Only 10 Dunkin' Donuts K-Cups in a 12 K-Cup box. Why?


Hello Coffee Detective . . .

After fruitless searches of the Internet and of your site, I cannot find an answer to the question I ask myself every time I buy a package of Dunkin' coffee pods; and the question is, why does Dunkin' (and/or JM Smucker, for that matter) sell boxes of Dunkin' coffee pods that are short of the full quantity the box was made for (and for a higher price than competitors' full boxes)?

I can find no other brand that does this and it really makes no sense as to why they are doing it. Examples: boxes that are made for 12 pods, Dunkin' packs them with 10; boxes that are made for 48 pods are packed with 44 pods; the rest of their box offerings are similarly shorted.

My sister-in-law tells me that in her state, purchasing a box of pods in the Dunkin' coffee shop (as opposed to the local grocery store) gives you the full quantity (12 pod box, 12 pods). It seems to me that there are an awful lot of people out there who have no qualms in paying more for less.

I'm thinking that Dunkin' is pulling a fast one on the public, sort of like the New Coke marketing failure, and the public is falling for it. If everyone would wise up, Dunkin' would start packing full boxes of pods.

I know I will no longer be purchasing their pods as soon as I have used up the pods that I have left in my pantry and my victory will be paying less for more AND (by the way) paying for a better tasting coffee.

A K-cup User and Becoming a Dunkin' Hater.


I hear you…

It drives me nuts when packaging is over-sized. It happens all the time. You buy something, open the box, and find it’s only half-full or less.

I guess companies want to give you the impression that you’re buying a “big” quantity of something.

As for Dunkin, I’ve never bought their K-Cups, so I haven’t experienced what you’re talking about.

But yes… super-annoying!

Thanks for the question!

Best wishes,


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