What is the most unknown region for great Coffees?

by The Truth
(Sac,Ca USA!)

As the "The Truth" I will post my knowledge of Specialty Coffees I've tried.I've spent 1000's of Dollars looking for the best Coffees on the Planet! I've narrowed it down to a few countries that seem to consistently produce a great tasting Coffee! I will say I'm not a promoter for one Vendor over another.I will simply tell you where I've purchased the Coffee and let you decide to give it a try.Sometimes more than one Micro Roaster carry's the same coffee.To me it's just who gives me the best service.I buy 90% of all my Coffee online.The rest I buy from a local Specialty Roaster in my town.

My first subject is "Unknown region for great Coffees".My first is Nicaragua.Believe it or not I used to think only 100% Colombian was the best coffee/Best Country to find great Coffee.Then I found some specialty varietals grown in Nicaragua! Boy was I wrong! This coffee was even as good or better that any Colombian i've tried!

!La Colombe known as one of the top 20 Coffee Shops in America has an online service and they have a incredible varietal from Nicaragua.Their service is vary efficient and fast.And most orders are roasted within the same week of ordering!

I welcome comments and questions.


Hope you Enjoy a Cup!

The Truth!

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Nicaraguan Delish
by: The Truth

Temple currently has two offerings from Nicaragua,The Henry Alexander is a 2015 Cup of Excellence 5th Place in Nicaragua Finish! Since Nicaragua isn't as well known as Colombia the growers make it up in Quality! Another great one is Novo Coffees El Diamante and Chromatic Coffees San Martin! All really good Coffees!

GoCoffeego.com has all of them!

The Truth!

You're right again!
by: jody sabo

Last Christmas I was looking for gift ideas to give to business associates. So, I stopped in the local coffee vender for iformation about coffees. He was so kind to give me a mini seminar about coffee. He claimed the best coffee to be Hawaiian, #2 he said was Columbian, #3 according to him, was Jamaican. I appreciated his giving me his time, and so, I bought a pound of each to try for myself. The featured coffee for that month was from Nicaragua, so I bought a pound of that too. Over the next few days I brewed and tasted all 4 coffees. And while they were all excellent, the Nicaraguan coffee was clearly the winner to me. It was rich an bold,but not overwhelming, just the way I like it! I chose it for for gift giving. I encourage others to try it too. Every time I serve it, I am asked how I brewed such a perfect coffee. Everyone loves it, and it's a little easier on the pocket book too!

Another Amazing Nicaraguan!
by: The Truth

Anyone who can afford to spend a little extra to get "Four Seasons" quality coffee beans, go to: http://ow.ly/UFP74

Just Phenomenal Coffee! I thought Colombia produced the best Coffee in South/Latin America but Nicaragua is really getting as close if not better than most Colombian Coffees!

This is just a Great Coffee!


The Truth!

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