium roast Colombian coffee beansAs you can see, these are medium-roast coffee bean. Not too dark.

Our review of the coffee

Out of the three bags Max sent, we chose the Crown Town Colombian medium roast.

As always, we ground the beans immediately before brewing.

And we brewed the coffee in our Breville Precision Brewer, which is set to the water temperature and brew time recommended by the Specialty Coffee Association.

Then we let the coffee sit for two or three minutes before tasting.

My wife sampled the coffee first because, in all honesty, she has the better nose.

And keep in kind, this is a medium-roast Colombian coffee. You don’t expect or want anything too dramatic.

As we anticipated, the taste isn’t defined by any startling high notes. It’s more a melody of subtle, layered flavors.

It’s a mild coffee, but certainly not bland.

There are floral notes in the aroma, and in the taste too. Along with a touch of citrus and some stone fruits – like maybe apricot and sour cherry.

On their website they talk about chocolate. But we didn’t taste much of that. Maybe the hint of a light, milky chocolate.

This is a mild but interesting coffee. Not a smack-in-the-head brew to wake you up first thing in the morning. But something more subtle, to be savored during a morning break or after lunch.

Overall, we liked it. It isn’t always easy to get the balance right with a medium-roast coffee.

But I think Max nailed it with this one.

You can find out more about No Coast Coffee Roasters here.

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