Tall, square vintage MJB coffee can - How much is it worth?

by Brandie
(Bakersfield ca, usa)

picture on the front of the can

picture on the front of the can


My grandmother had found an old coffee can that was made by MJB coffee brand, and it is very rare because I cannot find it anywhere online.

It is tall and square and has a black and white picture on it all around it. The picture shows cowboys in snow, and one is pouring a cup of coffee. And then there is a horse also in the picture.

My grandmother was just wondering, does it have any value? Is it rare because it is square? It has no date on it, but no scrapes or dents either. Please help us with any info possible. Thanks!


That’ an amazing looking coffee can, and I have no doubt it is rare. As for its value, I’m afraid I have no idea.

But maybe someone who does know will see the pictures here, and share their thoughts by adding a comment below.

Thanks for sending in the photos!

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by: Brenda B

Good morning,

I hate to disappoint, I found this page whilst looking for the other two tins that MJB put out in the Early 1980's I bought the one I have.

My cousin though has all three.

So while awesome as they are,as I too am hunting the other two in the series.they are not old, (as I consider old I suppose!)

Wish me luck in my hunt!

the square coffee can
by: Margaret

Those cans (I believe there was a set of 4) were issued in the 1970's and the pictures were made in Durango/Hesperus (Mayday at that time), CO. My sister's picture is on one of them and her horses are in the background. Friends are also in the pictures. If anyone has the complete set I'd be interested in buying them (depending on price!) My sister has two of them and would like to have one of each.

by: Ann

I read your article about the cowboy pouring coffie
and I also have the coffie can on the far righr
showing the cowboy w/the tall hat pouring steaming coffie with a vary lg. pot. In the backround there
are 5 horses 3 on the right of his hat and 2 to
the left with there heads down eating.
I also would love to no what it's worth this one looks shinning brand new not a mark on it.
Thanks, nice article


Special Blend Cowboy MJB tin
by: Megan

I would love to know the value as well, also do you have any idea of the age. We have 4 tins , 3 different ones and one duplicate.

curious,, how are you net searching !
by: pistachio


M.J. Brandenstein & Co. (MJB) (Tea importers, San Francisco) 1899, 1906, 1953


Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA is a division of Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, which grows, processes, trades, roasts and distributes coffee throughout the world. Founded in 1973, Massimo Zanetti Beverage owns more than 20 consumer brands worldwide, including Chock Full o'Nuts, Chase and Sanborn, MJB, and Hills Bros. coffee products. Today, the Bologna, Italy-based group sells 120,000 tons of coffee annually, and claims to be the largest private coffee processor in the world.

1881 Joseph Brandenstein opened a coffee company in SF, naming it after his son Michael J. Brandenstein and Co. The name was later shortened to MJB Inc.
(SFC, 6/28/97, p.D2)(SFC, 6/5/08, p.C2)



contact zanetti:




and finally,,, these people may want or may be able to Identify and appraise your can:



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