The New Keurig B30 Mini K-Cup Brewer

by Nick (The Coffee Detective)
(Montreal, Canada)

Keurig B30 Mini K-Cup Brewer

Keurig B30 Mini K-Cup Brewer

The last Keurig brewer to hit the market was the Keurig B70, which was much like the older B60, but with a few extra features.

The new Keurig B30 Mini is something different. As its name suggests, it's SMALL. Just 11-1/2 by 10 by 13-1/4 inches.

This makes it a great choice for small a counter in a small office, or even a corner of your desk. You could even pack it in your suitcase for business trips or vacations.

Using the same K-Cups as the other Keurig brewers, the B30 makes just one cup at a time. So you get all the same, no mess and no fuss convenience.

But the Keurig B30 Mini really is for people who want to make one cup at a time. There is no multi-cup reservoir like you have with the older, larger models. With the B30 you add a cup of water whenever you want to make an 8 ounce cup of coffee.

One last advantage is that the B30 is less expensive than any other K-Cup brewer.

You can get the new Keurig B30 here...

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John Warner’s Lily single cup coffee maker.

by Nick

Stainless steel filter cone coffee maker and sculpture.

Stainless steel filter cone coffee maker and sculpture.

Thank you John for sending this to us!

John is a sculptor who sometimes combines his art with functionality.

With his Lily design he has created a single cup coffee maker from recycled stainless steel. Essentially, it’s a coffee cone with a nice design twist. You add a #2 coffee filter to the steel cone at the top, place your mug underneath, and then pour near-boiling water through the coffee grinds in the cone.

Very simple, recycled materials, plastic-free, and a pleasure to look at and use. (A whole lot more attractive than the plastic cones you find in stores.)

He has some other coffee cone designs along the same lines.

Next, we’re going to try it out and will report back on how good it is at making coffee.

Buy John Warner's Lily single cup coffee maker here...

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Only "bottled" water with Keurig??

by Lisa


I wanted to purchase a 1 cup Keurig machine for my aunt. She has wanted one and I thought it would be a good Christmas gift. Yet, upon further reading, it says that only bottled or distilled water should be used in the machine. (I know she wouldn't be able to continuously get bottled or distilled water.) We don't have a problem with hard water in our area. Could regular tap water be used?


Lisa, hi

I have two Keurig brewers, the B60 and the B30, and I don’t use bottled water. Nor have I had problems with either.

However, bottled water is an option in areas where the tap water is hard. Hard water leaves deposits in the tubing in the Keurig over time. If this is allowed to build up, then the lines get blocked.

If you aunt lives in an area with soft water, she has nothing to worry about. She can use tap water.

If she has hard water, she either needs to use bottled water, or use her regular tap water and remember to descale her brewer on a regular basis.

You can buy Keurig K-Cup brewers here...

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Senseo Deluxe

by Christine

I have tried a few different single cup brewers and after some trial and error I have narrowed it down to two.

My Senseo is great, but only after ditching the premade pods and buying a set of ecopods so I can use my own coffee. I got more froth with the premade pods, but didn't like the flavor.

It's a great machine, and doesn't take up much space, and shuts itself off after a while. It's a little noisy during the brewing process, but it's fast, and I can live with that.

My other choice is the cheap and simple Black and Decker one cup brewer. Believe it or not..this little thing makes a great cup of coffee!

I am wanting to try the new Bunn single cup brewer....any reviews on it?

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by Kristy Letizia
(Eatontown, NJ)

I LOVE my Keurig. Fast, easy, no mess, and quality cup of coffee! I have had coffee at friends' homes made from other brewers and they taste like hot flavored water. The Keurig tastes like a true cup of coffee. As well, you CAN use your own beans/grinds bc Keurig offers a "fill your own" pod. This way your coffee choices are endless, unlike the review above states.

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Can someone help me with good information on single cup brewers?

Does coffee stunt your growth?


I'm considering a single cup brewer but cannot find good info on them. I'm a long time drinker of "Good" coffee and have tried single cup brewers with little success. Granted, they're easier, but if that's all your after then orange juice in the morning is easier. When I've tried them at businesses the flavor is always weak (not enough grounds in the pod/K-cup/whatever.)

The pod has its own problems with water running around the paper pod before penetrating and saturating the grounds, thereby diluting the brew, so I'm considering the Keurig (supposedly the My K-cup has this same problem though). I even bought a machine early on but returned it for the same reason - unsatisfactory coffee.

I now see the more expensive Keurigs have settings for different water amounts, "Extra Bold" offerings for coffee flavors (for extra $$), and accessories to use your own grind, which would seem to address my earlier concerns but I have still, not in all of these "Expert" web sites or any of the manufacturer's data, seen any of the technical details of good coffee making addressed for these machines. 1) How much coffee is in a K-cup? (2 Tbl/6 oz water if done right) and MOST importantly, 2) What temperature is the water when it enters the pod? (195 degrees F +/- 5 degrees is best).

Can anyone help with this info before I spend that kind of money foolishly?

Thank you.


You raise some good points. Many of these you will find addressed within the video and text of this review of the Keurig B60 at

(BTW – If you want to be able to select the water temperature, pick either the Keurig B60, B70 or Breville K-Cup brewer.)

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The MicroPress Coffee Maker

by Nick (Coffee Detective)

First, a big thank you to John Broadbent for sending me a sample of this coffee maker.

The second thing to say is that the MicroPress is certainly different. It took me a few minutes to figure out how it worked, and how the pieces all fit together. Fortunately, the package included excellent instructions.

Basically, you add water to the glass section, add ground coffee grinds to the middle section, put a filter in place and then invert the whole thing on top of the insulated coffee cup, which is included.

You then place it in your microwave and run it on high for 2 minutes.

I’m assuming the water passes through the coffee grinds as a result of both gravity and the pressure created as the water heats up.

After two minutes the water receptacle is empty and you have a nice, hot cup of coffee in the cup.

How was it? Pretty good. I won’t say it was the best cup of coffee I have ever tasted, but I was nevertheless surprised by the quality of the brew.

Will I replace my other coffee makers with the MicroPress? No. Not for everyday use.


I will certainly take it with me when I travel. It is small, easily packed and perfect for staying in motel rooms with microwave ovens. I can see it being popular for RVs and boats as well. And perfect for students living in dorm rooms. Just take last night’s old pizza out of the microwave and make yourself a fresh brew of coffee. It will also be popular among people with kitchenettes where space and power outlets are at a premium,

In all, I think it is a great idea. Certainly better than getting by with instant coffee. And perfect for when space is at a premium or for traveling.

You can find out more about the MicroPress Coffee Maker here...

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