SUN Cafe Pod Brewer

by Michelle Wilson
(Calgary Alberta )

also comes in Red, Blue & Black

also comes in Red, Blue & Black

I purchased the New Sun Cafe Pod Brewer at Bed Bath & Beyond in Canada. This machine is the answer when it comes to making a Great cup of Coffee. It makes the best sense from cost of each pod ( 36 cents per cup) vs 66 cents for the Keurig. I also like that I am not brewing through plastic & having to throw away a plasic capsule when i am done. The store offers 20 varieties of coffee in 25/ box- $8.99. I love my Sun Cafe brewer and will recommend to all my friends.

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Mar 31, 2023
Suncafe brewer
by: Anonymous

Have had for years. Best coffee ever! Even take it camping :) Only use filtered water in ours. No reason, just feel it keeps the machine clean. Looking to buy a second one to eliminate the transporting.

Nov 29, 2022
where to find pods
by: Gina

Good as Gold coffee roasters out of Boston has a great selection.

I have a Sun Cafe that makes the best coffee EVER and it now is leaking....Impossible to find...I know the company was sold likely to squash competition.
I have purchased two other soft pod brewers, hard to find one and the coffee is awful.

Nov 26, 2022
by: Sylvain Benoit

We have a sun cofe pod brewer but i could not find pud anymore, where could i find them?

Jul 31, 2022
Cannot find it anywhere
by: Anonymous

Have had my coffee maker for 5yrs of great service. Only now has it started to leak. I cannot find a new or used one anywhere. Did they stop making this coffee brewer?
It is by far the BEST soft pod brewer on the planet

Nov 03, 2019
Water Level
by: Anonymous

I am also having a problem with the water level warning. It doesn't matter how much water is in the tank, the warning won't go away and it won't let me do anything. Can anyone PLEASE help with this?!?
Thank you!

Aug 06, 2019
Best Coffee Maker Ever!
by: Sandy

I got my SunCafe brewer about 5 years ago from my local Value Drug Mart. The machine was offered free if I bought 4 boxes of coffee. This is the BEST coffee maker I have ever owned! We have tried numerous blends and like the strong Kienna Royal African the best, made in 8 ounce cups. I also like that the pods are like tea bags (which you can also use) and can go right into the mulch pile for the garden. I am presently looking to buy another one as I am concerned this one will die some day, and I buy my coffee by the case now!

Jun 14, 2019
"Check Water Level problem.
by: JoyceAnonymous

I have the same problem. as a couple others have commented. My Coffee brewer says to Check water level and will not do anything and there is lots of water in it. !
What is answer to this problem PLEASE!!

Sep 19, 2017
To Ali
by: Matthew

Ali, I had the same problem then I learned to turn the pods upside down in the cup so no paper hangs over the edges. Problem solved. Works great.

Jul 19, 2017
I'm done with Sun Cafe Pod Brewers
by: Ali

You would think I'd learn my lesson after purchasing two defective Sun Cafe Pod Brewers. But no, I actually bought a third one. It begins well but then eventually they leak -- coffee and/or water all over the place. So frustrating! So I just tossed the last Sun Cafe Pod Brewer I will ever buy. The pods may be good for the environment, but I'm sure there are plenty of broken brewers in our land fills.

May 07, 2017
Seeking Replacement Pod Drawer for Suncana
by: Graeme

I have been using the Suncana single brewer for 5 years and just love the coffee. Unfortunately my stainless steel pod drawer is cracking and not fitting in the brewer well anymore. Does anyone Know where to order parts for the brewer. I see the Suncana store where I purchased the Stainless Steel drawer is no longer taking calls, the number is not in service.
If anyone can post where to by the drawers that would be great. Thanks

Jan 24, 2017
Versatile and durable machine
by: CanadianBaller

I have had my SunCafe for over 7 years and it work great. I am an avid tea drinker and find it works well with Tetley tea bags. It steeps the the tea bag perfectly in a matter of second. At pennies a cup you can't go wrong.

Nov 03, 2016
Love my machine!
by: Karen

This is the best coffee maker I've ever had! The coffee pods can go right into my garden afterwards and the packaging is recyclable! the flavours of all the coffees are amazing and I certainly do have my favorites :) Being on Van Island the access is limited to product however purchasing online through Buy the Cup is so easy and shipping is free for $75 and over purchases. it still works out to approx 45 cents per cup! I would certainly recommend this

May 30, 2016
what's the difference?
by: Sandra

I see SunCara, Sun Cafe, Bloomfield, etc.... and this is confusing to me. Someone, please explain the difference. They all look alike in the pictures except for the colors.

Apr 30, 2016
by: Anonymous

Love my Sun Cafe Brewer. I purchase single serve tea bags @ David's Tea and grind my own coffee. I remove the string and trim down the bag and fold it over. Took a bit of trial and error to get the right amount of coffee but much better then store bought pods.

Apr 26, 2016
Best coffee!
by: Tammie

I discovered this coffee when I saw the offer of a free machine if I purchased three boxes of the coffee. Best decision ever! I paid $7.99 for each box (at one store in Red Deer I can get them for $6.99), and received their high quality coffee maker free! The "pod" is just like a round tea bag, so no waste, and everything decomposes. The hot water is forced through the coffee pod, so it's just like a coffee press. The most delicious fresh tasting coffee! I'll never switch back to any other way!

Jan 07, 2016
On my second
by: SandiMcW

I own two (one lives at the family cabin) of these brewers; purchased the first about 3 years ago. It is a true work horse; makes GREAT coffee with 5 intensity settings (oz of water). I much prefer the Sun Cafe to the Keurig. We had worn out at least three; they seldom made it to 2 years, and the coffee was not as good!
Beware: If the pod is not perfectly placed and tapped down, water will leak all over and will short out the controls. (Also happens if the pod is too large.) But once the machine dries out, it seems to be a-ok. If it is especially hard to lock the pod compartment - I check the position of the pod. Biggest complaint: I have not been able to find the pods in an on-the-street store; I order all pods online. Lots of variety, good prices. (Amazon; coffeehouseexpress;, etc.) But if we run out, it's back to the French press until my order arrives.

Nov 27, 2015
Great machine
by: Mike B

I tell you I bought a couple of these at Bed Bath and Beyond when they had the slightly older style with a shorter mug accommodation and different colours. I got a red one . I must say .. knock on wood. this machine has been a real workhorse. I like the fact that the pod is under pressure and pods can be composted. I do get a decent crema but that really depends on the coffee quality. But I cannot say enough good things about this unit.. I have had it at least two years and can say I use it several times a day. So far it is a tank.

May 19, 2015
for coffee pods go to a Dutch store
by: Hank

Most dutch stores sell coffee pods made by DE Douwe Egberts from holland
These are called senseo pods a patented process made by DE and Philips.
The Dutch stores sell these pods at 36 pc for 9.99 - 11.99 on average

Apr 07, 2015
great machine
by: Anonymous

this realy is to eva
we ended up with three coffee makers
one leaked water all over the place
it is the drawer you put the pod in
it is cracked order a new drawer

Apr 03, 2015
Sun Cafe Brewer
by: Eva

Love Sun Cafe Brewer & Coffee. We purchased it about 6 months ago. Didn't have any problems in the beginning but about 2 months ago began having this problem.
PROBLEM: Water comes out 'all over the place' around the coffee pod as if pod tray area isn't sealing to keep water in the proper area. Not using presently because of the MESS of coffee all over the place.

NEED HELP .... Thanks

Mar 03, 2015
Sending Back
by: pmc

makes weak coffee even at the 5oz setting very disapointing

Dec 23, 2014
Coffee pod holder
by: Anonymous

I have recently got a replacement pod holder

Dec 20, 2014
I need parts,
by: Elton De GenovaAnonymous

We have had this coffee maker for less than 6 months and the slide that you put the coffee pack on broke already. This is a little bit of a disapointment because we love the coffee maker and thought that it would last longer than 6 months. Is there any way I can get parts to fix it??? You can contact me @1-902-804-2925

Thank you

Nov 13, 2014
My Tassimo collects a lot of dust now since the SunCafe and Kienna came into my life.
by: Peter

Nothing could have taken me away from my Tassimo... until Kienna coffee came along with their free SunCafe coffee maker offer. With the purchase of six boxes of delicious coffee, Canadian-made, Kienna included the SunCafe. At $8/box of 18 pods, $42 brought home the machine too. AND the coffee is amazing. I am especially impressed with the amount of crema that's created by the SunCafe's brewing process, and the quality of the coffee itself is hard to beat. Kienna pods come in a variety of flavors and are widely available. Needless to say, my Tassimo collects a lot of dust these days since the SunCafe and Kienna came into my life.

Aug 21, 2014
RE: water problem
by: Anonymous

I had a water level problem, and found that I had installed the white float at the bottom of the water reservoir upside down. I flip it it over and it worked.

Aug 09, 2014
Love It
by: Anonymous

Perfect machine, Kienna coffees are perfect too.
So glad I bought one.

Feb 24, 2014
by: LJ

I have misplaced my manual to my Sun Cafe one cup machine. Does anyone have the instructions to how to descale using vinegar? I know you use 1 quart of vinegar but I don't remember how long it has to sit in the machine and then you flush it with water but I don't remember how many times. I would appreciate help if anyone has their manual. Thank you in advance!

Feb 02, 2014
by: Anonymous

My coffee maker keeps telling me to check the water level when it is full. Any idea what i can do to solve this problem

Nov 05, 2013
sun cafe brewer
by: Anonymous

I have read many reviews and most have stated that it brews a weaker coffee or tea and lacks the feature to allow for a mild or strong this true thru your experience?

Aug 12, 2013
sun cana new larger drawer
by: Anonymous

i recently bought the new larger drawer for my older sun cana coffee maker. However, the amount of coffee liquid that comes out is less than the expected amount. The machine also turns itself off.

Has anyone else tried the new drawer with their older machine and found way to get the right amount of liquid to come out AND without the machine turning itself off?

Cutured coffee bean in Toronto is a wonderful store with great staff. they have a great supply of varied coffees and teas. They regularly have sales. They also sell directly now, not just by mail.

Kienna is very weak. Reunion is good, Baronet is better, and Wolfgang puck stronger and a treat.

May 13, 2013
SunCafe machine and pods
by: Pam L.

I absolutely love this coffee machine. If you live in the USA you can order all sorts of different pods at They have a huge variety of coffee pods by different companies and if you order more than $75.00 your shipping is free.

Apr 21, 2013
Great machine but!!!!
by: Anonymous

I got the suncafe brewer from bed bath & beyond a couple of days ago in Newmarket Ontario $49.99.
I must say I love the machine it makes a very hot cup coffee with the crema top.but to my disapiontment I just don't see all the hype about Kienna coffee pods,I found the coffee even the extra dark way to weak.
The only other store I've found that sells various brands of coffee pods is the cultured coffee bean store in downs view Toronto,open Mon to Fri.
I still have faith because the machine is so great,I will buy some other brands and see what happens,but Kienna pods are just too weak.I might try Senseo pods but they are not individually wrapped like moss are.
I will keep you all posted.
Ps I love this site great info.

Feb 28, 2013
water level error
by: Anonymous

My suncafe keeps telling me to check the water level which is full, therefore, it will not brew?? anyone know how to fix this problem

Feb 18, 2013
SunCafe Pod Brewer
by: Cookie

I wanted to get another coffee maker for use at home and take the small Kuerig to the office.
Headed into Bed and Bath and Beyond and saw a blue colored Sun
Cafe Pod Brewer that I was really wanting. Since no blue ones were in stock I asked if I could ge the floor model.
They said sure you can, so I got it for $44.00. Great buy!
Makes good coffee.
Just to add to that! I didn't know that the coffee maker made a noise when brewing the coffee so I called the customer service number. The message said to call another number which I did. The person who answered the phone didn't even say the name of the company and also, said that they were busy and unable to take my call.
Customer service was very, very poor but the machine is good so far.

Jan 28, 2013
Coffe pod holder/tray
by: Jodey

I am looking to purchase another pod tray/holder for my suncafe. It shows as optional in the manual, but I can't see to find it online...any suggestions as to where to purchase an extra for water and tea?

Also, is there a deeper tray to insert two pods on top of each other in order to brew two cups??

Thanks in advance!!

Jan 21, 2013
Suncana Brewer
by: Anonymous

There's a coffe shop in Millis, MA that specializes in single cup brewer coffees (Pods & K-Cops) they sell the Suncana Pod brewers too! I just looked up ther phone # it's 508-376-0100. Good luck!

Oct 21, 2012
suncafe h701a
by: Ed

I love the siurn itretmplicity of this coffee maker but of the 4 blends I've purchased I can,t get the robust flavour I am accustomed to. I used setting 5 oz. and it,s not up to the "Timmy" I love. Please suggest a solution. this unit is fine for my wife so I realy don't want to return it. Do you have pods for tea? If not will Tetly bags do? look for

Oct 05, 2012
Finding the Suncana Pod Brewer
by: Edna

Having visited Canada recently, our relative had the Suncana Suncafe Pod Brewer Model H701A. My husband and I have become hooked on this machine and the coffee it produces. But we have a problem we live in the UK, it seems that this machine is not sold here, or if it is I cant find it.

Can you help, and advise us where we could get this coffee machine, we would be most grateful.

May 27, 2012
Love This Coffee Maker
by: Celest

I love this coffee maker but finding it here in the US is not easy. I use expresso coffee pods, and I have never been disappointed

Anyone know where in the US to buy the SUN Cafe Pod Brewer?

May 16, 2012
Use only kienna pods?? WRONG
by: Anonymous

To the user that said if u want great coffee only use kienna. Well my friend u haven't tried much. If were talking about the newer model Suncana with the metal pod holder...well let me tell you. Wolfgang puck pods. Awesome!!!!!Timothy's, awesome. Artisan-Awesome.

I've been using Cups for 3 yrs. No comparison and I drink coffee for taste not just to wake up. The pods are very rich and full of all the distinctive flavors. I'm sold. I'd have a hard time getting a better cup from my Techvorum and fresh ground beans

Oct 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

Well, sorry to say, I am not overly impressed with the taste of the Kienna pods. The only one I liked so far is the Mocha Java and some of the flavors are okay. To me it tastes stale. I will need to experiment with some other brands. I tried almost all of them so far.

Oct 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

Found this great little shop in Gaithersburg, Maryland selling this machine and a new BUNN Pod Brewer, My Cafe. They have about 50 or more roasts of coffee too in POD form. It's The Front Porch Coffee and Tea Shop in Olde Towne. They also have all available K-Cups but the owner is pushing the PODS so go make a deal if you're in the area. Life is short so stay awake.

Oct 22, 2011
Kienna Coffee Pods in Calgary
by: Steve

In Calgary, you have one more option when buying Kienna Coffee pods or the SunCafé brewer.


Why buy from me? You can buy one single pod or a box. And we'll brew you a cup of anything we have in stock before you buy. Anytime and every time you come in.

Have a cup on me.

Aug 03, 2011
Screen is plugged
by: Fred

The small screen filter below the pod has become plugged. Can I buy a replacement? I have tried everything to clean it but it is plugged and now the oz in the cups is way off. I took it out completely but would like to put a filter back in. Great coffee maker. I am on holidays with an awesome cup of coffee outside my trailer door with no mess, no cleanup.

Aug 03, 2011
Sun Cafe Crema
by: Coffee Snob


I have used the Sun Cafe since its inception. The crema (foam) provided with the Sun Cafe has always been amazing. A real key is to use the Kienna coffee pods, keep the machine free of any buildup by cleaning it regularly and use good water. You wont be disappointed.

Aug 02, 2011
Sun Cafe
by: Brenda

Hello, I used to use a Senseo. Was just wondering, is the system the same? Meaning, after the coffee is brewed, is it a little foamy on top? I really like that. We switched over to Keurig, but I miss my Senseo, which I no longer have.

Editor's Note: Yes, you do get that foam when using the Sun Cafe Pod brewer. Quite a lot of it!

May 12, 2011
Refillable Pods
by: Anonymous

Louise - I?ve seen Eco Pads on ebay which are reusable pods that work in the Senseo. I?m assuming they would work in the Sun Café since it accepts the Senseo sized pods. Melitta also has refillable pods out there as well. I?ve also seen little pod presses that allow you to fill and seal your own pods. I haven?t used any of them yet because there is such a large variety of pre made pods out there that I haven?t needed to fill my own. However, I just wanted to let you know that the option is out there so you don?t feel tied to the Keurig system just because of the reusable cup.

Feb 17, 2011
by: C. Sandquist

I have misplaced my instruction manual, and I was wondering if anyone knows how they recommended cleaning/descaling the SUN cafe, specifically the cleaner they recommended. I think it was Cleancaf something or other.

P.S. This coffee brewer is AMAZING! It brews amazing coffee, so fast! and it doesn't have as much plastic to throw away as a Kreuig or Tassimo. The pods cost roughly half as much. But the best part is how delicious the locally roasted (yay!) coffee is. I am a big lover of the Costa Rica blend, but my boyfriend swears by the donut blend. Personally we have tried a few different roasts, and they are all quality coffees, it just comes done to personal preference. I cannot rave enough about this coffee brewer. Thank you SUN cafe and Kienna coffee!!

Jan 30, 2011
lack of replaceable filter
by: Louise

one advantage the Keurig has is the permanent filter; my son drinks a lot of coffee and I am not going to keep him supplied in pods; otherwise I would switch over to the Sun Cafe as my Keurig has just died!

Jan 27, 2011
Other brands of pods
by: Colffee Snob in Calgary

You can use other brands of coffee pods .. but it's like using YUGO parts in your Rolls Royce. It may make the car move forward, but the performance won't be there. To get the incredible flavor, aroma and body of the coffee you would expect (and desire), use only KIENNA brand pods.

Just sayin...

Jan 27, 2011
Variety of Pods
by: Anonymous

This is the nicest thing about Pod Brewers- They will work with a larger variety of pods and offer more selection that both the Keurig & Tassimo combined. Check out or for example and you will find great variety/ The kienna pods work the best because they designed the Sun Cafe-

Jan 27, 2011
type of pods
by: Anonymous

Can this machine use other types of pods or just the Kienna ones? if it uses other types, which ones?

Jan 24, 2011
Broken Handle
by: Kienna Coffee

To the comment below about the broken handle:
We stand behind all our SunCafe machines and will rectify the broken handle on your machine. If you would please call Leona or Ian at the following toll free number, we can get this fixed for you. 1-866-295-2241. Thanks for all the great comments, we are pleased that there are so many enjoying our coffee!

Jan 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

You can get immediate response and service for Kienna Coffee Ltd. just go to I am sure they will send you what you need to replace this handle. I would make sure the pods you are using are no more than 10 grams weight. the handle should lock with very light pressure. If not the pod might be missaligned in the holder.

Jan 21, 2011
great coffee
by: FRED

We bought a second suncafe for our shop. It's great to offer our customers and friends who drop in an tasty cup of coffee. 2 of our customers went out and purchased machines after having a couple cups at the shop. One of them had a Keurig and they prefer the coffee from the suncafe. They gave their Keurig to there daughter.

Jan 20, 2011
replacement parts
by: Anonymous

I snapped off the handle that clamps the pod down, any ideas where I can order a replacement handle?

Jan 12, 2011
Diffenrent volumn...
by: Fred

I'm guessing but if it follows through from a espresso machine. The ground might be a bit finer and then the water has a bit harder time to pass. I know that a couple of grinds do that. I just set the machine to the next higher setting and push the button when the cup is full.
Small price to pay for the incredible coffee this machine makes.


Jan 12, 2011
by: CallieFla

I have noticed the same problem but I think it is related to the kind of pod you use. My espresso pods with lots of coffee gives me less coffee in the cup than when I use a lighter roast with less in the pod.

It isn't a real problem for me because I generally use the same coffee and was only using different kinds because it was new an I was experimenting.

Jan 07, 2011
measurement problems?
by: Anonymous

has anyone else had the problem where the machine stops making the correct measurements?
I have an 8 oz mug that the machine only fills half way on the 8 oz setting, a 20 oz mug that overflowed on the 12 oz setting, etc etc

its seemingly random, I'm wondering if I should just exchange the machine for another one or if there's an easy fix, we've only had it for 2 weeks.

Editor's Note: Do you still have the short instruction manual that came with the brewer? If so, you'll find a page there that shows you how to calibrate the brewer to deliver the amount of coffee you want per serving.

Dec 27, 2010
B&B Use
by: Anonymous

We've got a Sun Cafe Pod Brewer for our Bed & Breakfast. We strive to make the entire experience memorable & we have struggled to have a private morning coffee that's not like an office machine experience .

The pods provide easy of use, a rich taste experience worthy of remembering and the convenience for clean-up and storage of a Tassimo.

We did try a Tassimo. Taste is "OK" but very machine setting dependent which we did not want for potentially neophyte drinkers. We've got a roaster at the end of the street for the true connoisseur and a Gaggia in the kitchen for the patient but determined. The Sun Cafe captures that simple to use but great taste niche.

Dec 27, 2010
cost of Sun Café maker
by: Glenn

It was on sale for $99.99 and then I got an additional 20% through a mail flyer + tax.
Not a bad deal at all.

Sep 28, 2010
How much is the Sun Cafe?
by: Anonymous

The Sun Cafe sells for $119.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond. The closest comparable single cup with the same features in the Keurig line is the B70 at $169.00/ I worked out the difference in cost of pod at 36cents each vs 66 for K-cups- 2 cups per day x 365 at savings of 30cents per cup is $219.00 in a year/ payed for the Sun cafe in 7 months.

Mar 31, 2010
Great Coffee
by: Anonymous

Compared to the Senseo, I think this brewer makes a better cup of coffee. The adjustable cup sizes, the LED display screen, programmability and other features make this a better choice than the Senseo. Loving this unit with some great coffee pods I found at an on line retailer - The Coffee Artisan.

Mar 23, 2010
Nice looking coffee maker
by: way22go - Mississauga, Ontario

I saw it over the weekend at BB&B, it looks like a solid coffee maker when compare to the Philips Senseo that I have. Can anyone comment on comparison of the coffe quality between the Sun and the Senseo. I am thinking of switching over.

Mar 15, 2010
Cheaper than Keurig and no plastic!
by: L. Liscoumb

I was all set to buy a Keurig coffee maker from BB&B, when i saw the SunCafe ones that they'd just got in. I have to admit, the first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful blue colour, but then I actually took a closer look. A lot cheaper than the Keurig, all the features that I wanted and I can toss the pods in the green bin rather than adding to landfill. And the fact that it's from a Canadian company is the icing on the cake. Oh, and for those who love their Tim Horton's coffee - try the Donut Shop pods!

Feb 16, 2010
Sun Cafe is the best single pod brewer
by: Coffee snob in Calgary

If you enjoy great coffee and don't like tossing half a pot away because you didn't drink it all, or don't like filling landfills with plastic cups, the Sun Cafe is the answer. This machine uses a pre-infusion system that bathes the coffee pod in just-the-right temp water, then using the high pressure pump, extracts the coffee. You can brew bold by using the 5 ounce size or a bit milder with the 8, 10 or 12 ounce options. These machines are available in all Bed Bath and Beyond locations across Canada and are offered by a local Calgary company, Kienna Coffee. Price is reasonable at about $129 and pods are about .25 - .35 each. They are also available in red, blue, silver and black. Excellent!

Dec 26, 2009
by: Fred

I have been drinking espresso made in a Saeco Aroma for 7 years. I had almost given up on regular coffee. My son bought me a Suncafe for Christmas. A great cup of coffee. No plastic garbage. I love it. Haven't slept for 2 days...just trying different coffee. A nice machine. Marketed by a Calgary company who roast their own coffee. It feels good supporting a small Canadian company verses off shore. I will recommend this brewer to my coffee lovin' friends.

Dec 17, 2009
coffee m aker
by: Anonymous

how much did you pay for the sun cafe maker?

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