Tap water or in-line filter for my Bunn coffee maker?

by larry


We are moving from new york city to westchester - town of cortlandt. We make a few pots of coffee per day in our Bunn A-20 which is plumbed directly to the water supply. nyc water is delicious and so is our coffee.

We are led to understand that people in croton-on-hudson, where we are moving (not within the village of croton though - different water supply there) prefer bottled water to the tap water. We haven't tried it yet and evidently its not awful like some upstate water supplies, but it is almost certainly not as good tasting as nyc water.

What should we do? inline filter system? if so, what? we do not have a limitless budget. should we test the water for some particulates or other, or is more the taste that's of concern. thanks in advance.




Larry, hi

It’s a good thing you have a Bunn brewer, and that it connects to the water supply. Happily for you, there are some Bunn inline water filtersavailable.

I couldn’t find the exact model number you own, but I imagine one of the Bunn inline filters will work for you.

If you can’t identify the correct filter on Amazon, Bunn customer service should be able to point you in the right direction.

Let us know how it works out.


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Nov 05, 2012
a rose by any other name.......
by: pistachio

ok,, granted, we all love coffee,,and it appears that DRIP reigns supreme and I have my doubts about that but be that as it may....
Bunn is unique in that the water reservoir is always filled and always heated,, kind of like a hot water heater. When you make coffee the reservoir water is already hot so it is fast and the new water the then fill the reservoir for next time.. [ *Note - what I don't like about this is that the heating element is contstantly working 24/7 when you may have needed the heating element to get maybe for 6 minutes when brewing with a regular conventional drip coffee maker....

Now,, the filter:
I could understand if you needed a filter that had to be a manufacturers fit For the machine / then you gotta find the OEM part.. but here you have a feed line a lot like a feed line to a refrigerator ice maker or water dispenser.. you could go to Sears and buy a better, larger filter and filter case to be installed in the line say under the sink and the filters that are available can have multi purpose,,,, paper and charcoal... and their capacity is HUGE compared to the Bunn In Line AND consider that the Sears unit is Generic so you won't pay Bunn's specialty pricing AND cost of installation if you don't do it yourself is really about the same......

Thats my story and I'm stickin to it ! LoL!


ps,,, I am sure that the water there is certified potable and safe but may not taste great. You only have to be concerned about taste / you need no fancy or high tech sophisticated testing.... And, the filter I mentioned will do both....taste and particles...

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