This Sidamo coffee from Path Coffee Roasters has a unique taste profile, including a mystery fruit!

Sidamo coffee from Ethiopia

First, a big thank you to the folks at Path Coffee Roasters for sending us a few of their coffees.

Path Coffee Roasters is a small company right now and part of a new wave of roasters who, instead of selling every coffee with a name people might recognize, focus instead on a few outstanding coffees and roast them in small batches.

In their own words, from their website, “Located inside a roasting facility that has been in operation for over twenty-eight years, we hand craft everything in thirty pound batches to order, and taste everything often. It is simply how we function. In addition, where and how we get our coffee matters. Farming methods and the characteristics of each country are important, and enable us to focus on helping farmers and sharing better coffee.”

Like I said, they sent us a few bags of whole bean coffees. And we want to try them all soon. Each bag has the roasting date printed on the label, and we believe in brewing and drinking coffee within three to four weeks of roasting, if possible.

The label also includes information on the varietal of the coffee, the altitude at which it was grown, the process used to separate the beans from the cherry pulp, and more.

So with each bag you buy, you get a little coffee education along with the beans.

The first of their coffees we decided to try is their Ethiopian Sidamo.

As always, we ground the coffee just before brewing, brewed it in a press pot, and let it sit for a few minutes to cool.

At the first taste…wow, it’s a unique coffee which took us by surprise and had us scratching our heads for a few minutes.

The first taste you notice is the soft acidity that immediately fills the mouth. It isn’t harsh, and it slips away quietly, but it is the backdrop to everything else.

Also in the background I tasted a hint of dark sweetness, a touch of very dark chocolate.

But what was that other taste? We struggled over this. It’s very much there, but we couldn’t put our fingers on it. Then we “cheated” and took a peek at the taste description provided by Path Coffee Roasters…and found our mystery taste. Blueberries.

Not the sweet, over-ripe blueberry taste. And definitely not the overly sweet blueberry taste when mixed with sugar in jams or pie fillings. More the dry blueberry taste from the fruit when it’s ready to eat, but not overly ripe.

What a great taste profile…the acidity, the hint of dry, dark chocolate, and a broad sweep of blueberry.

This is a very special coffee and very good. And definitely worth brewing with care.

You can buy this Sidamo coffee online through their website.

Find out more about Path Coffee Roasters here…

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