West Bend 5-9 cup Percolator

by Larry Putman
(Burlingame, Ca)

West bend Coffee Percolator

West bend Coffee Percolator

Have not used lately? Any comments?

Editor's Note: The West Bend 5-9 cup Percolator seems to be an older model, and I can't find any feedback on that model.

However, the West Bend 54149 12-Cup Automatic Coffee Percolator seems similar and gets pretty good reviews.

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Feb 09, 2009
percolators bad!!!
by: Todd Walker

Just in case anyone doesn't know, a percolator is the absolute WORST way to brew coffee. The boiling water extracts every last bit of bitterness from the bean and results in a truly horrific cup. You've been warned...

Sep 18, 2009
Best coffee is from Percolator
by: Anonymous

The best coffee is from Percolators. Mr. Coffee type machines of today: water hits the ground and drop off so quick, there's no coffee in your final product, tastes like dirty water.

Jun 16, 2011
Todd, save it for the coffee snobs.
by: Anonymous

I am tired of coffee snobs (so called experts) telling us what "good" coffee is and the "right" way to prepare it. I went from French Press to Drip Brew until I discovered a Percolator and will never go back to weak, drip.

No one seems to bash French Press even though it's all the rage now, yet the coffee sits in boiling water (or near boiling) for 5 minutes to extract the flavor, yet it is also overextracted, as they say percolated coffee is. But percolator lover's tastes get bashed all the time. Go figure. If you like percolated coffee, keep drinking it. If you have never tried percolated coffee, give it a try. I bet Todd could never taste the difference between perk coffee and drip and/or french press. So far, from my home experiments, no coffee snob friend of mine has been able to and most end up preferring the percolated coffee. Most end up eating their words.

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