Senseo Supreme vs Original Model

by Princess Peg

My husband got me the original Senseo model (7810) for my 40th bday about 3 years ago. I fell in love with that coffee maker. It made outstanding coffee with no mess, and there was never the problem of the coffee getting old in the pot, etc. Plenty strong, etc. My favorite drink from the coffee shop was an Americano (espresso with hot water added), to which I added cream and Equal, so this was a perfect fit for me and far less expensive than my daily coffee fix at my local coffee joint. The only downside was that the cup clearance was about 4", not tall enough to fit a standard coffee mug.

Then, Senseo came out with the Supreme (7832) in late 2006. I was thrilled because it had the adjustable spout which accommodated a taller cup. Hubby got me a new one for Christmas, and I gave my old one to my niece. PROBLEM! The new one doesn't taste right. They must have changed the heating element because the water tastes metallic (like vaporizer water). I'm on my third one (all from different sources), and they all taste the same. I've had other people support me on this. It tastes bad.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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Oct 27, 2015
Philips needs to make a new Senseo!
by: Rob Ladely

I absolutely love my Senseo original! I'd love to get my hands on a good, working Senseo Supreme, however. I really love all the flavored soft coffee pods available out there, but am worried that once my Senseo "bites the big one", I won't be able to find another one! Oh sure, I could use one of the soft pod coffee makers available, but they don't produce the nice cream on the top like the Senseo does.
I recently tried an Inventum coffee maker that takes the soft pods and claim to produce the same cream on top. Trouble is, it was a piece of junk - didn't work at all, so I ended up taking it back.

So, I'm in the market for a new, or almost new Senseo Supreme coffee maker!

Mar 23, 2015
great coffee
by: Steve

I purchased my senseo supreme coffee maker in 2011 and have used it daily with no problem at all or funny taste. Rarely do I ever buy the senseo pods because I make my own pods with paper filters and fresh ground coffee that I grind grind myself. The coffee is awesome; far superior to Keurig coffe makers.

Nov 23, 2014
pre recall senseo
by: coffee doctor

I have a prerecall (model 7820) that I must get rid of. Should I return it to the recall or dispose of otherwise? Please email me at

Oct 25, 2011
Should I return the HD 7810?
by: Anonymous

I was just given a HD 7810, the one that has been recalled. I wanted to keep it at work for an occasional cup of coffee. After reading the reports about the awful taste of the new ones, I wonder if I should just keep it (and not go through trying to get a replacement or a check.)

Apr 12, 2011
It is in the Tank
by: Anonymous

Hi I bought an older off of craiglists a year ago.
It was an older one used once or twice if that.

Coffee tastes great!
So I bought one for my home off Craigslist's
and it was a much newer one.

I set it up etc and it tasted strange...

Later my senseo broke so used my old tank with the
new senseo...waloa it tastes great....the problem is in the tank.....

Mar 24, 2011
eliminate the plastic taste?
by: Anonymous

Has anyone been able to eliminate the plastic taste. Does it go away after a few weeks/months.

I have had a new quadrante 7860 for 2 weeks now and it tastes a little bit plastic but not close to what it did in the beginning.

I just want to know if I can expect to get this plastic taste every time I have a coffee?

Feb 06, 2011
1 new & 1 replacement
by: ann marie oliva

my daughter has had her senseo pot for 3 or more years and it is a great pot. so 2009 she bought a red one for my other daughter. she had a real hard time looking for a red one but found one and that was a great pot. then they both bought one for me this past xmass. well it was broken never got a single cup of coffee. so i went to there site and heard about there recall. my pot was not on the recall but my daughter with the red pot was. it broke her heart to send it back because they had no red ones. so she sent hers back and recieved her replacement pot and my daughter return my pot and got a new one well my new pot and my other daughters replacement pot taste horible. so now neither one of us have a coffee pot I gave my old 8 cup pot to good will and she returned her great tasting red pot for this horible , gaging taste.we both have wasted more pods trying to fix this problem , but it will not go away we just can't drink anything from these pots . what now senseo , are you going to stand by your product .

Jan 07, 2011
Problems with refund
by: Anonymous

I returned my coffee maker after finding out that it was on the recall list. I loved my coffee maker and had no problems with it. I called the company and they sent out the return labels within a few days, this was in October. I called again in December and they gave me the same story that some of you had. They received the coffee maker but they didn't know why I hadn't received my refund. They told me that someone would contact me, which they did and they told me that I would be getting a refund in 3-4 weeks. Then they sent me an email saying that it would be 4-6 weeks. Sounds like they have a standard answer for everyone and no one is getting a refund. What I want to know is if there is anyone who has actually received a refund? I was going to use the check to buy another Senseo but after going through this I wasn't about to give them any more of my money no matter how much I loved their coffee makers.

Nov 01, 2010
New machine from Philips
by: Yannis

Nikolas, my senseo business is based at Thessaloniki (

I have ordered the new Philips Senseo Viva Cafe machine to check if the smell is the same. Will get back to you with the results.

Oct 31, 2010
tasting coffee
by: Karen

I have just bought the senseo having used a friends whilst staying with them - no problem with their old one. However I agree with previous comments, the water smells and tastes the coffee. I have flushed through the system & run through loads of cups of hot water, I have washed out the container but it still persists. Wish I'd read these comments before buying but will ring Philips now - guess I won't get my money back though!

Jun 15, 2010
same experience as the previous post
by: Anonymous

So I see that I am not the only person who has been having problems getting a refund from Senseo. They said they were going to email the label. After several phone calls (and no label) they said my email was probably blocking the message as spam. I didn't bother telling them I am the IT director and KNOW the message wasn't blocked. They finally snail mailed the label. I returned the unit and it was received in March. I called today (13 weeks later) to inquire about the refund. Surprise! They have no idea why I haven't received the check. They are sending the info on to headquarters with a request to issue the check. They have been extremely polite but something is definitely "not right" about this situation! (I love my Senseo and have already replaced it with the highest level model.)

Jun 14, 2010
coffe padds
by: nikolaas

i have senseo but an search for coffe pads in thessaloniki but............ and i order from in grecce?lolololol

Feb 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

I loved my Senseo. I was actually excited to get up each morning because I couldn't wait to use it each day. Then it started acting up (after almost 2 years of perfect use though, so I was still very happy with it) so I called Customer Service and was told that my model was recalled but would be replaced.

I've been trying to get a refund on my recalled machine since June 2009. I've called 8 times, no joke. The first few times I called they kept saying their recall process had changed, but failed to notify me and each time I was instructed to do something different. I was first told to keep my machine until I received my new one, then send the old one back in the new box. This was supposed to happen in 6-8 weeks. When I didn't receive a new machine, I called again. They said they weren't making mine anymore (I had the silver one with the LCD screen) but that I could get the base model and a check for $50 (the difference in price) or I could get a check for the full refund ($130). I choose the full refund. This time I was instructed to still keep my machine until I received my check and shipping label. Again, received nothing. Called again. They said now they will send me a shipping label and once I send the machine they will send my check. Strange that I had to call requesting this label, when I am waiting for a check and label to be sent. It seems like they could have just sent the label when they decided to change procedure again. Instead here I am waiting for this check that they aren't even sending at this point. So I send the machine and am told that I will get a check for $130 in 4-6 weeks. That was back in the beginning of November. Sense then I have called 3 times, and each time I am told that the customer service rep I am speaking to can only see that they have received my machine, but they are unable to see what the hold up is with my check but that I will be put on a list and someone will call me. I have been told this 3 times, and 3 times now I have not received a phone call. I am beginning to think that I'm not going to receive my check.

Has anyone else had such difficulty in receiving a replacement or refund on this product? Any suggestions as to what I should do next?

Feb 02, 2010
It is the pressure pump
by: YannisGR

I contacted my provider in Holland and he told me that because of the explosion problem in the old models (2004-2005) they reduced the pressure in the newest models and that is why the taste is much different.

Feb 01, 2010
nasty taste
by: Anonymous

I too received the replacement from the recall and the coffee tastes plasticy. But the vaporizer smell is spot on too. I'm not sure it's the heating element because if I flush the senseo right before I put a pod in, it tastes much much better. I believe it's the reservoir and some plastic chemical is leaching into the water. You would expect this to abate after months of use but it hasn't. Someone try and swap reservoirs with their old Senseo and see if that fixes the problem. We could tell philips that the plastic chemical in my coffee causes cancer then maybe they'll fix it.

Jan 22, 2010
New Generation Senseo smells like Chlorine
by: YannisGR

I have started the first Senseo shop in Greece. The idea came to me after buying a Senseo 7810 machine at work and tried many flavors which I liked so much. After trying the 7820, 7860 and 7850 series, I can say that the coffee smels like chlorine, even if I put EVIAN bottled water in the dispenser.

SEGAFREDO, a very popular Italian company, produces senseo pods and when we made a comparison of how it tasted on a Philips Senseo 7820 and a "Gaggia" coffee machine the results were in favor of Gaggia. In 7820 the coffee had no taste and it smelled like chlorine. I am really dissapointed and thinking of selling only the 7810 series.

Jan 15, 2010
nasty chemical smell in my senseo
by: Anonymous

I just got a replacement under the recall and it has that horrible taste. The model being replaced (the same) did not have that problem. I will call them on Monday, but I may just keep the defective unit unless they just want to issue me a refund and I'll be done with it.

Jan 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi, we have just got a Senseo original for christmas and ours tastes of a bad chemical. I believe it is coming from the water container at the back. I can smell a plastic chemical type smell from there. I am not sure if it is the plastic or if it is the magnet for the switch at the bottom which is putting the taste in to the water. Either way it is far from a pleasant cup of coffee. Flushing the machine through twice before does help but hardly practical! Come on philips lets get this one sorted.

Dec 10, 2009
Same problem here with Senseo
by: Anonymous

Philips replaced the old one that worked great because of the recall. The coffee from the new one tasted like a bad chemical. So they sent me another one - still tastes horrible. They will not acknowledge the problem, just keep sending me replacements that taste awful! Has anyone got a resolution besides trying to find an old one?

Jun 08, 2009
Senseo Supreme vs Senseo Original Model
by: Anonymous

My replacement just arrived last week. The new one's taste is better than the last but it still doesn't taste quite right. I need to run to the store and get some fresh pods, as mine are now expired, but I suspect that the problem is with the unit, not my coffee. The problem appears to be with the heating element somehow giving the water a bad taste (like vaporizer water, right?). My daughters don't seem to taste the difference, but they are not as discriminating. My brother can taste it, too. They have to have changed the heating element on this model. I am tempted to send it back, as well, but who knows if it will ever get resolved? I am surprised to hear that you had a unit from this model that actually tasted right. I have now had either 4 or 5 of these that made bad coffee. My original model (the 7810?) made awesome coffee. Unfortunately, I gave that one away to my niece, and now I can't find that model anywhere. I wanted this model purely for the greater height allowance (to allow for a taller cup). Oh, well...

Jun 06, 2009
Bad taste in Senseo recall replacement
by: Anonymous

I just got a replacement under the recall and it has that horrible taste. The model being replaced (the same) did not have that problem. I will call them on Monday, but I may just keep the defective unit unless they just want to issue me a refund and I'll be done with it.

May 20, 2009
Senseo Supreme vs Senseo Original Model
by: Molly

Marcus, as my comment said, I had the original model and LOVED it. Stupidly, I was lured by the higher cup size accommodation (which is still just barely high enough to accommodate a standard sized mug), so I gave my old one - which made awesome coffee with the crema on top - to my dirt poor college student niece. The new one arrived, and it just didn't taste right. I finally put my finger on it. It tasted like the water from your vaporizer/humidifier (when you have a cold) smells. Yuck! I knew something was wrong with the heating element and that they had somehow changed it on this model. I tried three different units, and they all had the same problem. One even came directly from Philips - they replaced it free of charge. I just saw the recall last week and Philips is going to send me another new one, but I am not convinced that it is going to taste right since they are not actually saying the machine has a problem until it basically explodes. I sure hope I'm wrong because I have really missed my coffee, and now I can't find the old model anywhere! Thanks for responding!

May 17, 2009
Senseo coffee maker
by: Markus

The Supreme and Delux models are on the recall list due to calcification of the element. That's only a problem in the UK, but they recalled all. I used a Supreme at work and after 500 cups made, tasted fine. I also have the 7810 model that I got new at a garage sale for 10 dollars and that one tasted great right off the bat. Try getting a used or non-used one that is made before 2006 and maybe you won't have the bad taste. I work for Philips by the way.

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