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Jan 08, 2013
Stirer Thingy
by: Coffee Addict

Bit of an old post, but just went to a University Coffee Shop today, and they are using flat pasta to stir the coffee with. Genius! It stirs it well enough, then you can even eat it, or dispose it without any huge waste. People do this many millions of times a day. That's a hill-side of plastic per day! I'd use pasta sticks any day.

Dec 10, 2009
by: Invalsa

You are a very clever boy,but why don´t you think in something to get rich instead of gossip about some guys that want to do something different?.


Jun 15, 2009
I hear Ya!
by: Marc-the-Shark

I would have side with you on this one...but have you ever ordered your flavored latte like a white chocolate mocha for instance and the chick making it doesn't bother to stir it? She puts the lid on the freakin' cup, you taste it and there is little or no flavor, so you now have to go over to the freakin' counter where they keep the freakin' stir sticks, remove the freakin' lid from the cup without getting it all over you, stir the freakin' thing while all the heat that was being kept in the cup by the lid is now escaping like a Con doin' life! Now you have to put the freakin' lid back on without spilling the thing all over the place and go wash your freakin' hands cuz they're freakin' sticky from the white choclate syrup!^@!@!!&%$#...why are they bustin' my balls?

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