Question about filtering my espresso.

by Becky
(San Diego)


How should I filter an espresso machine coffee drink? I know the coffee goes through a metal filter, but studies show that it is the paper filters that remove the oils that raise cholesterol. I guess one could pour an espresso into a cup using a paper filter....what do you think?


What do I think? Well, I think you should consider allowing yourself this little indulgence.

The amount of “bad” oils in a single espresso is very small.

Sure, you can filter the espresso through a paper filter and get rid of some of those oils. The crema will go, as will many of the subtleties of the aroma and flavor of the coffee. It is from the oils that you get that wonderful coffee smell and the high points of the taste.

For myself, I would skip some other food or drink that has bad fats or oils, and continue to treat myself to the espresso! : )

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Yeah but cholesterol ridiculously high
by: Anonymous

I agree, it’s almost the only indulgence I allow myself, this is so pathetic, but still I’m scared it would keep rising my cholesterol. 3 to 4 cups a day? Is it too much?
Thanks for you answer

10 years later...
by: Gustavo

If you want to filter your espresso do it. So what?

I'm kind of on the same boat here, being recently diagnosed with elevated blood pressure. The thing is, there is no hard evidence for or against coffee and apparently as long as you drink less than 400mg of caffeine a day (which is supposed to be "4 cups") you should be fine.

That being said, there are web sites that say that you should avoid coffee if possible and others that say that your efforts are better placed eating healthier and exercising which is what I ultimately went for. I drink one regular coffee a day, one decaf cup most days and espressos less frequently.

by: Anonymous

Lol.. Good point...

Funny.. My doctor told me to reduce my cholesterol, so I cut out eggs.. Then realized that it's probably the six Lindts I was having that was killing me.

So I'm guessing that espresso does have some bad fat, but if you're eating skin on chicken or fatty bacon or cold cuts, or cheeses, you're getting way more fat from that than from the espresso.

I was more worried about carcinogens from the rising process. I know in small amounts it's not too bad, but if we're drinking a lot of espressos, could a filter reduce them amount you ingest? Or is it not that much of a risk.

What say? No oil!
by: Marc-the-Shark

The oil is what you want and you really can't capture enough in a filter to significantly reduce oil anyway since it is being carried by the hot water and passes through relatively fast...all you will really acomplish is making a less than desirable espresso.

If you are adamant about this just try drinking instant espresso which is available at most Italian grocers.

Keep this in mind...the three essentials to a good espresso are timing, temperature and pressure. That is why the metal filter works as it helps provide the essential elements so that the oils and essence are properly extracted. Do you eat cheese burgers? Eat fewer burgers and enjoy your espresso!

honestly,, your whacked
by: Anonymous

Do you really! want to live forever....

You moaning about the littlest bit of oil and it is even Questionalbe that is bad for you!!!!

Do You live in a BUBBLE Too!

C'mon,, get your head together,, drimk some coffee live a life,,,,,stop being so prissy!!!!

I think you need some therapy!


Or just eat soy beans and drink water for the rest of your life!!!!

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