What artificial sweetener tastes best with coffee?

by Mary
(Dacula, GA)


I've tried Splenda, Equal, and Truvia, but none taste very good in coffee. I always end up going back to good old sugar. Is there an artificial sweetener that meshes well with coffee so that it doesn't taste like a bitter tasting pill?


I think this is a great question – but I have no idea of the answer. I agree with what you say. Artificial sweeteners always seem to add an unwelcome taste to coffee.

Let’s hope someone reading this will have found an answer, and will share it with the rest of us.

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I recently tried and liked Monk Fruit.
by: crc64error

I drink strong Brazilian Coffee. And stevia just makes it bitter. I tried several options. And this morning I am using Monk Fruit. And it has much less bitter notes than stevia.

Good luck.

Splenda plus Equal tastes best in coffee We
by: Anonymous

I use one packet each in a large cup with half and half!

Hands down best tasting alternative sweetner in coffee
by: Anonymous

I have to say XYLITOL hands down! Nothing else even comes close. Although not zero calorie, it has only half the calories of sugar, it has a low glycemic index of 12 to 30 (depending who's figures you follow), it apparently does not raise insulin levels, is good for your teeth and best of all...it's not even artificial! It's even sold in natural foods stores. Two caveats though: 1) Poisonous to dogs and 2) Laxative effects are quite possible so you'll need to find your personal tolerance level. Hope this helps!

Try the liquid Splenda
by: KJ

I’m late finding this, but if anyone comes across this page with the same question, I wanted to share what I’ve found. I thought I wouldn’t find any artificial sweetener that would work, most taste like chemicals in coffee. BUT, the liquid Splenda is actually pretty decent. It comes in a little squeeze bottle, but it’ll last forever because you only use a tiny amount. It’s very easy for it to get too sweet, but use just a little and it does the job without tasting chemically, at least for me. It’s the only sweetener I use other than sugar for coffee.

by: Terri

All my adult life I've tried to find a diet drink that I could tolerate with no success until this past month. I was stunned that I cannot tell the difference in Chick Fil A's diet lemonade and regular lemonade. I had to ask if they were certain it was diet! They use Splenda as the sweetener. So then I went online to see if any Diet sodas had Splenda and found that Coke does have one and to my pleasant surprise it tastes as close to coke as any of the other diet cokes I've tried in the past. Splenda is the way to go for cold drinks. Unfortunately, it does not pair well with hot coffee which was something I was truly hoping for! Oh, well...the search continues!

Not Sure
by: Anonymous

If you find one let me know. I've tried Splenda, Truvia, and Erythritol. Agave tastes good but it's basically just liquid sugar no health benefits I know of over using sugar. I haven't tried monk fruit or xylitol yet.

Just a note i saw someone who said they stopped trying new ones because they didn't like them. I like Splenda and erythritol just find in baked goods and in Tea. It's like they have some kind of reaction with coffee's chemistry... except I have the same problem with soda. I have never found a diet soda I can tolerate. I haven't tried Truvia that way yet. I know a lot of people suggest using stevia and erythritol together n baked goods or when making sugar free chocolate. I haven't tried yet.

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