What happened to Wal-Mart's Great Value Dark Roast?

by Lisa
( Newburgh, IN)

Wal-Mart's Great Value Dark Roast

Wal-Mart's Great Value Dark Roast


I have purchased Great Value Dark Roast for 10+ years. It is a great tasting coffee at a great price. Recently, I have noticed that Wal-Mart has downsized their Great Value coffee offerings. Is the Dark Roast gone?



Lisa, hi

Honestly, I have no idea!

I do know that a lot of the low-cost coffees are changing. Mostly this means the quality has been suffering, as companies look for ways to keep selling the coffee at the really low prices people expect.

To name two, Maxwell House and Folgers are both getting a lot of complaints about the quality of their coffees recently.

I don’t know if this is true for Wal-Mart's Great Value Dark Roast. Have you noticed a fall in its quality?

Whether it’s about the quality or the price, maybe Wal Mart is finding they can no longer sell a half-decent coffee at the low price people want.

Or it could be a regional and/or distribution issue.

Hopefully other coffee lovers will read this and be able to share their own experiences of Wal-Mart's Great Value Dark Roast, and whether they’re also having trouble finding it on the shelves.

Thanks for the question!

Best wishes,


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All GV has become weaker
by: Anonymous

Doesn't matter what type of GV coffee. It would appear they have weakened the entire line up. 1 10oz cup of medium roast would give me the boost I needed as well as the other usual effects from coffee which land you in the restroom. However now, 2 16oz cups later of any GV flavor barely has an effect. It's actually a complete waste of money.

Great value coffee
by: Angela

Why can I not buy great value classic coffee?

great value coffee at Walmart
by: Anonymous

i love the taste and for the price I'm definitely not going to complain. the only problem i have it seems after i get to buying a certain product at Walmart after a few times it's either higher in price or they quit carrying it. been trying to get ahold of some coffee now they are out of their regular brand in all sizes. so they are either making a change or a whole lot of people decided it's dark good coffee!

Old was REAL coffee!!!
by: Simmons from Alabama

Found an old Great Value French Roast pod I had in an old Kerig drawer and tried it to see the difference from the new and WOW!!! They DID change this coffee. The old was REAL coffee!!! The new tastes like flavored water in comparison.

(GREAT VALUE) Screwed up French Rosst coffee
by: Sareen W Tucson, AZ

I have bought French Roast Dark Roast coffee (TRUE VALUE) from Wal mart for over 8 years
For the last f Two Months though the coffee has been tasting VERY WEAK like I need to use FOUR PODS (Kerig size Pods ) to have it tastes like it used to with just ONE pod.

This will be the last time I buy from great value brands.

My coffee is something I truly enjoy and I’m very disappointed in great value weakening their coffee Pods.

Yes everyone has raised their prices I understand this but….. MUST GREAT VALUE ALSO WEAKEN THEIR COFFEE TOO?

The price of these Pods has increased AND they also WEAKENED THEIR COFFEE PODS!

This is so sad. I will not be buying (so far just) coffee from

Great value Columbian taste bad now
by: Frankie Stelly

My family has been drinking Great Value coffee for a long time now years and we have put up with the small can and now I just can't do it anymore the coffee taste so bad like clover valley. Yuk is taste like a different coffee in the same bag .I Google if they have changed coffee or roast but can't find a word please help.

Walmart Great Value Medium Roast
by: Anonymous

Well just purchased 2 boxes of the GV Medium Roast k cups, & when I opened the box i immediately saw the orange ring & thought darn I got decaffeinated coffee. Not the case did some research & they changed they say just the look but the coffee is taste less! I loved this brand never bought anything but the Great Value brand , now I’m on the hunt for a new robust cup of coffee!
Bad move Great Value! If you were losing money before you’re gonna lose even more now!

walmart dark roast pods
by: boopsey

the last 96 pod box i bought had a orange stripe around the top, i tried it at 10 oz then at 8 oz,it wasnt fit to drink! i took back and waited 3 months same thing.im done with walmart brand coffee.

Dark roast coffee
by: Anonymous

The dark roast coffee is not the same. Will not buy any more

GV coffee is good!
by: Anonymous

I, too, have been experiencing a big problem finding the dark roast in my area (N. Texas). I have loved this coffee for years! Please bring it back!

Great value coffee
by: Beth J

I have been buying Great Value coffee for many years. I buy the 96 count pods. I just opened my new box and the pods looked different. The old pods had a blue ring and the new had an orange ring. I checked the box and it was the same as I have always gotten. It was definitely not the same coffee. It tasted absolutely awful. I don’t know if it was decaf put in the wrong box or the quality has just gone down hil. I brought both 96 count boxes back and they had me go get two more. I made them open both boxes before I left. Same orange ring in both. They said I was the first to ever mention this. I got my money back, but I’m so sad to not have my coffee that I loved

I agree with Dina in San Diego
by: Kathy in Denver

I am with you, the taste and 'bang' for the Great Value Dark Roast pods have changed....indicated by the orange band around the top of the pod. If they are trying to save money with this change; they lost money, because I will not buy this coffee again. Just like you, I returned my undrinkable 'orange banded' coffee and found an old box of the 'good stuff' which confirmed the change. I am disappointed with Walmart or Great Value or whoever makes the 'original' coffee pods, the corporations are making enormous profits already....leave a something for the 'little man' and let us have a good cup of coffee.

Great Value French Roast K-cups
by: Dina in San Diego

As others have mentioned, the blend must have been changed or they mixed decaf with caffeinated coffee pods. I recently purchased the large box and noticed right away there was an orange ring around the pods. I immediately thought this is not good. I was right. It was flat, stale, and tasted basically like hot water. Am very disappointed. It was one of the only brands left on the market that Green Mountain didn't convince to suck out all the nitrogen or whatever gas they use to help it maintain it's freshness and coffee bloom (bubbles). I just wanted to chime in and let you all know I returned my 48-count box, and thought I would buy two 12-ct boxes to see if perhaps I got a bad batch -- nope. Weak. I got lucky, because one box didn't have the orange ring. I made a cup and bam! The real deal. How lucky am I to find an old box? I sent an email to Walmart. Let's hope they fix it. I don't have too many pleasures in life, but my morning java.

Great value french vanilla pods very weak
by: Amy Guerra

I drink flavored coffee pods. Walmart only had French vanilla and it is super weak. I can do a 10 ounce cup of other flavored coffee and it's perfectly strong. I will no longer buy it. Unfortunately, I have to get through 48 pods of it. I started putting a teaspoon of instant coffee in it which I think makes it taste worse but oh well

Great value French roast pods
by: Anonymous

Just got a new big box of great valve French roast pods. Horrific bad. Tastes like you brewed one more cup out of your old pod
I will be returning left over box. No quality here

Dark roast WM
by: Cheryl

Have bought boxes of their dark roast pods for years. Noticed color on pods different. Now I have to make 3/4 cup to get it to taste like SOMETHING. Very disappointing. Looking for new coffee pods. This stuff is yuck.

Great Value Dark Roast French Roast
by: SandraAnonymous

French Roast Great Value Walmart pods have an orange ring around the top of each pod. The taste is different and I’m assuming it’s decaffeinate!! For two weeks I drank it but noticed a weakness. The box does not say anything different so I can tell why the orange ring and what does it mean?? Did I accidentally decaffeinate myself?? I had a period of those two weeks where my Sinus Ryhthm flipped to my A Fib!! And that only happens under stress!

They have downgraded
by: Anonymous

The new French roast coffee in the pods is so inferior to what we've been buying. deeply disappointed.
I just bought a 96 pod box (July 25) and it is now just a sad cup of coffee with no brightness like before.
I am returning it.

Dark Roast Coffee?
by: Anonymous

For years I always purchased the 3 lb. can of Kirkland Brand Dark Roast coffee from Costco, a great tasting rich coffee for those who drink it straight w/o sugar or cream. Recently, it has gone up about 50% in cost, so I am trying the Great Value brand at Walmart. It has good reviews and is about $3.00/can less expensive. Welcome to inflation, but if Costco with their huge world-wide buying power can't hold down prices, we are all in deep yogurt!

French roast
by: Linda King

We have used the great value French roast pods for years and now are having trouble getting them from Walmart. I feel like they are getting ready to discontinue or Jack up prices! What’s up with great value coffee??

by: Anonymous

How do I find out what process is used to decafinate the coffee?

Great value columbian is horrible now.
by: Anonymous

I have used the TV columbian coffee for the last 4 years, my #1 choice, but I have had to double up with the coffee grains to make a decent cup of coffee. It is still costing more with the increased amount it takes. Please make it like it use to be. I will look for another brand. Can barely fit all the grains into my coffee maker.

From Dark Roast to Dark Bold and Toasty
by: Anonymous

I too used to drink the dark roast but now there's something better from Great Value coffee it's 100% Arabica it's the French roast and it says Dark and underneath that it says Bold and Toasty 24.2 Oz can for $6.62 I drink it with the great value French vanilla creamer. I promise you'll like it.

by: Bill

It is no more. Ordered some from jet.com and got the French roast instead. Go to Dollar general they have the small cans of dark roast next best thing.

Bring back the DARK ROAST coffee please
by: Anonymous

Great value dark roast is a great tasting coffee and we can not find it at Walmart anymore and was wondering if they just stopped making it or the Walmart's around us just stopped stocking it . Have tried the other types but they do not taste as good as the dark roast . Hope they bring it back and soon !

Great Value medium coffee cannot find
by: Anonymous

We have been purchasing Walmart's Great Value Colombian Coffee Medium for years and we can no longer find it at Walmart. I ordered it online and instead they sent Medium Dark. Anyone know has Medium Dark replaced all the other strengths?

Loved this Coffee
by: Mark Q

I cant believe it is gone. Hands down this was the best coffee on the market. I loved it better than the expensive brands. I would drive for miles to get this coffee. Walmart Please bring it back

I've seen disappointing changes
by: Ed

Last few times I noticed less & less of their usual coffee. Yesterday there was none left - I mean the coffee we are used to. No more "tins" of coffee & they have gone to bags. Worst of all the price per ounce is dramatically higher. They still have the 100% Columbian, but it's much higher per ounce & labeled "medium-Dark" instead of just "medium". Huge disappointment for me. IMO, Walmart had hands down the best coffee for the money (as Consumers Reports confirmed). I think they just shot themselves in the foot.

by: Lisa

Thanks for the help! I started buying the Columbian as a replacement. Surprisingly, the Dark Roast is really good!

Wal-mart's Coffee
by: Anonymous

I recently had the same fear when shopping at wally world. Turns out the classic, dark, etc is still there, just in a very different label. Same size, same price, they have just added bright colors to the packaging. Go look again and take the Wal-Mart App to look by SKU so you know if they have it at that particular store or not.

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