What is mushroom coffee, and should I try it?

by Norah
(St Johns)



I like to take care of my health and take a few supplements each day. Recently I heard about ‘mushroom coffee’ for the first time.

First, I had no idea mushrooms were supposed to be good for you. Second, I don’t get why they’re added to coffee.

Do you know why? And should I take mushroom supplements? And would it be a good idea to try one of these mushroom coffee combinations?

I’m confused!

Thanks for your help. And I love your site!



Norah, hi

I don’t blame you for being confused! : )

It’s not exactly an obvious combination… mushrooms and coffee!

For sure, there are a lot of wild mushroom types that include a lot of compounds that support human health. I’m actually a fan. I think the value of mushrooms to strengthen our immune systems, and more, is hugely underestimated.

Mushrooms are awesome!

But… as a coffee lover, I’d have to say I’m not a fan of mushroom coffees.

For me, I really enjoy the subtle flavors of a good gourmet coffee. I’m not going to mess with that by adding mushroom powder to the brew!

If I was going to take mushroom supplements, I’d take them separately, in a capsule. Or maybe as a powder in a smoothy.

Mushrooms are great. Gourmet coffee is amazing. But keep them separate!

As for WHY companies put mushroom powder in coffee… my guess it that the idea is to make it more convenient to take mushroom supplements each day.

But not for me, thanks.

You can find out more about mushroom coffee on the Incredible Mushrooms website .

Best wishes,


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Jun 05, 2021
by: Anonymous

Thank for sharing.

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