Vintage Percolator?

by Kevin
(Long Island, NY)

Old coffee percolator

Old coffee percolator

I'm interested in finding a stainless steel percolator. I'd prefer stove top, but electric suggestions would be welcome too.

My problem is that I want an older model that is made in the USA. Can anyone here suggest a brand and/or model to search for?

Thank you!

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Corning basket
by: Candy

The basket, stem, and cover for basket should be stainless steel if they are the original parts.

Morningstar coffee pot
by: Diane

Is the basket in the vintage Corningware coffee pot aluminum or stainless steel. It is a 6 cup percolate with traditional blue flower on white pattern.

Vintage Stove Top
by: Candy

Farberware, Revereware, Flint, Ecko and I am sure there are a few more out there that made stainless steel stove top percolators back in the day. The Corningware ones have stainless steel inside parts, the stem, basket, and basket lid. I am always looking on EBay to see what is out there. Happy hunting!

by: Adam Barnes

I use a 1970s e-1112 corningware electromatic 12cup

GE electric
by: Michele

I have a working GE electric pot I am selling
Make offer?

Corning was great
by: fred

Corning made a great glass percolator that used a stainless steel heater, basket and parts and made excellent coffee and was very easy to clean. The pot could be easily washed by hand or in a dishwasher, as could the basket and the pipe that goes from the heater to the basket. I find that paper coffee filters work well with it, making cleaning even easier.

I have two of these and use them to make large batches of coffee when I travel by car. They make strong, rich coffee and are efficient. It can almost make two full quarts of strong coffee on about half a cup of ground coffee. It also keeps the coffee hot if for service at a party, etc.

Corning quit making them. I think they had a recall, but I'm not sure. Perhaps some people were careless and broke the pot and lawyers got involved, but I don't know. I think they were great; hard to find but still out there.

Vintage Percolator?
by: Kevin

I feel the same about buying made in China products. I've had a soft boycott going now for about 17 years.

I eventually found an old stock Farberware stainless steel stove top percolator that was made in Thailand. It was better than China and essentially the same model that they still sell now. I changed out the plastic top for a glass one and it works great. I found it by sifting through listings on eBay for a few months. I was close to buying an old stock aluminum one when I found this current pot.

Be careful with the listings on eBay. Some are deceptive and many people are selling things as middle men and they just send you a product from Amazon or Target that they found at a lower price and they keep the difference.

Good luck searching.

newer percs
by: Anonymous

any advice on buying a new perc? with the newer tarrifs on steel and alum maybe i can get a better, non china perc? any suggestions on brand on modles? i will never buy a drip or china. right now i am doing only pour over but i want to go back to elect perc. mk riley. elgin . il.

enamel ware
by: Anonymous

You can still get enamel ware percolators in camping sections of major sporting good or camping stores. I love mine when I go camping and have used it on a gas stove when power went out during storms.

Other suggestions for what you are looking for would be to check ebay, or even thrift stores in your area.

by: Anonymous

Bed bath and Beyond carries them

vintage percolators
by: Anonymous

In the sixties, my mom loved her Corning ware stove-top percolator. I'm guessing the stem and basket were aluminumum. I can't picture the lid- it may have been plastic. And I don't remember what the handle was made from. I hope this helps.

Vintage Percolator
by: Shea

Your best bet is to start shopping at antiques shops. I rarely visit one that I don't see at least one stovetop coffee percolator. And the prices for these coffeepots are usually quite reasonable, too. I find them quite frequently, and the last one (fully outfitted with all parts) was priced at only $14. Good luck!

Any more ideas?
by: Kevin

I've read about the Immersible, but it appears to have many plastic parts. I've also seen some of the other posts. I was hoping to get a few more suggestions and to also see if anyone had any good suggestions for a stove top percolator.

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