Were can I buy Cuban coffee?

by David Currie
(Nova Scotia)

Cubita Coffee from Cuba

Cubita Coffee from Cuba


Can you tell me where I can order Cuban coffee online in Canada? I live in Nova Scotia.


Most Cuban coffee is grown for domestic consumption. Until now they haven’t worked very hard on developing an export market.

However, there are some online Canadian suppliers. One you can try is Shore Coffee.

They don’t have much variety, but you can give them a try.

You can also try your local supermarkets. My own local supermarket stocks Cubita coffee.

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Cuban Coffee Online
by: Anonymous

I found this website and ordered Cuban coffee and it took 2 weeks to get delivered in the USA.

cuban coffe
by: rafael

Cafe La carreta, the best Cuban Espresso in town! check up cafelacarretaca on instagram

Where to buy Cuban Coffee in America
by: Anonymous

There are no businesses in America selling Cuban coffee.

Cubita Coffee
by: Anonymous

You can buy cuban coffee (Cubita) in IGA groceries and metro groceries. Also the new distributor of the Cubita Coffee is now Alpha Business Import Inc. in Montreal, Quebec. You can order from them.

Thank you.

Re: Cuban Coffee
by: Bruce

I know Metro sells Cubita Cuban coffee.
Some cigar shops also import the coffee to sell in their shops.

It's imported by Casa Cubana.

the cubita cups and saucer
by: Anonymous

i bought this cups and saucer just like the photo,from a canadian online store isellcafe.ca, its original,as it looks in the above photo.

surprisingly the coffee taste better in this cup, for some reason, yet to figure out, does type of ceramic change coffee chemistry?

Cuban coffee
by: BDFoley

If you're out west then check London Drugs, I used to find it there. Since moving to Ontario I haven't seen any. Side note: Cuban beer (Crystal, Buccanero) are also available in Alberta but nowhere else I've found.

Serrano Supremo Beans
by: Cafe Cubano Canada


I import and roast beans from Cuba and Indonesia.

Artisan small batch to order. Located in Brantford ON

Cafe Cubano Canada

*Custom coffee orders welcome depending on bean availability.



A wide selection from FiXX Coffee in Ireland
by: Anonymous

They have many Cuban brands in their webshop, definitely worth a try.
We ordered from them to Hungary and they were always incredibely helpful and the customer service is quick and always nice.

We got Serrano beans, some Cubita 'bricks' and a few Montecristo tins from them to give as gifts.

Cuban coffee serrano
by: Arturo

I bought a bag from this site www.mielesdonferro.com they are located in Montreal and sell and roast coffee from Cuba 🇨🇺

Cubita coffee
by: Anonymous

Havana smoke shop, Windsor, ON

Where to buy Cuban coffee
by: Anonymous

I found this on amazon, roasted in montreal, small batches


Cuban coffee
by: Anonymous

Metro stores in the Toronto area.
Nothing mythical, just there with the other stuff.

Cuban coffee
by: Anonymous

Anyone know where to buy this Cuban coffee - is called cafe Monte rouge monterru, but also has sticker that says cafe molido on it....

Sir Winston
by: Anonymous

In your comments about coffee and the taxi driver that took you for a ride for the day. I take it this was in Cuba... You went to a cigar factory.. If it was one of the major ones... You cannot buy a cigar from the roller when they are working at the factory!

by: Anonymous

Jean Coutu carries Cubita...if in Cuba..Serrano in red bag or Cafe Regil in green bag are excellent choices...Cafe Bustello...Pilon...Mayorga or Cafe La Llave are good choices if you can find them...check local markets...not all available at the duty free at the airports.

Serrano and Turquino Available
by: Louis

Both these Cuban brands are available at CanadaHumidor.com


cubita coffee toronto
by: jimi

in response to the
Mar 23, 2017
Cubita coffee in Toronto
by: Anonymous

a friend of mine gift me 2 of these new canadian cubita, he bought it from downtown toronto, i tried these new canadian packs, they are different, very dark and roasted too much almost black powder, i make coffee by boiling the water in glass in my microwave and then put 1-2 tea spoon and then cover it for a minute or 2 with a plate, but this isnt working anymore, the coffee looks like water doesnt really mix, no smell of cubita and no flavor,i gota try the new cubita with moka pot.

Cuban Coffee
by: Nancy

You can buy Cuban coffee from Coyotes Coffee on Vancouver Island. They ship across Canada. www.coyotescoffee.ca.

cubita fake coffee from amazon
by: cubita

there are some fake cubita coffee made in usa, beans are from ecuador.. LOL

by: Rob

Cubita coffee back in stock on hancockandabberton.com
Looks like they have cubita gourmet also which I haven't tried yet.

Cuban Coffee
by: Nancy

Yes you can buy Cuban Serrano from CoyotesCoffee.ca
Great roasts!

by: Anonymous

the question is about where to buy cuban coffee online, not your trip to cuban supermarket.

guys, u can get it from iflycuba.com , shipping is free but takes hell lot of weeks to get it, depends where u live..

Cuban Cigars and cafe de Cuba Serrano coffee
by: Mike

We just returned from Cuba
Found a local taxi driver for $50 for the day
Went to a local supermarket and purchased cafe de Cuba Serrano coffee for $3.25 a bag....just had some in a press....best coffee ever....also bought Cuban rum for $7 a bottle
He then took us to a cigar factory
Workers at the factory can be paid by cigars so they aren't regulated and a deal can be had
Freshest cigars ever
I paid $2.80 per cigar

Visit the Venales Valley area of Cuba
by: Laney

I recently returned from Cuba. I recommend visiting the La Occidental Guayabita Pinar (rum) bottling plant and picking up sweet and dry for $3.95 a bottle. The cafe Turquino Gourmet 500 g sells for seven dollars. The small store area is just left of the door for the bottling area. They sell Cohiba cigars also. I am from the USA so remember customs rules.

Cuban Coffee in Cuba
by: Uncleirv1

We will be visiting Cuba in a few months. I would like to purchase some good Cuban Coffee to bring home. What are the names of local brands and where in Havana can they be purchased?

Also is all local Cuban Coffee an Espresso blend? I would prefer a breakfast coffee. Any thoughts

Turquino and serrano
by: Anonymous

www.hancockandabberton.com have two day express delivery on cuban coffees to US and Canada.

Serrano and Turquino Available
by: Louis

Hello All,
Happy to hep you out with your pursuit for Serrano or Turquino coffee...



buy original
by: Anonymous

u shd had bought from iflycuba.com , since they ship from cuba directly , shipping is slow though.

Cuban Coffee
by: Nancy

You can buy Cuban coffee at coyotescoffee.ca

Cubita coffee in Toronto
by: Anonymous

Just bought 2 packs of Cubita coffee at one of the retailers shown in the map at cubita.ca and compare with the pack i bought in Cuba, taste and smell is totally different, the one from here is visually darker it still have some familiarity in the taste but my first impression was "..this taste like is mixed with another grain..".
Any who don't know why but certainly not the same coffee.

serrano coffee cafe in stock
by: buy it online

u can buy it from iflycuba.com delivery is 5-7 weeks, they always have in stock 1kg bag roasted

Looking for Serrano Cuban coffee
by: Anonymous

Clicked on "Shore Coffee" and nothing came up?

Cuban coffee
by: Anonymous

Hasbeans London Ont sells a Cuban Serrano Lavado. I purchase same green, sure they will ship u it roasted.

Cuban Coffee
by: Anonymous

You can buy Cuban Coffee at Coyotescoffee.ca located on Vancouver Island Canada

Serrano coffee
by: Anonymous

Where can I buy Cuban, Serrano coffee in Alberta?

Metro in Ottawa
by: Anonymous

Metro in Ottawa, at least the Bells Corners location, started carrying Cubita a few months ago.

Cubita coffee availability Canada
by: Abel Ortego

Cubita coffee is imported and distributed in Canada by Casa Cubana/Spike Marks Inc.
Call 1 514 737 0066 or visit www.casacubana.com

cuban coffee in aus
by: Anonymous

specialty grade Cuban coffee is available at www.shopforcoffeebeans.com.au

Buying Cuban coffee
by: Coyotes coffee

Hello I own a coffee roasting facility on Vancouver island. I roast boutique coffees and Cuban is one of them. Currently I have a Cuban pea berry Torquino. Our prices are good but will be rising due to the Canadian dollar tanking and green coffee being purchased in American dollars. You can purchase online: www.coyotescoffee.ca
Hope this helps

Regards Nancy

cohiba atmosphere, cubita
by: Anonymous

i have got 10 cans of cohiba atmospher coffee, for 50$ each, great Christmas gift, its a limited edition only sold at cigar festival, pickup near square one, call or txt at 647 four 0 5 nine 115

those are american fake
by: Anonymous

these are the fake american brand, not the original cuban ones.


Cubita Coffee - Locations across Canada
by: Mo

Finally found what I was looking for - list of all stores selling Cubita Coffee across Canada. Includes Metro supermarkets in Ontario. Great stuff - slightly prefer the Cuban brand SERRANO but CUBITA is good!


Cubita available on Vancouver Island
by: Mo

I have bought Cubita coffee from Cuba in London Drugs and, on Vancouver Island, in Fairway food markets. Excellent coffee and the price is more or less the same as retail in Cuba.

Editor's Note: Cubita coffee is widely available across Canada. Not so much in the US!

cubita cafe
by: jp

bought from iflycuba.com pack of 6 , took 2 months to deliver, very slow , but arrived. :-).

superb taste, beware of amazon ebay cubita cafe, those are not original , buy from the above site, they ship u from cuba directly.

Cuban Coffee on Vancouver Island
by: Lynn

I have had excellent cuban coffee at the coyotes coffee roastery in Parksville BC. The have a Loring coffee roaster. There are only 20 in the world and are a new technology. The roaster is 85% carbon neural. Apparently it roasts the coffee in a cyclone of heat while it is spritzed with water to lock in the flavor. Best coffee I have ever had. The owners are very open about their practices. If you ever visit Vancouver Island it is a must. I give them 2 thumbs up.

Were can I buy Cuban coffee online
by: Anonymous

i ordered the pack of 5, serano, cubita, from www.iflycuba.com, got in mail after 4 weeks, for best taste serve it with honey,

Fresh Roasted Cuban Serrano Superior
by: Speakeasy

Speakeasy Roasteries fresh roasts authentic Cuban Serrano Superior to order, and ships for free anywhere in Canada w/ $100 order.


You can buy online?
by: Damian


I can send you cuban coffee with 5 different brands.


cuban coffe
by: Anonymous

cuban coffee is one of the best taste coffe in the world....

what a taste and aroma! I taste Cubita, Serrano, Pico Turquino is all excellent coffee...

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